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IRC Resistors – Passive Components

IRC Resistors

IRC has been an innovative leader in the design, development and manufacture of resistive components for more than 70 years. IRC is known as a new products innovator and a worldwide quality supplier with focus on resistor application solutions. IRC’s products include surface mount resistors, resistor networks, high voltage resistors, wirewound resistors current sense resistors and more. IRC is a preferred supplier of resistive products to the automotive, telecommunications, computer, instrumentation, military medical and industrial process control industries.

IRC designs and manufactures electronic components for customers across defense and aerospace, medical, transportation, energy and industrial electronics markets. Key applications are circuit protection, power and energy management, medical device equipment and signal conditioning. Additionally TT IRC has one of the widest ranges of MIL approved resistors in the market. Products include: fixed resistors – current sense, high power, precision, fusible, flameproof, high voltage/value, surge/pulse, general purpose and dividers.



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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
CHP2502004FLFIRC / TT electronics CHP2502004FLF MELF Resistors 2 MOhms 1 %00.0000
15R68015R680 IRC RESISTOR 2W 5% 68 Ohms Axial2001.0700
70U120DIR 70U120D HI CURRECT DIODE W/ NUT 600V 70A DO-9141.0000
BWH-2.2-5IRC / TT Electronics BWH-2.2-5 Wirewound Resistor 2.2 Ohms 5% Axial5000.3500
SP20F10SP20F IRC Wirewound Resistor 10 Ohms 1W 5% Axial8,9880.7000
SPH/6.2/2/5IRC SPH/6.2/2/5 Wirewound Resistor 6.2 Ohms 2W 5% Axial Through Hole00.3500
SP20F-82-10%IRC SP20F Resistor 82 OHM 1W 10%1200.3500
PW5-270-5%IRC PW5-270-5% Wirewound Power Resistor 270 Ohms 5W 5% Axial Through Hole1,0210.3500
SP20F-220-10%SP20F-220-10% IRC Resistor 220 Ohms 1 Watt 5% Axial00.3500
SP20F-8.2-10%IRC SP20F-8.2-10% Wirewound Resistor 8.2 Ohms 1W 10% Axial1,0000.5000
54R689-1IRC 54R689-1 Wirewound Resistor 0.68 Ohms 1W 5% Axial Through Hole5000.1700
RN60D4993IRC RN60D4993 Metal Film Resistor 499k Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial3,0000.1700
SP20F-1-10%IRC SP20F-1-10% Wirewound Resistor 1 Ohm 10% 1W Axial1,0000.2300
RLR20C1200GSIRC RLR20C1200GS Metal Film Resistor 120 Ohms 1/2W 2% Axial00.4900
OARS1R010JLFIRC OARS1R010JLF Current Sense Shunt Resistor 0.01 Ohms 5% SMD1,8300.6500
LR2010LF-01-R016FIRC / TT Electronics LRC-LRF2010LF-01-R016-F Thick Film Resistor 0.016 Ohms 1W 1% SMD 20105860.6000
PW5-100OHM-10%IRC / TT Electronics PW51000K Wirewound Resistor 100 Ohms 5W 10% Axial8280.5500
SPHR510JIRC SPHR510J Wirewound Resistor 0.51 Ohms 2W 5% Axial1,0000.4500
WCR1206-1-1/8IRC WCR1206-1-1/8 Thick Film Resistor 1 Ohm 1/8W 5% SMD 12065,0000.0850
SPH120JIRC SPH120J Carbon Composition Resistor 12 OHM 2W 5% Axial2,5360.3500
SPH2200JIRC SPH2200J Wirewound Power Resistor 220 Ohms 2W 5% Axial1,0000.2500
WCR1206-5.1-1/8WCR1206-5.1-1/8 IRC / TT Electronics Thick Film Resistor 5.1 Ohms 1/8W 5% SMD 12065,0000.0850
MO-2-1K-5%MO-2-1K-5% IRC / TT Electronics Metal Oxide Power Resistor 1k Ohms 2W 5% Axial6,0500.0700
CR1206-6.2-1/8IRC CR1206-6.2-1/8 Thick Film Resistor 6.2 Ohms 1/8W 5% SMD 12064,5000.7500
CF1/4-131-5%IRC CF1/4-131-5% Resistor 130 Ohm 1/4W 5%5,0000.1500
LOB-3-.025IRC LOB-3-.025 Current Sense Resistor 0.025 Ohms 3W 2% Axial1,0000.7500
IBT1/4-18M-5%IRC / TT Electronics IBT1/4-18M-5% Carbon Film Resistor 18M Ohms 1/4W 5% Axial1480.5000
LOB5R010FLFIRC LOB5R010FLF Current Sense Resistor 0.01 Ohms 5W 1% Axial Through Hole RoHS1001.5500
LR1206-01-R100FIRC LR1206-01-R100-F Current Sense Resistor 0.1 Ohms 1/2W 1% SMD 12061,0000.6500
LRC-LRF2010-01-R003JIRC / TT Electronics LRC-LRF2010-01-R003J Thick Film Current Sense Resistor 0.003 Ohms 1W 5% SMD 20108600.4000
LRF3WLF-01-R100-FTIRC / TT Electronics LRF3WLF-01-R100-FT Current Sense Resistor 0.1 Ohm 1% 3W SMD 12251,3751.8900
OP550AOptek / TT Electronics OP550A NPN Phototransistor 935nm RoHS Radial1,0000.8000
RG1/2-1000-JIRC RG1/2-1000-J Metal Film Resistor 100 Ohms 1/2W 5% Axial1,0000.4500
SPH5600JSPH5600J IRC Resistor 560 Ohm 2W Axial00.3500
PW-5-500IRC PW-5-500 Resistor 5W 500 OHM Axial1500.3500
RN75C1300FIRC / TT Electronics RN75C1300F Metal Film Resistor 130 Ohms 2W 1% Axial501.4900
PW25-120-10%IRC PW25-120-10% Wirewound Resistor 120 Ohms 2W 10% Axial20.9900
BWH-22-5%IRC BWH-22-5% PC Mount Resistors 22ohm 5% Axial220.3400
BW20-5IRC BW20 Resistor 5% 1.5 OHM1000.2600
30R1433IRC 30R1433 Thick Film Resistor 143k Ohms 1/4W 1% SMD 12065,0000.2000
AS-10-10WIRC AS10-10-5% Wirewound Resistor 10 Ohms 10W 5% Axial6830.7000
AS-5-15IRC AS-5-15 WIREWOUND Resistor 15 OHM 5Watts 5% Axial20.5700
BWH-560-5%IRC BWH-560-5% RESISTOR 560 OHM 5% 2W2750.3000
RLR07C1801GSRLR07C1801GS Resistor, Metal Film, 1.8 Kilohms, 0.25W, Axial1000.2100
RWR81S5R11FSIRC RWR81S5R11FS Resistor 5.11 Ohm 1Watt 1%501.6800
SPF20-82-5%SPF-82-5% IRC Resistor 82 Ohms 5% Axial2680.2000
SPH1000JIRC SPH1000J Wirewound Resistor 100 Ohms 2W 5% Axial7000.5000
SPH3300JIRC SPH3300J Wirewound Resistor 330 Ohms 2W 5% Axial14,5780.2500
SPH82R0KIRC SPH82R0K Wirewound Resistor 82 Ohms 2W 10% Axial6880.3800
SPHR100JIRC SPHR100J Power Resistor 0.1 Ohms 5% 2W Axial8720.5000
RLR07C2704GSRLR07C2704GS IRC Resistor Metal Glaze 2.7M Ohm 2% 0.25W Axial701.1500
WCR1206-51-5WELWYN WCR1206-51-5 Thick Film Resistor 51 Ohms 1/8W 5% 12065,0000.0850
SPHR620JIRC SPHR620J Wirewound Resistor 0.62 Ohm 2W 5% Axial3,5600.5500
BWH-51-5%Resistor 51 Ohms 2 Watts 5 % IRC BWH-51-5%2000.3000
SPF-.1-5%IRC SPF-0.1-5% Moulded Wirewound Resistor 2W 0.1 Ohm 5% A Axial00.0000
LOB30.073PCLTIRC LOB30.073PCLT Metal Film Resistor 0.07 Ohms 3 Watts 3% Axial2,3300.7700
SP20F-8.2-5%IRC SP20F-8.2-5% WireWound Resistor 8.2 Ohms 1W 5% Axial1,5900.2500
PW5-10Resistor 20 Ohms 10% 5 watts IRC PW5-10%-20 OHM1510.3500
AS2-4.7K-1%AS2-4.7K-1% IRC Resistor 4.7 KOHMS 3W 1% Axial2600.5400
SPH-10-5%IRC SPH 10 5% 2W Resistor 10 Ohms 2 watts 5% Axial40.3500
SPH471JIRC SPH471J Wirewound Resistor 470 Ohms 2W 5% Axial1,0000.3000
ULRG32512R001FLFSLTULRG3-2512-R001-F-LF-SLT IRC / TT RESISTOR METAL STRIP 0.001 OHM 1% 3W SMD 251200.9000
ULRG32512R003FLFSLTIRC ULRG3-2512-R003-F-LF-SLT Current Sense Shunt Resistor 0.003 Ohms 1% 3W SMD 251200.8500
D55342H07B12D4SD55342H07B12D4S IRC Thin Film Resistor 12.4 ohms SMD 120605.5000
LOB3R025FLFTRIRC / TT Electronics LOB3R025FLFTR Current Sense Resistor 0.025 Ohms 1% 3W RoHS01.3500
RLR20C1301GSIRC RLR20C1301GS Thick Film Resistor 1.3k Ohms 1/2W 2% Axial240.4900
SCW-SC3LF-150R-JSCW-SC3LF-150R-J IRC / TT electronics Resistor 150 ohms 5%00.0000
LRC-LRF3WLF-01-R050FIRC / TT Electronics LRC-LRF3WLF-01-R050F Current Sense Resistor 0.05 Ohms 1% 3W SMD 122500.6200
42R9100RLR07C9100GS Resistor 910 ohm 0.25W 2 %, Axial1001.1652
LRF3WLF-01-R010FLRC-LRF3WLF-01-R010-F IRC Current Sense Resistors 0.01 OHM 1% 3W SMD 122500.0000
OAR3R005FLFOAR3R005FLF IRC Resistor METAL .005 OHM 3W 1% RADIAL00.0000
W22-300RJIW22-300RJI WELWYN RESISTOR 300OHM 200V 5% AXIAL00.0000
CHP21002002GLFCHP2-100-2002-GLF IRC Resistor 20kOhm 2 % 2 W SMD 361000.0000
LRC-LR2010LF01R075FLRC-LR2010LF-01-R075-F TT Electronics Resistor 0.075 Ohm 1% SMD 201000.0000
L083S473LFL083S473LF TT Resistor Thick Film Network 47KOhm 2% 8-SIP00.0000
LR1206-R082FWLR1206-R082FW Welwyn Current Sense Resistor 82 mOhms 1% SMD 1206 RoHS00.0000
LRMAP2512-R06FT4LRMAP2512-R06FT4 Welwyn Current Sense Resistor .06Ohms 1% SMD 251200.1500
LRMAP2512-R06JT4LRMAP2512-R06JT4 IRC Current Sense Resistor 0.6Ohms 5% SMD 251200.0000
PFC-W0805LF032432BPFC-W0805LF-03-2432-B Welwyn Thin Film Resistor 24.3K Ohm .1% SMD 080500.0000
OAR5R005FLFOAR5R005FLF IRC Current Sense Resistor 0.005 Ohm 1% Radial13,5000.0000
SPH2201JSPH-2.2KJ IRC Resistor 2.2Kohm 5% Axial00.0000
D55342E07B2E00RD55342E07B2E00R Welwyn Thin Film Resistor 2Kohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
D55342E07B60E4RD55342E07B60E4R Welwyn Thin Film Resistor 60.4KOhms SMD 1206120.0000
D55342E07B4E75RD55342E07B4E75R Welwyn Thin Film Resistor 4.75KOhm SMD 120600.0000
D55342E07B10D0RD55342E07B10D0R Welwyn Thin Film Resistor 10 Ohm SMD 120600.0000
D55342E07B24E3RD55342E07B24E3R Welwyn Thin Film Resistor 24.3K Ohm SMD 120600.0000
D55342E07B30E1RD55342E07B30E1R Welwyn Thin Film Resistor 30.1K Ohm SMD 120600.0000
D55342E07B33E2RD55342E07B33E2R Welwyn Thin Film Resistor 33.2KOhms SMD 120600.0000
D55342E07B3E01RD55342E07B3E01R Welwyn Thin Film Resistor 3.01Kohm SMD 120600.0000
D55342E07B5E11RD55342E07B5E11R IRC Thin Film Resistor 5.11K Ohm SMD 120600.0000
LOB3R010FLFLOB3R010FLF IRC Current Sense Resistor 0.10Ohms Axial00.0000
D55342E07B100DRD55342E07B100DR Welwyn Thin Film Resistor 100 Ohms SMD 120600.0000
LR1206-R033FWLR1206-R033FW Welwyn Current Sense Resistor 0.033 Ohm SMD 120621,0000.0000
HS75-470R-JHS75 470R J ARCOL Wirewound Resistor 470 Ohms Chassis Mount00.0000