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Samwha – Passive Components

During the last half century, Samwha Capacitor Group has been faithfully performing its role as the ‘ Seed Company ‘ for the development of Korea electronics industry and has become a global leading company for establishing on-site production and sales subsidiaries in eleven sites in eight nations all over the world. Samwha Capacitor Group is realizing its another vision is to go beyond the leading global company and develop as the value-creating company for the humankind and natural environment.



  • Capacitor
  • Electric
  • Electronics
  • Tecom
  • JCC




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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
CKB2H222K08FK5 SAMWHA CKB2H222K08FK5 CAPACITOR 2200PF 500V 10% 1,000 0.1200
1RG1VWB477MAP SAMWHA 1RG1VWB477MAP10020 AMMO PACK 375 0.2100
RD2W106M12020PL159 SAMWHA RD2W106M12020PL159 Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 10uF 450V 20% 105C Radial 125 1.0000
WL1E108M12020 Samwha WL1E108M12020 Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 1000uF 25V 20% 105C Radial 15 0.5500


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