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AKM Semiconductor – Active Components

AKM SemiconductorSince its establishment in 1983, AKM has based its corporate operation and development in two fast-growing areas vital to the growth of information and communication systems custom and application.

As a vital, energetic corporation driven by the constant development of technology and its application to the growth of the information-communications society, AKM will continue to meet the rising expectations of its customers and the end users.


AKM Business Products :
  • Optical Pick up Audio
  • Clock Device Automotive
  • Telecommunication AV Receiver
  • Mobile Communication Effector
  • Video DVD
  • EEPROM Portable/PMP
  • List of discontinued Pro Audio
  • PC Audio
  • Mobile Phone/PDA
  • Set-Top Box
  • Digital TV
  • USB Products
  • TSC Products




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