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GeneSiC Semiconductor

GeneSiCGeneSiC Semiconductor Inc. manufactures and markets silicon carbide (SiC) based power semiconductors and devices. The company offers SiC-based rectifier, transistor, and thyristor products. GeneSiC Semiconductor is a pioneer and world leader in Silicon Carbide technology and also develops high power Silicon technologies. GeneSiC Semiconductor plays a key enabling role in conserving energy in a wide array of high power systems. GeneSiC’s technology enables efficient harvesting of renewable energy sources. GeneSiC electronic components run cooler, faster, and more economically.

GeneSiC holds leading patents on wide bandgap power device technologies. GeneSiC capitalizes on its expertise in device design, fabrication and testing to develop the best possible SiC devices for its customers. GeneSiC’s highly innovative and experienced engineers enable us to exceed the performance and price point of our competition. We continually strive to promote our competitive Silicon products while developing new Silicon Carbide products. Specific applications for our products include: Protection, Input, Control Switching, and Output stages. It is our goal to break down road blocks faced by our customers by offering highly efficient and ground breaking solutions that deliver superior thermal performance, minimal losses and compact performance.