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SwitchLab Inc., founded in 1988, is a professional manufacturer of electric machinery switches and terminal blocks in Taiwan. SwitchLab Inc. over the years has constantly developed European type switches, Japanese type terminal blocks, and some of European type terminal blocks to meet market demand. Meanwhile, the electric machinery market is growing up fast.

With over 20 years of experience in the development of electric machinery products, SwitchLab (Deca Switchlab) becomes a leading manufacturer of professional illuminated pushbutton switches, particular switches, & terminal connection in Taiwan. Their products, not only switches but also terminal blocks, dominate more than 50% market share in the industrial field of Taiwan. Based on experienced R&D team & full-integrated production process, they create many new products available on market every year. They are OME/ODM for famous companies worldwide.

Deca’s products dominate more than 50% market share in the industrial field of Taiwan. IBS Electronics distribute Deca full range of products.

  • Products

  • Terminal Blocks
  • Industrial Switches
  • I/O Module

    • Euro Type Terminal Blocks

      Euro Terminal Blocks

    • Barrier Type Terminal Blocks

      Barrier Terminal Blocks

    • Din Rail Terminal Blocks

      Din Rail Terminal Blocks

    • H Terminal Blocks

      H Terminal Blocks

    • With DECA’s Φ22mm switches and pushbuttons in any control design, more and more customers will find the value proposition to adopt these products. Φ22A20 Switch Series

      Φ22A20 Switch

    • Compact pushbuttons Φ22mm

      Compact pushbuttons Φ22mm

    • Φ16ADX Switch Series

      Φ16ADX Switch

    • Compact pushbuttons Φ16mm

      Compact pushbuttons Φ16mm

    • Anti-vandal

      Vandal Resistant Switch

    • Limit Switch Series

      Limit Switch

    • Cam Switch Series

      Cam Switch

    • IDC Connector Module

      IDC Connector Module

    • D-Sub Connector Module

      D-Sub Connector Module

    • Relay Module

      Relay Module

    • Housing


    • Float Level Switch

      Float Level Switch

    • Safety Meter