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Amphenol Bendix

Bendix Connectors is now part of Amphenol. Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The Company designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems. The primary end markets for the Company’s products are communications and information processing markets, including cable television, cellular telephone and data communication and information processing systems, aerospace and military electronics, and automotive, rail and other transportation and industrial applications.

Bendix Connectors – Amphenol Products

The types of products manufactured by Bendix Connectors – Amphenol include Subminiature Cylindrical Connectors, Miniature Cylindrical Connectors, Standard/Heavy Duty Cylindrical Connectors, Rectangular Connectors, Engine Connectors (Class K Firewall), EMI Filter/Transient Protection Devices, Fiber Optics Connectors, Data Bus, PCB Systems, Contacts and M85049 Accessories, Stinger Missile Products, Freight-mate Cable Assemblies, and ACT Flex Termination Assemblies.