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Liberty Bell Components, Inc. is a Master Distributor of Passive Electronic Components servicing the continental US. Liberty was a sales office for Firstohm, Ltd., one of the largest resistor manufacturers in Taiwan. Through the years, Liberty expanded its product line with partnership factories located in Taiwan , Korea and Japan to provide quality electronic components at competitive prices.

Products Available Include Capacitors & Resistors. Capacitors Available Include Electrolytic Capacitors
    Battery Capacitors
    Ceramic Disc Capacitors
    Polyester More… Film Capacitors
    & Poly Capacitors. Resistors Available Include Film Resistors
    Metal Oxide Resistors
    Carbon Film Resistors
    Metal Film Resistors
    Flame Proof Resistors
    Fusible Resistors
    Wire Wound Resistors
    Metal Glazed Film Resistors
    & Fusible Resistors. Applications Include Usage In Various Electronic Components
    In Network & Telephonic Applications
    & In It Based Circuits.


Founded in September 1969, Firstohm is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of resistor products.

Main products:


Axial Taped Resistors Metal Film & Carbon Film

Metal Oxide Resistors

Wirewound Resistors

High Voltage Resistors

Fuse Resistors

Nonflammable Resistors

Zero Ohm Resistor