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API Delevan- Passive Components

API Delevan is one of the largest U.S. manufacturers of inductors, chokes, and coils that support a wide variety of markets and applications, including military, aerospace, avionics, medical, and telecom. API Delevan products meet industry standards, are application specific, and RoHS compliant.
API Delevan’s strategy and commitment is to work closely with our customers, invest heavily in R&D, continually introduce new reliable designs, manufacture to the highest automation levels obtainable, and provide exceptional customer service with speed and flexibility.
AIP Delevan’s products are designed to meet the highest quality standards as evidenced by the accreditation of their MIL-PRF-39010, ‘R’ failure rate. No other company in the world maintains this highest industry standard, and it is back by over 250 million test unit hours.


  • RF Inductors
  • Power Inductors
  • EMI/RFI Suppressors
  • Transformers




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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
1812R-101K API Delevan 1812R-101K Inductor 100nH 0 0.7400
SP1812R-102K API Delevan SP1812R-102K Inductor 1uH 0 4.4500
SP1812R-104K API Delevan SP1812R-104K Inductor 100uH 0 6.6300
1812R-105J API Delevan 1812R-105J Inductors 1000uH 0 1.1300
EMI1812R-125 API Delevan EMI1812R-125 EMI Filter Beads, Chips & Arrays 0 0.3700
812R-152J API Delevan 1812R-152J Inductors 1.5uH 0 1.1300
S1812R-153K API Delevan S1812R-153K Inductor 15uH 0 3.1600
SP1812R-154K API Delevan SP1812R-154K Inductors 150uH 0 3.3600
1812R-473J API Delevan 1812R-473J Inductors 47uH 0 0.7300
1812R-182JTR API Delevan 1812R-182JTR Inductors 1.8uH 0 2.0800
1812R-183JTR API Delevan 1812R-183JTR RF Inductor 18uH 5% 1,880 2.1000
SP1812R-184K API Delevan SP1812R-184K Inductors 180uH 0 3.3600
SP1812R-222K API Delevan SP1812R-222K Inductor 2.2uH 0 3.5700
S1812R-223K API Delevan S1812R-223K Inductors 22uH 0 4.4600
S1812R-271K API Delevan S1812R-271K Inductors .27uH 0 3.0000
SP1812R-332K API Delevan SP1812R-332K Inductors 3.3uH 0 3.3600
1812R-394J API Delevan 1812R-394J Inductors 390uH 0 1.1700
P1812R-563K API Delevan P1812R-563K Inductor 56uH 10% 0 2.5600
P1812R-682K API Delevan P1812R-682K Inductors 6.8uH 0 1.4500
1812R-684K API Delevan 1812R-684K Inductors 680uH 0 0.9000
1812R-823J API Delevan 1812R-823J Inductor 82uH 0 1.1600
1812R-824J API Delevan 1812R-824J Inductors 820uH 0 1.1600
1331-562K API Delevan 1331-562K Inductor 5.6uH 10% 100 3.3000
1331-122K API Delavan 1331-122K Inductor 1.2 UH 10% 0 2.1800
S1812-822K API Delavan S1812-822K Fixed Inductor 8.2uH 10% 50 0.5000
PT10-530 API DELEVAN PT10-530 Inductor 10uH 15% 100 3.9900