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IXYS Semiconductor – Active Components

IXYS Corporation is a global supplier of power management semiconductors with a comprehensive range of Power MOSFET, IGBT, bipolar, and mixed-signal IC solutions that provide improved efficiency and reduced energy costs in a wide range of power system applications.

IXYS Semiconductor is a leading manufacturer and supplier of power semiconductors with products their product range including diodes (schottky, fast recovery, standard recovery, silicon carbide, gallium arsenide & avalanche), thyristors (fast recovery & standard recovery, gate turn off, distributed gate), IGBT (NPT, SPT, Trench), MOSFET (Coolmos, trench, N-Channel & p-Channel). The IXYS range of semiconductors is supplied in industry standard packages such as TO & SOT, modules, capsules & stud and ranges from a few amps up to several thousands of amps. For 25 years IXYS Semiconductor has been at the forefront of power semiconductor and IC technology having over 125 patents and innovations in the development of IGBT, MOSFET, Fast recovery diodes, BiMOSFETs, Reverse blocking IGBTs, IGBT / MOSFET gate driver ICs & SOI technology.