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Siliconix Incorporated – Active Components Siliconix Incorporated – Active Parts IBS Electronics Global Electronics Parts
Siliconix Incorporated Siliconix Incorporated engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing of power and analog semiconductor products worldwide. The company manufactures power metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs), power ICs, and analog signal processing devices. Power MOSFETs are low-voltage, surface-mount products primarily used in the communication, computer, and automotive markets, as well as in other industrial and consumer applications. Power ICs are used in communication and data storage applications. The signal processing products comprise an array of commodity products, such as analog switches, low power MOSFETs, and junction field-effect transistors used in the industrial and consumer markets. The company was founded in 1962 and is based in Santa Clara, California. As of May 12, 2005, Siliconix Incorporated operates as a subsidiary of Vishay Intertechnology Inc

Vishay / Siliconix power MOSFET transistors and integrated circuits (ICs) are used to manage and convert power in computers, cell phones, and the communications infrastructure, as well as to control motion in computer disk drives and automotive systems. Vishay / Siliconix analog switching ICs are used to sense, switch, and route analog signals in instrumentation and a wide array of industrial products.


You will find a complete selection of Vishay Siliconix parts at IBS Electronics, including their high–density TrenchFET®, ChipFET®, PowerPAK®, PolarPAK®, and MICRO FOOT® MOSFETs with reduced thermal signatures and lower power requirements.
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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
SI9120DJSILICONIX SI9120DJ IC PWM Controller 125mA 16DIP03.0000
SI9410SILICONIX SI9410DY Transistor MOSFET N-CH 30V 7A 8-Pin1001.1500
SI4420DYSILICONIX SI4420DY MOSFET 30V 12.5A 2.5W SO-81000.2300
SIL151BCT-100Silicon Image SIL151BCT-100 IC DVI Receiver206.1500
2N7002-SILISILICONIX 2N7002 MOSFET Transistor, N-Channel, TO-236AB T/R SMD00.4500
SI4840DY-T1-E3Vishay SI4840DY-T1-E3 N-Channel MOSFET 40V 10A 1.56W SMD SOIC-8 RoHS5,0001.7800
SI4884DYSiliconix SI4884DY Transistor N-Channel MOSFET 30V 12A SMD SOIC-81,4000.8500
2N7002.Vishay / Siliconix 2N7002 N-Channel MOSFET Transistor 60V 80mW SMD SOT-238050.2100
SI7850DP-T1-E3Vishay / Siliconix SI7850DP-T1-E3 N-Channel MOSFET 60V 6.2A 1.8W SMD PowerPAK-8261.6900
11107BEASiliconix JM38510/11107BEA IC Analog SW Dual SPDT 18V/ 16-Pin SBCDIP7207.9200
SI7994DP-T1-GE3SI7994DP-T1-GE3 Siliconix MOSFET N-CH 30V 20A 8-Pin00.0000