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Deca Switchlab

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SwitchLab Inc., founded in 1988, is a professional manufacturer of electric machinery switches and terminal blocks in Taiwan. SwitchLab Inc. over the years has constantly developed European type switches, Japanese type terminal blocks, and some of European type terminal blocks to meet market demand. Meanwhile, the electric machinery market is growing up fast.

With over 20 years of experience in the development of electric machinery products, SwitchLab (Deca Switchlab) becomes a leading manufacturer of professional illuminated pushbutton switches, particular switches, & terminal connection in Taiwan. Their products, not only switches but also terminal blocks, dominate more than 50% market share in the industrial field of Taiwan. Based on experienced R&D team & full-integrated production process, they create many new products available on market every year. They are OME/ODM for famous companies worldwide.

Deca’s products dominate more than 50% market share in the industrial field of Taiwan. IBS Electronics is a distributor for Deca’s products including everything from Terminal Blocks, Industrial I/O Modules to Push-buttons and Industrial Switches.


Deca is a leading manufacturer of professional illuminated push-button switches and terminal connectors.


  • Euro Type Terminal Blocks
    Euro Terminal Blocks offer low cost, simplified & fast installation
  • Barrier Type Terminal Blocks
    Barrier Terminal Blocks
    Deca has a wide range of terminal blocks & barrier strips.
  • Din Rail Terminal Blocks
    Din Rail Terminal Blocks
    Deca SwithLab offers a full range of single-level and two-level feed-through screw connection DIN-Rail terminal, test, disconnect and grounding blocks.
  • H Terminal Blocks
    H Terminal Blocks
    Suitable for quick and ease of joining vehicle wiring, boats & caravan wiring, modelling electrics, household lighting, and general power connections
  • IDC Connector Module
    IDC Connector Module
    The IDC connector module provides user a convenient, quickly installed and easily replaced input/output platform of all common PLCs.
  • D-Sub Connector Module
    D-Sub Connector Module
    D-Subminiature connector modules are used in industrial control as a connecting interface between electronic and conventional components.
  • Relay Module
    Relay Module
    The relay modules are utilized as the connecting interface between electronic and conventional components.
  • Housing
    The Component housing modules provide user a convenient, quick installation, and ease of replacement.


    DECA offers various switches and pushbuttons. With DECA's Compact pushbuttons in many control designs, more and more customers find the value to adopt these products. 
  • Φ22A20 Switch Series
    Φ22A20 Switch
  • Compact pushbuttons Φ22mm
    Compact pushbuttons Φ22mm
  • Φ16ADX Switch Series
    Φ16ADX Switch
  • Compact pushbuttons Φ16mm
    Compact pushbuttons Φ16mm
  • Anti-vandal
    Vandal Resistant Switch
  • Limit Switch Series
    Limit Switch
  • Cam Switch Series
    Cam Switch
  • Float Level Switch
    Float Level Switch
  • Safety Meter
    Safety Meter A full range of systems for liquid level measurement for different industries.






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Product List

Part NumberProduct NameMFGQty 
TD1-2241-02TD1-2241-02 Deca SwichLab, Terminal Block 10A 300V, PITCH:7.62mmDeca Switchlab0.00
TD1-2241-04TD1-2241-04 Deca SwichLab Terminal Block 4POS 10A 300V 7.62MM PC BoardDeca Switchlab0.00
TD1-2241-08TD1-2241-04 Deca SwichLab Terminal Block 8POS 10A 300V 7.62MM PC BoardDeca Switchlab0.00
MC101-50003MC101-50003 Deca SwichLab Female Header 3P Pitch 5mmDeca Switchlab0.00
CT04-KS1CT04-KS1 Deca SwichLab Terminal Block 14x15mmDeca Switchlab0.00
T32-BS11-12T32-BS11-12 Deca SwichLab Connector 15A 300V 12PDeca Switchlab0.00
T32-BW12-02T32-BW12-02 Deca SwichLab 2Pole Terminal Block PCBDeca Switchlab0.00
MB310-750M03MB310-750M03 Deca SwichLab Green Screw terminal 3.30 mm2 Number of pins 3Deca Switchlab0.00
TD1-1241-04TD1-1241-04 Deca SwichLab Terminal Block 4POS 10A 300VDeca Switchlab0.00
MC601-35020MC601-35020 Deca SwichLab Terminal Block 20 PosDeca Switchlab0.00
MC601-35026MC601-35026 Deca SwichLab Connector BlockDeca Switchlab0.00
T25-BM11-04T25-BM11-04 Deca SwichLab Terminal Block, 4PoleDeca Switchlab0.00
CPE-10CPE-10 Deca SwichLab Screw Ground Terminal BlockDeca Switchlab0.00
CDU-2.5CDU-2.5 Deca SwichLab Screw Clamp Terminal BlockDeca Switchlab0.00
MOH-10MOH-10 Deca SwichLab Connector IDC 10 Position PlugDeca Switchlab0.00
MOH-50MOH-50 Deca SwichLab Connector IDC 50 Position PlugDeca Switchlab0.00
MOH-64MOH-64 Deca SwichLab Connector IDC 64 Position PlugDeca Switchlab0.00
MOH-30MOH-30 Deca SwichLab Connector IDC 30 Position PlugDeca Switchlab0.00
D16LAT1-1ABD16LAT1-1AB Deca SwichLab 16mm Pushbutton SwitchDeca Switchlab0.00
D16-LAR1-1ABD16-LAR1-1AB Deca SwichLab Switch, 18mm Round, SPDTDeca Switchlab0.00
D16LMR1-1ABD16LMR1-1AB Deca SwichLab Pushbutton SwitchDeca Switchlab0.00
D16LAS1-1ABD16LAS1-1AB DECA Pushbutton Switch SPST Alternate Neon Lamp= AC220V or 110VDeca Switchlab0.00
D16PLT1-000D16PLT1-000 Deca SwichLab Small Indicator LightDeca Switchlab0.00
ME050-76209ME050-76209 Deca SwichLab Terminal Block 9PDeca Switchlab0.00
MB310-750M02MB310-750M02 Deca SwichLab Screw Terminal Block 2PDeca Switchlab0.00
12161981216198 Deca SwichLab Screw Terminal Block 2PDeca Switchlab0.00
P16LMS2-1ABP16LMS2-1AB Deca Push Button SwitchDeca Switchlab0.00
F13S1-1210NFS000F13S1-1210NFS000 DECA SwitchLab Vandal Resistant IP64 SwitchDeca Switchlab0.00
50-004-2450-004-23 DECA LED Lamp 24VDCDeca Switchlab0.00
50-011-1250-011-12 Deca Protection CapDeca Switchlab0.00
P16LMT1-1ABOWP16LMT1-1AB DECA Push Button SwitchDeca Switchlab0.00
ME030-38105ME030-38105 Deca PCB Terminal Strip 5 PosDeca Switchlab0.00
P16LMT1-1ABKRP16LMT1-1ABKR DECA Push Button SwitchDeca Switchlab0.00
P16LMT-1ABK1RP16LMT-1ABK1R Deca Pushbutton SwitchDeca Switchlab0.00
P16LMT-1ABK1WP16LMT-1ABK1W Deca Pushbutton SwitchDeca Switchlab0.00
MC101-50002MC101-50002 DECA Connector 2PosDeca Switchlab0.00
C1S04-MC11R-H10/001C1S04-MC11R-H10/001 Deca PushbuttonDeca Switchlab500.00
ME040-250-16PME040-25016P Deca SwitchLab Terminal Block 16PDeca Switchlab0.00
MPC300-250-16PMPC300-250-16P DECA SwitchLab Terminal Block 16PDeca Switchlab0.00
ME040-50002ME040-50002 Deca SwitchLab Connector Header 2PosDeca Switchlab0.00
MB310-500M02MB310-500M02 Deca SwichLab Screw Terminal Block 2PDeca Switchlab0.00
MB310-500M03MB310-500M03 Deca SwichLab Screw Terminal Block 3PDeca Switchlab0.00
MA522-500M02MA522-500M02 Deca SwichLab Screw Terminal Block 2PDeca Switchlab0.00
MA522-500M03MA522-500M02 Deca SwichLab Screw Terminal Block 3PDeca Switchlab0.00
11922221192222 Deca Buzzer 12V 18mm x 39mmDeca Switchlab0.00
ADA16-BADA16-B Deca Contact UnitDeca Switchlab0.00