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Fair-Rite Products – Passive Components

Fair-Rite ProductsFair-Rite Products Corporation, founded in 1952, began ferrite production in 1953. Private Company, Headquarters Location PO Box J, Wallkill, NY 12589, United States.

Over the years the product line has developed into an extensive array of shapes and materials. Fair-Rite Products Corp., a ISO/TS 16949 registered company, is a leading, full line ferrite component manufacturer. Fair-Rite is known for utilizing innovative processes and materials. Fair-Rite offers a wide variety of components and engineering design support for EMI suppression and power applications. Their components for EMI suppression include split round and flat cable snap-on suppression cores, surface mount beads, and PC board suppressor cores.

For over 60 years Fair-Rite Products Corp. has been Your Signal Solution, offering a comprehensive line of ferrite products for EMI suppression, power applications, and RFID antennas. EMI suppression components range includes split round and flat cable snap-on suppression cores, surface mount beads, and PC board suppressor cores. Fair-Rite is ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified. Custom manufacturing, prototype development, and engineering assistance are available.

IBS Electronics is a Fair-Rite Asia authorized distributor. As a ISO 9001:2015 & AS9120B certified distributor of electronic components you can trust IBS Electronics, Philippines to offer you the best prices on Fair-Rite’s components and the highest level of quality assurance in the industry.

Fair-Rite Products Lines:
Board Components
  • Solder Profile
  • EMI Suppression Beads
  • Beads on Leads
  • PC Beads (Through Hole)
  • PC Beads (Surface Mount)
  • Wound Beads
  • Multi-Aperture Cores
  • SM Beads (Differential Mode)
  • SM Beads (Common-Mode)
  • Chip Beads
  • Chip Arrays
  • Chip Inductors
Engineering Kits Cable Components
  • Round Cable EMI Suppression Cores
  • Round Cable Snap-Its
  • Split Round Cable EMI Suppressor Cores
  • Flat Cable EMI Suppression Cores
  • Flat Cable Cores Assembly Clips
  • Flat Cable Snap-Its
  • Connector EMI Suppression Plates
  • Miscellaneous Suppression Cores
  • Absorber Tiles
Inductive Components
  • Open Magnetic Circuit
    • Rods
    • Rod Information
    • Antenna/RFID Rods
    • Tack Bobbin Cores
    • Bobbins
  • Closed Magnetic Circuit
    • Toroids
    • Pot Cores
    • E Cores
    • I Cores
    • ETD Cores
    • U Cores
    • PQ Cores
    • EP Cores
  • EMI Shielded Beads - Cases
  • EMI Shielded Beads - Leaded
  • Inductor/Ferrite Kits
Fair-Rite Products :

Fair-Rite Products Catalog





Application industries for Fair-Rite products include the medical, lighting, automotive, communication, aerospace, defense, energy, and industrial markets.

Ferrites, or magnetic oxides, have a long and rich history in practical applications. From the discovery of stones that could attract iron, to their use for locating the magnetic North, the practical uses of ferrites are always evolving. Today, the application of ferrites in the electronic circuitry keeps growing. This is due to ferrites’ range of geometries, improvements to material characteristics, and cost-effectiveness.




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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
2743015112 Fair-Rite 2743015112 Ferrite Beads Axial 82Ohm 100MHz T/R3000.0500
2743005112Fair-Rite 2743005112 EMI Filter Bead 43 BEAD ON LEAD Z=91 OHM @ 100MHz3,7500.1900
2743003112Fair-Rite 2743003112 Ferrite Bead 100 Ohm @ 100 MHz Axial3,5000.1900
2743002112Fair-Rite 2743002112 Ferrite Bead 133 Ohms 100MHz Axial15,3000.0600
27430021112743002111 Fair-Rite Ferrite Beads 133Ohm 100MHz Axial8,7500.2500
2673000101Fair-Rite 2673000101 Ferrite Cylindrical Core Bead 3.25mm 3.5mm1040.0900
2643804502Fair-Rite 2643804502 FERRITE CORE, CYLINDRICAL, 100 OHM/100MHZ, 300MHZ291.3200
26431020022643102002 Fair-Rite Ferrite Cable Cores 43 Round Cable Core Z= 235 OMH @100 MHz231.5800
2643000701Fair-Rite 2643000701 Ferrite Core Bead 12.7mm 3.5mm Suppression Component660.0500
2508055007Y0Fair-Rite 2508055007Y0 Ferrite Chip Bead 50 Ohm 25% 100 MHz 300mA 08058,0000.0540
2506036007Z0Fair-Rite 2506036007Z0 Multi-Layer Ferrite Bead 60 Ohm 450mA SMD 06034,0000.2000
2643013801FAIR-RITE 2643013801 BEAD .138OD .07ID .16HT3350.1500
5961004101FAIR-RITE 5961004101 TOROID .5 O.D .32 I.D980.5000
2594FAIRITE 2594 5961004101 TOROID FAIR-RITE00.5000
0443164151Fair-Rite 0443164151 EMI Supression for Cable Snap-On Ferrite2,3973.2500
0443167251Fair-Rite 0443167251 Snap-Its Clamp On Core Round Cable Snap- Its1,9101.9800
04441642810444164281 Fair-Rite Ferrite Clamp On Cores BB Freq 43&44 Mat 270Ohm @250MHz Round6961.5000
27430011122743001112 Fair-Rite Ferrite Beads 68Ohm 100MHz Axial00.0000
2743009112Fair-Rite 2743009112 EMI Filter Bead on Lead Z = 220 Ohms @ 100 MHz 13.8mm 3.5mm460.2000
2744051447 FAIR-RITE 2744051447 Ferrite Bead 230 ohm 5A00.5800
4077374511Fair-Rite 4077374511 Ferrite Rod 1.37" x 0.376"8000.5500
2643666611Fair-Rite 2643666611 Ferrite Core Toroids / Ferrite Rings1000.6000
0J42510ECMagnetics 0J42510EC E 25/10/6 CORE200.4300
2580FAIR-RITE 2673001601 FERRITE BEADS .14 O.D .07ID .122H00.0600
2643167851FAIR-RITE 2643167851 SHIELD BEAD SUPPRESSION CORE02.3000
2643102402FAIR-RITE 2643102402 Core, Suppression02.5000
2541FERRITE BEAD 2643804502 Core, Suppression; 60 ohms01.1000
443164151Fair-Rite 0443164151 Ferrite Snap-On Suppressor Core 29mm03.6700
27730194472773019447 Fair-Rite Ferrite Bead 40OHM 25MHZ 5A T/R ROHS00.0000
2675665702FAIR-RITE 2675665702 FERRITE CABLE CORES 75 ROUND CABLE00.0000
2548FAIRITE 2643666611 BEAD00.6000
444164281444164281 Fair-Rite SNAP IT ASSY 53E03.9300
27430051112743005111 Fair-Rite BEAD ON LEAD Z=90 OHM @ 250MHz00.1000
0443164251FAIR-RITE 0443164251 Split Core Ferrite 6.3MM 275 Ohms @ 250 MHz6,0561.8000
2508053017Y3Fair-Rite 2508053017Y3 FERRITE BEADS MULTI-LAYER 300 Ohms 25% 100MHz 3A 50MOHM DCR 0805 RoHS00.4000
0443164051Fair-Rite 0443164051, Ferrite Core Flat Cable Snap-Its 32.3mm 80.8mm 16.2mm03.2000
2537FAIR-RITE 2643013801 43 EMI Suppression Bead00.1000
2596FAIR-RITE 2643000701 BEAD Z=120 OHM @ 100MHz00.0700
2621FAIR-RITE 2743002112 BEAD LF Z=133OHM @ 100MHz00.1100
2514 FAIR-RITE 2743015112 FERRITE CORE, CYLINDRICAL, 82OHM/100MHZ, 300MHZ00.2000
27445555777 FAIR-RITE 2744555577 FERRITE BEAD, 0.0062OHM, 5A00.0000
2506031217Y02506031217Y0 Fair-Rite, Ferrite Beads Multi-Layer 120Ohm 25% 100MHz 150mA SMD 060328,0000.0150
04438064060443806406 Fair-Rite Ferrite Core Round Cable Snap-Its 34.3mm 21.2mm 30mm1,2000.0000
FT-50B-43FT-50B-43 Fair-Rite Ferrite Toroid Core00.0000
2508056017Y02508056017Y0 Fair-Rite Ferrite Beads 0.35OHM, 300mA, 080500.1000
26466264022646626402 Fair-Rite Ferrite Core Round Cable 46 170Ohm01.1200
2643626402FAIR-RITE 2643626402 FERRITE CORE, CYLINDRICAL, 196OHM/100MHZ, 300MHZ00.0000
2508051217Y02508051217Y0 Bead, Chip 120 Ohms 25% @ 100 MHz; 0.3 Ohms; 1 MHz to 1 GHz SMD12,0000.0000
04461642810446164281 Fair-Rite Ferrite Core Round Cable Snap-Its 46 235Ohm00.0000
59750076015975007601 Fair-Rite Ferrite Toroid Core 12.7mm 22.1mm00.0000
29616666712961666671 Fair-Rite Ferrite 61 Wound Beads Z=780 OHM @100MHz00.4000
26311020022631102002 Fair-Rite Ferrite Core Round Cable 31 260Ohm01.9000
27430041122743004112 Fair-Rite Ferrite Bead 110Ohm 100MHz Axial00.1000
27520454472752045447 Fair-Rite Ferrite Bead 58Ohm 100MHz 5A 1.4mOhm00.0000
26430001012643000101 Fair-Rite Ferrite Core Bead 43 40Ohm00.0000
26315402022631540202 Fair-Rite Ferrite Core Round Cable 31 140Ohm RoHS00.0000
26430013012643001301 Fair-Rite Ferrite Cable Cores 43 Shield Bead 48ohm @ 100MHz00.1000
28610024022861002402 Fair-Rite Ferrite Core Multi-Aperture Core 61 160nH 80Ohm00.0000
26430015012643001501 Fair-Rite Ferrite Core Bead 43 35Ohm00.0000
04441739510444173951 Fair-Rite Ferrite Core Round Cable Snap-Its 44 150Ohm00.0000
046117645046117645 Fair-Rite Cable Accessories Round Cable Snap-It00.0000
04611764510461176451 Fair Rite Round Cable Snap-Its00.0000
04311649510431164951 Fair-Rite Ferrite Core Round Cable Snap-Its 31 280Ohm2,0580.0000
26315400022631540002 Fair-Rite Ferrite Cable Core00.0000
2508051217Y62508051217Y6 Fair-Rite Ferrite Bead 6A SMD 080500.0000
27610214472761021447 Fair-Rite Ferrite Bead 2-SMD00.0000
26432504022643250402 Fair-Rite Ferrite Bead Round Cable3,2000.0000
26311800512631180051 Fair-Rite Ferrite Core Solid Round00.0000
2518121217Y32518121217Y3 Fair-Rite Ferrite Bead 120 Ohm 3000mA SMD 181200.0000
26311030022631103002 Fair-Rite Ferrite Round Core00.0000
27430151112743015111 Fair-Rite Ferrite Bead 100MHz 82 Ohms Axial00.0000
26316250022631625002 Fair-Rite Ferrite Cylindrical Core 130ohm 100MHz00.0000
28430001022843000102 Fair-Rite Ferrite Core Length 13.34mm00.0000
28430104022843010402 Fair-Rite Ferrite Core 200Ohm Length 19.43mm00.0000
431164181431164181 Fair-Rite Ferrite Core Round Cable Snap-Its 31-Material00.0000