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IBS Electronics has been a leader in crystal and oscillator distribution for more than three decades. We have and extensive line card that offers our customers the industry’s finest manufacturers of high quality frequency control components. These premier lines along with IBS’s expertise can help provide you with the correct component for all of your timing and frequency control applications.

IBS Electronics has developed relationships with several key manufactures in the industry becoming their franchised distributors. Some of these manufacturers include BeckElec, HK Crystals, Hosonic, Micro Crystal, NDK.

These items can be found at our IBS Store or by selecting one of the manufacturers below for Product Information and Request for Quote.

BeckElec headquartered in Phoenix, AZ , is a high quality manufacturer of XO,VCXO, TCXO, and OCXO’s from DC to 1GHz that are ideal for use in RF telecommunications, Stratum and SONET telephone switches, synthesizers, GPS, test and measurement and avionic applications as they provide low phase noise, miniature packaging at competitive prices.

Their Range of Products Include:

• HK Crystal
• Quartz Crystal – MHz
• Quartz Crystal kHz
• Clock Oscillator
• Real Time Clock – DTCXO

Hosonic is now one of the leading professional crystal resonators and crystal oscillators manufacturers in the world, dedicated in Dip and SMD type of crystal and oscillator’s R&D, production and sales.

Hosonic Group, now, is one of the leading professional crystal resonators and crystal oscillators manufacturers in the world. We have devoted to the research, design, manufacture and sale of dual inline package (DIP) and surface mount device (SMD) quartz crystals since 1979.

Micro Crystal AG is a leading manufacturer of Miniature Tuning Fork Quartz Crystals(32kHz to 250MHz), Real Time Clocks, Oscillators and OCXOs for the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile phones, consumer products, computers, automobile electronics, watches, industrial controls, as well as medical implantable devices and other high-reliability product applications.

• 32.768 kHz Quartz Crystals
• 32.768 kHz Oscillator
• Real Time Clock Modules
• Oscillators & MHz Crystals

NDK Manufactures and supplies highly accurate, high reliability crystal products using advanced technology and thorough quality control.

NDK’s Range of Crystal Oscillators includes the following:

• Crystal Unit
• Crystal clock oscillator
• SPXO (Simple Packaged Crystal Oscillator)
• TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator)
• VCXO (Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators)
• FCXO (Frequency Controlled Crystal Oscillator)
• High precision oscillator (OCXO / Twin-OCXO / Twin- DCXO)
• Crystal Filter
• SAQ Device
• Synthetic Quartz Crystal / Crystal Blank / Optical Component
• Ultrasonic Probe (transducer)
• Bio Sensor
• Frequency Synthesize
• Signal Generator

In addition to our franchise lines we actively stock and order parts from the following manufacturers:


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