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Kingbright LED – Active Components

Power Integrations
Kingbright Corporation is a leading LED manufacturer with a global presence. For over 28 years, Kingbright has delivered the highest quality LED products, technological innovations, and unparalleled customer service around the world. Headquartered in Taiwan, Kingbright’s dedication to vesting R&D projects and developing full line ultra-high-efficient LEDs remains the core mission.
With the immense production capacity of its TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified manufacturing plants in China, Kingbright continues to exceed many expectations worldwide.

Kingbright Oscillators & Piezoelectric Crystals

  • High Brightness LED
    • 0.5W High Brightness LED
    • 1W High Brightness LED
    • 2W High Brightness LED
    • 3W High Brightness LED
    • Flash SMD LED
  • Kingbright LED White & Special Colors
    • Blue Lagoon
    • Pink
    • Purple
    • Warm White
    • White
    • 0402 1.0x0.5mm
    • 0603 1.6x0.8mm
    • 0805 2.0x1.2mm
    • 1005 2.7x1.2mm
    • 1106 3.0x1.5mm
    • 1108 3.0x2.2mm
    • 1204 3.2x1.0mm
    • 1206 3.2x1.6mm
    • 1208 3.0x2.0mm
    • 1308 3.5x2.0mm
    • 2020 5.0x5.0mm
    • 2024 5.0x6.0mm
    • Dome Lens SMD LED
    • High Brightness SMD LED
    • PLCC Package
    • Reverse Mount SMD LED
    • Right Angle SMD LED
    • SMD Bi-color
    • SMD Full-color/RGB
    • SMD Infrared LED
    • SOT-23 3.0x1.3mm
    • Subminiature Solid State Lamps
    • Top LED 3.5x2.8mm
  • SMD Display
    • Alphanumeric SMD Display
    • Dual-digit SMD Display
    • Single-digit SMD Display
  • Multi-Color LED
    • 10mm Bi-color
    • 3mm Bi-color
    • 5mm Bi-color
    • 5mm Full-color/RGB
    • 8mm Bi-color
    • Rectangular Bi-color
    • SMD Bi-color
  • Circuit Board Indicator
    • 1.8mm Bi-Level and Tri-Level
    • 2x3mm Quad-Level
    • 3.4mm Single-Level
    • 3mm Bi-Level
    • 3mm Quad-Level
    • 3mm Single-Level
    • 3mm Tri-Level
    • 4.7mm Single-Level
    • 4.8mm Bi-Level
    • 4.8mm Single-Level
    • 5mm Bi-Level
    • 5mm Single-Level
    • 5mm with Spacer
    • CBI 3mm Bi-Color
    • CBI 5mm Bi-Color
    • CBI Subminiature Solid State Lamps
  • Through-hole LED
    • Blinking LED
    • Cylindrical LED
    • Flat Top LED
    • Low Current and Resistor LED
    • Multi-color Through Hole LED
    • Oval LED
    • Rectangular LED
    • Round LED
    • Square LED
    • Super Flux LED
    • Through-hole Infrared LED
  • Through-hole Display
    • Through-hole Display/Alphanumeric
    • Through-hole Display/Bar Graph Arrays
    • Through-hole Display/Dot Matrix
    • Through-hole Display/Dual-digit
    • Through-hole Display/Four-digit
    • Through-hole Display/Light Bars
    • Through-hole Display/Single-digit
    • Through-hole Display/Three-digit
  • Infrared & Photocoupler
    • Infrared
    • Photocoupler
  • Custom LED & Others
    • Base LED Lamp
    • Custom Assembly
    • LED Cluster
    • LED Spacer





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Product List

Part NumberProduct NameMFGQty 
SA56-11EWAKingbright SA56-11EWA Single Digit Seven Segment High Efficiency Red 0.56" Common Anode DisplayKingbright0.00
L-7104ID-12VKingbright L-7104ID-12V High Efficiency Red LED 3mm 12V 20mcdKingbright4,000.00
AP3216IDKingbright AP3216ID Standard Red LED 2V 20mA SMD 1206Kingbright1,000.00
KPT-1608SGCKingbright KPT-1608SGC LED, Green, 568 nm, 2.2 V, 20 mA, 12 mcdKingbright2,000.00
AP2012SYCKKingbright AP2012SYCK YELLOW 590NM 0805 SMD LED 2.0X1.25MM SMD CHIP LED LAMP RoHSKingbright0.00
APT2012CGCKKINGBRIGHT APT2012CGCK Green LED Clear Lens 2mm x 1.2MM 570NM SMD 0805Kingbright0.00
APTC2012ECKingbright APTC2012EC LED 625nm 2.0mm x 1.25MM SMD CHIP LAMP RoHSKingbright0.00
WP59EGW/CAWP59EGW/CA KINGBRIGHT LED BI-COLOR GREEN/RED 565NM/627NM 5mcd/5mcd 20mA 2-2.2V 3-PIN 8.60mm T-1 3/4 ROHSKingbright0.00
L153IDTKINGBRIGHT L153IDT Red Diffused Rectanglular LEDKingbright3,952.00
L-7113SRC-J4L-7113SRC-J4 Kingbright LED, Red, T-1 3/4 (5mm), 640nm, 2.1V 20mAKingbright0.00
KA-3528CGCKTKingbright KA-3528CGCKT-09 LED, Green, 570 nm, 2.1 V, 20 mA, 100 mcdKingbright0.00
WP59EGCWP59EGC Kingbright LED Red/Green 24 Water Clear T-1 3/4 2-2.2V 20mAKingbright0.00
SA36-11EWASA36-11EWA Kingbright LED Display Module 1 Character 2V 20mA 10-DIPKingbright0.00
KPTR-3216CGCKKPTR-3216CGCK Kingbright LED, Low Power, Green, 570 nm, 2.1 V, 20 mA, 50 mcdKingbright0.00
KPTR-3216SECKKPTR-3216SECK Kingbright LED Uni-Color Orange 610nm 2.1V 20mA 2-Pin ChipKingbright0.00
APT1608ECAPT1608EC Kingbright LED Red 2V SMD 0603Kingbright0.00
APT1608SGCAPT1608SGC Kingbright LED Uni-Color Green 565nm 2-PinKingbright0.00
APT1608YCAPT1608YC Kingbright Yellow LED 4V 60MA, 588 nm SMD 1608Kingbright0.00
L934GDL934GD Kingbright LED Green 20 mA, 2.2V 3mm 565nm 2-Pin T-1Kingbright0.00
AA3528QBS/DAA3528QBS/D Kingbright LED Uni-Color Blue 468nm 2-PinKingbright0.00
L-4060VH/1I1GDL-4060VH/1I1GD KINGBRIGHT LED Lamp 5V 20mA 1.8mm Bi-LevelKingbright0.00
L-7104PBC-AL-7104PBC-A Kingbright T-1 LED 3mm Lamp, Blue 2PinKingbright0.00
KTIR0221DSKTIR0221DS Kingbright PhotointerrupterKingbright0.00