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California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) – Active Components

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California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) is the exclusive sales and marketing partner in North America and Latin America for products made by the Compound Semiconductor Devices Business Division (CSDBD) of Renesas Electronics, formerly NEC Electronics Corporation.

California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) is a marketing, sales and engineering company whose product categories include RF semiconductors, optical semiconductors and the MeshConnect™ line of IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee® and Bluetooth® Smart professional-grade wireless solutions. CEL participates in the ZigBee Alliance, Thread Group and Bluetooth SIG.

CEL has a long and proud heritage of developing and selling RF and optical components for a multitude of markets. The company was founded back in 1959, serving as the marketing and sales channel of NEC for the Americas. During that tenure, CEL grew into a nationally recognized brand, renowned for its quality products and unmatched levels of service and technical support.

As we neared our half century mark, we recognized the market need and corresponding opportunity to provide exceptionally high quality wireless modules for the thriving IoT market. Since then, the MeshConnect portfolio has grown to include full turnkey wireless solutions which service virtually every market associated with the ‘Internet of Everything’. Simply put, CEL empowers wireless connectivity for our customer base.

CEL offers a broad range of new product development services, including turnkey design, prototyping, test, EMC and RF compliance testing. As members of the ZigBee alliance, we are uniquely qualified to offer guidance and testing capabilities for our clients who seek to become part of the ZigBee ecosystem. Our partnerships span the entire spectrum of the M2M space, from the IC design houses to the cloud access providers. Through these partnerships, CEL serves as the unifying force behind the realization of the IoT.