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Astrodyne Power – Active Components

AstrodyneAstrodyne Corporation is a global developer and manufacturer of advanced power conversion components for demanding applications that protect and enhance peoples’ lives. Astrodyne’s family of innovative switching power supply and DC/DC converter products are designed specifically for challenging applications for Medical, Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial devices and systems. Astrodyne offers a wide variety of products include the Jerome Industries and RO Associates brands, designed and built by experienced staff in dedicated facilities worldwide. Astrodyne Corporation is your one-stop source for more than 4,000 different stock and custom modified AC/DC switchers, AC/DC adapters, DC/AC inverters and DC/DC power supplies. Most are in stock and ready to ship the same or next business day.


  • Innovative Power Supplies and DC/DC Converter Products
  • Open Frame Power Supplies
  • Open Frame
  • Medical Grade Medically Approved Power Supplies
  • Medically Approved
  • LED Lighting Power Supplies and more
  • LED/Lighting Power
  • High Reliability / Hi-Rel / COTS Power Supplies
  • High Reliability / COTS
  • High Density Converters
  • External and Wall Mount Power Adapters
  • External Supplies
  • Enclosed Frame Power Supplies
  • Enclosed Frame
  • Encapsulated Power Supplies
  • Encapsulated
  • DIN Rail Mount Mountable Power Supplies
  • DIN Rail Mountable
  • DC / DC Power Converters
  • DC / DC Converters
  • Alternative Energy Power Supplies
  • Alternative Energy
  • Power Supply Accessories




Medical Grade Power Supplies

Alternative Energy Power Supplies

Enclosed Frame Power Supplies

DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies




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