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Ericsson PKA2231PI DC DC Converter, DC/DC Converter In

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Ericcson - Eric Pka2231Pi IC DC DC Converter, DC/DC Converter Input 19-34V DC Output up to 8A/40W

Ericsson PKA2231PI DC DC Converter, DC/DC Converter In

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Ericsson - ERIC PKA2231PI DC DC Converter DC/DC Converter Input 19-34V DC Output up to 8A/40W

Features, Applications

· Single, dual and triple output· V dc isolation voltage· MTBF >2 million hours @75 °C case temperature· Complete, no extra filters or heatsinks required

The 25-40 watts PKA 2000 series hybrid DC/DC power modules are especially designed for decentralized 24/28 Vdc system distributed onboard DC/DC coverters. By using a thickfilm thecknology, which provides a high degree of intergration as well as efficient thermal management, and by utilizing a 300 kHz switching frequency, these highly reliable products comply to demanding applications within e.g. cellular radio, medical, industrial and airborne industri. Input to output isolation is 500 Vdc. Mechanical ruggedness ­ in conformance with IEC - is close to requirements for discrete

components. Extreme temperature conditions can be met since the converters can operate with full output power in ambient temperatures ranging from +115 °C case temperature, making the products ideal also for applications within various non-controlled environments. The PKA series is manufactured using highly automated manufacturing lines with a world-class quality commitment and a five-year warranty. Ericsson Microelectronics AB has been an ISO 9001 certified supplier since 1991. For a complete product program please reference the back cover.

Storage temperature Input voltage Isolation voltage (input to output test voltage) Transient input energy +25 °C

Stress in excess of Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage. Absolute MaximumRatings, sometimes referred as no destruction limits, are normally tested with one parameter at a time exceeding the limits of Output data or Electrical Characteristics. If exposed to stress above these limits, function and performance may degrade in an unspecified manner.

Remote control voltage (pin 9) Output adjust voltage (pin 10)

The PKA 2000 I Series DC/DC power modules are designed in accordance with 60 950, Safety of information technology equipment including electrical business equipment and certified by SEMKO. The PKA power modules are recognized by UL and meet the applicable requirements UL 1950 Safety of information technology equipment, the applicable Canadian safety requirements and UL 1012 Standard for power supplies. The DC/DC power module shall be installed in an end-use equipment and considerations should be given to measuring the case temperature to comply with TC max when in operation. They are intended to be supplied by isolated secondary circuitry and shall be installed in compliance with the requirements of the ultimate application. If connected V DC power system reinforced insulation must be provided in the power supply that isolates the input from the ac mains. The isolation in the DC/DC power module is an operational insulation in accordance with 60 950. One pole of the input and one pole of the output to be grounded or both are to be kept floating. The terminal pins are only intended for connection to mating connectors of internal wiring inside the end-use equipment. The isolation voltage is a galvanic isolation and is verified in an electric strength test. Test voltage (VISO) between input and output 500 V dc. The capacitor between input and output has a value 10 nF and the leakage current is less than 26 V dc. Flammability ratings of the terminal support and internal plastic construction details meets UL 94V-0.

Corresponding ambient temp. range (TA) at full output power to +85 °C.

Characteristics Conditions < TC max VI Input voltage range 95 °C VIoff II rush II 2t PIi Input idling power Input transient peak current (transient immunity)

Characteristics Test procedure & conditions Frequency Amplitude Acceleration Number of cycles Peak acceleration Shock duration Peak acceleration Bump duration Number of bumps Temperature Number of cycles Temperature Duration Temperature Humidity Duration 10 in each axis in 6 directions 40°C 56 days RH 500 hours

Shock (Half sinus) Bump (Half sinus)

Pin Designation RC NC ­In +In Aux NC ­Out 2 ­Out 3 NC +Out 2 ­Out 1/Rtn +Out 1 Vadj Function Remote control. To turn-on and turn-off the output. It is also used to adjust the turn-off input voltage threshold. Not connected. Negative input. Positive input. Auxiliary. Not connected in singles. Negative output 2 in duals. Negative output 3 in triples. Not connected in singles. Positive output 2 in duals and triples. Negative output 1 in singles and duals. Output return in triples. Positive output 1in all models. Output voltage adjust.

Blue anodized self-cooled aluminium chassis with snap-on cover and with tin plated brass pins.

Thermal resistance case to ambient PI-version Rth case-amb. = 5.0 °C/W PIL-version Rth case-amb. = 4.6 °C/W For Off-Card versions (CI) the specification is valid if mounting surface has Rth < 7 °C/W to ambient. 3

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