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Yazaki Corporation is an independent automotive component maker founded in 1941. As well as automotive wire harnesses, their core products for which they command a top share in the global market, they develop and manufacture meters, electronic components and a host of other products for automotive use.

The company’s product lineup includes electrical cables, meter and auto instruments, gas equipment, air-conditioning, and solar-powered systems. As a first tier supplier, Yazaki sells chiefly to auto makers, and, to a lesser extent, electric power, gas, and general construction companies. Yazaki is among the top 100 companies receiving the most US patents


  • Application Specific
    • -Automotive
    • -1.0mm to 6.3mm
    • -Terminals
    • -Wire-to-Wire
  • Cable Assemblies
    • -Application Specific
    • -Heavy Duty
    • -Multi-Conductor
    • -Power/High Voltage
  • Power
    • -High Voltage