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LED Driver LED Power Supply Manufacturing

IBS Electonics LED Driver LED Power Supply Manufacturing

LED Power SupplyThis highly efficient series is designed for general LED lighting applications such as channel letters, architecture lighting, decorative lighting, accent lighting, landscape lighting, transportation safety and many other lighting applications where LED is being used. IBS, has the most advanced models ranging from 3-Watts, 9-Watts, 12-Watts,17-Watts, 20-Watts, 25-Watts 40-Watts, 60-Watts , 96-Watts with single class 2 DC output and 100-Watts, 240-Watts with multiple channels of Class 2 outputs. The state-of-the-art electrical design make this series to comply with UL Class 2 criteria and the unique compact packaging makes it comply to NEMA4 and IPx6 standard, UL category 1310, UL879 and NEC standards. All models are designed to meet the energy conservation requirements and all are CEC compliant that meet the latest standards. If you have any OEM application that requires special LED drivers, please contact our experienced engineer team to help with your needs.

IBS Electonics Turnkey Manufacturing

  • LED Dimming Solutions
  • 0-10V Low Voltage Dimming Option
  • AC Line Dimming Option
  • Triac / Leading-Edge Solutions
  • ELV / Trailing-Edge Solutions
  • Low Voltage Driver
  • LED Drivers (DC BuckBoost)
  • L03E Series
  • L07U Series
  • L121 Series
  • LA1012 Series
  • LP1017 Series(277V available)
  • LP1020 Series(277V available)
  • LP1025 Series(277V available)
  • LP1040 Series(277V available)
  • LF1048 Series (277V Available)
  • LP1060 Series
  • LP2046 Series
  • LP1090 Series(277V available)
  • LP4100 Series
  • LP1240 Series
  • LP4240 Series
  • LD-CU & LD-PI Series
  • LP12060 Series