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Advanced Micro Devices AMD Semiconductors – Active Components

Advanced Micro Devices
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., a semiconductor company, provides processing solutions for the computing, graphics, and consumer electronics markets in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. It offers microprocessor products, including servers and workstation microprocessors, notebook microprocessors, and desktop microprocessors; embedded processor products; chipset products, including IGP and discrete chipsets; and graphics products, such as 3D graphics, and video and multimedia products for use in desktop and notebook personal computers (PCs), including home media PCs, professional workstations, and servers, as well as technology for game consoles.

Advanced Micro Devices AMD, Inc. Founded in 1969 and based in Sunnyvale, California, AMD designs and produces innovative microprocessor and graphics and media solutions for the computer, communications, and consumer electronics industries. AMD is the second-largest global supplier of microprocessors based on the x86 architecture and also one of the largest suppliers of graphics processing units

AMD’s main products include microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, embedded processors and graphics processors for servers, workstations and personal computers, and embedded systems applications.

Quick Company Facts:

  • Year Company Started: 1969
  • Number of Employees: approximately 16,500
  • Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California
  • Number of Locations: 80
  • Revenue: $5.649 billion in 2006


AMD Processor Products:
  1. Servers and Workstations
  2. Desktops
  3. Notebooks
For Desktops
For Servers
For Laptops and Tablets
AMD Graphics Products
For Desktops
For Laptops
For Workstations
AMD Embedded Products
AMD Chipsets for Desktop PCs
AMD Memory Products

AMD Applications:


AMD Characteristics:




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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
AM29LV160DT-70EC AMD AM29LV160DT-70EC NOR Flash Memory 2M x 8Bit or 1M x 16Bit SMD TSOP-48 1,991 7.4900
AM28F020-95JC AMD AM28F020-95JC 2 Megabit (256 K x 8-Bit) CMOS 1 0 3.6500
AM28F256-90JC AMD AM28F256-90JC Bulk Erase Flash Memory 256 Kilobit (32 K x 8-Bit) CMOS 12V PQCC-32 46 7.9900
AM29F160DB-90FI AM29F160DB-90FI AMD CMOS 16 Megabit 5V Flash Memory 289 3.3000
AM2149-45 AMD AM2149-45 NS IC,SRAM,1KX4, MOS, DIP, 18PIN 54 2.4000
AM29LV160DB-70EC AMD AM29LV160DB-70EC Flash Memory 16 Megabit 3V TSOP-48 1,721 2.0100
AMD27128ADC AMD AM27128ADC 16KX8 UVPROM, 250ns, CDIP28 82 9.0000
AM25LS2521PC AMD AM25LS2521PC IDENTITY COMPARATOR, 20 Pin, Plastic, DIP 17 4.5000
AM28F020-90JC AMD AM28F020-90JC 2 Megabit (256 K x 8-Bit) CMOS 12.0 Volt, Bulk Erase Flash Memory 1 0.0000
AM28F256-120JC AMD AM28F256-120JC 256 Kilobit (32 K x 8-Bit) CMOS 12.0 Volt, Bulk Erase Flash Memory 26 9.0000
AM29LV010B-90JI AM29LV010B-90JI AMD 1M (128KX8) 3V, UNIFORM SECTOR, PLCC32 9 0.0000
AM2149-35 AMD AM2149-35PC IC Memory 1024 x 4bit Static RAM 35ns 18-CDIP 3 4.5000
AM25LS299PCB AMD AM25LS299PCB AM25LS299 20-Pin CERDIP NOS 25 3.0000
MACH211-15JC AMD MACH211-15JC IC EE PLD, 19ns, PQCC44 1 8.5500
AM29F010B-70JC AMD AM29F010B-70JC Flash 128k x 8; Memory Size:1Mbit 120 2.3500
AM214870-70DC AMD AM2148-70DC SRAM 1KX4 STANDARD, 70ns, CDIP18 21 3.9900
AM29LV017D-70EC AMD AM29LV017D-70EC 16 Megabit (2 M x 8-Bit) CMOS 9 11.0000
HDE00ZFBGRBOX AMD HDE00ZFBGRBOX Phenom II 1100T Black Edition Six Core Processor - 3.30GHz, 6MB Cache, 2000MHz 0 0.0000
AM29LV320DT-120EI AMD AM29LV320DT-120EI NOR Flash Parallel 3V/3.3V 32M-bit 4M x 8/2M x 16 120ns 48-Pin TSOP 0 0.0000
FD8310WMW8KHK AMD FX-8310 3.4GHz - L2 Cache 8MB, 8-Core, 95 Watts, Socket AM3+, OEM, 32nm CMOS, No Fan Included, Black - FD8310WMW8KHK 0 129.0000
FD8350FRHKBOX AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core 4GHz AM3+ Processor - AM3+, Eight-Core, 4GHz, 16MB, 125W, Unlocked - FD8350FRHKBOX 0 179.9900
FD6300WMHkBOX AMD FD6300WMHkBOX FX-6300 Six-Core 3.5GHz AM3+ Processor - AM3+, Six-Core, 3.5GHz, 14MB, 95W, Unlocked 0 109.9900
FD8320FRHKBOX AMD FX-8320 Eight-Core 3.5GHz AM3+ Processor - AM3+, Eight-Core, 3.5GHz, 16MB, 125W, Unlocked - FD8320FRHKBOX 0 139.9900
AD580KWOHJBOX AMD A10-Series Quad-Core A10-5800K Black Edition APU 0 139.9900
AD7300OKHLBOX AMD AD7300OKHLBOX APU A4-7300 CPU 3.8GHz - Turbo 4GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, FM2 Processor, Box 0 49.9900
FD9590FHHKWOX AMD FD9590FHHKWOX FX 8-Core Black Edition FX-9590 - AM3+, 220W, Liquid Cooled 0 299.0000
FD9370FHHKWOX FD9370FHHKWOX AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition FX-9370 - AM3+, 220 Watts, Liquid Cooled 0 289.0000
PAL16L8BCNL MMI PAL16L8BCNL Programmable Array Logic (PAL) SMD LDCC-20 1,206 3.9900
OS6344WKTCGHKWOF AMD Opteron 6344 2.6GHz 12 Core Socket G34 12 Core Boxed Processor 0 489.0000
FD8350FRHK AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Vishera 8-Core 4.0 GHz 0 149.0000
AM27C256-150DC AMD AM27C256-150DC IC 32K x8 EPROM 4 1.3000
109-B34133-10 AMD 109-B34133-10 Radeon E2400 256MB MXM II Embedded Graphics Processor, Video Card 0 0.0000
AM29F010B-120JD AM29F010B-120JD AMD 8 Megabit CMOS 5.0 Volt-only, Uniform Sector Flash Memory 32PLCC 0 0.0000