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OKI MSM518221A-25JS Memory 256KX8 25NS SOJ 28PKG

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Oki - Oki Msm518221A-25Js Field Memory 8Bit 262,214-Word Mem 256Kx8 25Ns Soj 28Pkg Che Ck For Rubber Plugs On IC

OKI MSM518221A-25JS Memory 256KX8 25NS SOJ 28PKG


OKI MSM518221A-25JS is a high performance 2-Mbit, 256K ¥ 8-bit, Field Memory. It is designed for high-speed serial access applications such as HDTVs, conventional NTSC TVs, VTRs, digital movies and Multi-media systems. It is a FRAM for wide or low end use as general commodity TVs and VTRs, exclusively. The MSM518221A is not designed for the other use or high end use in medical systems, professional graphics systems which require long term picture, and data storage systems and others. The 2-Mbit capacity fits one field of a conventional NTSC TV screen.

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