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LittelFuse – Active Components

LittelFuseLittelfuse products are vital components in virtually every market that uses electrical energy, from consumer electronics to automobiles, commercial vehicles and industrial equipment. Our history of innovation, proven technical expertise and the industry’s broadest and deepest portfolio of circuit protection products enable us to provide objective, comprehensive solutions for each customer’s unique needs. We are also expanding into adjacent markets that complement our core business including power distribution centers for mining operations, generator controls and protection for marine applications, heavy-duty switches for commercial vehicles and electromechanical sensors used in the automotive industry.

In April 2013, Littelfuse acquired Hamlin. With the acquisition of Hamlin Electronics, Littelfuse expanded its product offering to include sensors for the automotive, industrial and consumer industries. Hamlin Electronics is a leader in sensor technology, working in partnership with world-leading manufacturers in a wide range of industries. Hamlin develops and manufacture sensors using Reed, Hall-effect, Inductive and Magneto Resistive technologies, Reed Switches, and Reed Relays.


  • Fuses
  • Resettable PTCs
  • Varistors
  • TVS Diodes
  • TVS Diode Arrays
  • Fuse Blocks Fuseholders and Fuse Accessories
  • Switching Thyristors
  • SIDACtor Protection Thyristors
  • LED Protectors
  • Relays, Controls and Systems
  • PulseGuard ESD Suppressors
  • Gas Discharge Tubes



Applications and Technology

  • Automotive
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Consumer Electronics electrical contractor image
  • Electrical Contractor MRO Image
  • Electrical Maintenance and Repair
  • Heavy Duty Aftermarket
  • HVAC/R
  • Industrial LED_Lighting_Image
  • LED Lighting
  • Marine Medical_Image
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
  • Power Generation Solar industry
  • Solar
  • Telecom White Goods
  • White Goods

Circuit Protection
ESD Protection Devices
Fuse Assortments
Fuse Blocks, Holders & Clips 
Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) 
More Circuit Protection 
PTC Resettable Fuses 
Transient Voltage Suppressors
TVS - Thyristors
TVS - Varistors, MOVs & MLVs
Semiconductors - Discretes
Diodes - Rectifiers 
Diodes - Zener Single 
More Semiconductors - Discretes
SCR Thyristors
More Connectors 
Passive Components
More Passive Components
Automation & Process Contro
More Automation & Process Control
Switches & Relays
More Switches & Relays
Switch Components
More Electrical
Fasteners & Mechanical
Fasteners & Fixings
Semiconductors - ICs
More Semiconductors - ICs
Tools & Production Supplies
More Tools & Production Supplies 
Tools - Hand & Workholding
Cable, Wire & Assemblies
More Cable, Wire & Assemblies
Fans, Heat Sinks & HVAC
More Fans, Heat Sinks & HVAC
Power & Line Protection
Surge Protectors
Semiconductors - Tools
More Semiconductors - Tools
Test, Measurement & Inspection
More Test & Laboratory Equipment 



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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
0154002.DRTLittelfuse 0154002.DRT Fuse Chip Slow Blow Acting 4A 125V SMD02.6000
0154003.DRTLittelfuse 0154003.DRT Fuse Chip Slow Blow Acting 5A SMD02.6000
576-02131.25MXP Littelfuse 02131.25MXP Fuse Miniature 1.25A 250V Slow Blow 2-Pin Cartridge Holder00.7500
0218.200HXPLittelfuse 0218.200HXP Fuse 200A 250V Cartridge00.0000
576-043001.5WRLittelfuse 043001.5WR FUSE 1.50A 63V SLOW 1206 SMD00.0000
576-0433.500NRLittelfuse 0433.500NR Surface Mount Fuses 63V .5A VFA Slimline00.0000
576-0451001.MRLittelfuse 0451001.MR Very Fast-Acting Ceramic Fuse 125V 1A 6.10 x 2.69 mm NANO200.0000
576-05200002HLittelfuse 05200002H Fuse Clip 6.3 A 250 V 1 Position Spring Brass Tin Finish PCB Mount 5 x 20 mm01.0900
255.5Littelfuse 255.5 Fast Blow Fuse 500 mA 125V Leaded00.0000
251007Littelfuse 251007 Fuse with Leads 7 AMP 125V VFA Axial3,2830.6800
251001Littelfuse 251001 Fuses with Leads 1 AMP 125V VFA AXIAL151.5000
218001Littelfuse 218001 Cartridge Fuses 1 AMP 250V501.4000
2181.25XPLittelfuse 2181.25XP Cartridge Fuses 1.25AMP 250V Slow Blow00.0000
216008LITTELFUSE 216008 Ceramic Cartridge Fuse 5mm x 20mm 250V AC 8A Fast Acting10,6910.9900
312.375312.375 Littelfuse Cartridge Fuses .375AMP 250V FA Cartride1501.0000
CG2-350LCP CLARE CG2-350L Surge Arrestor 2-Electrode Surge 350 V, Axial 2.5 kA, 750V3133.7800
273002273002 LittleFuse Fuses 2A 125V02.1700
313001273003 LITTELFUSE MICRO FUSE 3 AMPS 125V PLUG-IN1713.8000
11F000411F0004 LITTELFUSE Fuse 2 AMP 250V 318002 Axial Lead1120.6800
043001.5WRLittelfuse 043001.5WR Fuse 63V 1.5A Slow Blow SMD 1206540.2200
V33ZA5Littelfuse MOV Varistors V33ZA5 20V 6000pF 1KA00.2900
273005273005 Littelfuse Fuse 5 AMP 125V03.8000
V150LT5PLittelfuse V150LT5P Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) 150VAC Radial ROHS5,0000.5000
02131.25MXPLittelfuse 02131.25MXP Slo-Blo Fuse Cartridge 1.25A 250V RoHS1000.8600
3425L250Littlefuse 3425L250 PTC Resettable Fuse 15V 5A SMD 34251,5001.2900
230003Littelfuse 230003 Slow Blow Leaded Cartridge Fuse 2AG 250V 3A4,5810.8000
FUS1008255.250 Littelfuse PICO II FUSE 1/4 AMP 125VAC with Leads711.3000
SMBJ160ASMBJ160A Littelfuse TVS Diode 160V 600W 5% DO-214AA6,0000.4000
0464002.DRLittelfuse 0464002.DR Fuse Chip Fast Acting 2A 250V SMD Solder Pad 12.1 X 4.5 X 4.5mm Ceramic01.2700
0464.500DRLittelfuse 0464.500DR FUSE BOARD MNT 500MA 250VAC 2SMD01.2700
0154004.DRT0154004.DRT LITTELFUSE FUSE & OMNI BLOCK, SMD T 4A80.0000
0154005.DRTLittelFuse 0154005.DRT Slow-Blo Fuse 125VDC 5A SMD RoHS5002.8000
0218.200HLittelfuse 0218.200H Glass Cartridge Fuse 250V 0.2A 5mm x 20mm850.8500
0451001.MRLittelfuse 0451001.MR NANO Ceramic Fuse Very Fast-Acting 125 V 1 A 6.10 x 2.69 mm ROHS1000.6000
05200002H05200002H Littelfuse Fuse Holder 5x20mm PCB Mount11.2000
255.500LittelFuse 255.500 PICO II FUSE 1/2 AMP 125VAC2271.6000
314025Littelfuse 314025 Ceramic Cartridge Fast Blow Fuse 3AB 250V 5A5360.8500
S8025L-52TECCOR S8025L52 Thyristor SCR 800V 300A 3-Pin(3+Tab)3771.5000
SMAJ200ASMAJ200A Littelfuse | DIODE, TVS, 200V, 400W, 5%, UNI, SMA ROHS700.5000
SMAJ45A.LITTELFUSE SMAJ45A Bi-Directional TVS Diode 72.7V 400W DO-214AC00.4300
V250LA40AHARRIS V250LA40A VARISTOR 250V 130J 20MM Disc00.5000
FUS1010Littelfuse 312.250 Fast Acting Glass Cartridge Fuse 3AG 0.25A 250V7000.6000
3AG131201.25 LITTLEFUSE 3AG1 FUSE 1-1/4 AMP 250VAC FAST ACTING292.0400
FUS1033326010 LF Fuse 10A 250V Axial Lead and Cartridge 22000.3000
FUS1034Littelfuse 312010 Glass Cylinder Cartridge Fuse 10A 250VAC 3AG Fast Blow7900.3400
H313002LITTELFUSE 313002 MINIATURE FUSE SLOW H313002 3AG 100A 250VAC2940.5800
11F0008312001 Littelfuse Cartridge Fuses 1 AMP 250V02.0400
FUS1011LITTELFUSE 31201.5 FUSE 1.5 AMPS 25VAC GLASS 3AG900.3000
216-3.15Littelfuse 216-3.15 Cartridge Fuse 3.15A 125Vac Fast Blow Axial7950.9900
6403LITTLEFUSE 0314025 FUSE 1 /4 AMP 3AG 250VAC00.5400
313003Littelfuse 313003 Fuse 3 Amp 250V Slow Blow2910.5500
fuse 1/4 AmpLittleFuse 313.250 Fuse 1/4 Amp 250Vac 31300.7500
313-1/4LittelFuse 313-1/4 Fuse 0.25A 125Vac 3AG7950.7500
0433.500nrLittelfuse 0433.500NR Fuse 0.500A 63V Fast Blow SMD 12068000.4500
251005Littelfuse 251005 Very Fast Acting Fuse 5A 50A00.5700
216.008216.008 LITTELFUSE FAST-ACTING FUSE 250V 8A541.5000
0997020.WXN0997020.WXN Littelfuse Fuses 58V 20A SMD00.0000
PGB1010603NRLittlefuse PGB1010603NR ESD Protection Device, TVS, 150 V, 2 Pins, 24 VDC SMD 060300.5800
0218002.HXP0218002.HXP Littelfuse Fuse Cartridge 2A 250V Glass Holder 5mm x 20mm00.0000
SP0504BAJTGSP0504BAJTG, Littelfuse ESD Suppressor TVS 20KV 5-Pin SC-70 T/R00.0000
0443002.DR0443002.DR Littelfuse Fuses 250V 2A TL NANO2 SMD4901.0000
0KLK002.T0KLK002.T Littelfuse Fuse 2A 600VAC 500VDC Midget00.0000
KLK001KLK001 Littelfuse Cartridge Fuse; 1A 600V Fast Acting 13/32 x 1-1/2 "2; Diameter:0.406mm; Fuse Terminals:Ferrule; Length:38.1mm; Series:KLK RoHS00.0000
HE3321A1200HE3321A1200 REED RELAYS SPST-NO 0.5A 12VDC 500OHM THRU-HOLE RoHS00.0000
01550430ZXULittlefuse 01550430ZXU Inline Fuse Holder 32V AC or DC 30A RoHS1524.1200
V18MLA1206HLittelfuse V18MLA1206H VARISTOR TVS MULTI 18V 150A SMD 120600.4000
913-007913-007 Littelfuse Crimp terminal 5.3mm (10 AWG)8,78620.0000
913-042913-042 Littelfuse FUSE CRIMP TERM 10GA FOR 868-06200.0000
0805L050WR0805L050WR Littelfuse Resettable Fuse 6V .500A SMD 0805 RoHS02.4000
P6KE43CALittelfuse P6KE43CA TVS Diode 43V 600W 5% DO-204AC3,9850.4000
SMBJ13ASMBJ13A Littelfuse Diode TVS Single Uni-Dir 13V 600W 2-Pin SMB T/R00.0850
01110501Z01110501Z LITTELFUSE FUSE HOLDER, 5 X 20MM, PCB MOUNT RoHS00.1200
EC103A3Teccor EC103A3 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) TO-92600.4000
V130LA10A.V130LA10A Littelfuse Varistors 130V 1000pF00.5000
0466002.NR0466002.NR Littelfuse Fuse 2A 63V SMD 120600.6000
SMAJ30ASMAJ30A Littelfuse Diode TVS Single Uni-Dir 30V 400W 2-Pin SMA00.4300
V47ZA1PV47ZA1P Littelfuse Varistor 30V 250A 800pF200.2500
P6KE200CAP6KE200CA TVS Diode 600W 200V BIDIR DO-1500.1500
MDSR-10-10-25MDSR-10-10-25 LITTELFUSE SWITCH REED SPST-NO 350MA 140V RoHS01.4000
0154.500DR0154.500DR Littelfuse Fuse 0.5A 125V SMD Solder Pad02.8600
021302.5MXP021302.5MXP Littelfuse Cartridge Fuses 250V 2.5A Slo-Blo00.0000
0314002.MXP0314002.MXP Littelfuse Fuse 2A 250V00.9400
PGB1010603NRHFPGB1010603NRHF Littelfuse ESD Suppressor Polymer 24V 2-Pin Case 060390.6800
01530008Z01530008Z Littelfuse Fuse Holder Inline Vertical Mount00.0000
326012P326012P Littelfuse Cartridge Fuses 12 AMP 250V01.5800
0154.125DR0154.125DR Littelfuse Fuse 0.125A 125V SMD Solder Pad03.0000
5.0SMDJ24A5.0SMDJ24A Littelfuse Diode TVS Single Uni-Dir 24V 5KW 2-Pin00.0000
60R375XH60R375XH Littelfuse PTC Resettable Fuses - PPTC 60V 3.75A Radial00.7000
2016L100/33DR2016L100/33DR Littelfuse PTC Resettable Fuse 33VDC 40A SMD 201600.7800
0217015.MXP0217015.MXP Littelfuse Cartridge Fuse 250V 15A 5x20mm Fast Acting00.3000
0218005.MXP0218005.MXP Littelfuse Cartridge Fuses 250V 5A Time Lag (Slo-Blo)00.1250
03455LS7HLITTELFUSE 03455LS7H Fuse Holder Shock Safe 5x20mm02.4500
1812L010DR1812L010DR LITTELFUSE Resettable Fuse PPTC PTC 30V .100A POLY SMD00.2300
5600000131956000001319 Littelfuse Fuse Holder 6.3A/1.6W/3mm TR5/TE5 Holder00.4000
3721315041137213150411 Littelfuse Fuse IEC TL LBC SL 3.15A 250V TR5 2-Pin2,0000.0000
SMD250F-2Littelfuse SMD250F-2 Resettable Fuse, 15V 2.5A Surface Mount00.0000
0242.050UR0242.050UR Littelfuse Fuse Fast Acting 250V 0.05A Cartridge04.9000
1.5KE180A1.5KE180A Littelfuse TVS Single Uni-Dir 154V 1.5KW 2-Pin DO-20100.0000
0217005.MXP0217005.MXP Littelfuse Cartridge Fuse 250 V 5A 5x20mm00.0000
P6KE9.1AP6KE9.1A Littelfuse Uni-Directional TVS Diode 77.8V 45A 600W DO-204AC00.0000
HE3621A0510HE3621A0510 Hamlin Relay, Reed Ucoil:5VDC, 500mA SPST-NO00.0000
0215010.TXP0215010.TXP Littelfuse Cartridge Fuse 250V 10A 5x20 PGT01.4000
JLLS035.TJLLS035.T Littelfuse Fuse 35A 600VAC 300VDC00.0000
SMAJ36ASMAJ36A Littelfuse Diode TVS 36V 400W 2-SMA00.5000
MINISMDC075F/24-2MINISMDC075F/24-2 Littelfuse Polyswitch Resettable Fuse 24V 0.75A 181200.0000
03453LF7H03453LF7H Littelfuse Fuse Holder Shock Safe 3AG00.0000
0466001.NRHF0466001.NRHF Littelfuse Fuse Chip Very Fast Acting 1A 63V SMD 120600.0000
0498150.M0498150.M Littelfuse Fuse 32V 150A Stud Mount00.0000
04820002ZXB04820002ZXB Littelfuse Fuse Holder 15A 125V 2 Circuit Blade PCB00.0000
SP3031-01ETGSP3031-01ETG Littelfuse TVS Diode 5V SOD-88200.0000
3921315000039213150000 Littelfuse Fuse Subminiature Slow Blow 3.15A 250V Radial00.0000
SZP6SMB33AT3GSZP6SMB33AT3G Littelfuse TVS Diode 8.2V 600W SMB00.0000
0458002.DR0458002.DR Littelfuse Fuse 48VAC 2A SMD 120600.0000
0218.040MXP0218.040MXP Littelfuse Fuse 250V .04A Cartridge00.0000
168.6585.5152168.6585.5152 Littelfuse Fuse Automotive 15A 32V Radial00.0000
340313340313 Littelfuse Fuse Holder00.0000
V20E320PV20E320P Littelfuse TVS Varistor MOV Disc00.0000
V20E420PV20E420P Littelfuse Var MOV 420VAC/560VDC 10000A 748V Radial00.0000
0287002.PXCN0287002.PXCN Littelfuse Fuse 2A 32V Blade00.0000
0287002.PXS0287002.PXS Littelfuse Blade Fuse 32V 2A00.0000
SLD33-018SLD33-018 Littelfuse Bi-Directional TVS Diode 33V 2200W 2-Pin00.0000
5200000100952000001009 Littelfuse Fuse Clip 6.3A 250V 1 Circuit Cartridge PCB00.0000
0466001.NR0466001.NR Littelfuse Fuse 1A 63V SMD 120600.0000
LSP05G277PLSP05G277P Littelfuse LED Protection Devices 277V 5kA CXN00.0000
0242.125UR0242.125UR Littelfuse Cartridge Fuse 125mA 250V SMD00.0000
82000000008200000000 Littelfuse Fuse Holder00.0000
8350000000583500000005 Wickmann Fuse Holder00.0000
SMCJ43ASMCJ43A Littelfuse TVS Diode 43V 1.5KW SMC00.0000
3921200000039212000000 Littelfuse Fuse 2A 250V Radial00.0000
0456040.DR0456040.DR Littelfuse Fuse 40A 60V DC 2-SMD00.0000
MINISMDC020F-2MINISMDC020F-2 Littelfuse Resettable Fuse 30V 0.2A SMD 181200.0000
SP1002-01JTGSP1002-01JTG Littelfuse TVS Diode Bi-Dir 16V 2A SC-7000.0000
1206L200PR1206L200PR Littelfuse Resettable Fuse 6V 2A SMD 120600.0000
0313010.MXP0313010.MXP Littelfuse Cartridge Fuse 10A 32V00.0000
0313010.VXP0313010.VXP Littelfuse Cartridge Fuse 10A 32V00.0000
0313010.HXP0313010.HXP Littelfuse Cartridge Fuse 10A 32V00.0000
1.5SMC33A1.5SMC33A Littelfuse TVS Diode 28.2V 1.5KW SMC00.0000
1206SFS300F/32-21206SFS300F/32-2 Littelfuse Fuse 3A 32V SMD 120600.0000
0456030.ER0456030.ER Littelfuse Surface Mount Fuse 125VAC 30A .00132ohms SMD NANO200.0000
0456030.ERG0456030.ERG Littelfuse Fuse 125VAC 30A SMD NANO200.0000
V5.5MLA0805HV5.5MLA0805H Littelfuse Varistors 5.5V 120A SMD 080500.0000
1206L012WR1206L012WR Littelfuse Resettable Fuse PPTC 30V 0.125A SMD 120600.0000
0324010.MXP0324010.MXP Littelfuse Cartridge Fuse 250V 10A Axial00.0000
SG75SG75 Littelfuse Gas Discharge Tubes GDT 75V 2KA SMD 181200.0000
0440004.WR0440004.WR Littelfuse Fuse 4A 32V Fast Acting SMD 120600.0000
SMAJ48CASMAJ48CA Littelfuse TVS Diode Single 400W 48V 5.2A SMA00.0000
0440004.WRA0440004.WRA Littelfuse Fuse 4A 32V Fast Acting SMD 120600.0000
0440003.WR0440003.WR Littelfuse Fuse 3A 32V Fast Acting SMD 120600.0000
0440005.WR0440005.WR Littelfuse Fuse 5A 32V Fast Acting SMD 120600.0000
0440001.WR0440001.WR Littelfuse Fuse 1A 32V Fast Acting SMD 120600.0000
1206L016WR1206L016WR Littelfuse Resettable Fuse PPTC 30V 0.16A SMD 120600.0000
1206L010/60WR1206L010/60WR Littelfuse Resettable Fuse PPTC 30V 0.1A SMD 120600.0000
0438002.WRGT0438002.WRGT LittelFuse Fuse 2A 32V SMD 060300.0000
0438002.WRA0438002.WRA LittelFuse Fuse 2A 12V SMD 060300.0000
0452003.MRL0452003.MRL Littelfuse Fuse 125VAC 3A .034ohms 452 NANO2 SMD00.0000
SMAJ12CASMAJ12CA Littelfuse TVS Diode 12V SMA1500.0000
SMF5.0ASMF5.0A Littelfuse TVS Diode 5V 21.7A SOD-123FL250.0000
02153.15MXEP02153.15MXEP Littelfuse Fuse 250V 3.15A Axial00.0000
02153.15HXP02153.15HXP Littelfuse Fuse 250V 3.15A Axial00.0000
02153.15TXP02153.15TXP Littelfuse Fuse 250V 3.15A Axial00.0000
0215.315HXP0215.315HXP Littelfuse Fuse 250V 3.15A Axial00.0000
02153.15MXESPP02153.15MXESPP Littelfuse Fuse 250V 3.15A Axial00.0000
SP1002-02JTGSP1002-02JTG Littelfuse TVS Diode Bi-Dir 6V 2A SC-70-500.0000
0477010.MXP0477010.MXP Littelfuse Fuse 10A 500V Cartridge00.0000
01220093Z01220093Z Littelfuse Fuse Clip 3AG PC Earless00.0000
1812L200/12DR1812L200/12DR Littelfuse PTC Resettable Fuse 12V 100A 2A SMD 181200.0000
NANOSMDC150F-2NANOSMDC150F-2 Littelfuse PTC Resettable Fuse 6V 100A SMD 120600.0000
1812L200/16DR1812L200/16DR Littelfuse PTC Resettable Fuse 16V 100A 2A SMD 181200.0000
2920L200/24DR2920L200/24DR Littelfuse Resettable Fuse 24V 2A SMD 292000.0000
0451001.MRL0451001.MRL Littelfuse Fuse 125VAC 1A Nano-28,0000.0000
0467003.NRHF0467003.NRHF Littelfuse Fast Acting Fuse 3A 32V SMD 060300.0000
PSR-27781PSR-27781 Littelfuse Slow-Blow Fuse 6A 32V SMD 060300.0000
0157005.DR0157005.DR Littelfuse Fuse 125V 5A 2-SMD20.0000
3960050000039600500000 Littelfuse Fuse 125V 50mA Radial00.0000
T2322BGT2322BG Littelfuse Triacs 200V 25A TO-225AA00.0000
SLVU2.8-4BTGSLVU2.8-4BTG Littelfuse TVS Diodes 2.8V 1uA 8-SOIC00.0000
V275LT20APV275LT20AP Littelfuse Varistor 275V 450pF Disc00.0000
SMBJ6.0CASMBJ6.0CA Littelfuse TVS Diodes 600W 6V 58.3A SMBJ00.0000
V275LC20APV275LC20AP Littelfuse Varistor 275VAC 4.5KA 450pF Radial00.0000
0451005.MRL0451005.MRL Littelfuse Fast Acting Fuse 125VAC 5A 2-SMD5,0000.0000
142.5631.5502142.5631.5502 Littelfuse Fuse 50A 58V Bolt Mount00.0000
NANOSMDC035F-2NANOSMDC035F-2 Littelfuse Resettable Fuse 16V, 350mA, SMD 12063,0000.0000
SMAJ24CA.SMAJ24CA Littelfuse TVS Diode 10.3A 38.9VC DO-214AC10,0000.0000