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IBS Active Electronics

Active Components

IBS Electronics carries the latest active components for every application.
Our manufacturer line-up consists of quality items from market-leading manufacturers.

IBS Passive Electronics

Passive Components

IBS Electronics offers a wide range of high quality reliable passive components from industry leading manufacturers.
Please view our large selection of passive components below.

IBS Mechanical Electronics

Mechanical Components

IBS Electronics is an authorized distributor for many industry leading manufacturers of mechanical components. From nuts and bolts, clamps and clips, rivets, screws and washers, IBS offers products that comply with industry standards to ensure quality, functionality and fit.

IBS Chemical Electronics

Chemical Components

IBS Electronics carries a full offering of chemicals and adhesives from trusted brands, providing the industry with the most comprehensive line of specialty manufacturing materials. Our products support the electronics industry, maintenance and repair, and industrial applications.

IBS Military Electronics

RF Product

IBS Electronics is your source for high-performance RF building blocks and high-integration devices. Our solutions address the critical radio functions for your wireless and RF applications.



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Solid State Relay

Solid State Relay Purchase a cost-effective yet high-quality solid state relay at IBS Electronics. Go to our website to choose an SSR from manufacturers like Magnecraft, OMRON, Panasonic/Aromat, Sanyou, and Tyco. Aside from relays, we also carry delay lines as well as circuit breakers, wire and tubing, switches, magnetic ferrite cores, hardware, and other mechanical electronic components.  
IBS Electronics
(714) 751-6633
3506 W Lake Center Dr, Santa Ana, CA 92704

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Solid State Relay Solid State Relay Solid State Relay

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