IBS Electronics Response to the Covid-19 epidemic

IBS Electronics Response to the worldwide Coronavirus epidemic

Our entire team around the world is working very hard to manage the evolving COVID-19 crisis. IBS Electronics is in close communication with our suppliers and shipping services; we will provide updates as they arrive, and we will continue to monitor the situation.

For our employees and customers

IBS Electronics’ employees who can work from home are doing so, and have all the equipment they need to continue company activities.

We have suspended customer visits from employees until further notice.

For your business
Your business is also of fundamental importance to us and we are committed to doing everything possible to minimize any repercussions on our supply chain and on your orders.

Our sales and support teams are available to answer any specific request on your account. You can contact them through the usual channels. If you need further assistance, we are here to help you as always.

5 Thermistor Sensor Considerations When Selecting An NTC Thermistor

Selecting a thermistor temperature sensor can be confusing, and you have a lot of options to choose from. You don’t want to risk equipment failure or circuit breaker short-outs. So, how do you make the right selection without sacrificing performance and giving up quality?

NTC thermistors have been around for many decades and have become the default component for thermistor-based temperature sensing because of their low price point.

Because of their dependence on resistance and temperature, thermistors can be used as temperature sensors or heat sensors. Thermistors are the most sensitive and so are used in precision applications which rely on system adjustments based on even slight temperature changes.

  1. NTC thermistors come in different sizes and types. Going through with a careful analysis of the application of the thermistor should allow users to narrow down choices, even when lacking other data.
  2. Thermistors have different electrical properties. The three most common types are current-time, resistance-temperature, and voltage-current characteristics.
  3. The resistance-temperature curve must be exact for specific applications.
  4. Some applications demand that the curve is matched or point matched. This is the only way to allow for resistance values at different temperatures.
  5. Resistance tolerance is also necessary. Ensuring this resistance helps to save on costs while also protecting gear.

Temperature Range
NTC thermistors are well suited to applications from -50° up to +250°C and so are well suited to a range of applications.


NTC thermistors and thermistor probes are the most accurate between -50C and +150°C and if they are glass encapsulated can also be extremely accurate at 250°C.

Ametherm thermistors are produced from carefully selected and tested raw materials. The starting materials are different oxides of metals such as manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper and zinc, to which chemically stabilizing oxides may be added to achieve better reproducibility and stability of the thermistor characteristics.

SCHURTER’s The Most Versatile Power Entry Module Yet

SCHURTER’s New DG12 Series Power Entry Integrates an IEC Inlet, Circuit Breaker and Mains Filter

Original Press Release

: Santa Rosa, California, February 1, 2019 – SCHURTER launches its most versatile power entry module, series DG12, extending its DG11 series to include a mains filter. The new PEM integrates an IEC inlet, circuit breaker, mains filter – with optional IP protection. The extremely compact design with its multitude of features, consolidates discrete power components into one space-saving unit suitable for a variety of applications.

The DG12/DG11 features a recessed 2-pole ON/OFF rocker switch circuit breaker with 1- or 2-pole overcurrent protection. Various colors and markings for both illuminated and non-illuminated switches are available. Current ratings range from 0.05 A to 15 A. The IP67 unit features a circuit breaker with a factory mounted seal cover and frame with inlay gasket, designed to mount tightly to the front panel with sealed screws. Mounting options include snap-in, 1 to 3 mm; screw-mount, front or rear panel with top/bottom or side flange.

The DG12 features a standard and low leakage mains filter, as well as standard and higher inductive performance options. The filters are available in current ratings 1-10 A at 250 VAC according to IEC and 15 A at 250 VAC according to UL/CSA. The filter series is available in standard or medical versions for Protection Class I and II. Applications include IT or telecom systems according to IEC 90650, and medical devices according to IEC 60601-1. The series is compatible with V-Lock cord retention connection cables.

Pricing for the DG12 starts at under $25.00 in 100 piece quantities for the IP40 version. The datasheet link can be found at https://www.schurter.com/en/datasheet/DG12 and additional info at https://www.schurter.com/en/v-lock.

Diotec’s Automotive Lighting Solutions

Diotec offers a wide range of silicon based, power discrete components such as small signal, high voltage, transient protection, current limiting, Schottky, Zener diodes and transistors. Discover Diotec’s latest application note for Automotive Lighting Solutions. Diotec offers a wide range of silicon based, power discrete components such as small signal, high voltage, transient protection, current limiting, Schottky, Zener diodes and transistors.

Lighting in the automotive industry is heading towards a transition stage with several technological advancements emerging in the market, enabling enhanced performance, safety, security and aesthetics. Based on the current trend, investments in R&D by major OEMs make it evident that there will be a significant growth in the lighting sector.

In Automotive industry particularly in lighting segment a new era came with the light emitting diodes (LED). Due to their advantages like smaller size, high efficiency, lower energy consumption and thus fuel efficiency, long service life and design freedom, LEDs are becoming a more popular choice to replace traditional lamps.

Their small size and design flexibility let them fit very well in the interior lighting, creating comfortable ambience and good mood, which improves the concentration of the driver. While in the exterior lighting, the laser headlight, LED/OLED matrix are added to the high beam, promoting higher luminance and greater visibility, to enhance safety driving.
Discrete components always provide flexibility in choosing the perfect match based on the circuit requirements. By choosing the best suited semiconductor components in the design, power losses decrease and energy savings can be pushed even further. Hence, the selection of the right components can also boost-up the overall performance.

C&K Introduces Industry-First NanoT Series

WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– C&K, the leading manufacturer of high reliability electromechanical switches, today announced the launch of its new Nano Tactile (NanoT) switch series, the smallest solution on the market for sophisticated applications powered by Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including smart watches and medical wearables such as health monitoring trackers and hearing aids.

The NanoT tactile switches are housed in a 2.2 x 1.70 x 1.65 mm package, which enables designers to add new functionality to their units or reduce their PCB size. They are available in PIP or SMT on edge-mount configurations to protect wearable and medical products from extreme environmental conditions such as vibration, accidental drops, or exposure to liquid while also improving the devices’ life cycles.

Built for High-Quality and Performance, NanoT Serves the Wearable and Medical Device Markets Where Miniaturized Solutions Are in High Demand.

About C&K
At C&K, we do more than just make the world’s best switches. We are trusted advisors, helping global brands and innovators improve customer satisfaction by building better products. C&K offers more than 55,000 standard products, 5.5 million switch combinations, as well as custom designed solutions, to help solve the hardest engineering challenges faced in the automotive, industrial, IoT, wearables, medical, telecom, consumer products, aerospace and POS terminal industries. For over 80 years, leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of electronics have turned to C&K when they require mission-critical reliability in an electromechanical switch, high-rel connector or custom assembly. The reason they keep coming back is because C&K’s innovative design, cutting-edge production process, and strict quality assurance standards produce the world’s best switches and components.

Marvell Technology looks to 5G potential

Marvell Technology is expected to ride the fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology wave. The chip maker has been working on 5G-focused chips, and has struck partnerships to take advantage of this fast-growing market.

5G network transition is expected in the latter half of the year and Marvell Technology is planning to ramp up its 5G related offerings in line with the customer demand. Marvell already has clinched design wins for its Fusion processor for deployment in base stations and expects more deals to come through in the near future. The 5G production ramp up is expected to start in the latter half of the year as the transition from 4G to 5G networks resume from the customers. Marvell expects demand to increase for its Fusion processors and custom multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) chips.

5G presents lots of opportunities

Marvell is preparing to launch several new 5G products (fusion baseband, processors, and ethernet switches). According to Gartner, worldwide 5G wireless network infrastructure revenue will reach $4.2 billion. This represented a growth rate of 89% from 2019. According to Marvell Technology’s CEO Matthew Murphy “Our design win momentum continues in 5G, and we recently announced a significant long-term partnership with Samsung to deliver multiple generations of embedded processors and baseband processors for both LTE and 5G base stations. We expect shipments of our 5G products to start to ramp toward the end of the fiscal year 2020 and continue to grow rapidly into fiscal 2021 and beyond.”

GOWIN Semiconductor Introduces FPGA Product Line with Built-In Security

GOWIN-Secure-FPGASource: GOWIN Semiconductor Corp. SAN JOSE, Calif. and GUANGZHOU, China, July 1, 2019 – GOWIN Semiconductor Corp., the world’s fastest-growing programmable logic company, announces the release of it’s latest product line called SecureFPGA.  SecureFPGA is targeted for endpoint and server management applications utilizing built-in security functions to eliminate the rise of security attacks and breaches in edge computing.

Connected devices in our day to day lives are the new norm.  However, with the growth of these devices comes the increased threat to steal data and impair edge and IoT platforms.  Attacks on connected utility monitoring systems, automated factories, and automobiles are becoming everyday occurrences.  To stop these kinds of attacks a secure root of trust at the edge, followed by secure authentication techniques to connect to the cloud is required.

“GOWIN’s SecureFPGA’s offer a complete cryptographic solution to securely connect endpoints to the cloud,” said Scott Casper, Director of Sales for GOWIN Semiconductor, “with this new device, our customers can deploy endpoint products into the market with security built in.”

GOWIN’s SecureFPGA product family uses physically unclonable functionality (SRAM PUF) to establish a Root of Trust onboard the FPGA.  Once configured, the device can create unique keys for encryption/decryption and authentication functions.  Standard routines like secure boot, secure download, and key exchange can be done effortlessly. 

“SRAM PUF security provides a root of trust without storing sensitive information in non-volitile memory, “ stated Grant Jennings, Director of International Marketing for GOWIN. “Now devices and platforms can be uniquely identified, verify firmware signitures, generate keys and encrypt data with a root of trust established on power up.”

The SecureFPGA 2K LUT version will be sampling in Q3’2019.  The SecureFPGA 4K LUT version is scheduled to sample and mass production in Q4’2019.  For more information about the SecureFPGA product family, please see website www.gowinsemi.com

About GOWIN Semiconductor Corp.

GOWIN Semiconductor Corp. produces field-programmable gate array (FPGA). It offers its products under the brand name ARORA, LittleBee, and GOWIN EDA. It serves communication, industrial, automotive, consumer, medical, cloud computing, and data center sector. Founded in 2014, Gowin Semiconductor Corp., headquartered with major R&D in China, has the vision to accelerate customer innovation worldwide with our programmable solutions. We focus on optimizing our products and removing barriers for customers using programmable logic devices. Gowin commitments to technology and quality enables customers to reduce the total cost of ownership from using FPGA on their production boards. Gowin’s offerings include a broad portfolio of programmable logic devices, design software, intellectual property (IP) cores, reference designs, and development kits. Gowin strives to serve customers in the consumer, industrial, communication, medical, and automotive markets worldwide.

For more information about GOWIN, please visit www.gowinsemi.com


The Top 50 Electronics Distributors

The Top 50 Electronics Distributors: Restarting Growth and Running with It

Top 50 Distributors 2019
The electronics industry saw the signs of a turnaround in the second half of the year as demand spiked and lead times extended for memory ICs, capacitors, resistors, discrete semiconductors and power components. Longer lead times – and allocations – have plagued buyers throughout 2017 and into 2018. This has led to significant challenges in component availability. Distributors with the most on-hand inventory are typically the winners during periods of component shortages and supply constraints.

Since 1991, IBS Electronics has been named one of SourceToday’s Top 50 Distributors. This year, we were ranked #33. This annual report recognizes top global distributors for electronics across a range of industries. Criteria considered were financial results reported by each company, as well as estimates for other private companies that did not comment. Also taken into account were each business’ priorities and major concerns, including next year’s estimated revenues. Overall, electronics have been experiencing a boom the past years, leading to component shortages. but healthy growth for distributors.

New Infineon HybridPACK Power Modules Enable Fast and Flexible

Infineon HybridPACK Drive Flat Power Module
Munich, Germany – 2 May 2019 – In order to support the automotive industry in building up a broad and cost competitive portfolio of hybrid and electric vehicles (xEV), Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) is launching new power modules for xEV main inverters. At this year’s PCIM trade fair Infineon will present four new HybridPACK™ Drive modules optimized for different inverter performance levels between 100 kW and 200 kW. Furthermore, Infineon introduces the HybridPACK Double Sided Cooling (DSC) S2, a technology upgrade to the existing HybridPACK DSC. This module targets main inverters up to 80 kW in hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with high power density requirements.

Infineon’s HybridPACK™ family extends across the full power spectrum required by IGBT modules in hybrid and electric vehicles. Various product versions in six different packages enable maximum scalability across voltage and power classes, from 200 A to 900 A and 400 V to 1200 V (nominal chip values).

The new HybridPACK Drive products will be available in June 2019, the HybridPACK DSC S2 will be available in July 2019. More information is available at www.infineon.com/hybridpack.

Infineon at the PCIM 2019

At the PCIM 2019 tradeshow, Infineon is presenting innovative product-to-system solutions for applications that are set to power the world and shape the future. Infineon’s demos are presented at booth #313 in hall 9 (Nuremberg, Germany, 7-9 May 2019). Information about the PCIM show highlights is available at www.infineon.com/pcim.

ETAL delivers Excellence in Magnetic Components at PCIM 2019

etal-transfomersDitchling, Sussex, 15 April 2019 – ETAL, a world leader in high performance passive components, is delivering Excellence in Magnetic Components at the forthcoming PCIM exhibition in Nuremberg (Hall 6, Stand 104). ETAL is specifically showcasing solutions for renewable energy, automotive, railway, robotics, defence, medical and industrial applications and is focussing on reaching customers in the DACH, French and Iberian regions.

ETAL Group, originally founded in 1968 is a leading supplier of in-house developed high-performance magnetic components, primarily transformers and inductors for the telecom, power technology, automotive and defence industries.

Following the acquisition of Anaview in 2013, its product range expanded to also include high-end class D amplifiers for the audio industry. ETAL Group conducts operations through local offices in Sweden, Estonia, UK, US, China, India and Sri Lanka, and through distribution partners in an additional 20 or so countries. Production takes place at the company’s own facilities in Estonia and Sri Lanka as well as through production partners in Asia.

The ETAL Group represents the Magnetics business area in KAMIC Group, a privately held corporate group based in Sweden. The group consists of some 20 companies offering technical products and services in a number of well-defined market niches.

Most of its companies conduct trading and agency operations, but the group also includes companies with in-house product development and manufacturing. Together, the companies of KAMIC Group have a very wide customer base and many of its customers are multinational industrial companies with global production. The key customer segments include manufacturers of telecom equipment, commercial vehicles, digital signage solutions and automation equipment, as well as electrical contractors and building consultants.

ETAL specialises in custom products and in optimising designs but also offers a range of standard components. Its’ portfolio includes chokes, air coils, coils, current transformers, power transformers and signal transformers. A particular strength is high-end and reliable planar products such as custom made transformers and/or inductors that combine superior performance with overall low cost. ETAL also has a long history in designing and manufacturing of very small toroid products and complex modules. Often these products are made into common mode chokes but can also be found as compact high efficient fly back transformers.

Headquartered at the Kamic Group HQ in Stockholm, ETAL Group conducts its business operations through offices in Sweden, Estonia, UK, China and Sri Lanka, and through distribution partners in an additional 20 or so countries. Production takes place at the company’s own facilities in the UK, Estonia and Sri Lanka as well as through production partners in Asia. ETAL Group has a 5000 sq.mt. site in Ratmalana, Sri Lanka and a 2400 sq. mt. site in Estonia. Following the acquisition of SIGA in the UK in 2018, ETAL has access to a purpose built, 15,000 sq.ft factory in the UK where over 50 employees produce a wide range of high quality transformers and inductors. A custom engineering team is based at the same location.

About ETAL Group

Since 1968, ETAL Group has been a leading supplier of in-house developed high-performance magnetic components, primarily transformers and inductors. ETAL develops, manufactures and sells magnetic components to a world-wide market through offices in Europe, Asia and through distribution partners in an additional 20 countries. Production takes place at the company’s own facilities in Estonia and Sri Lanka as well as through production partners in Asia.