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Altera FPGA & Semiconductors – Active Components

Altera Semiconductors
Altera was founded in 1983 by Robert Hartmann, Michael Magranet, Paul Newhagen, and Jim Sansbury. Research into the semiconductor industry

Altera expanded its technology leadership in 1988 with the product-term-based MAX architecture and, in 1992, with the look-up table (LUT)-based FLEX® architecture. Altera pioneered the system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC) era with the recent introduction of newer, more powerful and efficient architectures, the Quartus II development system, and an extensive IP offering.

Altera and Intel announced on June 1, 2015 that they have agreed that Intel would acquire Altera in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $16.7 billion. Altera operates as the Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) within Intel Corporation, following its acquisition. Altera’s programmable solutions enable designers of electronic systems to rapidly and cost effectively innovate, differentiate and win in their markets. Altera offers FPGAs, SoCs, CPLDs, and complementary technologies, such as power solutions, to provide high-value solutions to customers worldwide.


Altera Fpga MAX Series
Altera provides a wide range of FPGAs, from low-cost, low-power devices to high-density, high-bandwidth devices.

System-on-chip (SoC) devices combine FPGA flexibility with an ARM-based microprocessor.

Altera fpga arria series
Complex programmable logic devices are low-cost, non-volatile devices that integrate multiple components.

Altera powerSocs
Enpirion power system-on-chip (PowerSoC) products provide efficient, low-noise performance.

Design Software
The industry-leading Quartus® Prime software includes all of the tools you need to build yAltera's design.

Boards and Kits
Altera Dev kits
Development kits and boards contain all the hardware required to create and implement a design quickly.

Intellectual Property
Intellectual property (IP) cores are software building blocks that you can drop into yAltera's design.

Nios® II soft processor provides microprocessor functionality with a flexible software implementation.

You can use Altera's serial configuration devices to configure volatile FPGAs upon power-up.

  • CPLDs
  • Low-Cost FPGAs
  • High-Density FPGAs
  • Structured ASICs


  • Automotive
    With our automotive products, you can reduce system costs, improve reliability, and simplify design complexity to accelerate time to
  • Broadcast
    industry broadcast
    Our broadcast portfolio of products includes programmable devices with optimized broadcast-related intellectual property (IP) cores, powerful design software, and development kits.
  • Computer & Storage
    industry computers.png
    Intel® FPGAs (formerly Altera® FPGAs) can be used to accelerate the performance of large-scale data systems.
  • Consumer
    industry consumer
    Using our low-cost FPGAs in your systems enables a fast, risk-free path to high volume and helps you handle nearly continuous change while still maintaining project deadlines.
  • Embedded Vision
    embedded vision
    The ability to incorporate high-definition (HD) video, image processing, and analytic tools has become an essential feature of embedded systems.
  • Industrial
    design service industrial
    Learn how FPGAs, such as our low-cost, low-power Cyclone® series, can help you address some of your toughest industrial application design challenges.
  • Medical
    design service medical
    Altera provides a comprehensive product and tool portfolio to accelerate medical application development.
  • Military / Aerospace / Government
    design service military
    Intel FPGAs enable designers to meet the requirements of the aerospace and military markets by supplying enhanced off-the-shelf FPGAs.
  • Test and Measurement
    design service test-measurement
    Regardless of the end market, all products have to be tested before being shipping to the end-customer. Learn how our FPGAs can help.
  • Wireless
    design service wireless
    Altera provides a complete portfolio of high-performance, low-cost FPGAs delivering the processing bandwidth and flexibility for wireless applications.
  • Wireline
    design service wireline
    With a complete portfolio of high-performance, low-cost FPGAs and our programmable logic devices (PLDs) deliver the processing bandwidth and flexibility required for wireline infrastructure designs.


Altera Semiconductors - Active Parts Components Distributor Lowest-cost, single-chip, easy-to-use CPLD family
Altera introduces the MAX® II device family, the lowest-cost CPLDs ever. MAX II devices are based on a groundbreaking new CPLD architecture that delivers the lowest cost per I/O pin and the lowest power of any CPLD family. Featuring a low-power process technology, MAX II devices deliver half the cost, one-tenth the power, four times the density, and twice the performance of previous MAX devices.


Altera Semiconductors CPLD Max Distributor Low-cost CPLD for lower-complexity, low-density designs 

Altera's 3.3-V MAX® 3000A devices are based on the Altera® MAX architecture and are cost-optimized for high-volume applications. Manufactured on an advanced 0.30-µm CMOS process, the electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM)-based MAX 3000A family provides instant-on capability and offers densities from 32 to 512 macrocells. MAX 3000A devices support in-system programmability (ISP) and can be easily reconfigured in the field. Each MAX 3000A macrocell is individually configurable for either sequential or combinatorial logic operation.

FPGA Conversion ULC Device/s-Cyclone II

Altera Semiconductors FPGA Cyclone2 Components Distributor Second-generation, lowest-cost family in the CycloneT FPGA series for designs where cost concerns outweigh the need for performance or extensive features.
Altera introduces the CycloneT II FPGA family, the latest in the Cyclone series of low-cost FPGAs. Altera forever changed the FPGA industry with the introduction of the Cyclone device family in 2002-bringing to market the first and only FPGA family designed from the ground up for the lowest cost. Altera took the same approach and built the Cyclone II family with each member individually optimized for minimum die size. The Cyclone II FPGA family offers the same benefits as its predecessor-a customer-defined feature set, industry-leading performance, and low power consumption-but with much more density and features-at dramatically lower costs. Cyclone II devices extend the low-cost FPGA density range up to 68,416 logic elements (LEs) and up to 1.1 Mbits of embedded memory.

FPGA Conversion ULC Device/s-Cyclone

Altera FPGA Cyclone Components Distributor First-generation, lower-density, low-cost family in the Cyclone FPGA series.
Altera's CycloneT series of FPGAs provides the benefits of programmable logic at price points competitive with ASICs and ASSPs. Built from the ground up based on extensive input from hundreds of customers, these low-cost devices provide high-volume, application-focused features such as embedded memory, external memory interfaces, and clock management circuitry. Cyclone series FPGAs are the optimal solution for high-volume, price-sensitive applications that previously required the use of fixed solutions such as gate arrays and standard cells.


Quality and Reliability
Quality Policy
Moisture Sensitivity Level Calculator
PCNs and Advisories
Reports and Tools
Single Event Upsets
Business Continuity Program
Knowledge Base
Design Examples


  • Lowest CPLD cost & power consumption
  • Highest CPLD density & performance
  • Instant-on, non-volatile
  • User flash memory
  • 1.8-V, 2.5-V & 3.3-V supply voltages


  • Low to moderate density
  • Instant-on, non-volatile
  • 5-V I/O support
  • Deterministic timing
  • 2.5-V, 3.3-V or 5.0-V supply voltages

FPGA Conversion ULC Device/s-Cyclone II

  • Nios® II embedded processor support
  • Embedded 18x18 digital signal processing (DSP) multipliers
  • Moderate on-chip memory
  • Moderate-speed I/O & memory interfaces
  • Broad intellectual property (IP) portfolio support

FPGA Conversion ULC Device/s-Cyclone

  • Nios II embedded processor support
  • Low to moderate on-chip memory
  • Low to moderate-speed I/O & memory interfaces
  • Broad IP portfolio support



Altera Product Catalog

Altera Product Catalog V14


MX II Backgrounder (PDF)


MX II Backgrounder (PDF)

FPGA Conversion ULC Device/s-Cyclone II

Cyclone II Device Family Data Sheet

FPGA Conversion ULC Device/s-Cyclone

Cyclone Device Family Data Sheet

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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
EP1K50QC208-2 ALTERA EP1K50QC208-2 IC FPGA 200MHz 0.22um Technology 2.5V 208-Pin PQFP 10 42.0900
EPM7032SLC44-7 ALTERA EPM7032SLC44-7 IC CPLD 32MC 7.5NS 44PLCC 10 15.0000
EP1K30QC208-1 ALTERA EP1K30QC208-1 IC 30K Gates 1728 Cells 250MHz 0.22um Technology 2.5V 208-Pin PQFP 3 46.2300
EP1C12Q240C8 EP1C12Q240C8 SPEED FPGA 12K LE240-PQFP ALTERA 1 75.0000
EP1K30QC208-1N Altera Corporation EP1K30QC208-1N IC FPGA 147 I/O 208QFP 1 47.0000
EPCS4SI8N ALTERA EPCS4SI8N, Configuration Memory IC - Serial Config Mem Flash 4Mb 40 MHz 0 0.0000
EPM1270F256I5N Altera EPM1270F256I5N Complex Programmable Logic Device 304 MHz MAX II SMD FBGA-256 0 0.0000
EPM3064ATI44-10N EPM3064ATI44-10N Altera Complex Programmable Logic Devices CPLD - MAX 3000A 64 Macro 34 IOs 0 4.1200