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3M Industrial Adhesive Tapes

The 3M Company, formerly the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (1902–2002), is an American multinational conglomerate corporation. Based in Maplewood, Minnesota, 3M employs 88,000 people and acquires over $30 billion in annual sales.

With over 55,000 products, 3M’s most notable products include:

  • 3M Industrial Adhesives
  • Abrasives
  • Laminate
  • Passive Fire Protection
  • Electronic Materials
  • Medical Products
  • Car Care Products
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Optical Film

3M industrial products are available for purchase through distributors, such as IBS Electronics, Inc and may be shipped anywhere in the world.

3M Company History

Founded in 1902 from the Lake Superior town of Two Harbors, 3M was originally known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. When the company moved to Duluth to work on sandpaper products, they attracted new investors such as Lucius Ordway. Early technical and marketing innovations produced success and 3M paid its first dividend of 6 cents a share in 1916.

The world’s first waterproof sandpaper was developed in the 1920’s, reducing airborne dust during automobile manufacturing.

A second milestone occurred in 1925, when young lab assistant Richard G. Drew invented masking tape. This proved to be innovative and the first in a series of Scotch® Pressure-Sensitive Tapes. Following this, technical progress resulted in Scotch Cellophane Tape for box sealing, and soon hundreds of practical uses were discovered.

In the early 1940s, 3M was diverted to defense materials for World War II. This was eventually followed by new ventures, such as Scotchlite­™ Reflective Sheeting for highway markings, filament adhesive tape, magnetic sound recording tape, and the beginning of 3M’s engagement in the graphic arts field with offset printing plates.

In the 1950s,3M industrial introduced the Thermo-Fax copying process, videotape, Scotch-Brite™ cleaning supplies, Scotchgard™ fabric protector, and other electro-mechanical products. Dry-silver microfilm was introduced in the 1960s, along with photographic products, carbonless papers, overhead projection systems, and the rapidly growing healthcare business of medical and dental products. Markets further expanded in the 1970s and 1980s into pharmaceuticals and energy control.

Later in the 1980’s, 3M introduced Post-it® Notes, which changed people’s communication and organizational behavior.

In the 1990s,3M industrial continued to develop original products, including brightness enhancement films for electronic displays; and flexible circuits used in inkjet printers, cell phones and other electronic devices.

Recent innovations include Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, 3M industrial tape, Scotch® Transparent Duct Tape, optical films for LCD televisions, and a new family of Scotch-Brite® Cleaning Products.


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Product List:

Part Number Product Name MFG Qty  
2534-6002UB 3M 2534-6002UB Header Connector Wire-board, 34 Position, 2.54mm 3M Electronic Solutions 100.00
2530-6003UG 3M 2530-6003UG Shrouded 30 Pin Male Header Through Hole Vertical 3M Electronic Solutions 1,050.00
2520-6002UB 3M 2520-6002-UB Connector, 20 Contacts, Header, 2.54 mm, 2 Rows 3M Electronic Solutions 100.00
SJ-5303 3M SJ5303 Bumpon 7/16 x 13/64", Clear Bumper SJ-5303 3M Electronic Solutions 2,024.00
929974-01-05 3M 929974-01-05 Inline Socket Header 5 Position 0.1" (2.54mm) Spacing Through Hole 3M Electronic Solutions 500.00
89116-0103 3M 89116-0103 Connector IDC Connector SKT 16 POS 2.54mm 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
N2520-6V0C-RB-WE N2520-6V0C-RB-WE CONNECTOR HEADER 20POS SMT VERT 30AU RoHS Manufacturer: 3M 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
8444-21B1-RK-TP 3M Interconnect 8444-21B1-RK-TP Connector PLCC Socket SKT 44 POS 1.27mm Solder ST SMD 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
2516-5002UG 2516-5002UG 3M Shrouded Pin Header 16 Position Through Hole 3M Electronic Solutions 10.00
34176640 3M 3417-6640 Ribbon Cable Connector Housing 40 Position Receptacle 2 x 20 0.1" Spacing 3M Electronic Solutions 56.00
3429-5302 3M 3429-5302 Right Angle Pin Header with Ejector Latch Dual Row 26 Position 3M Electronic Solutions 500.00
3756/26 3M 3756/26 Ribbon Cable 30 AWG 26 Conductor 3M Electronic Solutions 80.00
4610-7251 3M 4610-7251 Ribbon Cable Header 10 Position Single Row 3M Electronic Solutions 100.00
5622-4100-ML 3M 5622-4100-ML Right Angle SATA Connector 22 Position Gold Plated 3M Electronic Solutions 60.00
929955-06 3M 929955-06 Headers & Wire Housings 0.100" Spacing 2 Position Shunt / Jumper 3M Electronic Solutions 113.00
ICA-243-S-TG 3M SOCKET DIP24 ICA-243-S-TG IC & Component Sockets 24P SCREW MACHINE 3M Electronic Solutions 15.00
MVU10-6RK MVU10-6RK 3M Ring Tongue Terminal 10-12AWG 26.16mm 9.65mm Tin Case 3M Electronic Solutions 200.00
MVU14-6R/SK 3M MVU14-6R/SK Ring Tongue Terminal #6 Stud Size 14-16AWG 20.32mm 6.35mm Tin Plated 3M Electronic Solutions 920.00
P50-040SG-S1-TGF P50-040SG-S1-TGF 3M Interconnect CONNECTOR SOCKET 40POS STR .050" GOLD 3M Electronic Solutions 3.00
P50E-040P1-SR1-EA P50E-040P1-SR1-EA 3M Header 40P .050" Straight and Right Angle 3M Electronic Solutions 29.00
SJ-5518(BLACK) SJ-5518(BLACK) 3M Interconnect BLACK BUMPON TALL TAPER SQ .50X.23 3M Electronic Solutions 72.00
SJ-5523(BLACK) 3M SJ-5523 Black Protective Bumper 20.5mm x 7.6mm 3M Electronic Solutions 80.00
ICN-246-S4-T 3M ICN-246-S4-T ROBINSON NUGENT STAMPED / FORMED DIP-24 SOCKET 3M Electronic Solutions 471.00
3431-2503UG 3M 3431-2503UG Connector Ejector Header 34 Pin (2X17) 0.1" (2.54mm) Spacing 3M Electronic Solutions 300.00
3429-6603UG 3M 3429-6603UG CONNECTOR 26P SHROUDED HDR .050/.10 0/.156 CNT 3429-6603UG 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
70-0061-2288-4 S-10113 3M 4910 VHB Double-Sided Tape - 1" x 36 yds 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
70-0061-4727-9 3M VHB Tape 4929 Black Small Pack, 1/2 in x 72 yd 25.0 mil, 4 per case 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
70-0160-4028-2 70-0160-4028-2 3M UHMW FILM TAPE 5423 TRANSPARENT, 1/2 IN X 18 YD 11.7 MIL, 18 PER CASE BOXED ROHS 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
FP-301-1-RED-100 FP-301-1-Red-100 3M Heat Shrink 2:1 Thin-Wall Tubing 100ft / Spool 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
3429-6302 3M 3429-6302 CONNECTOR IDC HD R 26 WAY LONG LATCH XRPID CHDR/26W/SL 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
3796-TC 3796-TC 3M Scotch-Weld Hot Melt Adhesive 3796 TC, 5/8 in x 2 in 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
PLCC-68-SMT-TT ROBINSON NUGENT PLCC-68-SMT-TT IC & Component Sockets 68P LOW PROFILE SMT 3M Electronic Solutions 29.00
AB5050S 3M EMI ABSORBER AB-5050S, 210 MM X 297 MM, POLYMER RESIN 80-6114-3579-5 104.1MM X 147.3 MM RoHS 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
70006030657 3M ADHESIVE TAPES 4508 YELLOW BLACK 2"X36YD RoHS 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
FP301-3/4-BLK-200FT 3M FP301 3/4" Shrink Tubing, 0.75in ID, Black, 200ft/Reel 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
961106-5500-AR-PR 961106-5500-AR-PR 3M CONNECTOR, HEADER, 6 POSITION, 1ROW, 2.54MM 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
N2540-6002RB N2540-6002RB 3M Connector Shrouded Header HDR 40 POS 2.54mm Solder ST Thru-Hole RoHS 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
MTI18-250L 3M MTI18-250L Highland Male Disconnect Nylon Fully Insulated 1/4" 3M Electronic Solutions 20.00
3428-5203 3M 3428-5203 Connector 20 Positions Header 2.54mm 3M Electronic Solutions 400.00
929665-09-13 3M 929665-09-13 Headers & Wire Housings 13 Pins 3M Electronic Solutions 276.00
3408-6602ug 3M 3408-6602UG CONNECTOR HEADER 16POS STR LONG LATCH 3M Electronic Solutions 5.00
3428-5603 3M 3428-5603 SHROUDED HEADER 20POS R/A LONG LATCH 3M Electronic Solutions 17.00
8516-4500PL 3M 8516-4500PL CONNECTOR SOCKET PCB VERT 16POS .1" 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
2908-05WB-MG 3M 2908-05WB-MG Memory Socket, 2900 Series, Micro SD, 8 Contacts, Copper, Silver Plated Contacts 3M Electronic Solutions 45.00
4614-6201 3M 4614-6201 CONNECTOR EJECTOR HEADER 14 Position 2.54mm RoHS 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
159150-6002 3M Interconnect 159150-6002 Header 50P 2 mm 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
HP-156 3M Hp-156 Petroleum Sorbent Pad 17 X 19in 37.5 Gallon US 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
1245-0.75X18 3M EMI Embossed Copper Shielding Tape 1245 3M Electronic Solutions 5.00
3747TC 3M Hot Melt Adhesive 3747 TC Tan, 5/8 in x 2 in, 11 lb per case 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
UR2(BX) UR2(BX) 3M Scotchlok Connector, Butt Splice, 26-19AWG 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
3484-1000 3M 3484-1000 Cable Accessories Cable Clamp Polyvinyl Chloride Gray Box 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
9088FL 3M High Performance Double Coated Tape 9088FL Clear 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
3748-V-O-Q-5/8X8 3748-V-O-Q-5/8"x8" 3M Hot Melt Adhesive 3748 VO-Q Light Yellow, 5/8 in x 8 in 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
DS-7 DS-7 3M CABLE 7MM HIGH FLEX SHIELD 100M DS7 RoHS 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
10336-A500-00 10336-A500-00 3M Connector Mini D Ribbon Junction Shell 36 POS 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
IDS-C40PK-SR-TG IDS-C40PK-SR-TG - 3M Connector 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
10236-55G3PC 10236-55G3PC - 3M - Micro D Sub Connector, 36 Position 2.54mm 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
10236-6212PC 10236-6212PC 3M D-Sub Micro-D Connector 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
VFP-876-1/4-BLK-200' VFP-876-1/4-Black-200 3M Heat Shrink Tubing 200 ft 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
10214-52B2PC 10214-52B2PC 3M Connector 14 POS 2.54mm 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
9713XYZ 9713 XYZ 3M 70-0062-8016-1 ELECTRICLY CNDCTVETAPE 25MM WIDE 25X25MM 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
467MP 467MP 3m Adhesive Transfer Tapes with Adhesive 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
58-1/4X72YD 3M Polyester Film Electrical Tape 58 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
10-0.7X60 3M Epoxy Film Electrical Tape Super 10 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
57X1.75X216 3M Polyester Film Electrical Tape 57 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
3428-5602 3M 3428-5602 Header Connector 20 Contacts, 0.1 Pitch, PC TAIL Terminal 3M Electronic Solutions 100.00
FP301-1-100-WHITE FP301-1-100'-WHITE-SPOOL 3M Heat Shrink Thin-Wall Tubing FP-301 White 100 ft spool length 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
57X.750X216 3M Polyester Film Electrical Tape 57 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
950504-5002-AR 950504-5002-AR 3M Connector SOCKET 4POS RT/A 2MM T/H 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
950508-5002-AR 950508-5002-AR 3M Connector SOCKET 8POS RT/A 2MM T/H 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
951102-7622-AR 951102-7622-AR 3M Connector HEADER 2POS 2MM R/A T/H 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
951104-7622-AR 951104-7622-AR 3M Connectors HEADER 4POS 2MM R/A T/H 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
951108-7622-AR 951108-7622-AR 3M Connectors HEADER 8POS 2MM R/A T/H 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
951120-7622-AR 951120-7622-AR 3M Connectors, Interconnects | HEADER 20POS 2MM R/A T/H 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
5423-1/2X18YD 3M UHMW Film Tape 5423 Transparent, 1/2 in x 18 yd 11.7 mil 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
3625/14-30MSF 3625/14 3M Interconnect Flat Ribbon 14WAY, 30M, 28AWG, 50V 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
8325-6000 8325-6000 3M Interconnect Connector D-Subminiature 25 POS 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
3792-LM-Q 3M Hot Melt Adhesive 3792 LM Q Clear, 5/8 in x 8 in 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
DP270-BLACK-50ML DP270 3M Epoxy Potting Compound Black, 50 mL 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
N3428-6303RB N3428-6303RB 3M Connector Ejector Header 20 POS 2.54mm 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
DP270-Clear 3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy Potting Compound DP270 Clear, 1.69 Oz 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
DP270-CLEAR-50ML 3M Scotch-Weld DP270 Epoxy Potting Compound Clear 1.7 oz Duo-Pak Cartridge 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
N2510-6002RB N2510-6002-RB 3M Connector 10P 2A, 2.54mm 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
3399-6600 3399-6600 3M IDC Connector 26 POS 2.54mm 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
3473-6600 3473-6600 3M IDC Connector SKT 10 POS 2.54mm IDT RA Cable Mount 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
CL600 CL600 3M Aerosol Antistatic Electronic Equipment Cleaner 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
720-1X72YD 3M Scotch 720 Film Fiber Tape: 1 in. x 72 yds. 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
FP301-3/8-100-CLEAR 3M FP301-3/8-100'-Clear-Spool Clear Heat Shrink Tubing 3/8" Diameter, 100' Spool 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
961116-6300-AR-PR 961116-6300-AR-PR 3M Connector Header VERT 16POS GOLD SMD 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00
7200-16 3M 16" Black Stripper Pad 7200 3M Electronic Solutions 0.00