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CANAL ELECTRONIC / Switches Manufacturer


Canal Electronic has operated since 1981 as a manufacturer of high quality switches, sockets and breaker switches. The competitive advantage of Canal Electronic is due to their professional system of quality management, as well as the possibility of quick supply of goods manufactured at customer demand. Canal Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of switches, sockets and breakers. With integrated production, 90% of parts are made inside their factories. Canal dedicates themselves to become a high quality electro-mechanical manufacturer by acquiring ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.

IBS Electronics is the industry leader in supplying Canal Electronics components. As a ISO 9001:2008 certified distributor of electronic components you can trust IBS Electronics to offer you the best prices on Canal Electronics and the highest level of quality assurance in the industry.

Canal Products


MR3-H Series Switches

MR3-H switch

  • Ultra small mini rocker switch
  • Oval body, up to 10(4)A 250VAC
  • SPDT, on-off-on, on-on, quick connect terminals
  • Safety approved internationally by UL, CUL, ENEC

FR218-Series Fuseswitch

FR218 switch

  • Canal’s New Fuseswitch is a custom designed control solution.
  • It has a high power switch plus a twin-fuse holder for good circuit protection.
  • Fuses are exchangeable, and the switch can be either illuminated or non-illuminated.

PBM Metal Indicator

PBM switch

  • Indicator made of metal housing and knob.
  • IP67 protection level.
  • Available in various size from Dia 8.0mm to 22mm.
  • Wide selection of LED color for illumination.
  • Spot len, or rim-effect indication available

SPK Jacuzzi Switches

SPK switch

  • SPK-series or JACUZZI switches, are mini-round push switches.
  • With long durable life up to 1M cycles.IP67 protected
  • Available in 16, 19, 22mm mounting size with momentary and latching functions in wire or terminal connections.
  • High bright multi-color LED light available.
  • Suitable for pools and various outdoor applications.

SNA Series Navigation Switches

SNA switch

  • Round or Square by Customization Quick Cable Connection
  • Four direction switch selection, plus center push switch.
  • Can be mounted on PCB or build to a plastic housing for easy snap-in.
  • Durable life, colorful LED illumination.
  • Laser marking service available.
  • Applications: Public building, Home security Business building, Industrial equipment, etc.

SW-2720 Push Switches

SNA switch

  • Push switches with wire connected.
  • Momentary Function, ON-(OFF) or ON-(ON).
  • Metal Bushing & Nut attached.
  • Up to 6A 125VAC; 3A 250VAC.


X7-series switch

  • X7-series
  • X7-series is designed and built specially for outdoor going experts seeking a perfect power switch to control their carriers that can be over the water or on a difficult territory.
  • It can be offered with different options, from standard ON-OFF, ON-OFF-ON, to momentary functions.
  • IP67 Protection level and 16A 125/250VAC, or 6~30VDC.

PB07A switch

  • PB07A Series
  • PB07A is a switch perfectly suitable for customers to design in their control panels.
  • With 4P1T, totaling 8 terminals, engineers can easily figure out a switching circuit meeting their design.
  • Standard color is red or green, special color is available depending on qty.

anti-vandal switches

  • Build your safety devices by using our anti-vandal switches with various size, from M12, M16, M19 to M22.
  • Optional for IP67 protection.
  • Can be offered with LED indictor as a rim or in the center.

power switches

  • X5-series and X7-series
  • Need power switches that can overcome the difficult terrain? Please take a look at our X5-series and X7-series.
  • Both are designed to meet a protection up to IP67 level.
  • Can be built with different icon and LED indicator lights.
  • A rating up to 20A can help you harness your power equipment.

custom-built switch

  • FR218 Series
  • FR218 is a custom-built switch added with a twin-fuse holder.
  • It is a product co-designed by Canal and its partner. And we are glad to launch it to the industry because it is a good safety production components.
  • With exchangeable fuses, it offered a solider protection than the common bi-metal breakers.
  • Switch is in a recessed position, offering good protection from accidental interference.

toggle switches

  • TB-series
  • TB-series is an UL approved toggle switches, perfectly suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Rated 12A 125/250VAC sealed to meet IP67 protection level
  • Widely used in rugged environment like Yacht, fields and transportation.

mini-rocker switch

  • RM Series
  • RM mini-rocker switch is a newly custom built switch rated 16(4)A.
  • Fitted with a rotating plastic arm actuator for custom design.

AC rocker switch

  • MR5-series
  • MR5-series is what we understand the earth’s smallest AC rocker switch with UL/VDE approval.
  • square and round rockers up to 6A 125Vac, 3A 250VAC, MR5, MR5R
  • An extended MR-5 can be offered with laser-itched LED icons, suitable for your control panel’s design.

rockers switch

  • Come to see various selections of rockers switches, from standard ones to custom-built
  • Featuring mini-rocker switches capable of handling high inrush current up to  20A, TV6 or TV10 in UL, see  MR2, MR2R, MR6
  • Come to see the slimmest single pole double throw rocker, MR3H
  • High inductance in VDE, RH-series up to 20(8)A and R-series up to 16(8)A

Power push button switch

  • Power push button switch is unique in that basically it has to handle a large current with a short travel distance. We are specialized in this know-how.
  • Especially our PS5 series can have a rating up to 16(8)A 250Vac, it is a push switch surely will catch your attention!

socket switch

  • S-03F series are 2in1 or 3in1 AC power C14 socket with optional fuse holder or switch.
  •  AC power inlet C14 with fuse holder according to IEC/EN 60320
  • Safety approved internationally by UL&CUL in North America, VDE in Europe, CCC in Asia.
  • Switch or Fuse is for optional request.

slide switches

  • Select your slide switches that can fit various instrumental usages and domestic electric appliance.
  • Variety of selections from mini-size of DC rating up to 4A 300VAC in UL listing.
  • We can build different slide switches with wide selections of circuits, SP2T, SP4T, DP2T, DP4T, 3P3T, 4P3T

Power inlet

  • EN 60320 AC Power inlet up to 15A 250VAC
  • Various Inlets customized build for adaptors and power supply
  • AC/DC power jack