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Burndy Mechanical Tooling- Mechanical Components


BURNDY® was founded July 19, 1924 under the name of BURNDY® Engineering Company in Brooklyn, New York. The BURNDY® name is an acronym for the founder, Dr. Bern Dibner. BURNDY® remained family-owned until 1988 when it was obtained by FCI, a French-based connector manufacturer primarily known within the nuclear field. November 2005, FCI was acquired by Bain Capital. In October of 2009, the BURNDY® segment only was acquired by HUBBELL. BURNDY® is now part of the HUBBELL Electrical Systems family of companies, Hubbell is on the New York Stock Exchange; the symbol is HUB.B.

BURNDY® is headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire, and has 3 US manufacturing sites along with one each in Mexico and Brazil. With a long history of engineering excellence along with top notch customer and technical service, BURNDY® has factory-direct sales representatives along with top manufacturers’ representatives. We offer high quality, competitively priced connectors, wiring accessories and installation tooling that have solved connection problems for over 85 years.


  • Mechanical
  • Compression
  • Tooling
  • Accessories
  • Implo
  • Weldment
  • Wejtap
  • Burndy, Battery Tools
  • Burndy, Cable Ties
  • Burndy, Cable Ties
  • Burndy, Clamps - Dead Ending
  • Burndy, Coax Fitting
  • Burndy, Compounds & Sealants - Anti-Condensation,
  • Burndy, Connectors - Clamp Type (Electric)
  • Burndy, Connectors - Molded Rubber
  • Burndy, Connectors - Split Bolt
  • Burndy, Connectors - Telecommunications
  • Burndy, Connectors and Fittings - Substation
  • Burndy, Grounding - Clamps, Fittings & Rods
  • Burndy, Grounding - Clamps, Fittings & Rods
  • Burndy, Hydraulic Tools
  • Burndy, Lineman's Tools
  • Burndy, Lugs, Cable
  • Burndy, Portable Tools
  • Burndy, Terminations and Splices - 601 Volts and A
  • Cable - Grips
  • Cable Installation Equipment
  • Connectors
  • Hand Tools
  • Insulators and Hardware
  • Substations - High Voltage


• Portable generators
• Transportation (trains, people movers and large transport vehicles)
• Switchgear
• Wind turbines (Nacelle grounding)
• Substations (jumpers between equipment)
• Fence post grounding (grounds gate-post to gate)
• Power/equipment jumpers
• Preassembled leads with connectors already installed
Because many of the applications that are suitable for braid are unique, BURNDY can custom-engineer and design  Braid Assemblies to your specifications.

Burndy mechanical Tools:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum



Uninsulated Connectors for Aluminum Conductors (including Dual Rated Connectors) Burndy Mechanical Tooling Characteristics:

  • Insulated
  • Insulated Connectors for Aluminum Conductors (including Dual Rated Connectors)
  • Uninsulated
  • Uninsulated Connectors for Aluminum Conductors (including Dual Rated Connectors)



Burndy Mechanical Tooling Specifications:
  • Lay in QIKLUGS

    Dual Rated Lay in Lugs
  • Aluminium H-Tap connector

    H-Tap Connectors
  • Dual Rated Stacking Terminals

    Dual Rated Stacking Terminals
  • Dual Rated Terminal

    Dual Rated Unisulated Terminals
  • Grounding

    Uninsulated Water Pipe Grounding Clamps Water Pipe Ground Clamps (Dual Rated)
  • Hot Line Bails

    Hot Line Bails
  • Riser Tap

    Riser Taps
  • Splice 

    Uninsulated Splices
  • Split Bolts

    Dual Rated Uninsulated Split Bolts
  • Stacking Block

    Dual Rated Stacking Blocks
  • Substation

    Connectors for Substation Applications 

    Bolted - Cable or Tube to Bar , Bolted - Cable to Terminal , Bolted - T-Connector Cable to Cable , Bolted - T-Connector Cable to Tube , Bolted - T-Connector Tubing and Tubing
  • Transformer Lug Kit1

    Transformer Lug Kits
  • Transformer Lug Kit2

    Transformer Lug Kits


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Product List

Part Number Product Name MFG Qty  
YA272N Burndy YA272N Terminal Lug 2 Hole Type for 3/0 AWG Wire Burndy 171.00
SMS20M1TK6 SMS20M-1TK6 Burndy / Hubbell Terminal Lug Burndy 6,000.00
D12-23B43 Burndy D12-23B43 Dual Row Header 12 Position (2 x 6) Through Hole 0.1" Spacing Burndy 499.00
CT120400L BURNDY CT120400L Natural Unirap Nylon Cable Tie 4" Length Burndy 20,000.00
CT120400L00 CT120400L00 Burndy / FCI UV Black Nylon Cable Tie Length: 15" Burndy 19,950.00
CT175600Q Burndy CT175600Q Natural Nylon 6/6 Cable Tie 21" Long 0.35" Wide Burndy 5,000.00
CT175600Q00 CT175600Q00 Burndy / FCI UV Black Nylon Cable Tie 6/6 UNIRAP Cable Tie 175 LBS 21" L 0.35" W Mil Spec Burndy 9,999.00
CT18075C00 Burndy / FCI CT18075C00 Black Nylon Cable Ties 4" UNIRAP 18LBS MS3367-4-0 Burndy 20,000.00
CT30125C00 CT30125C00 FCI / Burndy UV Resistant Black Nylon Cable Tie 6" Burndy 9,000.00
CT50175MH10C Burndy / FCI CT50175MH10C Screw Mount Natural Nylon Cable Tie 8.5" Long Burndy 10,000.00
CT50300C00 Burndy CT50300C00 Black Nylon Cable Tie Weather Resistant Length: 11.76" Mil Spec : MS3367-7-0 Burndy 20,000.00
CT50400C00 Burndy CT50400C00 15.5IN Nylon Cable Tie Burndy 499.00
CTB125RA2C Burndy CTB125RA2C White Nylon Cable Tie Mounting Base 1.125" Square Burndy 9,964.00
107-103-1AM1 BURNDY 107-103-1AM1 Female DB-9 Connector Right Angle Through Hole Mount Burndy 711.00
YS25LBOX Burndy YS25LBOX Butt Splice Crimp for 1/0 AWG Wire Burndy 100.00
YA28LBOX Burndy YA28LBOX Copper Terminal Lug 4/0 AWG Burndy 3.00
SMS12P1 Souriau SMS12P1 Connector Housing 12 Pins 4 Rows Rectangular Burndy 1,741.00
YAV28LTC38FX45 Burndy YAV28LTC38FX45 Compression Lug for 4/0 wire 45 Degrees 3/8" Stud Size Burndy 100.00
YAV4C-L2TC14-FX Burndy YAV4C-L2TC14-FX Short Barrel Copper Lug 4 Flex 1/4" Burndy 0.00
YA6CL2TC14 BURNDY YA6CL-2TC14 Copper Compression Lug, 2 Hole with Inspection Window, 6 AWG, 1/4" Stud, 5/8" Stud Hole Spacing, Short Barrel, Tin Plated Burndy 0.00
YA6CLBOX BURNDY YA6CLBOX Copper Compression Lug, 1 Hole with Inspection Window, 6 AWG, 1/4" Stud, Short Barrel, Tin Plated Burndy 0.00
YA4CLBOX Burndy YA4CLBOX Compression Lug, Copper, 1 Hole 1/4", 4 AWG Burndy 0.00
YAV27L-TC38-FX-45 Burndy YAV27L-TC38-FX-45 Large Ring Lug Terminal CUHYDENT-3/0FLX-3/8-45DG RoHS Burndy 25.00
YA34LTC38FX YA34L-TC38-FX Burndy Copper Compression Lug, # 2 AWG, 1 Hole, 1/4" Stud Burndy 0.00
YAV2CLTC10FX YAV2CLTC10FX BURNDY Lug Hylug 1 Hole, #10 Stud, #2 AWG 1.50" Burndy 0.00