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Rohm Corporation – Active Components


Rohm Semiconductor Corporation

ROHM Co. Ltd. was established in Kyoto, Japan, in 1958. ROHM designs and manufactures semiconductors, integrated circuits and other electronic components. These components find a home in the dynamic and ever-growing wireless, computer, automotive and consumer electronics markets. Some of the most innovative equipment and devices use ROHM products.

ROHM Semiconductor designs and manufactures semiconductors, integrated circuits, and other electronic components for the wireless, computer, automotive, and consumer electronics markets. ROHM Semiconductor’s product portfolio ranges from audio/video ICs, wireless audio links, image sensors, noise protection discretes, memory products with double-cell technology, energy-efficient power management components, and LEDs.

Almost all of ROHM’s manufacturing equipment has been developed in-house. This gives ROHM the ability to respond immediately to changing market needs. The extent of ROHM products is a result of innovations and the capability to adjust to market demands. ROHM products are used in automotive, telecommunication, computer, and consumer electronics.




  Amplifiers & Linear

  Power Management

  Clocks & Timers

  Switch & Multiplexer & Logic

  Data Converter

  Sensors & MEMS

  LED / LCD Drivers

  Motor / Actuator Drivers


  Audio & Video


Discrete Semiconductors



  SiC Power Devices


Opto Electronics


  LED Displays

  Laser Diodes

  Optical Sensors

  IrDA Infrared Communication

  Remote Control Receiver


Passive Components


  Tantalum Capacitors


Modules (Sub Systems)

  Power Modules

  Wireless LAN Modules

  Contact Image Sensor Heads



Commercial Products

  LED Lighting


  LAPIS Chipset for Intel Processors





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Product List

Part NumberProduct NameMFGQty 
1N4004AT821N4004AT-82 Rohm Semiconductor General Purpose Diode 400V 1A DO-41 AxialRohm Semiconductor9,070.00
BC857BBC857B Rohm PNP GP Transistor 45V 0.1A SMD SOT-23Rohm Semiconductor48,000.00
DTC114YCDTC114YC Rohm Pre-Biased BJT NPN Transistor 0.1A SMD SOT-23Rohm Semiconductor18,000.00
BAV99.ROHM BAV99 Dual Series Switching Diode 75V 2A SMD SOT-23Rohm Semiconductor2,980.00
MCH185A270JKROHM MCH185A270JK Ceramic Capacitor 27pF 5% 50V C0G SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor4,000.00
1N4606-ROHMROHM 1N4606 AXIAL 85V 0.25A DIODERohm Semiconductor0.00
BAV99-ROHMROHM BAV99 DIODE 0.215A, 85V, 2 ELEMENTRohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR10EZHMJW472ROHM MCR10EZHMJW472 Thick Film Resistor 4.7k Ohms 5% SMD 0805Rohm Semiconductor5,100.00
RB491DT146RB491DT146 Rohm Semiconductor Schottky Diode 25V 1A SMD SOT-346Rohm Semiconductor18,000.00
BA7652AF-E2ROHM Semiconductor BA7652AF-E2 Video Switcher Chip SMD SOP-8Rohm Semiconductor4,500.00
BCW60D.Rohm BCW60D NPN Small Signal Transistor BJT 32V 0.1A SOT23Rohm Semiconductor6,000.00
32R2003ROHM MCR18F Thick Film Resistor 200k Ohms 1/4W 1% SMD 1206Rohm Semiconductor500.00
MCR10EZHF33R0ROHM MCR10EZHF33R0 Thick Film Resistor 33 Ohms 1/8W 1% SMD 0805Rohm Semiconductor5,000.00
MMSTA63Rohm MMSTA63 PNP Darlington Transistor 30V 0.5A SMD SOT-323Rohm Semiconductor15,000.00
FMW1ROHM Semiconductor FMW1 NPN Transistor GP 50V 0.15A SMD SC-74A-5Rohm Semiconductor3,000.00
MCR18EZHJ202MCR18EZHJ202 Rohm Semiconductor Resistor 1206 2K Ohm 5% 1/4WRohm Semiconductor5,000.00
30R271MCR10JW271 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 270 Ohms SMD 0805Rohm Semiconductor100.00
MCR10EZHF1182Rohm MCR10EZHF1182 Thick Film Resistor 11.8k Ohms 1/8W 1% SMD 0805Rohm Semiconductor5,000.00
MCR10EZHMJW102Rohm MCR10EZHMJW102 Thick Film Resistor 1k Ohms 5% 1/8W SMD 0805Rohm Semiconductor1,800.00
DAN202U-T106DAN202U-T106 Rohm Switching Diode 80V 0.1A SMD SOT-323Rohm Semiconductor6,000.00
IMT2ROHM Semiconductor IMT2-T108 Dual PNP Transistor 50V 0.15A 0.3W SMD SC-74Rohm Semiconductor3,000.00
RLS4148RLS4148 Rohm Semiconductor Switching Diode 100V 0.15A DO-213Rohm Semiconductor123,800.00
MCR10J470JROHM MCR10J470J Carbon Film Resistor 47 Ohms 5% AxialRohm Semiconductor2,900.00
30R471-2ROHM MCR10EZHMJW103 Metal Film Resistor 10k Ohms 1/10W 5% SMD 0805Rohm Semiconductor5,000.00
DTC143TKAT146DTC143TKAT146 Rohm Semiconductor PNP Transistor 50V 0.1A SMD SC-59Rohm Semiconductor9,000.00
RB461FT106RB461FT106 ROHM Diode Schottky 25V 0.7A 3-Pin UMDRohm Semiconductor0.00
1N4004AT-811N4004AT-81 Rohm Semiconductor Rectifier Diode 400V 1A DO-41Rohm Semiconductor5,000.00
1N4606-T72ROHM Semiconductor 1N4606-T72 Diode 85V 0.25A DO-35 AxialRohm Semiconductor897.00
1SR124-400ROHM 1SR124-400 Rectifier Diode 400V 1A DO-41 AxialRohm Semiconductor935.00
BAS16-ROHMRohm BAS16 Diode 85V 0.2A SMD SOT-23Rohm Semiconductor162,000.00
BC858B-TRRohm BC858B-TR PNP Transistor 30V 0.2A 0.25W SMD SOT-23Rohm Semiconductor24,000.00
BCW32-ROHMBCW32 Rohm Semiconductor NPN Transistor BJT 32V 0.1A SMD SOT-23Rohm Semiconductor192,000.00
BCW33TRBCW33TR Rohm Semiconductor NPN Transistor 32V 0.25W SMD SOT-23Rohm Semiconductor39,000.00
BCX70HT116BCX70HT116 Rohm Semiconductor NPN Transistor 45V 0.1A 0.25W SOT-23Rohm Semiconductor9,000.00
ESR25JZPJ105Rohm ESR25JZPJ105 Thick Film Resistor 1.0M Ohms 1/2W 5% SMD 1210Rohm Semiconductor35.00
LTR18EZPF1001Rohm LTR18EZPF1001 Thick Film Resistor 1k Ohms 1/2W 1% 2010 RoHS (Wide 1206)Rohm Semiconductor100.00
MCR03EZPFX1003ROHM MCR03EZPFX1003 Thick Film Resistor 100k Ohms 100mW 1% SMD 0603 ROHSRohm Semiconductor13,900.00
MCR03EZPFX1822Rohm MCR03EZPFX1822 Thick Film Resistor 18.2k Ohms 1/16W 1% AxialRohm Semiconductor5,000.00
MCR100JZHJ101Rohm MCR100JZHJ101 Thick Film Resistor 100 Ohms 1W 5% SMD 2512Rohm Semiconductor4,000.00
MCR10EZHF47R0Rohm MCR10EZHF47R0 Thick Film Resistor 47.0 Ohms 1/8W 1% SMD 0805 RoHSRohm Semiconductor5,000.00
MCR10EZHFLR270MCR10EZHFLR270 Rohm Film Resistor 0.27 Ohms 1% 0.25W SMD 0805Rohm Semiconductor2,000.00
MCR10EZPF2400ROHM MCR10EZPF2400 Thick Film Resistor 240 Ohms 1/8W 1% SMD 0805Rohm Semiconductor1,175.00
SLR332MCT32ROHM SLR-332MCT32 LED 3.2MM 2.1V 10mA 563nmRohm Semiconductor1,900.00
DTC123YKAROHM DTC123YKA TRANS NPN 50V 100MA SOT-346Rohm Semiconductor0.00
RLZ5248BROHM RLZ5248B General Purpose Diode 18V, 500mWtRohm Semiconductor102.00
MNR14E0APJ103MNR14E0APJ103. ROHM, RESISTOR ARRAY 10K OHM 4 RES 1206Rohm Semiconductor0.00
BA4560BA4560 ROHM IC OPAMP DUAL 18V DIP8 ROHSRohm Semiconductor0.00
ESR10EZPJ270ESR10EZPJ270 ROHM RESISTOR 27 OHM 5% 0.4W SMD 0805 RoHSRohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR03ERTF4701MCR03ERTF4701 ROHM RESISTOR 4.7K OHM 1% 1/10W SMD 0603 RoHSRohm Semiconductor0.00
SML-P11MTT86SML-P11MTT86 Rohm LED Yellow-Green 569nm LED 1.9V SMD 0402Rohm Semiconductor0.00
DTA124XMT2LDTA124XMT2L Rohm Bipolar Transistors - Pre-Biased DGTL PNP 50V 50MA RoHSRohm Semiconductor0.00
RJP020N06T100RJP020N06T100, ROHM, N-Channel 60 V 300 mO 500 mW Surface Mount Power Mosfet - MPT-3Rohm Semiconductor0.00
RPI-2501RPI-2501 ROHM Optical Sensor 1.6mm Phototransistor Module, Slotted Through-BeamRohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR10EZHMJW221Rohm MCR10EZHMJW221 Thick Film Resistor 220 Ohms 1/8W 5% SMD 0805Rohm Semiconductor4,200.00
2SB1561T100Q2SB1561T100Q ROHM TRANSISTOR PNP 60V 2A SOT-89Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MMST2222ARohm MMST2222A NPN Transistor 40V 0.2W SMD SOT-323Rohm Semiconductor3,000.00
MCR10EZHFLR390MCR10EZHFLR390 ROHM RESISTOR 0.39 OHM 1% 1/4W SMD 0805 RoHSRohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR18EZHFLR270MCR18EZHFLR270 ROHM Thick Film Resistor 0.27 Ohms 1% 1/4W SMD 1206 RoHSRohm Semiconductor0.00
PMR03EZPJ000PMR03EZPJ000 ROHM RESISTOR SMD 0.0 OHM JUMPER 1/4W 0603 RoHSRohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR10EZHFLR470ROHM MCR10EZHFLR470 RESISTOR 0.47 OHM 1/4W 1% 0805 SMD ROHSRohm Semiconductor0.00
SML-210LTT86Rohm SML-210LTT86 Red LED Clear Lens 1.75V 0.02A SMD 0805Rohm Semiconductor3,000.00
KTR10EZPF4993KTR10EZPF4993 ROHM RESISTOR 499K OHM 1% 1/8W SMD 0805 RoHSRohm Semiconductor0.00
ESR18EZPJ100ESR18EZPJ100, ROHM, RESISTOR 10 OHM 5% SMD 1206Rohm Semiconductor0.00
PMR01ZZPJ000PMR01ZZPJ000 ROHM Jumper ResistorsRohm Semiconductor0.00
BCW72<BCW72 Rohm Semiconductor Transistor BJT NPN 5V 0.1A 3-Pin SOT-23Rohm Semiconductor78,000.00
BC858B-ROHMROHM BC858B Transistor GP BJT PNP 30V 0.1A 3-Pin SOT-23Rohm Semiconductor0.00
BCW72TRROHM BCW72 TR Transistor GP BJT NPN 45V 0.1A 3-Pin SOT-23Rohm Semiconductor0.00
BR93G86FVT-3AGE2BR93G86FVT-3AGE2, ROHM EEPROM I2C BUS 256K 32768 8bit 8-TSSOP-BRohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR100JZHFLR220 Rohm MCR100JZHFLR220 Thick Film Chip Resistor 0.22 Ohms 1% SMD 2512Rohm Semiconductor0.00
BCW33-ROHMROHM BCW33 Transistor GP BJT NPN 32V 0.5A 3-Pin SOT-23Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR03ERTF10R0MCR03ERTF10R0 ROHM Resistor 10 OHM 1% 1/10W 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR03ERTF1202MCR03ERTF1202 ROHM Semiconductor Resistor 12K OHM 1% 1/10W SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor5,000.00
LA-301VLLA-301VL, ROHM, Displays Module 1DIGIT 8LED Red CC 10-Pin DIPRohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR03EZPFX3742MCR03EZPFX3742 ROHM Resistor 37.4K Ohms 1% SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR01MZPF3162MCR01MZPF3162 ROHM Resistor 31.6Kohm SMD 0402Rohm Semiconductor10,000.00
MCR50JZHJ000MCR50JZHJ000 ROHM Resistor Jumper 0.0 Ohm SMD 2010Rohm Semiconductor4,000.00
MCR01MZPJ102MCR01MZPJ102 Rohm Resistor 1K OHM 5% 1/16W SMD 0402Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR01MZPJ000MCR01MZPJ000, ROHM Resistor 0.0OHM JUMPER 1/16W SMD 0402Rohm Semiconductor0.00
RSD160P05TLRSD160P05TL ROHM Transistor MOSFET P-CH 45V 16A CPT3Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SML-310VTT86SML-310VTT86 ROHM LED Red Clear 4 mcd 2V SMD Chip 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
RSD175N10TLRSD175N10TL ROHM MOSFET N-CH 100V 17.5A 3-Pin TO-252Rohm Semiconductor0.00
1SR154-600TE251SR154-600TE25 ROHM Semiconductor Rectifier 600V 1A 2-PinRohm Semiconductor0.00
RZL035P01TRRZL035P01TR ROHM Transistor P-Channel 1W 12 V MosFet TUMT-6Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR006YZPJ222MCR006YZPJ222 Rohm Resistor 2.2 kOhm 5% SMD 0201Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SCS205KGCSCS205KGC ROHM Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 5A 1200V TO-220ACRohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR50JZHFLR680MCR50JZHFLR680 ROHM Resistor 0.68 Ohm 1% Chip 2010Rohm Semiconductor0.00
TCM0J475M8RTCM0J475M8R ROHM Tantalum Capacitor 4.7uF 20% 6.3V SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
RTR025N03TLRTR025N03TL Rohm Mosfet N-Channel 30V 2.5A 1W Surface Mount TSMT3Rohm Semiconductor0.00
RSE002N06TLRSE002N06TL ROHM MOSFET N-CH 60V 0.25A 3-Pin SOT23Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR10EZPJ103MCR10EZPJ103 ROHM Thick Film Resistor 10K Ohm 5% 0.125W SMD 0805Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR10EZPJ561MCR10EZPJ561 ROHM Thick Film Resistor 560 Ohm 5% 0.125W SMD 0805Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR03ERTF3902MCR03ERTF3902 ROHM Resistor 9K Ohms 1% SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
RSD080P05TLRSD080P05TL ROHM MOSFET P-CH 45V 8A TO-252-3Rohm Semiconductor0.00
KDZTR4.3BKDZTR4.3B ROHM Zener Diode 4.3-4.8V, 40mA 1000mW PMDURohm Semiconductor0.00
DTA143XUAT106DTA143XUAT106 Rohm PNP Digital Transistor SOT-323Rohm Semiconductor0.00
RB161M-20TRRB161M-20TR Rohm Diode Schottky 20V 1A PMDURohm Semiconductor0.00
EM6K7T2CREM6K7T2CR ROHM MOSFET Nch+Nch 20V 0.2A EMT6Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR10EZHF5103MCR10EZHF5103 ROHM Resistor Thick Film 510K Ohm 1% SMD 0805Rohm Semiconductor0.00
UCR01MVPFLR470UCR01MVPFLR470 ROHM Thick Film Resistor 0.47 Ohm 1% SMD 0402Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR01MZPF5101MCR01MZPF5101 ROHM Resistor 5.10K Ohm SMD 0402Rohm Semiconductor0.00
KX022-1020KX022-1020 ROHM Accelerometer Triple 1.8V-3.6V 12-LGARohm Semiconductor0.00
SLR-56YY3FSLR-56YY3F ROHM LED Yellow 5 mm Clear 16 mcd 2.1V RoundRohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR10EZHFL1R10MCR10EZHFL1R10 ROHM Thick Film Resistor 1.1 Ohms 1% SMD 0805Rohm Semiconductor0.00
EMT1T2REMT1T2R Rohm Transistor PNP 50V 0.15A EMT-6Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR006YZPJ000MCR006YZPJ000 ROHM Resistor Jumper 0 Ohm SMD 0201Rohm Semiconductor300.00
LTR50UZPJ151LTR50UZPJ151 ROHM Resistor 150 Ohms 5% SMD 2010Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR18EZPF60R4MCR18EZPF60R4 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 60.4 Ohms SMD 1206Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SCS206AGCSCS206AGC ROHM SiC Schottky Diode 650V 6A 2-Pin TO-220ACRohm Semiconductor0.00
RTR040N03TLRTR040N03TL ROHM MOSFET N-CH 30V 4A TSMT3Rohm Semiconductor0.00
PMR25HZPFV1L00PMR25HZPFV1L00 ROHM Resistor 0.001ohm SMD 1210Rohm Semiconductor0.00
PMR25HZPFV4L00PMR25HZPFV4L00 ROHM Resistor 0.004ohm SMD 1210Rohm Semiconductor0.00
ESR03EZPJ750ESR03EZPJ750 ROHM Thick Film Resistor 75ohm SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
ESR03EZPJ910ESR03EZPJ910 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 91ohm 5% Anti Surge AEC-Q200 SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SMLZN4WBGUW1SMLZN4WBGUW1 ROHM LED White 30mA SMD 1411Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR01MZPF1001MCR01MZPF1001 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 1K Ohm SMD 0402Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR01MRTJ101MCR01MRTJ101 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 100 Ohms SMD 0402Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR01MZPJ101MCR01MZPJ101 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 100 Ohm SMD 0402Rohm Semiconductor0.00
1SS355VMTE-171SS355VMTE-17 ROHM Standard Diode 80V 100mA UMD2Rohm Semiconductor0.00
BD45285G-TRBD45285G-TR ROHM Supervisory Circuit 2.8V 5-SSOPRohm Semiconductor0.00
SMLVN6RGB1W1SMLVN6RGB1W1 ROHM LED Tri-Color 20mA 3.3V SMD 1411Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR10ERTF1542MCR10ERTF1542 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 15.4 kOhms SMD 0805Rohm Semiconductor0.00
BR24T02FVM-WTRBR24T02FVM-WTR Rohm EEPROM Serial-I2C 8-MSOPRohm Semiconductor0.00
DAP202KT146DAP202KT146 Rohm Diode Switching 80V 0.3A 3-Pin SMDRohm Semiconductor0.00
KDZTR22BKDZTR22B Rohm Zener Diode 23.9V 1W PMDURohm Semiconductor0.00
RF071M2STRRF071M2STR ROHM Fast Rectifier 200V 1A PMDURohm Semiconductor0.00
BD9E303EFJ-LBE2BD9E303EFJ-LBE2 ROHM IC RegulatorRohm Semiconductor0.00
SML-310MTT86SML-310MTT86 Rohm Green LED 2.2V SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
ESR18EZPJ470ESR18EZPJ470 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 47 Ohms SMD 1206Rohm Semiconductor0.00
ESR03EZPJ102ESR03EZPJ102 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 1Kohms SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR18ERTF6811MCR18ERTF6811 Rohm Resistor 6.81KOhms SMD 1206Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SML-D13WWT86CSML-D13WWT86C ROHM LED Uni-Color Yellow LED 2.1V SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor530.00
BD2222G-GTRBD2222G-GTR Rohm USB Power High Side Switch Single 6-SSOPRohm Semiconductor0.00
BU30TD3WG-TRBU30TD3WG-TR Rohm LDO Voltage Regulator Standard 3V 200mA 5-SSOPRohm Semiconductor0.00
RBR3MM30ATFTRRBR3MM30ATFTR Rohm Diode Schottky 30V 3A SOD-123FLRohm Semiconductor0.00
RBR3MM30ATRRBR3MM30ATR Rohm Diode Schottky 30V 3A SOD-123FLRohm Semiconductor0.00
RYM002N05T2CLRYM002N05T2CL Rohm MOSFET N-Channel 50V 200mA 150mW VMT3Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SLR-56MG3FSLR-56MG3F ROHM LED Green 572nm 2.1V RadialRohm Semiconductor0.00
SMLE12BC7TT86SMLE12BC7TT86 Rohm LED Blue 2.9V 20mA SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
RE1C002UNTCLRE1C002UNTCL ROHM MOSFET N-Channel 20V 200mA EMT3FRohm Semiconductor50.00
RU1C002ZPTCLRU1C002ZPTCL Rohm MOSFET P-Channel 20V 200mA UMT3FRohm Semiconductor50.00
RAL035P01TCRRAL035P01TCR Rohm MOSFET P-CH 12V 3.5A SOT-323-6Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SFR03EZPJ000SFR03EZPJ000 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 0 Ohms Jumper SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor140.00
SLI-343M8G3FSLI-343M8G3F Rohm LED Uni-Color 2.2V 572nm T-1Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SLI-343M8C3FSLI-343M8C3F Rohm LED Uni-Color 2.2V 572nm T-1Rohm Semiconductor0.00
QH8MA3TCRQH8MA3TCR Rohm P-Channel Mosfet 30V 7A, 5.5A 1.5W TSMT8Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR03EZPJ103MCR03EZPJ103 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 10KOhms SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
TCSM1A226M8RTCSM1A226M8R Rohm Tant Capacitor Solid 22uF 10V SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
MCR03EZPFX5100MCR03EZPFX5100 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 510 Ohms SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
ESR03EZPF51R0ESR03EZPF51R0 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 51 Ohms SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
ESR03EZPF5600ESR03EZPF5600 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 560ohm SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
ESR03EZPJ623ESR03EZPJ623 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 62 kOhms SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SDR03EZPF1002SDR03EZPF1002 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 10Kohm SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SDR03EZPF1501SDR03EZPF1501 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 1.5KOhms SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SFR03EZPF1001SFR03EZPF1001 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 1KOhms SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SFR03EZPF1002SFR03EZPF1002 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 10Kohms SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SFR03EZPF1003SFR03EZPF1003 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 100Kohm SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SFR03EZPF1004SFR03EZPF1004 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 1Mohms SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SFR03EZPF2001SFR03EZPF2001 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 2Kohms SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SFR03EZPF2002SFR03EZPF2002 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 20Kohm SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SFR03EZPF3001SFR03EZPF3001 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 3Kohm SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SFR03EZPF3002SFR03EZPF3002 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 30Kohms SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SFR03EZPF3301SFR03EZPF3301 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 3.3Kohm SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SFR03EZPF4701SFR03EZPF4701 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 4.7K Ohms SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SFR03EZPF5101SFR03EZPF5101 Rohm Thick Film Resistor 5.1Kohm SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SML-D12P8WT86CSML-D12P8WT86C Rohm Green LED 2.2V 20mA SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SML-D12U8WT86CSML-D12U8WT86C Rohm Red LED 2.2V 20mA SMD 0603Rohm Semiconductor0.00
SST3904HZGT116SST3904HZGT116 Rohm BJT Bipolar Transistor NPN 0.2A 40V SOT-23Rohm Semiconductor0.00
RB068LAM100TRRB068LAM100TR Rohm Schottky Diode 100V 2A PMDTMRohm Semiconductor2,620.00