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Vishay Dale discrete semiconductors – Passive Components

Vishay has grown through acquisition to include such top names in discrete electronic components as Dale, Sfernice, Draloric, Sprague, Vitramon, Siliconix, General Semiconductor, BCcomponents, and Beyschlag.

Through continued research and acquisitions, Vishay has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components. Vishay’s portfolio of brands represents an unmatched collection of discrete semiconductors, passive components, integrated modules, stress sensors, and transducers. All of these brands and products are part of one global manufacturer: Vishay 

Vishay offer a wide number of product types:

  • Semiconductors: MOSFETs, ICs, Diodes and rectifiers; Optoelectronics.
  • Passive Components: Resistors; Inductors & other magnetics and Capacitors.

Vishay components are used in virtually all types of electronic devices and equipment, in the industrial, computer, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, and medical markets. Vishay has its own subbrands: 

 Vishay Angstrohm
Vishay Aztronic
Vishay BCcomponents
Vishay Beyschlag
Vishay BLH
Vishay Celtron
Vishay Cera-Mite
Vishay Dale
Vishay Draloric
Vishay Electro-Films
Vishay ESTA
Vishay Foil Resistors
Vishay Measurements Group
Vishay Micro-Measurements
Vishay Nobel
Vishay Roederstein
Vishay Semiconductors
Vishay Sensortronics
Vishay Sfernice
Vishay Siliconix
Vishay Spectrol
Vishay Sprague
Vishay Techno
Vishay Tedea-Huntleigh
Vishay Thin Film
Vishay Transducers
Vishay Ultronix
Vishay Vitramon


Analog multiplexers
Analog switches
DC/DC converters
FETs, small-signal
Hybrids & substrates
Integrated modules
IR emitting diodes
IR receiver modules
IR touch panels
Load cells 
Motion transducers

Optical sensors
Photo detectors
PhotoStress® Plus
IrDA® transceivers
Power ICs)
R/C networks
Resistors, discrete
Resistors, variable
RF transceivers
Solid state relays
Strain gages
Test & measurements
Transistors, RF & AF
Weighing systems
Resistor networks




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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
IHLP2525CZER3R3M51Vishay/Dale IHLP2525CZER3R3M51 Coil Inductor01.9300
WSL2512R1000FEAVishay / Dale WSL2512R1000FEA Resistor 0 .1Ohms 1%00.2600
WSL2512R1287FBAVishay / Dale WSL2512R1287FBA Resistor 0.1287 Ohm 1%00.0000
WSL2512R1510FEAVishay / Dale WSL2512R1510FEA Resistor 0.151Ohm 1% SMD 251201.1500
WSL-2512 R15 5% R8Vishay / Dale WSL2512 R15 5% Resistor .150 Ohms SMD 251200.0000
WSL2512R1620FTBVishay / Dale WSL2512R1620FTB Current Sense Resistor 0.162ohms 1% SMD 251201.1500
WSL2512R2000FEAVishay / Dale WSL2512R2000FEA Current Sense Resistor 1W 0.2 Ohms 1% SMD 25123000.9200
WSL2512R2400FEBVishay / Dale WSL2512R2400FEB Resistor 240M OHM 1% 1W 75PPM/C SMD 251200.0000
WSL2512R2700FEAVishay / Dale WSL2512R2700FEA Current Sense Resistors 0.27ohms 1% 1W SMD 251201.1500
WSL2512R2740FEBVishay / Dale WSL2512R2740FEB Resistor 0.274ohms 1% SMD 251201.1500
WSL2512R3000FEAVishay / Dale WSL2512R3000FEA Resistor 0.3 Ohm 1% 1W SMD 251200.9200
RCWL2512R430JNTAVishay / Dale RCWL2512R430JNTA Thick Film Resistor .43ohms 5% SMD 251201.5000
WSL2512R4700FEAVishay / Dale WSL2512R4700FEA Current Sense Resistor 0.47ohms 1% SMD 251201.1500
WSL2512R5110FTBVishay / Dale WSL2512R5110FTB Current Sense Resistors 1watt .511ohms 1%00.8000
RCWE2512R620FKEAVishay / Dale RCWE2512R620FKEA Resistor Thick Film 0.62 Ohm SMD 251201.8500
RCWL2512R680JNTA Vishay / Dale RCWL2512R680JNTA Thick Film Resistors 1watt .68ohms 5% 200ppm03.8800
RCWE2512R910FKEAVishay / Dale RCWE2512R910FKEA Current Sense Resistors - SMD 2watts .91ohms 1% 100ppm01.8500
CW0013R180KE70Vishay / Dale CW0013R180KE70 RESISTOR 3.18 OHM 10% 1W 50PPM/C AXIAL00.2500
CW0013R200JE12 Vishay / Dale CW0013R200JE12 RESISTOR 3.2 OHM 5% 1W 50PPM/C AXIAL01.0000
WSC00013R300FEBVishay / Dale WSC00013R300FEB Wirewound Resistors - SMD 3.3ohms 1watt 1%01.1900
199D226X9025DA1Vishay / Sprague 199D226X9025DA1 Tantalum Capacitor 22uF 25V 10% Radial1,0001.8000
IMC1812-56MHVishay / Dale IMC1812-56-10% Fixed Inductor 56uH 10% 0.135A SMD 18126000.4500
M39014/01-1317DALE M39014/01-1317 Capacitors 0.001uF 200VDC X7R 10% Radial290.8600
RN60D8060FDALE RN60D8060F Resistor 806 OHMS 1/4W 1% 0.25W 300V Axial800.1900
RNC50H4021FSDALE RNC50H4021FS Resistor Metal Film 4.02K Ohm 1% Axial200.3800
41R1503Vishay / Dale RN50C1503F Metal Film Resistor 150k Ohms 50mW 1% Axial5500.3000
RN55D78R7FDALE RN55D78R7F Resistors 1/8watt 78.7ohms 1%2000.0800
RNC55H2261FSDALE RNC55H2261FS Resistor 2.26KOhm 1/10W 1% Axial800.2900
RN55D10R0FDALE RN55D10R0F Metal Film Resistor 10 Ohms 1% 0.125W2000.0900
CRCW0805100JTCRCW0805100JT Vishay / Dale Thick Film Resistor 10 Ohms 1/8W 5% SMD 080520,0000.0850
RN55D3833FDale RN55D3833F Metal Film Resistor 383k Ohms 1/8W 1% Axial4780.0990
RNC50H4990FSDALE RNC50H4990FS Resistor Metal Film 499 Ohm 1% 1/10W Axial600.5700
MDP1603821CDALE MDP1603821G Resistor Network 820 Ohms 1/4W 2% DIP-165000.6000
RN55D75R01FDALE RN55D75R01F Resistor 1% 75Ohm Axial2000.0900
RN55D3483FDALE RN55D3483F Resistor 348KOhm 1/8 W 1% Axial1000.1100
RNC55H6981FSDALE RNC55H6981FS Resistor Metal Film 6.98K Ohm 1% 1/8W Axial880.2500
RNC50H3652FSDALE RNC50H3652FS Resistor Metal Film 36.5K Ohm 1% 1/10W Axial600.4700
CRCW0603331JTDALE CRCW0603331JRT1 Resistor 1/10watt 330ohms 5% SMD 060300.0100
RN55D1431FDale RN55D1431F Resistor, Thick Film, 1.43K Ohm, 200V, Axial1000.3000
CSC10A01560GDALE CSC10A-01-560G Resistor 56 OHM Network Sip700.2500
RNC50H2490FSDALE RNC50H2490FS Resistor Metal Film 249 Ohm 1% 1/10W Axial2000.3800
CRCW08051243FVishay / Dale CRCW08051243F Thick Film Resistor 124k Ohm 1/8W 1% SMD 08055,0000.0850
RNC55H1622FSDALE RNC55H1622FS Resistor 16.2KOHM 1% 1/8WATT Axial00.2900
CRCW08051214FTVishay / Dale CRCW08051214FT Thick Film Resistor 1.21M Ohms 1/8W 1% SMD 080525,0000.0850
RNC55H1000FSDALE RNC55H1000FS RESISTOR 100 OHMS 1% 200V00.2900
RN60D1501FDALE RN60D1501F Metal Film Resistor 1.5Kohms 250mW 1% Axial1000.3000
RN55D2493FDALE RN55D2493F Resistor 249KOhm 1/8 W 1% Axial3000.0900
RNC50H4991FSDALE RNC50H4991FS Resistor Metal Film 4.99K Ohm 1% Axial2400.5100
RN60D3322FDALE RN60D3322F Resistors 1/4W 33.2KOhms 1% Axial260.1400
RN60D1620FDALE RN60D1620F Metal Film Resistor 162 Ohms 1% Axial5000.1000
RN55D2553FVishay / Dale RN55D2553F Metal Film Resistor 255k Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial4,9500.0850
RNC50J8871BSDALE RNC50J8871BS Resistor Metal Film 8.87K Ohm 0.1% Axial1001.2900
RN60D1213FDALE RN60D1213F Metal Film Resistor 121 Kilohms Axial1000.1000
RN55D8251FDALE RN55D8251F Resistor, Metal Film, Axial, 1/8W 8.25K Ohm Axial2000.0900
RNC55H8661FSDALE RNC55H8661FS Resistor Metal Film 8.66K Ohm 1% Axial1000.2500
RN60D1742FDALE RN60D1742F Resistor Metal Film 17.4K Ohm 1% Axial1000.1400
RN55D3321FRN55D3321F Vishay / Dale Resistor 1/8watt 3.32Kohms 1% Axial2000.2000
CSC10A01103GCSC10A-01-103G Dale Resistor Network 10.0K Ohm 1.25W 2% SIP190.3800
RNC50H1053FSDALE RNC50H1053F Resistor Metal Film 105K Ohm 1%600.5700
RNC55H2492FSDALE RNC55H2492FS Resistor Metal Film 24.9K Ohm 1% 1/8W1000.2500
RN55D4322FDALE RN55D4322F Resistor Metal Film 43.2K Ohm 1%1000.1000
RN55D1153FDALE RN55D1153F Resistor 115KOhm 1/8 W 1%1500.0800
RNC50H4992FS VISHAY RNC50H4992FS Resistor,Metal Film, 49.9KOhms, 1%600.4700
RN55D1212FRN55D1212FRE6 Dale Metal Film Resistor 1/8watt 12.1Kohms 1% 100ppm1000.1000
RNC50H51R1FSDALE RNC50H51R1FS Resistor Metal Film 51.1 Ohm 1% 1/10W1000.4000
RN55D1331FDALE RN55D1331F Metal Film Resistor 1.33 Kilohms 1 % 200V 125mW, Axial1000.1000
RNC50J4751BSDALE RNC50J4751BS Resistor Metal Film 4.75K Ohm 0.1% 1/10W271.5000
RN55D2741FDALE RN55D2741F Resistor Metal Film 2.74K Ohm 1%1000.1000
RNC55H5492FSDALE RNC55H5492FS Resistor Metal Film 54.9K Ohm 1% 1/8W2000.2500
RNC55H30R1BSDALE RNC55H30R1BS Resistor Metal Film 30.1 Ohm 0.1% 1/8W Axial860.9000
RNC55H5903FSDALE RNC55H590FS Resistor Metal Film 59 Ohm 1% Axial1000.6000
293D106X9016VISHAY 293D106X9016 SMD TANTALUM CAPACITOR 10uF 16V 10% C CASE00.2800
RN55D22R1FDALE RN55D22R1F Resistor, Metal Film 22.1 Ohms 1%, Axial1000.3000
RNC50H1001FSDALE RNC50H1001FS Resistor Metal Film 1K Ohm 1% Axial600.4700
RN60C4533FDale RN60C4533F Metal Film Resistor 453Kohm 1/8W 1% MIL-R-10509 Axial8000.3000
RNC55H3092BSDALE RNC55H3092BS Resistor Metal Film 30.9K Ohm 0.1% Axial00.2400
RNC55H1002FSDale RNC55H1002FS Resistor, Metal Film;10 Kilohms Axial00.3300
RNC55H5111FSDALE RNC55H5111FS Resistor Metal Film 5.11K Ohm 1% 1/8W Axial00.8000
RN60D4750FDALE RN60D4750F Resistor, Metal Film;475 Ohms 1%, Axial1000.1000
RNC55H9091FSDALE RNC55H9091FS Resistor Metal Film 9.09K Ohm 1%1000.2500
RNC50H2152FSDALE RNC50H2152FS Resistor Metal Film 21.5K Ohms 1%600.4500
RNC55H3321FSDALE RNC55H3321FS Resistor Metal Film 3.32K Ohm 1% 1/8W Axial00.3900
RNC55H1003BSDALE RNC55H1003BS Resistor Metal Film 100K Ohm 0.1% 200V Axial00.4200
RN55D1051FVishay / Dale RN55D1051F Metal Film Resistor 1.05k Ohms 1/8W 1% Axial1,0000.1900
RN55D4221FDALE RN55D4221F Resistor Metal Film 4.22K Ohm 1%2000.0900
CRCW2512432JCRCW2512432J Vishay / Dale Thick Film Resistor 4.3k Ohms 1W 5% SMD 251216,0000.1200
RNC50H1002FSDALE RNC50H1002FS RESISTOR, METAL FILM, 0.05 W, 1 %, 50 ppm, 10000 ohm, Axial1200.7500
RNC50H2000FSDALE RNC50H2000FS Metal Film Resistor 200 Ohm 1% 1/10W axial600.4500
RNC50H1912FSDale RNC50H1912FS Resistor Metal Film 19.1K Ohm 1% 1/10W Axial1000.5700
RNC55H7501FSDALE RNC55H7501FS Resistor Metal Film 7.5K Ohm 1% 1/8W Axial1000.7400
RN60D1003FDALE RN60D1003F Resistor 100 Kilohms 1% 300V1000.1100
RNC50H1243FSDALE RNC50H1243FS Resistor Metal Film 124K Ohm 1%600.5700
1N4740A.Vishay 1N4740A Zener Diode 10V 1W 5% DO-41 Axial4,0000.2300
RNC55H2001FSDALE RNC55H2001FS Resistor 2 Kohm, 125 mW, 1%, 200 V1000.2300
RN55D0000FDALE RN55D0000F Resistor 0 ohm 1% Axial1000.3000
RN55D6810FDALE RN55D6810F Resistor, Metal Film; 681 Ohms 0.125W, 1 % Axial1000.1000
RNC50H10R0FSMILSPEC RNC50H10R0FS Resistor Metal Film 10 Ohm 1%, Axial230.7500
RN55D4873FDALE RN55D4873F Resistors 487K Ohm 1/8 W 1% Axial2000.0800
RN55D1822FDALE RN55D1822F Resistor, 18.2K Ohm 1% 0.125W Axial1000.1000
RNC55H2741FSDALE RNC55H2741FS Resistor 2.74K Ohm, Metal Film, Axial, 1/8W1000.2200
RNC55H4702BSDALE RNC55H4702BS Resistor Metal Film 47K Ohm 0.1% 1/8W Axial00.4500
RN55D4641FDALE RN55D4641F Resistor 4.64KOHM 1% Axial500.1200
RNC55H3921FSDALE RNC55H3921FS Resistor, Metal Film 3.92K Ohm Axial1000.5800
RN55D1002FDale RN55D1002F Resistors Metal Film 10K Ohm 1% 125mW Axial1100.3000
RNC50H7501FSDALE RNC50H7501FS Resistor Metal Film 7.5K Ohm 1% 1/10W Axial600.4500
RN55D1003FVishay / Dale RN55D1003F Metal Film Resistor 100k Ohms 1/8W 1% Axial1,1000.1600
RN55D2002FDALE RN55D2002F Resistor, Metal Film;20 Kilohms 1% 0.125 W1000.1000
RNC50H2001FSDALE RNC50H2001FS Resistor Metal Glaze 2K Ohm 1%, Axial1200.4500
RNC55H4990BSDALE RNC55H4990BS Resistor 499 Ohm, +/-0.10% Axial00.7900
RN55D1181FDALE RN55D1181F Resistors Metal Film 1.18K Ohm 1% Axial1000.1000
RNC55H1022BSDALE RNC55H1022BS Resistor Metal Film 10.2K Ohm 0.1% Axial1000.4200
RNC50H1332FSDALE RNC50H1332FS Resistor Metal Film 13.3K Ohm Axial1600.7500
RNC55H2002FSDALE RNC55H2002FS Resistor 20 Kohms 1% 200V Axial00.3000
RN55D1183FRN55D1183F DALE Resistor 118 Kilohms 1% 0.125W Axial2000.0700
RNC55H4532FSDALE RNC55H4532FS Resistor Metal Film 45.3K Ohm 1% Axial3220.3100
RNC55H6041BSDALE RNC55H6041BS Resistor Metal Film 6.04K Ohm 0.1% 1/8W Axial00.8500
RN55E1002FTRVishay / Dale RN55E1002FTR Metal Film Resistor 10k Ohms 1/8W 1% Axial5000.2500
M8340101K1002GBDALE M8340101K1002GB Resistor Thick Film Network 10K Ohm 2% 14-DIP502.5900
CRCW12061001FTVishay / DALE CRCW12061001F Thick Film Resistor 1k Ohms 1% 1/4W SMD 1206170,0000.1500
MKT1822322405Vishay / Dale MKT1822322405 Polyester Film Capacitor 22nF 400V 10% RoHS Radial2,0000.3200
RS-2B-220-3W-1%VISHAY RS-2B-220-3W-1% Wirewound 220 Ohms 3W 1% Axial2,0001.3000
CRCW1206412KFKEACRCW1206412KFKEA Vishay Resistor 412k Ohms 1/4W 1% 120650,0000.0800
CRCW0603100RFKEACRCW0603100RFKEA Vishay / Dale Resistor 100 Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 06039,0500.0850
CRCW120612K4FKEAVishay / Dale CRCW120612K4FKEA Thick Film Resistor 12.4k Ohms 1/4W 1% SMD 120665,0000.0850
CRCW2010165KFKEFVishay / Dale CRCW2010165KFKEF Thick Film Resistor 165k Ohms 1% 750mW SMD 201000.1600
CRCW1206102KFKEAVishay CRCW1206102KFKEA Resistor 102kOhms 1/4W 1% 120655,0000.0800
BFC237341684Vishay BFC237341684 Polyester Film Capacitor 0.68uF 250V 10% Radial3,0002.2000
BFC2-338-20473BFC2 338 10473 VISHAY CAPACITOR FILM MKP .047UF 440VAC X1 VISHAY # 2222 338 20473 RoHS00.0000
CRCW0805202JTVISHAY CRCW0805202JT Thick Film Resistors 2K OHM 5%00.3500
CRCW080521K0FKEAVISHAY CRCW080521K0FKEA RESISTOR 21.0 KOHM 1/8W 1% SMD 080520,0000.0500
CRCW08052K00JNTAVishay / Dale CRCW08052K00JNTA Thick Film Resistor 2k Ohms 1/8W 5% SMD 08054,6500.0850
WSL20102L000FEAVishay / Dale WSL20102L000FEA Resistor 0.002 Ohms 1/2W 1% SMD 20102,0001.2500
TNPW1206100RBEEAVishay / Dale TNPW1206100RBEEA Resistor 100 Ohms 1/4W 0.1% 12065,0000.9300
TNPW0805133KBEEATNPW0805133KBEEA Vishay / Dale Resistor 133k Ohms 1/8W 0.1% 08055,0000.5000
MBB02070C4703FC100Vishay / Dale MBB02070C4703FC100 Thin Film Resistor 470k Ohms 1% 3/5W Axial4,0000.1000
SMBJ5.0CA-E3/52Vishay SMBJ5.0CA-E3/52 TVS Diode 9.6V 600W SMD DO-214AA7500.4500
SS12-E3/61TSS12-E3/61T Vishay / Dale Schottky Diode 20V 1A SMD DO-214AC RoHS19,7500.3300
TNPW060320K0BEENTNPW060320K0BEEN Vishay / Dale Resistor 20.0k Ohms 100mW 0.1% 06031,0000.7000
CP-5-1K-5%Vishay / Dale CP-5-1K-5% Wirewound Resistor 1k Ohms 5W 5% Axial2940.5000
CRCW04022K26FKEDVishay / Dale CRCW04022K26FKED Thick Film Resistor 2.26k Ohms 1% 1/16W SMD 040210,0000.0800
CRCW0603-1000FRT1Vishay / Dale CRCW0603-1000FRT1 Thick Film Resistor 100 Ohms 1% 100mW SMD 060310,0000.1200
CRCW06031873FVishay / Dale CRCW06031873FRT1 Resistor 187k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 06035,0000.0850
CRCW06032943FVishay / Dale CRCW0603-2943FRT1 Resistor 294k Ohms 1/10W 1% SMD 060310,0000.0850
CRCW06033K01FKEACRCW06033K01FKEA 3.01K Ohms 0.01 1/10 Watt 0603 Thick Film Chip Resistors5,0000.1600
CRCW0805100RFKEAVishay / Dale CRCW0805100RFKEA Thick Film Resistor 100 Ohms 1/8W 1% SMD 0805 RoHS2000.2500
CRCW0805120RFKEAVishay / Dale CRCW0805120RFKEA Thick Film Resistor 120 Ohms 1/8W 1% SMD 0805 RoHS1000.0850
CRCW08051K00FKEAVishay / Dale CRCW08051K00FKEA Thick Film Resistor 1k Ohms 1/8W 1% SMD 0805 RoHS1000.0850
CRCW080520R0FKEAVishay / Dale CRCW080520R0FKEA Thick Film Resistor 20 Ohms 1/8W 1% SMD 08051000.0850
CRCW08053K30FKEAVishay / Dale CRCW08053K30FKEA Thick Film Resistor 3.3k Ohms 0.125W 1% SMD 0805 RoHS1500.0850
CRCW080543K2FKEAVishay / Dale CRCW080543K2FKEA Thick Film Resistor 43.2k Ohms 1/8W 1% SMD 0805 RoHS500.0850
CRCW08054750FCRCW08054750F VISHAY/DALE Thick Film Resistors 1/8watt 475ohms 1%15,0000.1800
CRCW0805825RFKEAVishay / Dale CRCW0805825RFKEA Thick Film Resistor 825 Ohms 1/8W 1% SMD 08051000.0850
CRCW120610K0FKEAVishay / Dale CRCW120610K0FKEA Thick Film Resistor 10k Ohms 1/4W 1% SMD 1206500.0850
CRCW1206243JCRCW1206243J Vishay / Dale Thick Film Resistor 24k Ohms 1/4W 5% SMD 12065,0000.0850
CRCW25123321FVishay / Dale CRCW25123321F Thick Film Resistor 3.32k Ohms 1W 1% SMD 25122,0000.2200
CW10-20OHM-10%Vishay / Dale CW10-20OHM-10% Wirewound Resistor 20 Ohms 10W 10% Radial500.9900
CW5-0.1-5%Vishay / Dale CW5-0.1-5% Wirewound Resistor 0.1 Ohms 5W 5% Axial500.7500
HLW20A1Z1K5%Dale HLW-20-A1Z 1K Resistor 1Kohms 5% 20W 1000VAC Axial154.9900
LVR5-.08-1%Vishay / Dale LVR5-.08-1% Wirewound Resistor 0.08 Ohms 5W 1% Axial1001.5000
PTF-651K0000BT-13Vishay / Dale PTF-651K0000BT-13 Metal Film Resistor 1k Ohms 1/4W 0.1% Axial771.1200
RH25-27R-1%Dale RH25-27R-1% Resistor 27OHMS 1% 25W CHASIS MOUNT100.0000
RLR07C1001GSDale RLR07C1001GS Resistor 1/4W 1K Ohm 2% 250V Axial150.1000
RLR07C7151FSDALE RLR07C7151FS Resistor 7.15Kohm 1% Axial3000.6000
RN55C3482FDale RN55C3482F Metal Film Resistors 34.8KOhms 1%1500.3900
RN55C3651FVishay / Dale RN55C3651F Thick Film Resistor 3.65k Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial500.3500
RN55C4642FVishay / Dale RN55C4642F Metal Film Resistor 46.4k Ohms 0.1W 1% Axial500.1200
RN55C49R9FTRVishay / Dale RN55C49R9FTR Metal Film Resistor 49.9 Ohms 100mW 1% Axial1,0000.7500
RN55D1000FVishay / Dale RN55D1000F Metal Film Resistor 100 Ohms 1/8W 1% Axial8410.2200
RN55D1101FVishay / Dale RN55D1101F Metal Film Resistor 1.1k Ohms 125mW 1% Axial7730.2000
RN55D1503FTRVishay / Dale RN55D1503F TR Metal Film Resistor 150k Ohms 1/8W 1% Axial1,0000.1600
RN55D4320FVishay RN55D4320F Metal Film Resistor 432 Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial9500.0850
RNC60H2432FSVishay / Dale RNC60H2432FS Metal Film Resistor 24.3k Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial310.9900
RS5-7.5-1%.Vishay / Dale RS5-7.5-1%. Wirewound Resistor 7.5 Ohms 5W 1% Axial701.8000
RWR89N10R0FRB12Vishay / Dale RWR89N10R0FRB12 Wirewound Resistor 10 Ohms 3W 1% Axial304.9900
RN55D4752FDALE RN55D4752F Resistor, Metal Film, 47.5Kohms 1/8W Axial1000.1000
RLR20C2700GSDALE RLR20C2700GS MIL-R-39017/1 Resistor 2.7Kohm 1/2W Axial650.3000
RNC55H1721BSDALE RNC55H1721BS Resistor; Metal Film 1.72K Ohm 0.1% Axial01.1400
RWR89SR332FRDALE RWR89SR332FR Wirewound Resistor 0.332 Ohm 3W Axial1001.4800
RN55D4123FDALE RN55D4123F Resistor 412KOhm 1/8 W 1% M.F. Axial1000.1100
RER60F5110RDALE RER60F5110R Resistor 511 OHM 1%, 5W92.5200
57R502Vishay / Dale 57R502 Wirewound Resistor 5k Ohms 5W 5% Axial590.5000
RWR82S1301FRDALE RWR82S1301FR RESISTOR, 1.5W 1 %, 1300 ohms, Axial40.0000
RN60D1431FDALE RN60D1431F Resistor Metal Film 1.43K Ohm 1% Axial600.1000
58R4998DALE RH10 Resistor 4.99 Ohm 1%201.8500
M8340109M4701GCDALE M8340109M4701GC Resistors Thick Film NET 4.7K Ohm 10-Pin SIP02.1000
61R450Vishay / Dale NH50 Aluminum Housed Wirewound Resistor 45 Ohms 50W Axial7010.9800
CSC06A01562GDALE CSC06A01562G Resistor Thick Film NET 5.6K Ohm 2% SIP6240.2400
RN55D5362FDALE RN55D5362F Resistor 53.6K Ohm 1/8W 1% Axial2000.0800
54R0019DALE LVR1 R01 Resistor 0.01 OHM 1W Axial380.7500
M55342K06B22DIRVishay / Dale M55342K06B22D1R Thin Film Resistor 22.1 Ohms 0.15W 1% SMD 0705502.2300
CSC06A01272GDALE CSC06A01272G Resistor Thick Film NET 2.7K Ohm 2% 3/4W810.2400
CSC06A01331GDALE CSC06A01331G Resistor Thick Film NET 330 Ohm 2% Dip520.2400
RLR32C1003GSDALE RLR32C1003GS Resistor 100K OHMS 2% Axial651.5000
M55342K02B169DRDALE M55342K02B169DR Resistor Thin Film 169 Ohm 1% SMD 0505300.9000
MSP06A01562DALE MSP06A01562G Resistor Thick Film NET 5.6K Ohm 2% 6-SIP1890.3600
M8340104K2002GGDALE M8340104K2002GG Network Resistor Thick Film 20K Ohm 2% Molded SIP122.8800
CSC06A01103GDALE CSC06A01103G Resistor Thick Film NET 10K Ohm 2% 3/4W 6-SIP700.2500
RNC55H1001BSDale RNC55H1001BS Resistor Metal Film 1K Ohm 0.1% 1/8W Axial00.7800
FP10-100-5%FP10-100-5% Dale Metal Film Resistor 100 Ohms 10W 5% Axial02.5500
M8340109K1002GCDALE M8340109K1002GC Thick Film NET Resistor 10K Ohm 2% 10-SIP94.0000
SOMC1601-102GSOMC-1601-102G DALE Resistor Bussed NETWORK 1K Ohm 2% 15 SMD431.0300
M55342K03B12D1RDALE M55342K03B12D1R Resistor Thin Film 1005 12.1 Ohm 1%252.9600
SOMC1603103GVishay / Dale SOMC1603-103G Thick Film Resistor Network 8 x 10k Ohms 0.16W 2% SIP-16400.6500
55R109-3DALE CW2B Resistor 0.1ohm 5%, Axial200.7900
M55342K06B8E66RDALE M55342K06B8E66R Resistor Thin Film 8.66K Ohm 1% SMD 0805501.3300
M8340104K1000GCDALE M8340104K1000GC Resistor Thick Film Network 100 Ohm 6-SIP122.8800
57R800Vishay / Dale CP5-80-5% Power Resistor 80 Ohms 5W 5% Axial1,1200.8900
RN50C4992FDALE RN50C4992F Resistor Metal Film 49.9K Ohm 1% Axial1000.8800
RWR80S1R00FSDALE RWR80S1R00FS Resistor Wirewound 1 Ohm 1% 2W Axial00.0000
R2127RS2B 10K 1% Dale Wirewound Resistor 10Kohms 1% 3W Through Hole00.0000
RWR80SR499FRDALE RWR80SR499FR Resistor Wirewound 0.499 Ohm 1% 2W01.2700
RWR81N2000FRDALE RWR81N2000FR RESISTOR Wirewound 200 Ohm 1% 1W651.8700
61R060DALE NH50 Wirewound Resistor Chassis Mount 6ohm 1%566.5000
RWR80S2210FRDALE RWR80S2210FR Resistor, Metal Alloy, 221 Ohm Axial00.0000
CSC10A01333GDALE CSC10A-01-333G Resistor Thick Film NET 33K Ohm 2% 10Sip750.4000
RWR81S1001FRDALE RWR81S1001FR Resistor 1000 Ohms 1 Watt 1% Axial01.7800
M55342K02B15DALE M55342K02B15EO Resistors Thin Film 15.8K Ohm 1% SMD 0505432.2500
RN60D47R5FDALE RN60D47R5F Resistor, Metal Film; 47.5 Ohms Axial990.2000
RNC55H4991BSDALE RNC55H4991BS Resistor Metal Film 4.99K Ohm 0.1% Axial00.4500
RNC55H8061BSDALE RNC55H8061BS Resistor Metal Film 8.06K Ohm 0.1% Axial00.6000
RNC55H1621FSDALE RNC55H1621FS Resistor Metal Film 1.62K Ohm 1% 1/8W00.2900
41R9761.1Dale RLR05C9761FS Resistor Metal Film 9.76K Ohm 1% Axial1000.3400
42R1181FRN60C1181F RESISTORS 1.18K OHMS 1%3000.1700
42R3400-1DALE RN55C3400B Resistor 340 Ohm Axial1000.6000
42R4702DALE RLR07C4702FS Metal Film Resistor 47K Ohm 1% Axial1000.3000
42R624Vishay / Dale CMF07-620k Metal Film Resistor 620k Ohms 1/4W 2% Axial1,0000.5000
43R2200M8340106K2200GC Resistor Network, 220 Ohms, 2% Thru-Hole03.3600
54R109-3DALE RS1A-.1-1% Resistor 0.1Ohm 1% Axial1100.7500
57R109-3DALE CW5-.1-5% Resistor 0.1OHM 5% 5W2601.9500
57R303DALE CW-5 Resistor 30KOHM 5%3001.0500
57R339-1CP5 0.33 10% Dale Wirewound Resistor 0.33 OHM 10% Axial1570.4500
59R350Vishay / Dale RH02535R00FC02 Precision Wirewound Resistor 35 Ohms 25W 1% Aluminum Housing Chassis Mount164.2500
CMF552491FT1DALE CMF55-2491FT1 Metal Film Resistor 1/4watt 20Mohms 1%1000.3000
CRCW06031803FTVishay / Dale CRCW06031803FT Resistor 180k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 06035,0000.0850
CRCW06032001FDALE CRCW06032001F Resistor 2.0K OHMS 1% SMD 060300.0100
CRCW08052203FTVishay / Dale CRCW08052203FT Thick Film Resistor 220k Ohms 1/8W 1% SMD 08055,0000.0850
CRCW08053002FTVishay / Dale CRCW08053002FT Thick Film Resistor 30k Ohms 1/8W 1% SMD 08055,0000.0850
CRCW08055361FTCRCW08055361FT Vishay / Dale Thick Film Resistor 5.36k Ohms 1/8W 1% SMD 080510,0000.0850
CRCW1206-1211FTDALE CRCW12061211FT Resistor 1.21Kohms 1%3000.0800
CRCW1206-2320FTDale CRCW12062320FT1 Thick Film Resistor 232 Ohms 1/4W 1% SMD 12065,0000.0850
CRCW120610R0FTDale / Vishay CRCW120610R0F Thick Film Resistor 10 Ohms 1/4W 1% SMD 12065,0000.0850
CRCW12061690FTVishay / Dale CRCW12061690FT Thick Film Resistor 169 Ohms 1/4W 1% SMD 12065,0000.0850
CRCW12062211FTDALE CRCW12062211FT Resistor 2.21Kohm 1% SMD 12062000.0400
CRCW12064R7JDALE CRCW12064R7JT Resistor 4.7ohm 5% SMD 12065,0000.1400
CRCW12102R7JTVishay / Dale CRCW12102R7JT Thick Film Resistor 2.7 Ohms 0.33W 5% SMD 12105,0000.0850
CSC06A03473GVishay / Dale CSC06A03473G Isolated Thick Film Resistor Network 3 x 47k Ohms 2% SIP-6500.2500
CSC10A05181/391DALE CSC10A05/181/391 Resistor Thick Film NET 180 Ohm/390 Ohm 2% 1.25W900.5000
GP1-90.9KRN65D9092F Resistor 90.9KOHM 1W 1%, Axial1000.2800
M55342K03B133DRDALE M55342K03B133DR Resistor Thin Film 133 Ohm 1% SMD 10051001.3000
M55342K06B200DRDALE M55342K06B200DR Resistor Thin Film 200 Ohm 1% SMD 07051501.2500
M55342K06B200EMVISHAY M55342K06B200EM Resistor Thin Film 200K Ohm SMD 0705701.2000
M55342K06B6E81SVishay / Dale M55342K06B6E81S Thin Film Resistor 6.81k Ohms 0.15W 1% SMD 0705302.0000
M55342K06B7E32RDale M55342K06B7E32R Thin Film Resistor 7.32 Ohms 1/8W SMD 08051000.4900
M8340104K6801GGDALE M8340104K6801GC Resistor Thick Film NET 6.8K Ohm 6-Pin SIP122.8800
M8340109K4701GCDALE M8340109K4701GC Resistor Thick Film NET 4.7K Ohm 2% 10-SIP223.0000
M8340109M1002GCDALE M8340109M1002GC Network Resistor Thick Film 10K Ohm 2% 10-SIP282.7300
MDP1603-101GDALE MDP1603-101G Thick Film Resistor Network 100ohms 2% Isolated 16pin500.5800
MSP10A03-222GDALE MSP10A03222G Resistor Thick Film Network 2.2K Ohm 2% Thru Hole100.7500
RCR05G470JSDALE RCR05G470JS RESISTOR RES 47R 1/8W 5%1001.5900
RL42S471JTXDALE RL42S471JTX Resistors, Metal Oxide, 470 Ohm 2 watt 5%6713.5000
RLR05C1001GSDALE RLR05C1001GS Resistor Metal Film 1K Ohm 2% 1/8W Axial800.4500
rlr05c1183fsDALE RLR05C1183FS Resistors Metal Film 118K Ohm 1% 1/8W Axial3000.4500
RLR05C8871FSDALE RLR05C8871FS Resistor 8870 OHMS 1% Axial3000.6900
RLR07C1003FSDALE RLR07C1003FS Metal Film Resistor 100 Kohms 250V 1% Axial1000.3700
RLR07C10R0FSDALE RLR07C10R0FS Resistor, Metal Film 10ohms Axial600.3000
RLR07C1102FSDALE RLR07C1102FS Resistor Metal Film 11K Ohm 1%1000.1500
RLR07C1202GSRLR07C1202GS DALE Resistor Metal Film 12K Ohm 2% 1/4W Axial1000.2700
RLR07C2001FSDALE RLR07C2001FS Metal Film Resistor 2KOhms 1% 1/4W Axial2200.1400
RLR07C33R2FSDALE RLR07C33R2FS Resistor Metal Film 33.2 Ohm 1% Axial600.2200
RLR07C5600GSDALE RLR07C5600GS Resistor Metal Film 560 Ohm 2% Axial1500.3000
RLR07C9761FSDALE RLR07C9761FS Resistor Metal Film 9.76K Ohm 1% Axial1000.3000
RN55C1902BDALE/VISHAY RN55C1902B Resistor Metal Film 19K Ohm 0.1% Axial1000.4200
RN55C1903BDALE/VISHAY RN55C1903B Resistor Metal Film 190K Ohm 0.1% Axial980.4200
RN55C2430FDALE RN55C2430F Resistor 243ohms 1% 1/10W Axial1000.0800
RN55C3251BDALE/VISHAY RN55C3251B Resistor Metal Film 3.25K Ohm 0.1% Axial2000.4400
RN55C34R0FDALE RN55C34R0F Resistor 1/10watt 34ohms 1% Axial1000.2200
RN55C47R5FVishay / Dale RN55C47R5F Metal Film Resistor 47.5 Ohms 1/10W 1% Axial7000.1900
RN55D1302FDALE RN55D1302F Resistor, Metal Film;13 Kilohms 0.125W 1%00.0900
RN55D2001FDALE RN55D2001F Resistor, Metal Film;2 Kilohms 1% 0.125W Axial920.0800
RN55D3403FDALE RN55D3403F Resistor 340KOhm 1/8 W 1%, Axial1000.1100
RN55D4991FDALE RN55D4991F Resistor Metal Film 4.99K Ohm 1% 1/8W1000.0900
RN60C9310FDALE RN60C9310F Resistor Metal Film 931 Ohm 1%1000.1900
RN60D1004FVishay / Dale RN60D1004F Metal Film Resistor 1M Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial6000.2200
RN60D4700FDALE RN60D4700F Resistor Metal Film 470 Ohm 1% Axial440.3000
RNC60H1132FSDALE RNC60H1132FS MF Resistor Metal Film 11.3K Ohm 1% Radial1000.6000
RW79U1R00FDALE RW79U1R00F Resistor Wirewound 1 Ohm 1% 3W50.8000
RWR74S18R2FRMIL RWR74S18R2FR Resistor Wirewound 18.2 Ohm 1% 5W Axial24.0000
RWR80S7150FRDALE RWR80S7150FR Resistor Wirewound 715 Ohm 1% 2W Axial00.0000
RWR81S1R62FSDALE RWR81S1R62FS Resistor, Wirewound 1.62 Ohm Axial501.8000
RWR89S5R11FRDALE RWR89S5R11FR Resistor Wirewound 5.11 Ohm 1% 3W Axial00.0000
WSC001R1000FEBVishay / Dale WSC001R1000FEB Thick Film Resistor 0.1 Ohms 1W 1% SMD 25151,0001.1000
CRCW12062003FCRCW12062003F Resistor 200KOHM 0.125W SMD 120600.0100
CRCW060368R0FTDALE CRCW060368R0FT Resistor 68 Ohms 1% 1/10W SMD 06035,0000.1300
RLR07C91R0GSDALE RLR07C91R0GS Resistor Metal Film 91 Ohm 2% Axial1000.2100
MSP10A01102GVishay / Dale MSP10A01-102G Single Inline Package (SIP) Resistor Network 1k Ohms x 9 2% 200mW1,0550.2000
CMF55-2493FVishay / Dale CMF552493F Metal Film Resistor 240k Ohms 1/2W 1% Axial1,0000.1700
RN55D4532FRN55D4532F Vishay / Dale Metal Film Resistor 45.3k Ohms 1% 1/8W Axial1500.0850
RWR81S1000FRDALE RWR81S1000FR Resistor Wirewound 100 Ohm 1% 1W Leaded500.3400
RN55D3653FRN55D3653F Dale Metal Film Resistor 365k Ohms 1% 1/8W Axial2000.0950
RN55C1150FDALE RN55C1150F Resistor 1/10watt 115ohms 1% 50PPM850.1000
CRCW0402-565JRT7Vishay / Dale CRCW0402565JRT7 Resistor 5.6M Ohms 1/16W 5% SMD 04027,5000.1700
CSC08A01471GDALE CSC08A01471G Resistor Thick Film Network 470 Ohm 2% 1W SIP-6500.1700
32R1213CRCW12061213FT Vishay / Dale Thick Film Resistor 121k Ohms 1/4W 1% SMD 12065,0000.0950
RLR07C2401GSRLR07C2401GS Dale Resistor 2.4K Ohm 2% 0.25W1000.2600
CRCW08051651FTCRCW08051651FT Dale Thick Film Resistor 1.65k Ohms 1% SMD 08052500.0850
CRCW08055761FTCRCW08055761FT Vishay / Dale Thick Film Resistor 5.76k Ohms 1% 0.125W SMD 08052500.0850
CRCW08058062FTCRCW08058062FT Dale Thick Film Resistor 80.6k Ohms 1% SMD 08052500.0850
CRCW08051692FCRCW08051692F Vishay / Dale Thick Film Resistor 16.9k Ohms 0.125W 1% SMD 080510,0000.1000
CRCW06032550FCRCW0603-2550FRT1 Vishay / Dale Resistor 255 Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 060310,0000.0850
CRCW120640R2FDALE CRCW120640R2F Thick Film Resistor 40.2 Ohms 1/4W 1% SMD 12065,0000.0900
CRCW120639R2FKEACRCW120639R2FKEA Vishay Thick Film Resistor 39.2 Ohms 1/4W 1% SMD 1206130,0000.0850
M55342/6-K1002FRRDALE M55342/6-K1002FRR RESISTOR,FIXED,FILM 10.0 KOHMS NSN: 5905-01-245-198000.0000
M55342/6-K4751FRRDALE M55342/6-K4751FRR MIL-R-55342/6 RESISTOR,FIXED,FILM 4.75 KOHMS00.0000
RNC55H2001BSDALE RNC55H2001BS Resistor Metal Film 2 KOhm 0.1% 1/8W Radial91.0000
WSL0805R0100FEA18WSL0805R0100FEA18 Dale Current Sense Resistor 1/4watt .01ohms SMD 080500.0000
RLR07C1022FSDALE RLR07C1022FS Resistor Metal Film 10.2K Ohm 1%740.3900
WSL0603R0400FEA18Vishay WSL0603R0400FEA18 Resistor 0.04 Ohms 1% 1/5W SMD 060300.8000
CRCW0603-5R1JDALE / Vishay CRCW0603-244JRT1 Resistor 5.1 Ohms 1/10W 5% SMD 06035,0000.0900
CRCW120661R9FTDale CRCW120661R9FT Thick Film Resistor 61.9 Ohms 1% 1/4W SMD 12065,0000.0950
CRCW1206223JTCRCW1206223JT Vishay / Dale Thick Film Resistor 22k Ohms 5% 1/4W SMD 12065,0000.0850
CRCW12061430FTDALE CRCW12061430FT Resistor Thick Film 143 Ohm 1% SMD 12065,0000.1500
CRCW06032212FTDALE CRCW06032212FT Resistor 1/10 Watt 22.1K Ohms 1% SMD 06035,0000.1300
CRCW08052430FCRCW08052430F Vishay / Dale Thick Film Resistor 243 Ohms 1/8W 1% SMD 08055,0000.0850
RS2B-2K-1%Vishay / Dale RS2B-2K-1% Wirewound Resistor 2k Ohms 3W 1% Axial3,2530.8500
CRCW06036200FVishay / Dale CRCW06036200F Resistor 620 Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 06035,0000.0850
CRCW1206221JTVishay / Dale CRCW1206221JT Thick Film Resistor 220 Ohms 1/4W 5% SMD 12064,8000.0750
CRCW0805-223JTDALE CRCW0805223JT Thick Film Resistor 22k Ohms 5% SMD 08055,0000.1000
CRCW0603203JVishay / Dale CRCW0603-203JRT1 Thick Film Resistor 20k Ohms 1/16W 5% SMD 06035,0000.1500
30R0272Vishay / Dale CRCW1206272J Thick Film Resistor 2.7k Ohms 5% 1/4W SMD 12062,0000.0900
CRCW0805-271JTDALE CRCW0805271JT Thick Film Resistor 270 Ohms 1/8W 5% SMD 08057,8000.1800
CC1206Z5U104M050CC1206Z5U104M050 Capacitor 0.1uF 50V 20% Y5U SMD 12061,8000.1900
42R5493Vishay / Dale RN55D5493F Metal Film Resistor 549k Ohms 1/8W 1% Axial1,0000.0450
41R1153Vishay / Dale CMF551153F Metal Film Resistor 115k Ohms 1% 1/2W Axial1,0000.1500
WSL2512R0470FTAVishay / Dale WSL2512R0470FTA Current Sense Resistor 0.047 Ohms 1W 1% SMD 25121,0001.2000
CRCW0603210KFKEACRCW0603210KFKEA VISHAY Thick Film Resistor 210KOHM 1% SMD 0603 RoHS00.8000
CRCW06038251FCRCW0603-8251FRT1 Vishay / Dale Resistor 8.25k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 0603110,0000.0850
CRCW06032212FDALE CRCW06032212FRT1 RESISTOR 1/10WATT 22.1KOHMS 1% THICK FILM CHIP 060300.0100
CSC10A03103GVishay / Dale CSC10A03103G Isolated Thick Film Resistor Network 5 x 10k Ohms 2% SIP-105000.4000
42R4533DALE RN55D4533F Metal Film Resistor 453k Ohms 1/8W 1% Axial5000.1000
RLR07C8063FSDALE RLR07C8063FS Resistor Metal Film 806K Ohm 1% Axial230.1500
RNC55H1501BSDALE RNC55H1501BS Resistor Metal Film 1. 5K Ohm Axial91.0000
RNC55H1821BSRNC55H1821BS Dale Resistor Thick Film 1.82K Ohm 200V Axial91.0000
RNC55H2490BSDale RNC55H2490BS Resistor Thick Film 249 Ohm 200V Axial91.0000
RLR05C9531FSDALE RLR05C9531FS MF Resistor 9530 OHMS 1% Axial4000.7000
M83401/01M-1001JAVishay Dale M83401/01M-1001JA Resistor 1K OHM 5% 1.4W DIP025.0000
RNC55H4992FSDale RNC55H4992FS Resistor 49.9K ohm 0.1W 1% Axial3000.2250
CRCW0402-5622FDALE CRCW0402-5622F Resistor Thick Film 56.2K Ohm 1% SMD 040210,0000.0400
CRCW0402-203JDALE CRCW0402-203J Resistor Thick Film 20K Ohm 5% SMD 040210,0000.0500
RS2B-47-1%DALE RS2B-47-1% resistor 47ohm 1% Axial1001.0000
CRCW12062261FTCRCW12062261FT Vishay / Dale Thick Film Resistor 2.26k Ohms 0.25W 1% SMD 120630,0000.0850
CRCW04028R25FVishay / Dale CRCW04028R25F Resistor 8.25 Ohms 0.063W 1% SMD 040219,9750.0850
CRCW040220K0FKEDCRCW040220K0FKED Vishay / Dale Resistor 20k Ohms 1/16W 1% 040210,0000.0850
CRCW06031100FTCRCW06031100FT Dale / Vishay Resistor 110 Ohms 1% 0.1W SMD 06035,0000.0850
M55342K06B2E00RM55342K06B2E00R Dale Resistors 2kohm 1% 50V SMD3500.4300
LVR05R0300FE12LVR05R0300FE12 Vishay Resistors .03ohms 1% 5W01.5100
42R2151.1RLR07C2151FR Resistor 2.15K Ohm 1% 0.25W Axial1000.2100
42R2000.1RLR07C2000FS Dale Resistor 200 Ohm 0.25W Axial1000.2100
RLR07C2202GSDALE RLR07C2202GS Resistor Metal Film 22 Kilohms 0.25 W, 2 % Axial1000.1500
RLR07C2742FSDALE RLR07C2742FS Resistor Metal Film 27.4K Ohm 1%1000.1500
RLR07C2104FSDALE RLR07C2104FS Resistor Metal Film 2.1M Ohm 1% Axial1001.5000
42R2803.1RLR07C2803FS Resistor Metal Film 280K Ohm 1% Axial1000.2100
RLR07C2701GSDALE RLR07C2701GS Resistor, Metal Film 2.7 Kilohms 0.25W 2% 250V Axial802.0100
RN55C5111FDALE RN55C5111F Resistor 1/10watt 5.11Kohms 1% 50PPM750.1200
RN55C36R5FDALE RN55C36R5F Resistor 1/36.5ohms 1% 10W Axial2000.1680
CSC09A01-223GDALE CSC09A01223G Network Resistor Thick Film 22K Ohm 2% PC Pin2000.9000
42R39R0RLR07C39R0GS RESISTOR 0.25W 2 % 139 ohm, Axial1000.1560
CRCW04021242FDALE CRCW04021242F Resistor Thick Film 12.4K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0100
CRCW040210R0FDALE CRCW040210R0F Resistor 10.0 OHM 1/16W 1% 0402 SMD00.0100
RN55C1000FDALE RN55C1000F Resistor 100ohms 1% 1/10watt650.1800
RS511%DALE Rs5 - 1 - 1% Resistor 1Ohm 1% Axial371.7100
RLR07C6342FSDALE RLR07C6342FS Resistor Metal Film 63.4K Ohm 1% Axial2000.1800
55R059Dale Vishay RS2B Wirewound Resistor 0.05 OHM 2W 5% Axial491.2000
RN55D1961FDALE RN55D1961F Resistor 1.96KOHM 1% 1/4W Axial500.0600
RN55C15R8FDALE RN55C15R8F Resistor 15.8ohms 1/10W 1% Axial1000.1850
RLR07C75R0GSDALE RLR07C75R0GS Resistor Metal Film 75 Ohm 2%, Axial350.1600
LVR-1-R-100FDALE LVR-1-100-1% Resistor 1W 100 OHM 1%01.2500
LVR03R1000FE12LVR03R1000FE12 Dale Resistors 0.1 OHM 1% 3W Axial350.0000
CRCW060310R0FKEAHPCRCW060310R0FKEAHP Vishay Resistor 10 Ohms, 0.25W 1% SMD 060300.2030
CRCW06031K30FKEACRCW06031K30FKEA Vishay Resistor, Thick Film, 1.3 Kilohms, 0.1 W, 1%, SMD 060300.1000
CRCW06033R00FKEAHPCRCW06033R00FKEAHP Vishay Thick Film Resistors 3ohm 1% 1/4W SMD 060300.2200
CRCW06037K68FKEACRCW06037K68FKEA Vishay Thick Film Resistor 7.68Kohms 1% 1/10W SMD 060300.1000
RWR81SR499FRDALE RWR81SR499FR Wirewound Resistors 0.499ohm 5% Axial1000.3100
CRCW0603100KFKEACRCW0603100KFKEA Vishay / Dale Thick Film Resistor 1/10watt 100Kohms 1% SMD 060300.0000
RLR07C1961FSDALE RLR07C1961FS Resistor Metal Film 1.96K Ohm 1%950.3000
RLR07C6810FSDALE RLR07C6810FS Resistor Metal Film 681 Ohm 1% Axial800.2200
RN55E1250BDALE RN55E1250B Resistor Metal Film 125 Ohm 0.1%1000.7500
RLR07C4991FSDALE RLR07C4991FS Resistor Metal Film 4.99K Ohm 1% Axial1000.3000
RLR07C4300GSDALE RLR07C4300GS Resistor Metal Film 430 Ohm 2%2000.2100
RLR07C6811FSDALE RLR07C6811FS Resistor Metal Glaze 6.81K Ohm 1% Axial1000.2400
RN55C1001FDALE RN55C1001F Thick Film Resistor 1kOhm 1/10watt 1Kohms 1% Radial50.1800
RN55C22R1FDALE RN55C22R1F Metal Film Resistor 22.1ohms 1% Axial1000.1200
RLR07C4990FSDALE RLR07C4990FS Resistor MIL-R-39017 499 OHMS 1% Axial100.5000
RWR81S7870FSRWR81S7870FS Dale Wirewound Resistors 787OHM 1% Axial03.5000
CRCW12060000Z0EAVISHAY CRCW12060000Z0EA Thick Film Chip Resistor 0ohms, 1/4W SMD 120600.0000
RLR07C3300GSRLR07C3300GS Dale Resistor Metal Film 330 Ohm 2% Axial00.0000
RLR07C4301GSRLR07C4301GS Dale Metal Film Resistor 4.3K ohm Axial00.0000
RLR07C5601GSRLR07C5601GS Dale Resistor Metal Film 5.6k Ohm Axial00.0000
WSLP0805R0140FEBWSLP0805R0140FEB Dale Current Sense Resistor .014ohm SMD 080500.0000
RLR05C2201GSRLR05C2201GS Dale Resistor 2.2k Ohm Axial00.0000
RLR05C4702GSRLR05C4702GS Vishay Resistor 47000 ohm Axial00.0000
RLR07C2201GSRLR07C2201GS Dale Metal Film Resistor 2.2k Ohm 2% Axial00.0000
RLR07C5100GSRLR07C5100GS Dale Metal Film Resistor 510 ohm 2% Axial Military00.0000
RNC60H1372FSRNC60H1372FS Dale Metal Film Resistor 13.7K Ohm Axial00.0000
RNC60H3742FSRNC60H3742FS Dale Resistor 37.4 kOhm Axial00.0000
RLR07C6492FSRLR07C6492FS Dale Resistor metal 64900Ohm Axial00.0000
RNC60H2552FSRNC60H2552FS Dale Resistor 25.5KOhm 1% Axial00.0000
RWR81S68R1FRRWR81S68R1FR Dale Resistor 68.1 Ohm 1 % 1W Axial00.0000
RWR89S4990FRRWR89S4990FR Dale Resistor 499Ohms 1% Axial00.0000
RLR07C5101GSB14RLR07C5101GSB14 Dale Resistor 5.1 kOhms Axial00.0000
RLR07G5101GSRLR07C5101GS Dale Resistor1000.5382
RNC60H3793DSB14RNC60H3793DSB14 Dale Resistor 379 kOhms Axial00.0000
RNC65H68R1FSRNC65H68R1FS Dale metal film Resistor 69.8 ohm, Axial00.0000
CRCW12061M00FKEACRCW12061M00FKEA Dale Thick Film Resistor 1.0Mohms SMD 120600.0000
WSK06125L000FEAWSK06125L000FEA Dale Current Sense Resistor 0.005ohms SMD 061200.0000
RS0051R000FB12RS0051R000FB12 Dale Wirewound Resistor 1ohms Axial00.0000
PTF5618K000FZEKPTF5618K000FZEK Dale Metal Film Resistor 18Kohms Axial00.0000
PTF567K5000BZEKPTF567K5000BZEK Dale Metal Film Resistor 7.5Kohms Axial00.0000
RNC50H3573FSB14RNC50H3573FSB14 Dale Metal Film Resistor 357kOhms Axial00.0000
RWR81S1R00FRRWR81S1R00FR DALE Wirewound Resistor 1 Ohm 1W Axial00.0000
RN55D5621FDALE RN55D5621F Resistor, Metal Film;5.62 Kilohms Axial2000.0600
RLR20C2551FSB14RLR20C2551FSB14 Vishay Dale Resistor 2.55k Ohms Axial00.0000
RN55C1333FDALE RN55C1333F Resistor MIL 1/10watt 133Kohms 1% 50PPM Axial00.1800
RN55C1333FR36DALE RN55C1333FR36 Resistor MIL 1/10watt 133Kohms 1% Axial00.0000
IHLP1616BZER2R2M01IHLP1616BZER2R2M01 Dale Inductor 2.2uH 20% 2.85A SMD 161600.0000
CRCW25123R01FKEGCRCW25123R01FKEG Dale Thick Film Resistor 3.01 Ohms SMD 251200.0000
M55342K06B16E2RWBM55342K06B16E2RWB Dale Thick Film Resistor 16.2K Ohm SMD 070500.0000
M55342K06B1E69RWBM55342K06B1E69RWB Dale Thick Film Resistor 1.69K Ohm SMD 070500.0000
M55342K06B4E22RWBM55342K06B4E22RWB Dale Thick Film Resistor 4.22K Ohm SMD 070500.0000
RLR07C2251FSRLR07C2251FS Dale Metal Film Resistor 2.25K Ohms Axial00.0000
RLR07C2551FSRLR07C2551FS Dale/Vishay Fixed Metal Film Resistor 2550ohm Axial00.0000
42R5102RLR07C5102GS Resistor 51K OHM 2% 1/4W AXIAL2000.2300
WSL2512R2000DEAWSL2512R2000DEA Dale Current Sense Resistor 0.2 Ohm SMD 251200.0000
CRCW040224K9FKEDCRCW040224K9FKED Dale Thick Film Resistor 24.9KOhms SMD 040200.0000
WSR3R0300FEAWSR3R0300FEA Dale Current Sense Resistor 0.03 Ohm SMD 452700.0000
TNPW0603475RBEEATNPW0603475RBEEA Dale Thin Film Resistor 475 Ohms SMD 060300.0000
TNPW04027K68BEEDTNPW04027K68BEED Dale Thin Film Resistor 7.68K Ohm SMD 040200.0000
TNPW04024K32BEEDTNPW04024K32BEED Dale Thin Film Resistor 4.32Kohms SMD 040200.0000
CRCW04021R00FKEDHPCRCW04021R00FKEDHP Dale Thick Film Resistors 1 Ohm SMD 040200.0000
CRCW0402348KFKEDCRCW0402348KFKED Dale Thick Film Resistor 348Kohms SMD 040200.0000
CRCW120630R0FKEACRCW120630R0FKEA Dale Thick Film Resistor 30ohms SMD 120600.0000
CRCW06031R00FKEAHPCRCW06031R00FKEAHP Dale Thick Film Resistor 1 Ohm SMD 060300.0000