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WM Plastics 845047976 LEVEL ASSY NFS1500

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Wmplastic - WM Plastics 845047976 Level Assy Nfs1500 Magnetic/Cores

WM Plastics 845047976 LEVEL ASSY NFS1500


WMPLASTIC - W M Plastics 845047976 LEVEL ASSY NFS1500

Leveraging over 50 years of experience, NOVATION Industries partners with its customers to provide innovative quality custom injection molded components, product design, development and contract manufacturing. The company is agile in its working philosophy. From the office to the manufacturing floor, all facets of the company are designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind. The company encourages innovation in product development practices to employ the latest design solutions and technologies and is embraced throughout its production processes. We prioritize operating a LEAN manufacturing practice and commit to passing the benefits on to our customers, employees and community.

Integrity and customer service is a longstanding promise from WM Plastics founder, Bill Metz, who established the company in 1967 as a tool and die maker, and eventually expanded into the product assembly and plastic injection molding. His legacy continues through his son and current CEO, Chris Metz. In 2012 the company was rebranded as NOVATION Industries to emphasize our product development, engineering and product assembly expertise and the utilization of our IDP (Integrated Development Process). This was also to help better incorporate the contract manufacturing, design and logistic work which they had taken on over the years to help their plastic injection molded part and component customers meet the need for better service and a one stop shop.

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