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ERICSSON PBL3775N Dual Stepper Motor Driver

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Ericsson - Ericsson Pbl3775N IC Dual Stepper Motor Driver

ERICSSON PBL3775N Dual Stepper Motor Driver

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ERICSSON PBL3775N Dual Stepper Motor Driver

Features, Applications

The PBL is a switch-mode (chopper), constant-current driver IC with two channels, one for each winding of a two-phase stepper motor. The circuit is similar to Ericsson´s PBL 3773/1. While several of Ericsson´s dual stepper motor drivers are optimized for micro-stepping applications, PBL 3775/1 is equipped with a disable input to simplify half-stepping operation. The PBL 3775/1 contains a clock oscillator, which is common for both driver channels, a set of comparators and flip-flops implementing the switching control, and two output H-bridges, including recirculation diodes. Voltage supply requirements are 5 V for logic and 45 V for the motor. The close match between the two driver channels guarantees consistent output current ratios and motor positioning accuracy.

· Dual chopper driver in a single package.· Operation down 750 mA continuous output current per channel.· Low power dissipation, 500 mA output current.· Close matching between channels for high microstepping accuracy.· Digital filter on chip eliminates external filtering components.· Plastic 22-pin batwing DIL package, 24-pin SOIC batwing or 28-pin power PLCC. All with lead-frame for heatsinking through PC board copper.

Voltage Logic supply Motor supply Logic inputs Analog inputs Current Motor output current Logic inputs Analog inputs Temperature Operating junction temperature Storage temperature

Power Dissipation (Package Data) Power dissipation at TBW = +25°C, DIP and PLCC package Power dissipation at TBW = +125°C, DIP package Power dissipation at TBW = +125°C, PLCC package

Logic supply voltage Motor supply voltage Output emitter voltage Motor output current Operating junction temperature Rise and fall time logic inputs Oscillator timing resistor

Electrical characteristics over recommended operating conditions, unless otherwise noted. 125° C.
Parameter Ref. Symbol fig. Conditions Min Typ Max Unit
General Supply current Supply current Total power dissipation Total power dissipation

Note Dis1= Dis2= HIGH. VMM= IM2= 500 mA. Notes 3, 4. VMM= IM1= 700 mA, IM2= 0 mA. Notes = +25°C, dVC/dt 50 mV/µs, = 100 mA. Note VR=5 V VR= 5 V

Thermal shutdown junction temperature Turn-off delay td 3 Logic Inputs Logic HIGH input voltage Logic LOW input voltage Logic HIGH input current Logic LOW input current Analog Inputs Threshold voltage Input current |VC1--VC2| mismatch

Motor Outputs Lower transistor saturation voltage Lower transistor leakage current Lower diode forward voltage drop Upper transistor saturation voltage Upper diode forward voltage drop Upper transistor leakage current Chopper Oscillator Chopping frequency Digital filter blanking time fs tb

mA VMM=41 V,TA Dis1= Dis2= HIGH. = 500 mA. = 500 mA. VMM=41 V,TA Dis1= Dis2= HIGH.. 4 700 pF, = 12 kohm 4 700 pF. Note 3. 21.5

RthJ-BW RthJ-A 14 RthJ-BW RthJ-A 14 Rthj-c Rthj-a
DIL package. DIL package. Note 2. PLCC package. PLCC package. Note 2. SO package SO package

Notes 1. All voltages are with respect to ground. Currents are positive into, negative out of specified terminal. 2. All ground pins soldered onto 20 cm2 PCB copper area with free air convection, C. 3. Not covered by final test program. 4. Switching duty cycle = 23.0 kHz. 3

Additional Information

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