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Mini-Circuits – MiniCircuits

Mini-Circuits is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of RF, IF, and microwave components and integrated modules covering the DC to 40 GHz band, for commercial, industrial, space, and military applications, including: WiMax, CATV, Cellular Wireless, RFID, Medical Equipment, Test Equipment, Receivers, Transmitters Aerospace, Mil-Spec and Satellite applications. With product lines representing thousands of off-the-shelf and custom models, Mini-Circuits offers the world’s largest variety of over 10,000 signal processing products.

Mini-Circuits offers adapters, amplifiers, attenuators, bias tees, cables, couplers, custom assemblies, DC blocks, designer kits, electronic line stretchers, filters, frequency mixers, frequency multipliers, impedance matching pads, limiters, modulators/demodulators, oscillators, phase detectors, phase shifters, portable test equipment, power detectors, power splitters/combiners, RF chokes, switches, synthesizers, terminations, and RF/IF transformers.