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ITW Pancon

Pancon Logo
ITW Pancon is a manufacturer of electronic connectors used in a variety of industries and specializes in the design and development of custom electronic connectors. ITW Pancon Ranked 5th amongst the Top 10 Connector Manufacturers in a resent Customer Satisfaction survey conducted by Bishop and Associates.

Pancon Corp is an innovative manufacturer of highly engineered connectors and multilayer polymer capacitors. Pancon’s Mass terminated connector system series “MAS-CON” offer reliable connections and reduces installed costs due to preloaded (Insulation Displacement Connection) IDC contacts.

Pancon Connectors is an ISO 9001 supplier of electronic connectivity solutions. The products are manufactured in Bolingbrook, Illinois and Bad Homburg, Germany. The products include:

  • MAS-CON® – Two-piece Insulation Displacement (IDC) Connectors and Headers
  • LAT-CON™ – Lateral Entry Ribbon Cable Connectors and Headers
  • HI-CON™ – DIN 41612 Connectors
  • I/O Connectors – D-Subminiature Connectors
  • PANFLEX™ – Round Conductor Flat Cable
  • Application Tooling
  • Switch-con CSF Switch Connector
  • Power Tap PCB Power Connector
  • Elettro GIBI Terminal Blocks