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Sincera Technology – Passive Components

Sincera Technology Corporation was involved in the R&D, manufacture and sale of ceramic electronic components for the electronics and electrical engineering industries. Sincera is now a brand owned by Walsin Technologies.

Sincera Technology products include Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (MLCC), Chip Resistors and Arrays, RF Devices and High Frequency Inductors, High Frequency Components (including Antennas and Filters), Common Mode Filters, EMI and ESD Filters, Varistors, and Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistors.

Founded in 1992, Walsin Technology Corporation specializes in the production of passive components. The company’s product lines include multiple-layer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs), chip resistors and arrays, LTCC high frequency components (including antennas and filters), multi-layer common mode filters, EMI and ESD filters, varistors, and positive temperature coefficient resistors. Today, Walsin is the largest Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) manufacturer in the Greater China Area and the 4th largest in the world.