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Vatronix Technology Co., Ltd.,is specialized in developing and producing high-quality LCD and LCM. Vatronix was established as an LCD(Liquid Crystal Display)/LCM(LCD Module) manufacturer.

As an electronic manufactory, Vatronix Technology Co., LTD. specializes in producing various LCD &LCM and Backlight of LED, LCD as: TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, BLACK MASK, LCM as: COB, COG, TAB, SMT. All of the products can be designed and manufactured according to customer’s requirements. Vatronix has factories of 8000 square meter for LCD, 1000 square meter for LCM, and 12 production lines for backlight. Vatronix offers Character module, Graphic Module, Alphanumeric module and some customized products.

In their LCD section, Vatronix has a fine graphic production line which is operated under a 100~1,000 class clean room environment. Vatronix’s LCD products cover a wide range of TN, HTN,BLACK MASK,STN and FSTN, and can be used in a variety of high-value added electronic applications.

In their LCM section, Vatronix’s products include COB,COG,TAB module. Vatronix has a number of different assembly lines, from the most commonly used zebra and bezel to the most advanced COG and TAB. Vatronix has invested on a full range of production lines with the most advanced technologies.