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Marl International Limited

Marl is a trusted provider of high quality LED Indication, LED Lamps and LED Lighting products that are designed to meet the increased demand for innovation across a growing range of applications. Marl is based at Marl Business Park in the South Lakes and acknowledged as one of the best blue chip companies. Marl is recognized internationally as one of the most innovative producers of high performance, high quality opto-electronic components.

Marl has an extensive product capabilities range from discrete LEDs, Lamps to circuit board, PCB mounted, panel mounted, bulb replacement LEDs, panel indicators, accessories and custom assemblies. Marl’s team can support any custom design specific enquiry for your LED lighting systems. LED contract manufacturing applications and electro-mechanical assembly are also available.

Marl over the years has provided attractive, functional, and cost-effective solutions to major applications and platforms. Marl is a worldwide manufacturer to the rail, marine, aerospace, defense, machine tool, and food service industries.

Why Marl ?

marl logo.jpgBecause for over 40 years, Marl has been Designing and Manufacturing leading edge LED components that provide innovative, attractive, functional cost-effective solutions to all global market sectors.

Marl’s “state-of-the-art” in house design and manufacturing facilities, combined with agility, speed, flexibility and willingness to respond to customer’s requirements makes Marl a leader in LED components, suitable for all applications.

Marl’s Product Range includes PCB Mounting LEDs, LED Bulbs and Sealed LED Panel Indicators as detailed on the attached Product Selector Guide. Marl also offers Semi-Custom and Bespoke component design and manufacturing to meet the Customer’s project requirements.

Product Line

PCB Mounting LEDs PCB Mounting LEDs

  • Low Power Consumption
  • Attractive Mounting
  • Stackable and Easy to Assemble
  • RoHS Compliant

Bulb Replacement Bulb Replacement LEDs
LED light bulbs are roughly 80% more energy efficient than other bulbs, they also produce far less heat than metal halides, CFLs, and incandescent light bulbs. LEDs now come in daylight and warm white color temperatures so you can more easily replace your existing bulbs.

Panel Indicator Panel Indicator LEDs
Incorporate the latest LED technology to deliver superior brightness and visibility in five standard colors for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications

LED Lighting LED Lighting
Marl delivers a broad line of led lighting for reliability and performance.


LEDs are becoming the choice for many general lighting applications. Marl Opto has the products and the expertise to help you with Opto-products for your LED lighting projects.
  • Lighting and Indicators for Defense Systems
  • LED Lighting Systems
  • High-Intensity LED Lighting Systems





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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameMFGQty 
677-532-23-G677-532-23-G MARL LED Indicator 8.1mm, Green, 28VDC 20 mA, 23cd Panel MountMARL0.00
677-532-22677-532-22 MARL LED Indicator 8.1mm, Green, 24VDC 20mA, Panel MountMARL0.00
122-311-04122-311-04 MARL Yellow PCB LED, 2 LEDs, 2.1V, Through Hole MountMARL0.00
205-993-21-38205-993-21-38 MARL LED Replacement Lamp,Warm White, T-1 20mA 12VMARL0.00
255-997-64-38255-997-64-38 MARL LED Replacement Lamp, BA9s, Cool White, T-3 1/4 (10mm), 625 mW, 3000 mcd 10mA 8-50VMARL0.00
690-501-66690-501-66 MARL LED Indicator, Red, 9.6mm 48V 10mA, 600mcd, Panel MountMARL0.00
690-521-66690-521-66 MARL LED Indicator, Yellow, 48V, 9.6mm, 10 mA, 600 mcd, Panel MountMARL0.00
690-532-66-50690-532-66-50 MARL LED Indicator, Medium Green, 48V, 9.6mm, 10mA, Panel MountMARL0.00
671-064-23671-064-23 MARL LED Indicator, Red 25.4mm, 28V, 14mA, 448 mcd, Panel MountMARL0.00
671-062-23671-062-23 MARL LED Indicator 25.4mm, Yellow, 28V 14mA 518mcd, Panel MountMARL0.00
671-065-23671-065-23 MARL LED Indicator 25.4mm, Green, 28V 14 mA 696mcd, Panel MountMARL0.00
671-064-75671-064-75 MARL LED Indicator 25.4mm, Red, 12mA 384mcd, Panel MountMARL0.00
671-062-75671-062-75 MARL LED Indicator 25.4mm, Yellow, 110V 12mA, 466mcd, Panel MountMARL0.00
671-065-75671-065-75 MARL LED Indicator 25.4mm, Green, 110V 12mA 609mcd, Panel MountMARL0.00
604-301-21604-301-21 MARL LED Indicator 5mm, Red, 12V 20mA, Panel MountMARL0.00
604-301-23604-301-23 MARL LED Indicator 5mm, Red, 28VDC 20mA 900mcd, Panel MountMARL0.00
604-324-21604-324-21 MARL LED Indicator 5mm, Green, 28VDC 20mA 900mcd, Panel MountMARL0.00
604-324-23604-324-23 MARL LED Indicator 5mm, Green, 28 VDC 20mA 36cd,Panel MountMARL0.00
604-325-21604-325-21 MARL LED Indicator 5mm, Yellow, 12V 20mA, Panel MountMARL0.00
604-325-23604-325-23 MARL LED Indicator 5mm, Yellow, 28VDC 20mA 3.5cd, Panel MountMARL0.00
524-501-21524-501-21 MARL LED Indicator 8.1mm, Red, 12V 20mA, 11cd, Panel MountMARL0.00
677-501-21677-501-21 Marl LED Indicator 8.1mm, Red, 12 VDC 600mcd, Panel MountMARL0.00
524-521-21524-521-21 MARL LED Indicator 8.1 mm, Yellow, 12 VDC, 20 mA, 16cd, Panel MountMARL0.00
524-532-23524-532-23 MARL LED Indicator 8.1mm, Green, 28V 20mA, 23cd, Panel MountMARL0.00
677-521-21677-521-21 MARL LED Indicator 8.1mm, Yellow, 12V 20mA 16cd, Panel MountMARL0.00
677-521-23677-521-23 MARL LED Indicator, Yellow, 28 VDC, 8.1 mm, 20 mA, 16cd, Panel MountMARL0.00
524-501-23524-501-23 MARL LED Indicator 8.1mm, Red, 28V 20mA, 11cd, Panel MountMARL0.00
524-521-23524-521-23 MARL LED Indicator 8.1mm, Yellow, 28V 20mA, 16cd, Panel MountMARL0.00
524-532-21524-532-21 MARL LED Indicator 8.1mm, Green, 12V 20mA, 23cd, Panel MountMARL0.00
677-501-23677-501-23 MARL LED Indicator 8.1mm, Red, 28V 20mA, 11cd, Panel MountMARL0.00
677-532-21677-532-21 MARL LED Indicator 8.1mm, Green, 12V 20mA, 23cd, Panel MountMARL0.00
677-532-23677-532-23 MARL LED Indicator 8.1mm, 28VDC 20 mA, 23cd Panel MountMARL0.00
690-SeriesMARL LED 690 SeriesMARL0.00
671-SeriesMARL LED 671 SeriesMARL0.00
696-301-20696-301-20 Marl Red LED Indicator 6.1mm IP67MARL0.00
696-324-20696-324-20 Marl Panel Indicator LED - Green 6.1mm IP67MARL0.00
696-325-20696-325-20 Marl Yellow LED Indicator 6.1mm IP67MARL0.00
696-934-20696-934-20 Marl Panel Indicator Blue LED 6.1mm IP67MARL0.00
696-998-20696-998-20 Marl Panel Indicator Cool White LED 6.1mm IP67MARL0.00
698-930-75698-930-75 Marl IP67 LED IndicatorMARL0.00
202-991-24-38202-991-24-38 Marl Warm White LED 48Vdc 12mA T1MARL0.00