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Philips 74HC299D Counter Shift Register Positive Edge 8 Bit SMD SOT-163

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Philips - Phil 74Hc299D Ryt3040299 /C Smd IC

Philips 74HC299D Counter Shift Register Positive Edge 8 Bit SMD SOT-163

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Philips 74HC299D Counter Shift Register Positive Edge 8 Bit SMT / SMD SOT-163

The 74HC299 is an 8-bit universal shift register with 3-state outputs. It contains eight edge-triggered D-type flip-flops and the interstage logic necessary to perform synchronous shift-right, shift-left, parallel load and hold operations. The type of operation is determined by the mode select inputs S0 and S1. Pins I/O0 to I/O7 are flip-flop 3-state buffer outputs which allow them to operate as data inputs in parallel load mode. The serial outputs Q0 and Q7 are used for expansion in serial shifting of longer words. A LOW signal on the asynchronous master reset input MR overrides the Sn and clock CP inputs and resets the flip-flops. All other state changes are initiated by the rising edge of the clock pulse. Inputs can change when the clock is either state, provided that the recommended set-up and hold times are observed. A HIGH signal on the 3-state output enable inputs OE1 or OE2 disables the 3-state buffers and the I/On outputs assume a high-impedance OFF-state. In this condition, the shift, hold, load and reset operations can still occur. The 3-state buffers are also disabled by HIGH signals on both S0 and S1, when in preparation for a parallel load operation. Inputs include clamp diodes. This enables the use of current limiting resistors to interface inputs to voltages in excess of VCC.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Philips
Product Category: Counter Shift Registers
Mounting Style: SMD/SMT
Counting Sequence: Serial/Parallel to Serial/Parallel
Number of Circuits: 1
Number of Bits: 8 bit
Package / Case: SOT-163
Logic Family: HC
Logic Type: CMOS
Number of Input / Output Lines: 10
Output Type: 3-State, Triggering Type: Positive Edge
Propagation Delay Time: 200 ns, 40 ns, 34 ns
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 125 C
Operating Supply Voltage: 5 V
Reset Type: Asynchronous
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