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KEMET Corporation – Passive Components

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KEMET Corporation is a leading global supplier of electronic components. They offer their customers the broadest selection of capacitor technologies in the industry across all dielectrics, along with an expanding range of electro-mechanical devices, electromagnetic compatibility solutions and super-capacitors. Kemet’s vision is to be the preferred supplier of electronic component solutions demanding the highest standards of quality, delivery and service


  • Aluminum Electrolytic
  • Ceramic
  • Film
  • Polymer Aluminum
  • Supercapacitors (EDLCs)
  • Tantalum


  • AC Line Filters
  • EMI Cores
  • Flex Suppressors®
  • Metal Composite Inductors
  • Relays
  • EMI Filters
  • Ferrite Products
  • Transformers/Magnetics


  • Polymer Hermetic Seal Portfolio Expansion
  • Supercapacitor Development Balancing Kit
  • New High Performance Axial Electrolytic
  • High Voltage C0G FT-CAP
  • New Ceramic HV-HT Series
  • AC Line Filters



  • Harsh Environments
  •  KEMET Electronics Harsh Environments
  • Medical
  •  KEMET Electronics Medical
  • Power Supply
  •  KEMET Electronics Power Supply
  • RF Wireless 
  • KEMET Electronics RF Wireless
  • Solar
  •  KEMET Electronics Solar

For additional information about KEMET Applications, visit the applications section of their website.



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Product List

Part Number Product Name MFG Qty  
M39003/01-5609 KEMET M39003/01-5609 Capacitor 3.9uF 10VDC 5% 3.43mmX7.26mm Kemet 0.00
CDR34BX104AKWS Kemet CDR34BX104AKWS Capacitor 0.1uF 50VDC Kemet 35.00
M39014/02-1415 KEMET M39014/02-1415 Capacitor 1uF 50VDC 10%, Leaded Kemet 0.00
M39014/01-1522 KEMET M39014/01-1522 Capacitor 0.0018uF 100VDC X7R 10% Kemet 50.00
CMR06F561FPDP KEMET CMR06F561FPDP Mica Capacitor 560pf 500V 1% Radial Kemet 1,069.00
T362B106K020AS Kemet T362B106K020AS Tantalum Capacitor 10uF 20V Radial Kemet 74.00
CK05BX333K KEMET CK05BX333K Capacitor 0.033uF 50V Ceramic, Radial, Molded Kemet 80.00
M39014/2-1281. KEMET M39014/02-1281 Capacitor 0.0012uF 200VDC X7R 10% Kemet 0.00
M39014/2-1281 KEMET M39014/02-1281 Capacitor 0.0012uF 200VDC X7R 10% Kemet 0.00
M39014/02-1407 KEMET M39014/02-1407 Capacitor 1uF 50VDC X7R 10% Radial 5.0mm Kemet 85.00
F411JH221R100C Kemet F411JH221R100C Kemet 0.00
C440C224M1U5CA C440C224M1U5CA Kemet Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 20% 100V Axial Kemet 100.00
CK05BX470K CK05BX470K Kemet Ceramic Capacitor 47pF 10% 200V X7R Radial Kemet 100.00
M39003/01-2256J MIL M39003/01-2256J Mil-Spec Capacitor, 27 uF, 10% Axial Kemet 19.00
C0805C222K1RAC Kemet C0805C222K1RAC Ceramic Capacitor 2200pF (2.2nF) 100V X7R 10% SMD 0805 Kemet 32,000.00
M39003/01-2301J Kemet M39003/01-2301 Mil-Spec Capacitor, 100 uF, 10% Axial Kemet 140.00
B45196H6684K109 Kemet B45196H6684K109 Tantalum Capacitor 0.68uF 35V 10% SMD 1206 RoHS Kemet 4,000.00
C312C680K2G5CA KEMET C312C680K2G5CA Capacitor 68PF 50V 10% MONO Kemet 300.00
RK73H1ELTP2001FT KOA RK73H1ELTP2001F TR Resistor Thick Film 0402 2K Ohm 1% Kemet 10,000.00
T491A155M016 KEMET T491A155M016AS Capacitor 1.5uF 16VDC 20% 3.2 X 1.6mm Kemet 0.00
T495C107K006ATE150 KEMET T495C107K006ATE150 Tantalum Capacitor, 100uF, 10%, 6.3V SMD 2312 Kemet 200.00
T491B226K010AT T491B226K010AT Kemet Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 10V 10% SMD 1411 Kemet 28,000.00
PHE840MZ7100MF11R06 Kemet PHE840MZ7100MF11R06L2 Polypropylene Film Capacitor 1uF 275VAC 20% Radial Kemet 600.00
T491B474K035AT Kemet T491B474K035AT Tantalum Capacitor 0.47uF 35VDC 10% SMD 1411 Kemet 2,710.00
M39014/02-1342 KEMET M39014/02-1342 Capacitor Ceramic 0.022uF 100VDC X7R 10% Kemet 0.00
M39014/02-1320 KEMET M39014/02-1320 Capacitor Ceramic 0.47uF 50VDC X7R 10% Kemet 0.00
CCR05CG431GR CCR05CG431GR KEMET Capacitor 430pF 100VDC C0G 2% Radial 5.08mm Kemet 6.00
CCR05CG910GR KEMET CCR05CG910GR Capacitor Ceramic 91pF 200V Kemet 6.00
C1210C473J1RACTU Kemet C1210C473J1RACTU Ceramic Capacitor 0.047uF 100VDC X7R 5% SMD 1210 RoHS Kemet 3,000.00
C0603C330J1GACTU Kemet C0603C330J1GACTU Ceramic Capacitor 33pF 100V C0G SMD 0603 RoHS Kemet 2,000.00
C0805C474K3RACTU Kemet C0805C474K3RACTU Ceramic Capacitor 0.47uF 25V X7R 10% SMD 0805 Kemet 790.00
CK12BX101K CK12BX101K Kemet Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 10% 100V X7R Axial Kemet 70.00
C0603C220J5GACTU C0603C220J5GACTU Kemet Capacitors 50volts 22pF C0G 5% Kemet 0.00
C330C474K5R5CA Kemet C330C474K5R5CA Ceramic Capacitor 0.47uF 50VDC X7R 10% Radial Kemet 1,500.00
m39014/01-1533 KEMET M39014/01-1533V Ceramic Capacitor 0.0068uF 100VDC X7R 20% Radial Kemet 840.00
C0603C689J5GACTU KEMET C0603C689J5GACTU Ceramic Capacitor 6.8pF 50V 5% C0G SMD 0603 Kemet 4,000.00
C0603C394K4RACTU Kemet C0603C394K4RACTU Ceramic Capacitor 0.39uF 16V X7R SMD 0603 RoHS Kemet 4,000.00
B45197A3227K509 Kemet B45197A3227K509 Tantalum Capacitor 220uF 16V 10% SMD 2917 RoHS Kemet 620.00
M39014/01-1495 KEMET M39014/01-1495 Capacitor 0.01uF 100VDC X7R 10% Radial Kemet 114.00
C410C101J1G5CA KEMET C410C101J1G5CA Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 100VDC C0G 5% Axial Kemet 5,000.00
C320C222J1R5CA Kemet C320C222J1R5CA Ceramic Capacitor 2.2nF 100V 5% C0G Radial Kemet 700.00
M3900301 KEMET M39003/01-2734 Capacitor 4.7uF 10VDC 10% Axial Kemet 400.00
C1206C103K5RAC Kemet C1206C103K5RAC Capacitor Ceramic 0.01uF 50V X7R 10% SMD 1206 Kemet 3,000.00
T495D226M025AS Kemet T495D226M025AS Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 25V 20% SMD 2917 Kemet 500.00
T491A225M010 KEMET# T491A225M010AS Capacitors 10V 3.3uF 10% Kemet 0.00
C0805C221J2RAC C0805C221J2RAC7800 Kemet Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 200V X7R 5% SMD 0805 Kemet 36,000.00
T494D156K025 T494D156K025AS Kemet Tantalum Capacitor 15uF 25V 10% SMD 2917 Kemet 19,000.00
C1206C223K2RAC C1206C223K2RACTU Kemet Ceramic Capacitor 0.022uF 200V X7R 10% SMD 1206 Kemet 10,000.00
TAJA225M006 Kemet TAJA225M006R Capacitor Tantalum 2.2uF 6.3V 20% Kemet 10,000.00
T350H226K025 T350H226K025AS7301 Kemet Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 25V 10% Radial Kemet 9,600.00
T494C156M020 T494C156M020AS Kemet Tantalum Capacitor 15uF 20V 20% SMD 2312 Kemet 7,500.00
T491A225M006AS Kemet T491A225M006AS Tantalum Capacitor 2.2uF 6.3VDC 20% SMD 1206 Kemet 2,000.00
T332C226X0010 Kemet T332C226X0010W Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 10V 20% SMD Kemet 3,218.00
C0805C105K4RACTU Kemet C0805C105K4RACTU Ceramic Capacitor 1.0uF 10% 16V X7R SMD 0805 Kemet 2,500.00
T491B225K016 KEMET T491B225K016AT Tantalum Capacitor 2.2uF 16VDC 10% SMD 1411 Kemet 2,000.00
T350E226K010 Kemet T350E226K010AS7301 Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 10V 10% Radial Kemet 3,000.00
CK06BX104K Kemet CK06BX104K Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 100V 10% X7R Radial Kemet 1,995.00
T494C156M016 KEMET T494C156M016AS Tantalum Capacitor 15uF 16VDC 20% SMD 2412 Kemet 1,000.00
T491C106M016 Kemet T491C106M016AS Tantalum Capacitor 10uF 16V 20% SMD 2412 Kemet 1,000.00
CK06BX473K KEMET CK06BX473K Ceramic Capacitor 0.047uF 100VDC X7R 10% Radial Kemet 996.00
T510E108K004AS Kemet T510E108K004AS Tantalum Capacitor 1000uF 4V 10% SMD 2924 Kemet 795.00
T491D157M010 Kemet T491D157M010AS Tantalum Capacitor 150uF 10V 20% SMD 2917 Kemet 480.00
C410C222K1R5CA Kemet C410C222K1R5CA Ceramic Capapacitor 2200pF 100VDC C0G 5% Axial Kemet 600.00
T322D336M0101AS T322D336K010AS KEMET Tantalum Capacitor 10V 33uF Axial Kemet 400.00
C320C224K5R5CA KEMET C320C224K5R5CA Capacitor 0.22uF 50VDC X7R 10% Radial Kemet 400.00
T322A335K010AS KEMET T322A335K010AS Capacitor 3.3uF 10VDC 10% Kemet 395.00
C0805C681K1 Kemet C0805C681K1 Ceramic Capacitor 680pF 100V 10% X7R SMD 0805 Kemet 1,216.00
C1206C104Z5UAC Kemet C1206C104Z5UAC Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V Z5U SMD 1206 Kemet 8,000.00
C320C150J2G5CA KEMET C320C150J2G5CA Capacitor 15pF 200VDC C0G 5% Radial Kemet 300.00
C1812C104K1RAC Kemet C1812C104K1RAC Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF 100 Volt X7R 10% SMD 1812 Kemet 20.00
C410C271K1G5CA KEMET C410C271K1G5CA CAPACITOR 270PF 50V 10% Kemet 136.00
C1206C222K5RAC C1206C222K5RAC Kemet Capacitor MLCC 2200pF 10% X7R 50V SMD 1206 Kemet 100.00
C1206C470J1GAC C1206C470J1GAC Kemet Ceramic Capacitor 47pF 100V NP0 5% SMD 1206 Kemet 5,000.00
M39003/01-2301 KEMET M39003/01-2301 Capacitor Tant Solid 100uF 20V 10% Axial Kemet 5.00
C340C225M5U5CA-1 KEMET C340C225M5U5CA CAPACITOR 2.2 MF 50V 20% Kemet 0.00
C1206C102K2GAC KEMET C1206C102K2GAC Ceramic Capacitors 1000pF (1nF) 200VDC 10% C0G SMD / SMT 1206 Kemet 0.00
M39003/01-7219 KEMET M39003/01-7219 Capacitors 6.8uF 50VDC 10% Axial Kemet 3.00
M39003/09 KEMET M39003/09-0329 Capacitor 0.1uF (100nF) 100V 10%, Axial Kemet 10.00
CD503M016 Arcotronics CD503M016 Ceramic Capacitor 0.05uF 16V 20% Radial Kemet 500.00
M39014/02-1418 M39014/02-1418 Capacitor 0.82uF 50VDC X7R 10% Radial 5mm Kemet 60.00
T310B225M035AS Kemet T110B225M035AS Tantalum Capacitor 2.2uF 35VDC 20% Axial Kemet 495.00
R73LI1470CY03M Kemet R73LI1470CY03M Polypropylene Film Capacitor 0.0047uF 250VAC 20% Radial Kemet 773.00
C0603C103K5RAC C0603C103K5RAC7867 Kemet Capacitor 0.01uF 50VDC X7R 10% 0603 Kemet 8,000.00
C0603C104J5RACTU Kemet C0603C104J5RAC7013 Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V 5% X7R SMD 0603 ROHS Kemet 500.00
C0603C104K5RACTU C0603C104K5RACTU Kemet Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V X7R 10% SMD 0603 Kemet 1,200.00
C0603C470J5GACTU Kemet C0603C470J5GACTU Ceramic Capacitor 47pF 50V 5% NP0 SMD 0603 RoHS Kemet 160.00
C0805C101K5RACTU Kemet C0805C101K5RACTU Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 50V 10% X7R SMD 0805 Kemet 70.00
C0805C102K5RACTU Kemet C0805C102K5RACTU Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 50V X7R SMD 0805 Kemet 161.00
C0805C103J5RACTU Kemet C0805C103J5RACTU Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 50V 5% X7R SMD 0805 RoHS Kemet 40.00
C0805C200J5GACTU C0805C200J5GACTU CAP CER 20PF 50V 5% NP0 0805 ROHS Kemet 10.00
C0805C560G5GACTU Kemet C0805C560G5GACTU Ceramic Capacitor 56pF 50V 2% C0G SMD 0805 RoHS Kemet 4,000.00
C1206C104K5RAC Kemet C1206C104K5RAC Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 50V X7R 10% SMD 1206 Kemet 4,000.00
C1206C223K5RACTU Kemet C1206C223K5RACTU Ceramic Capacitor 0.022uF 50V X7R 10% SMD 1206 Kemet 4,000.00
C1206C475K8PACTU Kemet C1206C475K8PACTU Capacitor 4.7uF 10V X5R 10% T/R Kemet 310.00
C1206N102K1GSC KEMET C1206N102K1GSC Capacitors MLCC 1000PF 100V Kemet 0.00
C2220C226M3R2CTU Kemet C2220C226M3R2CTU Stacked Ceramic Capacitors 22uF 20% 25V SMD 2220 Kemet 340.00
C322C223K2R5CA Kemet C322C223K2R5CA Ceramic Capacitor 0.022uF 200V 10% X7R Radial Kemet 2,500.00
C330C102KGR5TA Kemet C330C102KGR5TA Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF (1000pF) 2kV 10% X7R Radial RoHS Kemet 46.00
CDR32BP101BKWS Kemet CDR32BP101BKWS Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 100V NPO 10% SMD 1206 Kemet 500.00
DM15102J1KV Arcotronics DM15102J1KV Silver Mica Capacitor 1000pF 1000V 5% Radial Kemet 972.00
M39006/21-0310 Kemet M39006/21-0310 Wet Slug Tantalum Capacitor 470uF 30VDC 10% Axial Kemet 1.00
M39006/25-0246 Kemet M39006/25-0246 Wet Slug Tantalum Capacitor 180uF 75V 10% AXIAL Kemet 2.00
MC18FD391J MC18FD391J KEMET MICA CAPACITOR 390PF 5% 500V 1812 Kemet 9.00
MMH155K250BN Arcotronics / Kemet MMH155K250BN Polyester Film Capacitor 1.5uF 250V 10% Radial Kemet 1,000.00
MMK15334J250 Kemet MMK15334J250 Polyester Film Capacitor 0.33uF 250V 5% Radial Kemet 1,645.00
MMK5104K63 Kemet / EVOX / RIFA MMK5104K63 Polyester Film Capacitor 0.1uF 63V 10% Radial Kemet 12,810.00
PEH534VDC3220M2 Kemet PEH534VDC3220M2 Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 220uF 400V 20% Radial RoHS Kemet 15.00
R46KF215050M1M Kemet / Arcotronics R46KF215050M1M Polypropylene Film Capacitor 0.015 uF 560V 20% Radial Kemet 1,500.00
SMC5.7104J50J35TR12 Kemet SMC5.7104J50J35TR12 Film Capacitor 0.1uF 5% 50VDC SMD 2220 ROHS Kemet 800.00
T330C256M025AS T330C156M025AS Tantalum Capacitors 25volts 15uF 20% Radial Kemet 28.00
PHE403HF7330K Kemet / RIFA PHE403HF7330K Polypropylene Film Capapacitor 3.3uF 400VDC 10% Radial Kemet 768.00
CDR31BX471BKUS KEMET CDR31BX471BKUS Capacitor Ceramic 470pF 100V BX 10% SMD 0805 Kemet 20.00
R60EF3270AA30J Arcotronics / Kemet R60EF3270AA30J Polyester Film Capacitor 0.27uF (270nF) 100 VDC 5% Radial Kemet 2,000.00
C0805C101K5GAC Kemet C0805C101K5GAC Capacitor 100pF 50V NPO 10% 0805 SMD Kemet 30,000.00
M39003/01-2854 KEMET M39003/01-2854 Capacitor 10uF 50V 10% T212 AXIAL CSR13 MIL-PRF-M39 003/01 Kemet 3.00
M39014/01-1535 KEMET M39014/01-1535 Capacitor 0.1uF 100VDC X7R 10% Radial Kemet 0.00
M39014/01-1578 KEMET M39014/01-1578 CAPACITOR 1500pF 50V X7R 10% RADIAL CAP-CER MIL-PRF-M39014 Kemet 32.00
R60EI4220JF30K ARCOTRONICS / Kemet R60E14220JF30K Polyester Film Capacitor 2200pF 100V 10% Radial Kemet 1,001.00
R76PI2220SE30J Kemet / Arcotronics R76P12220SE30J Polypropylene Film Capacitor 0.022uF (22nF) 630V 5% Radial Kemet 1,000.00
T350A224K035AS T350A224K035AS Kemet Tantalum Capacitor 0.22uF 35V 10% Radial Kemet 23.00
C410C104Z5U5TA7200 C410C104Z5U5TA7200 KEMET CAPACITOR CERAMIC MLCC 0.1UF 50V Z5U AXIAL 85C T/R RoHS Kemet 0.00
M39014/02-1411V KEMET M39014/02-1411V Capacitor 1uF 50VDC X7R 10% Radial Kemet 0.00
C0603C104M3VAC C0603C104M3VAC KEMET CAPACITOR 0.1uF Y5V 20% 0603 SMD Kemet 0.00
C0805C102K1GAC Kemet C0805C102K1GAC Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 100V NP0 10% SMD 0805 Kemet 4,000.00
C323C103M1U5CA Kemet C323C103M1U5CA Capacitor 0.01uF 100VDC Z5U 20% RDL 5 Kemet 75.00
M39003/01-6024 KEMET M39003/01-6024 Capacitor 4.7uF 10VDC 10% Kemet 5.00
T491B225M025 T491B225M025AS Kemet Tantalum Capacitor 2.2uF 25V 20% SMD 1411 Kemet 18,000.00
T491C226M006 T491C226M006AS Kemet Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 6.3V 20% SMD 2412 Kemet 8,000.00
CRC220X7R102K100 Kemet CRC220X7R102K100 Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF 100V X7R 10% Radial Kemet 5,030.00
C1206C103K1RAC C1206C103K1RAC KEMET CAPACITOR 0.01uF 100V X7R 10% 1206 SMD CAP-CER Kemet 0.00
C0805C104K5RAC KEMET C0805C104K5RAC CAPACITOR 0.1uF 50V X7R 10% 0805 SMD CAP-CER Kemet 0.00
T520C107M010ATE025 KEMET T520C107M010ATE025 CAPACITOR TANT 100UF 10V 20% 2312 RoHS Kemet 0.00
T491D476K016AT KEMET T491D476K016AT CAPACITOR TANT 47UF 16V 10% SMD RoHS Kemet 500.00
R82EC3100AA70J KEMET R82EC3100AA70J, CAPACITOR 100NF, 100V, 10% Kemet 0.00
T491C685K035AT Kemet T491C685K035AT Tantalum Capacitor 6.8 uF 35V 10% SMD 2412 Kemet 500.00
T491D226K025AT KEMET T491D226K025AT Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 25V 10% SMD 2917 Kemet 3,000.00
C340C225M5U5CA KEMET C340C225M5U5CA Kemet 0.00
R46KI315050M2K R46KI315050M2K KEMET Capacitor Film Suppression X2 0.15uF 560VDC/275VAC PP 10% Radial Kemet 0.00
R46KI322050M2K R46KI322050M2K, KEMET Capacitor Film Suppression X2 0.22uF 560VDC/275VAC PP 10% Radial Kemet 0.00
T491C106K025AT KEMET T491C106K025AT TANT CAPACITOR 10uF 25V 10% SMD C SIZE Kemet 0.00
R73PI2330SEOOJ Arcotronics / Kemet R73PI2330SE00J Polypropylene Film Capacitor 0.033uF 5% 630V Radial Kemet 3,000.00
MMK10333K400A01L4 MMK10333K400A01L4BULK EVOX RIFA / KEMET FILM CAPACITORS 400VOLTS 0.033UF 10% LS 10MM ROHS Kemet 0.00
C1206C334K1RACTU C1206C334K1RACTU, KEMET Capacitor Ceramic 0.33uF 100V X7R 10% SMD 1206 125C Plastic T/R Kemet 0.00
C0603C224J4RAC C0603C224J4RAC KEMET CAPACITOR CERAMIC 0.22UF 16V X7R 5% SMD 0603 125C PAPER T/R RoHS Kemet 0.00
C062C103J1G5CA C062C103J1G5CA KEMET Capacitor Ceramic 0.01uF 100VDC C0G 5% RDL 5.08mm RoHS Kemet 0.00
M39014/01-1311 KEMET M39014/01-1311 Capacitor 470pF 200VDC X7R 10% Radial Kemet 0.00
R82DC3100DQ50J Kemet R82DC3100DQ50J Polyester Film Capacitor 0.1uF 5% 63V Radial Kemet 3,500.00
PHE840MB5470KB04R17 Kemet PHE840MB5470KB04R17 Film Capacitor 0.047uF 275V 10% Radial Kemet 3,500.00
C410C221J1G5CA Kemet C410C221J1G5CA Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 100VDC C0G 5% Axial Kemet 5,000.00
T491D336K016AT T491D336K016AT Kemet Tantalum Capacitor 33uF 16V 10% SMD 2917 Kemet 9,000.00
C1206C101J1GAC Kemet C1206C101J1GAC Capacitor 100pF 100V 5% NP0 SMD 1206 Kemet 3,100.00
T491A335M006 T491A335M006AS Kemet Tantalum Capacitor 3.3uF 6.3V 20% SMD 1206 Kemet 4,000.00
C0805C682K5RAC Kemet C0805C682K5RAC Ceramic Capacitor 6800pF 50V X7R 10% SMD 0805 Kemet 8,000.00
C0805C102K1RAC KEMET C0805C102K1RAC Capacitor 0.001uF 100VDC X7R 10% SMD 0805 Kemet 0.00
C1206C103J5RAC7800 KEMET C1206C103J5RAC 01Uf 50V X7R 5% 1206 Cap Cera Kemet 0.00
T491C226K010AT T491C226K010AT Kemet Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 10V 10% SMD 2412 Kemet 16,000.00
CO805C682K Kemet C0805C682K Ceramic Capacitor 510pF 50V 5% X7R SMD 0805 Kemet 3,000.00
C0805C151J1GAC C0805C151J1GAC Kemet Ceramic Capacitor 150pF 100V 5% NP0 SMD 0805 Kemet 15,975.00
C1206C105M4VAC Kemet C1206C105M4VAC Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 16V Y5V 20% SMD 1206 Kemet 11,968.00
M39014/01-1277 KEMET M39014/01-1277 Capacitor 0.001uF 200VDC X7R 10% Kemet 28.00
C322C103K2R5CA KEMET C322C103K2R5CA CAPACITOR .01uF 50V 10% Radial Kemet 100.00
T491C335M035AS Kemet T491C335M035AS Tantalum Capacitor 3.3uF 35V 20% SMD 2412 Kemet 2,000.00
C0805C470J2GACTV Kemet C0805C470J2GACTV Ceramic Capacitor 47pF 200V 5% NPO SMD 0805 Kemet 12,000.00
SMR5333G100J01L3.7 Evox RIFA / Kemet SMR5333G100J01L3.7 Film Capacitor 0.033uF (33nF) 100V 2% Radial Kemet 2,000.00
T491A105M016AS Kemet T491A105M016AS Tantalum Capacitor 1.0uF 16V 20% SMD 1206 Kemet 2,000.00
C1206C223K050 KEMET C1206C223K050 Capacitor 0.022uF 50V X7R 10% 1206 SMD CAP-CER Kemet 337.00
C1210C103K2RAC Kemet C1210C103K2RAC Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 200V 10% X7R SMD 1210 Kemet 4,000.00
T491X476K035AT T491X476K035AT Kemet Tantalum Capacitor 47uF 35V 10% SMD 2917 Kemet 11,500.00
PME271Y547MR19TO Kemet PME271Y547MR19T0 Safety Film Capacitor 0.047uF (47nF) 20% 1kV RoHS Radial Through Hole Kemet 500.00
T520B476M006ATE070 T520B476M006ATE070 KEMET CAPACITOR TANT POLY 47UF 6.3V SMD 1411 RoHS Kemet 0.00
T520V227M004ATE007 KEMET T520V227M004ATE007 Capacitor 220uF 4VDC 20% T/R RoHS Kemet 0.00
T494B106K020AT Kemet T494B106K020AT Tantalum Capacitor 10uF 20V 10% SMD 1411 Kemet 1,000.00
C1206C475K3PACTU C1206C475K3PACTU KEMET CAPACITOR CER 4.7UF 25V X5R 1206 RoHS Kemet 0.00
T495C475K025ATE530 KEMET T495C475K025ATE530 CAPACITOR TANT 4.7UF 25V 10% 2413 RoHS Kemet 0.00
T520D477M004ATE012 Kemet T520D477M004ATE012 Tantalum Capacitor 470uF 4VDC 20% SMD 2917 Kemet 500.00
T491B105M035AT T491B105M035AT KEMET CAPACITOR TANT 1UF 35V 20% SMD 1411 Kemet 0.00
T322A474K035AS Kemet T322A474K035AS Tantalum Capacitor 0.47uF 35V 10% Axial Kemet 978.00
T350A224K050AS Kemet T350A224K050AS Tantalum Capacitor 0.22uF 50VDC 10% Radial Kemet 945.00
T491C106K016AT Kemet T491C106K016AT Tantalum Capacitor 10uF 16V 10% SMD 2412 Kemet 40,000.00
C1206N102K1GSC373175 Kemet C1206N102K1GSC373175 Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 100V NPO 10% SMD 1206 Kemet 600.00
C1206N101K1GSH KEMET C1206N101K1GSH CAPACITOR 100PF 10%100VDC C0G SMD 1206 Kemet 0.00
C1206C103J5RAC Kemet C1206C103J5RAC Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 50V X7R 5% SMD 1206 Kemet 3,979.00
C1210C333K1 Kemet C1210C333K1 Ceramic Capacitor 0.033uF 100V X7R 10% SMD 1210 Kemet 4,000.00
C1206C122J5GAC C1206C122J5GAC KEMET CAPACITOR 1200pF 50V NPO 5% 1206 SMD Kemet 300.00
PME271Y468 Kemet / RIFA PME271Y468 Film Capacitor 6800pF 1kV 20% Radial Kemet 475.00
PME261JB5220K03 Kemet / RIFA PME261JB5220K03 Metalized Paper Capacitor 0.022uF 1kV RoHS Radial Kemet 450.00
T520D227M010ATE018 KEMET T520D227M010ATE018 CAPACITOR TANT 220UF 10V 20% SMD RoHS Kemet 0.00
T110A474K035AS Kemet T110A474K035AS Capacitor 35volts 0.47uF 10% Kemet 440.00
M39014/05-2285 KEMET M39014/05-2285 Capacitor 0.047uF 100VDC X7R 10% Kemet 50.00
T520A106M010ATE080 T520A106M010ATE080 KEMET CAPACITOR TANT POLY 10UF 10V 1206 RoHS Kemet 0.00
C2225C225K5RAC Kemet C2225C225K5RAC Ceramic Capacitor 2.2uF 50V 10% X7R SMD 2225 Kemet 82.00
M39003/01-6229 KEMET M39003/01-6229 Capacitor 15uF 10% 50V Axial Kemet 0.00
M39014/02-1360 KEMET Corporation M39014/02-1360 Capacitor 0.47UF 50V 10% Kemet 0.00
PHE840MB6470MB16R17 PHE840MB6470MB16R17 KEMET Film Capacitors 0.47uF 20% 275V Kemet 0.00
C0805C682K1RAC C0805C682K1RAC Kemet Ceramic Capacitor 6800pF 100V X7R 10% SMD 0805 Kemet 20,000.00
T520V227M006ATE015 T520V227M006ATE015 KEMET Capacitor 6.3V 220uF 20% Kemet 0.00
M39014/01-1553 M39014/01-1553 Kemet Capacitor 0.1uF 50VDC X7R 10% Radial Kemet 0.00
M39014/01-1513 KEMET M39014/01-1513 Capacitor 0.1uF 50VDC X7R 10% Radial Kemet 0.00
M39014/01-1307 KEMET M39014/01-1307 Capacitor 270pF 200V X7R 10% Radial Kemet 0.00
m39014/01-1533. KEMET M39014/01-1533V Capacitor 0.0068uF 100VDC X7R 20% Radial Kemet 0.00
M39014/01-1538 M39014/01-1538 Capacitors 0.015uF 50VDC X7R 10% Radial 5.08m Kemet 11.00
C2638 Kemet M39014/01-1578 Capacitor 0.015 MFD 10% 50V Kemet 0.00
RN55C1242F DALE RN55C1242F Resistor 12.4Kohms 1% 50PPM Kemet 100.00
SU9V-05020 KEMET SU9V-05020 Common Mode Filters / Chokes 0.5A 2mH Kemet 0.00
C440C224M1U5CA. KEMET C440C224M1U5CA7200 CAP .22UF 100V 20% CER AXIAL Kemet 0.00
CDR32BX103BKWM Kemet Cdr32Bx103 Capacitor Ceramic 0.01uF 10% 1206 Kemet 110.00
C0402C473J3RACTU C0402C473J3RACTU KEMET Capacitor Ceramic 0.047uF 25V X7R 5% SMD 0402 Kemet 0.00
C0402C473J3RAC7867 C0402C473J3RAC7867 KEMET Capacitors MLCC 0.047uF 5% X7R 25V 0402 Kemet 0.00
M39003/03-4084 KEMET M39003/03-4084 Capacitor 27uF 50VDC 10% Axial Kemet 0.00
C1206C107M9PAC C1206C107M9PAC KEMET Capacitors MLCC 100uF 20% 6.3V X5R 1206 Kemet 0.00
T520V337M2R5ATE025 T520V337M2R5ATE025 KEMET Capacitor 330uF, 2.5V.20% SMD 7343-20 Kemet 0.00
M39003/01-6108 KEMET M39003/01-6108 Capacitor 6.8uF 35VDC 10% Radial Kemet 0.00
M39003/03-2084 KEMET M39003/03-2084 Capacitor 27uF 50VDC 10% Radial Kemet 0.00
T356A474K035AS T356A474K035AS KEMET Tantalum Capacitors 0.47uF 35V Radial Kemet 50.00
C0603C104K5RACAUTO C0603C104K5RACAUTO KEMET Capacitor 0.1uF 50volts 10% SMD 0603 Kemet 0.00
R75QI22704000J R75QI22704000J KEMET Film Capacitor 0.027uF 1000VDC 5% Radial Kemet 0.00
C1812C475K5RACTU C1812C475K5RACTU KEMET Capacitors MLCC 50V 4.7uF X7R 10% SMD 1812 Kemet 0.00
T491A105K025AT T491A105K025AT KEMET CAPACITOR, TANTALUM SMD, 1.0UF 25V 10% Kemet 0.00
C1210X225K1RACAUTO C1210X225K1RACAUTO KEMET Capacitor Ceramic 2.2uF 100V X7R 10% SMD 1210 Kemet 0.00