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Wago – Terminal Blocks and Connectors


WAGO: A company founded on innovation

Whether it is industry-changing technologies and revolutionary new products; or the services, concepts and people that operate behind the scenes to ensure continued success, for over 60 years, WAGO has built a foundation on innovation.

WAGO is the global leader in spring pressure connection technology, headquartered in Minden, Germany with offices in over 80 countries. WAGO’s CAGE CLAMP® technology has been innovating electrical interconnection and industrial automation systems for over 60 years. WAGO is a specialist in manufacturing electrical and electronic components that utilize spring pressure termination technology. You’ll find spring clamp terminal blocks, terminal markers, jumpers, banana plugs, DIN mount relays and more from WAGO.

WAGO has two business divisions containing thousands of innovative products. Wago’s electrical interconnections division features terminal blocks and connectors while Wago’s automation division develops products for decentralized automation.


Rail-mounted terminal blocks and rail-mounted terminal block systems

Innovations by the market leader in spring-operated terminal technology. We offer solutions for the most diverse applications - from the smallest to the largest spring-operated terminal.

PCB Terminal Blocks and Connectors

Greatest diversity by the market leader in PCB connections to their device environment. Of course, in screw-less connection technology, with CAGE CLAMP®, push-wire or the versatile CAGE CLAMP® S connection. 

Terminal blocks and connectors

From the original WAGO push-in connector for junction boxes to the WINSTA® connector for the building installation, WAGO offers a comprehensive program with innovative spring-operated clamping techonology.

Components for Automation

The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM is a flexible fieldbus-independent solution for decentralized automation tasks. With the relay, function and interface modules, as well as overvoltage protection, WAGO provides a suitable interface for any application.

Engineering Services

WAGO’s Engineering Services Division is a value-add service that helps Customers address engineering and packaging challenges.


WAGO offers a comprehensive program of marking materials, mounting aids and tools for a neat and safe installation of our products.

Technical information

Product specific testing instructions are in place for the most diverse products, e.g. connecting materials, terminal blocks, connectors etc. This sector provides descriptions of test procedures and points out the purposes of testing.




The areas of application for WAGO products are many and varied. Wago's components are used worldwide in industry, in vehicle manufacturing, process technology, building and lighting technology, and in many other demanding areas.

Power Measurement and Monitoring

Power Measurement and Monitoring

WAGO’s innovative automation and measuring technology offers reduced energy costs, optimized system capacity and ensures manufacturing processes.

Building Automation

Building Automation

From simple component installation to complex building automation – WAGO's portfolio does it all.

Lighting technology

Lighting technology

With innovative products, WAGO creates new connection technologies for artificial lighting – via industry-proven, tool-free and maintenance-free CAGE CLAMP® technology.

Energy and Process Automation

Energy and Process Automation

WAGO products and solutions for the process technology, energy supply, and energy distribution markets.



There are high requirements for components in industry with respect to their reliability. This is no problem with WAGO ...

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering

The various areas of traffic engineering share one item: the extreme external influence factors that affect the components used.

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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
236-851 Wago 236-851 PCB Terminal Block 0 0.7600
2000-1201 Wago 2000-1201 Terminal block 2-conductor 0 1.5400
2000-1402 Wago 2000-1402 Terminal Block 0 1.5400
232-208 Wago 232-208 Connector; 8-pole 0 0.0000
233-204 Wago 233-204 PCB terminal block 0 1.5400
233-208 Wago 233-208 terminal 0 4.5700
236-100 WAGO 236-100 Gray End Cover, for Use with Terminal Block 33 0.1700
2002-2201 2002-2201 WAGO TERMINAL BLOCK, DIN RAIL, 2POS, 14AWG RoHS 0 3.0100
2002-4101 2002-4101 WAGO Terminal Block L1-L2-L3 0 3.6000
2002-2292 WAGO 2002-2292 Connector Accessory, End Plate, 2002 Double Deck Terminal Blocks 0 0.9860
0249-0116 0249-0116 WAGO ANCHOR END STOP 6MM RoHS 0 1.4700
736-102 WAGO 736-102 Double-Deck PCB Terminal Strip 0 2.4700
236-102 WAGO 236-102, 2-Way PCB Spring Terminal Block 5mm Grey 0 0.5000
736-103 WAGO 736-103 Connector Terminal Block 3 POS 5mm Solder Thru-Hole 0 2.3500
2000-492 2000-492 WAGO Double-deck vertical jumper; insulated RoHS 0 0.0000
249-116 249-116 WAGO Connector Grey End Stop, 6x28x45mm 0 0.0000
734-316 734-316 Wago Male Connector 16-pole; Pin spacing 3.5 mm / 0.138 in 0 0.0000
734-316/019-000 734-316/019-000 Wago Connector with snap-in mounting foot; 16-pole 0 0.0000
736-104 WAGO 736-104 Double Deck Terminal Block 8-pole 0 2.4700
736-108 WAGO 736-108 Connector Terminal Block 16POS 5mm Solder Thru-Hole 0 2.3500
249-117 249-117 WAGO Screwless end stop; 10 mm wide 0 0.0000
2002-2201/097-000 2002-2201/097-000 WAGO Connector Terminal Block 0 3.0100
2002-2202 2002-2202 WAGO Connector Terminal Block 0 3.0100
2002-2202/099-000 2002-2202/099-000 WAGO Connector Terminal Block 0 3.0100
226-101 226-101 Wago Terminal Block 1 Position 0 0.0000
226-120 226-120 Wago L1 Cut-out End Plate 0 0.0000
2065-100/998-403 2065-100/998-403 Wago Terminal Block 1 Position 0 0.0000
2616-1103/020-000 2616-1103/020-000 Wago Terminal Blocks 3 Poles 0 0.0000
2616-1103/010-000 2616-1103/010-000 Wago Terminal Blocks 3 Poles 0 0.0000