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Yageo – Passive Components

YAGEOBack in 1977 Yageo leveraged its competitive advantages in mass production economies of scale and cost control to blaze new trails in the precision resistor field, and build the foundation for continued success in the PC era.

But with the arrival of the post-PC era, and the trend toward miniaturization and shorter product cycles for consumer electronics and telecommunication applications, it became clear that future growth would demand globalization, and the ability to become part of customer supply chains through enhanced service.

Yageo currently ranks as the world No.1 in chip-resistors, No. 3 in MLCCs and No. 4 in ferrite products, with strong global presence – 21 sales offices, 9 production sites, 8 JIT logistic hubs and 2 R&D centers worldwide. Yageo’s broad product offerings are targeting at key vertical markets, including applications for mobile, tablet PC, industrial/power, alternative energy, medical and automotive. We serve diversified leading global customers, such as EMS, ODM, OEM and distributors.

Yageo acquired the Phycomp and Ferroxcube brand names from Philips Electronics NV in the summer of 2000.



  • Multilayer Chip Capacitors (MLCCs)
  • Resistor chips
YAGEO Multilayer Chip Capacitors (MLCCs):
  • NP0
  • X5R
  • X7R
  • Y5V
  • Z5U
YAGEO Phycomp Resistor chips:
  • Chip Resistors RF Attenuators Surface Mount RF Attenuators
  • E-Caps Radial Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors Radial Types
  • E-Caps SMD Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors - SMD Terminal Type
  • E-Caps Snap-In Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors Snap-In Types
  • Inductor Choke Coils Choke Coil
  • Inductor EMI PC Beads EMI PC Beads
  • Multilayer Capacitor Chips and Arrays Surface Mount Ceramic Multilayer Capacitors
  • Multilayer Capacitor Networks Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor Network (SMD)
  • Multilayer Chip Varistors Multilayer Chip Varistors
  • Resistor Arrays and Networks This product group combines the Convex and Concave Array Networks.
  • Resistor Chips This product group consists of the main surface mount single resistor chips series such as Thick and Thin Film Chip Resistors, Low Ohmic and Power Resistors and many other series.
  • SMD Chip Inductor SMD Chip Inductor CL, NL en NLC series
  • SMD High Frequency Chip Inductor SMD High Frequency Chip Inductors CLH en LCN series
  • SMD Multilayer Ferrite Chip Beads SMD Multilayer Ferrite Chip Beads SB, PB, NB, GB and FB series
  • SMD Power Inductors SMD Power Inductors
  • Vitrohm leaded power resistors Vitrohm's leaded power resistors and current sensors

YAGEO Phycomp Multilayer Chip Capacitors (MLCCs) Application :


YAGEO Phycomp Multilayer Chip Capacitors (MLCCs) Characteristics:


YAGEO Phycomp Multilayer Chip Capacitors (MLCCs) Specifications:


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Product List:

Part NumberProduct NameQtyPrice (US$) 
2238-868-153382238-868-15338 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 3.3pF 50V SMD 0201 RoHS6,0000.3300
2238-586-15616PHILLIPS 2238-586-15616 Ceramic Capacitor 330PF 50VDC SMD 06032000.0800
CC0603KRX7R9BB101CC0603KRX7R9BB101 YAGEO Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors 100pF 50V X7R 10%00.1000
CC0603FRNPO9BN200Yageo CC0603FRNPO9BN200 Capacitor 20pF 50V 1% SMD 060300.0500
RC0402JR-07 RC0402JR-070RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 0 Ohm 5% Jumper SMD 040249,9000.0850
1.82KXTRYageo 1.82KXTR Metal Film Resistor 1.82k Ohms 1/4W 1% Axial5,0000.0850
CRCW080510K0JNEAYageo CRCW080510K0JNEA Resistor 10 KOhms 5% SMD 08055,0000.0850
KP290-110B82RYageo KP290-110B82R Wirewound Resistor 82 Ohms 2W 10% RoHS Radial1,0000.5800
RC0805FR-0710KLYAGEO RC0805FR-0710KL Resistor 10.0 Kohm 1% SMD 08055,0000.1800
RC1206FR-076K8LRC1206FR-076K8L Yageo Resistor 6.80k Ohms 1% 1/4W 120610,0000.0850
RC2010FK-07649RLYageo RC2010FK-07649RL Thick Film Resistor 649 Ohms 0.75W 1% SMD 20104,0000.1800
RC2512JK-07330KLYAGEO RC2512JK-07330KL RESISTOR 330KOHM 1W 5% SMD 25124,0000.1500
RC0603JR-07-150KYageo RC0603JR-07150K Thick Film Resistor 150k Ohms 100mW 5% SMD 060350,0000.0800
CZ20A104MYageo CZ20A104M CAPACITOR 0.1UF 100V 20%,Z5U,RADIAL00.2100
2322-702-96001Yageo / Phycomp 2322-702-96001 Thick Film Resistor 0 Ohm 0.1W SMD 06035,0000.0850
2322-735-247022322-735-24702 Phycomp Thick Film Resistor 4.7k Ohms 5% 1W SMD 12186,0000.3000
232271161106LYAGEO 232271161106L Thick Film Resistor 10M Ohms 1/4W 5% SMD 120614,0000.0850
232271161133LYageo 232271161133L Thick Film Resistor 13k Ohms 1/4W 5% SMD 12065,0000.0850
232273465909LYageo 232273465909L Thick Film Resistor 59 Ohms 1/8W 1% SMD 08055,0000.0850
232273564229LYAGEO 2322 735 64229L Thick Film Resistor 22 Ohms 1W 5% SMD 121812,0000.4000
CC0402JRX7R9BB101CC0402JRX7R9BB101 Yageo Capacitor 100PF 5% 50V X7R SMD 040229,2000.1300
CC0603JRNPO9BN101Yageo CC0603JRNPO9BN101 Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 50V 5% C0G SMD 0603500.0900
CC0603KRX7R9BB222CC0603KRX7R9BB222 Yageo Capacitor 0.0022uF 50V X7R SMD 060348,0000.1000
CR251-05T100RCR251-05T100R YAGEO RESISTOR 100OHM 5% 1.1W 030950.0000
FMP100JR-52-100KYAGEO FMP100JR-52-100K Resistor 100K Ohm 1W 5% Metal Film230.1500
MFR200FTE73-10KYageo MFR200FTE73-10K Metal Film Resistor 10k Ohms 2W 1% Axial4,0000.1500
RC0402FR-07806KLYageo RC0402FR-07806KL Thick Film Resistor 806k Ohms 1/16W 1% SMD 0402 SMD RoHS5,0000.0900
RC0603FR-07100KLYAGEO RC0603FR-07100KL Resistor 100 Kohm 1% SMD 06035,2500.0900
RC0603FR-0710KLYageo RC0603FR-0710KL Resistor 10 KOhms 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD5,1000.0900
RC0603FR-0710MLYAGEO RC0603FR-0710ML Thick Film Chip Resistor 0. W 10 MOhms 1% SMT 06031400.1000
RC0603FR-0711KLYageo RC0603FR-0711KL Thick Film Resistor 11k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 0603 RoHS1000.0850
RC0603FR-07150KLYageo RC0603FR-07150KL Thick Film Resistor 150k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 0603 RoHS1000.0850
RC0603FR-0715RLYageo RC0603FR-0715RL Thick Film Resistor 15 Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 0603 RoHS500.0850
RC0603FR-07180RLYAGEO RC0603FR-07180RL Thick Film Resistor 180 Ohms 1/10W 1% SMD 0603 ROHS500.0800
RC0603FR-071KLYAGEO RC0603FR-071KL Thick Film Resistor 1.00k Ohms 1/10W 1% SMD 0603 RoHS2500.0800
RC0603FR-071MLYAGEO RC0603FR-071ML RESISTOR 1.00M OHM 1/10W 1%, SMD 0603 RoHS1000.1000
RC0603FR-07210KLYageo RC0603FR-07210KL Thick Film Resistor 210k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 0603 RoHS1000.0850
RC0603FR-07249KLYageo RC0603FR-07249KL Thick Film Resistor 249k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 0603 RoHS1000.0850
RC0603FR-0725K5LYageo RC0603FR-0725K5L Thick Film Resistor 25.5k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 06031000.0850
RC0603FR-072K2LYAGEO RC0603FR-072K2L Thick Film Resistor 2.20k Ohms 1/10W 1% SMD 0603500.0800
RC0603FR-072K4LYageo RC0603FR-072K4L Thin Film Resistor 2.40k Ohms 1/10W 1% SMD 0603 RoHS2000.0850
RC0603FR-072MLRC0603FR-072ML YAGEO RESISTOR 2.00M OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD ROHS1000.0850
RC0603FR-07392KLYageo RC0603FR-07392KL Resistor 392 kOhms 0.1W 1% SMD 06031000.0850
RC0603FR-073K3LYAGEO RC0603FR-073K3L Thick Film Resistor 3.30k Ohms 1/10W 1% SMD 0603 ROHS1500.0800
RC0603FR-07470KLYageo RC0603FR-07470KL Thick Film Resistor 470k Ohms 50V 1/10W 1% 06031500.0850
RC0603FR-07470RLYAGEO RC0603FR-07470RL Thick Film Resistor 470 Ohms 1/10W 1% 0603500.0800
RC0603FR-0747KLYageo RC0603FR-0747KL Thick Film Resistor 47.0K Ohms 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD RoHS2500.0850
RC0603FR-074K7Yageo RC0603FR-074K7L Thick Film Resistor 4.7k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 0603 RoHS1000.0850
RC0603FR-07510KLYageo RC0603FR-07510KL Thick Film Resistor 510k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 0603 RoHS1000.0850
RC0603FR-075K1LYageo RC0603FR-075K1L Thick Film Resistor 5.10k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 06031000.0850
RC0603FR-07665KLYageo RC0603FR-07665KL Thick Film Resistor 665k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 0603 RoHS1000.0850
RC0603FR-0786K6LYageo RC0603FR-0786K6L Thick Film Resistor 86.6k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 0603 RoHS1000.0850
RC0603FR-078K2LYageo RC0603FR-078K2L Thick Film Resistor 8.2k Ohms 0.1W 1% SMD 0603 RoHS1000.0850
RC0603JR-070RLYageo RC0603JR-070RL Thick Film Resistor 0.0 Ohms 1/10W 5% SMD 06032000.0850
RC0603JR-07330RLRC0603JR-07330RL Yageo Thick Film Resistors - SMD 330 OHM 5% 06031000.0900
RC0603JR-0733KLYAGEO RC0603JR-0733KL Thick Film Resistor 33k Ohms 1/10W 5% SMD 0603 RoHS3,0000.0800
RC0805FR-07100KL YAGEO RC0805FR-07100KL Resistor, Thick Film, 100 kohm 150V 1%1500.0900
RC0805FR-071MLRC0805FR-071ML YAGEO Corporation Resistor, Thick Film, 1M Ohm, 150V, 1%, 100ppm, 0805 Case Size1000.0900
RC0805JR-070RLYageo RC0805JR-070RL Thick Film Resistor (Jumper) 0 Ohm 5% SMD 08056000.0850
RC1206FR-07100RLRC1206FR-07100RL YAGEO RESISTOR 100 OHM 1% 1/4W 1206350.0900
RC1206FR-0730R1LRC1206FR-0730R1L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 30.1 Ohms 1% 0.25W SMD 1206100,0000.0850
RC1206FR-073M9LYageo RC1206FR-073M9L Thick Film Resistor 3.9M Ohms 1/4W 1% SMD 1206400.0850
CC1206COG681K50LRYageo CC1206COG681K50LR Ceramic Capacitor 680pF 50V 10% SMD 12065,5000.2000
RSF200JB-47RYAGEO RSF200JB-47R Resistor 47 Ohm 2W 5 %00.1100
5885PHILIPS 232270461002 Resistor 1.00KOHM 1/10W 1% 060300.0100
CC0603JRNPO9BN271YAGEO CC0603JRNPO9BN271 Capacitor 270PF 5% 50V SMD 060300.1000
RC0805FR-07110KLRC0805FR-07110KL YAGEO RESISTOR 110K OHM 1/8W 1% 0805 SMD ROHS00.0000
RC0805FR-0724KLYAGEO RC0805FR-0724KL Resistor 24.0 KOHM 1/8W 1% SMD 080500.1000
RC0402FR-07124RLYAGEO RC0402FR-07124RL RESISTOR 124 OHM 1% 1/16W SMD 0402 RoHS00.1000
CC0805ZKY5V6BB106CC0805ZKY5V6BB106 Yageo Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor MLCC 10uF 10V SMD 00500.1600
RC0805FR-07470RLRC0805FR-07470RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 470Ohm 1% 1/8 W SMD 080500.0000
CC0805KRX7R9BB104CC0805KRX7R9BB104 Yageo Ceramic Capacitors 100nF 50V SMD 080500.1000
CC0402CRNPO9BN4R7CC0402CRNPO9BN4R7 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 4.7pF 50V SMD 0402500.0000
RC0805FR-07715RRC0805FR-07715R YAGEO RESISTOR 715 OHM 1% 1/8W SMD 0805 RoHS00.1000
RC0805FR-07715RLRC0805FR-07715RL YAGEO RESISTOR 715 OHM 1% 1/8W SMD 0805 RoHS00.1000
RC0603FR-0733KLRC0603FR-0733KL YAGEO RESISTOR 33.0K OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD RoHS00.1000
CC0603KRX7R9BB104YAGEO CC0603KRX7R9BB104 Capacitor CERAMIC 0.1UF 50V SMD 060300.0000
AC0402FR-0718KLAC0402FR-0718KL, YAGEO, Thick Film Resistors 1/16W 18K ohm 1%, 040200.0000
RT0805BRD0722RLRT0805BRD0722RL YAGEO, Thin Film Resistors 1/8W 22 ohm .1% 25ppm00.0000
RC2512FK-076K8LRC2512FK-076K8L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 6.8K Ohm 1% SMD 2512 RoHS00.3600
RC0402FR-07604RLRC0402FR-07604RL YAGEO Resistor 604 Ohm 1% 1/16W SMD 040200.1000
CC0603KRX7R6BB225CC0603KRX7R6BB225 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 2.2UF 10V 10% SMD 0603 ROHS00.2900
CC0805KKX7R9BB105CC0805KKX7R9BB105 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 1UF 50V 10% SMD 080500.1000
CC0603KRX7R7BB224CC0603KRX7R7BB224 YAGEO Capacitor CER 0.22UF 16V 10% X7R SMD 06034,0000.1000
RC0603FR-0731K6LYAGEO RC0603FR-0731K6L Resistor 31.6 KOhms 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD5,0000.0900
RC0603FR-0736K5LRC0603FR-0736K5L YAGEO RESISTOR 36.5K OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD RoHS00.0000
RT0402BRD07100RLRT0402BRD07100RL YAGEO RESISTOR 100 OHM 0.1% 1/16W SMD 0402 RoHS00.4200
RT0603BRD07100KLRT0603BRD07100KL YAGEO RESISTOR 100KOHM 0.1% 1/10W SMD 0603 RoHS00.0500
P0591-05T1K2Yageo P0591-05T1K2 Metal Oxide Power Resistor 1.2k Ohms 5% 4W RoHS Axial1,0000.5600
2322-706-71809PHYCOM 2322-706-71809 Thick Film Resistor 18 Ohms 1% 62.5mW SMD 04021,0000.1000
RC0201FR-07120RLRC0201FR-07120RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 120 OHM 1% 1/20W SMD 020100.1200
RC1206JR-070RLYAGEO RC1206JR-070RL RESISTOR 0.0 OHM 1/4W 1206 SMD RoHS1,0000.1000
CC0603KRX7R8BB104CC0603KRX7R8BB104 Yageo Capacitor 100nF 10% 25V X7R00.1000
RC0603FR-0797K6LRC0603FR-0797K6L YAGEO RESISTOR SMD 97.6K OHM 1% 1/10W SMD 060300.1000
RC0603FR-07100RLYAGEO RC0603FR-07100RL RESISTOR 100 OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD00.1000
RC0603FR-072KLYAGEO RC0603FR-072KL RESISTOR 2.00K OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD00.1000
RC0603FR-07330RLYAGEO RC0603FR-07330RL RESISTOR 330 OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD00.1000
CC0603JRNPO9BN120CC0603JRNPO9BN120 Yageo Ceramic Capacitors 12pF 50V NPO 5%00.1000
RC0603FR-0757K6LRC0603FR-0757K6L YAGEO RESISTOR 57.6K OHM 1% 1/10W SMD 060300.1000
RC1206FR-0797K6LYageo RC1206FR-0797K6L Thick Film Resistor 97.6k Ohms 1/4W 1% SMD 1206690.0850
AC0402JR-0733KLAC0402JR-0733KL YAGEO Resistors 33K ohm 5% 1/16W00.1000
SQP10AJB-91RSQP10AJB-91R YAGEO Resistor 91 OHM 10W 5% Axial00.6400
MFR-25FRF52-15KMFR-25FRF52-15K YAGEO Resistor 0.25 W 15 kOhms 1%, Axial00.1000
RC0402FR-0715RLRC0402FR-07150RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistors 15 OHM 1% SMD 040200.0600
RC0603FR-07113RLYAGEO RC0603FR-07113RL Resistor 113R 1% 1/10W SMD 060300.0600
RC0402FR-07150RLRC0402FR-07150RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistors 150 OHM 1% 040200.0400
RC0603FR-072K7LRC0603FR-072K7L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 2.7Kohm 1% SMD 060300.0000
RT0805BRD07487KLRT0805BRD07487KL YAGEO Thin Film Resistors 1/8W 487K ohm 0.1% SMD 080500.0000
AC0603FR-07100KLAC0603FR-07100KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 100K ohm 1% 1/10W 060300.1000
AC0603FR-071KLAC0603FR-071KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistors 1K ohm 1% 1/10W 060300.0060
RC0603FR-071K6LRC0603FR-071K6L YAGEO Thick Film Resistors 1.6K OHM 1% SMD 060300.1000
RC0603FR-07220RLRC0603FR-07220RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistors 220 OHM 1% 060300.0020
RC0603FR-0722RLRC0603FR-0722RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistors 22 OHM 1% 060300.0800
RC0603FR-07390RLRC0603FR-07390RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistors 390 OHM 1% 060300.0020
SQP10AJB-750RSQP10AJB-750R Yageo Resistor 750 Ohm 10W 5%, Axial00.0000
RC1206JR-072MLRC1206JR-072ML YAGEO Thick Film Resistors 2M OHM 5% SMD 120600.0000
RC0805JR-0712MLRC0805JR-0712ML YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 12M Ohm 5% SMD 080500.1900
RC0603JR-072K7LRC0603JR-072K7L YAGEO Resistor SMD 2.7K OHM 5% 1/10W 060300.1000
RC0603JR-07100KLRC0603JR-07100KL YAGEO Resistor 100K OHM 5% 1/10W SMD 060300.1000
CFR-50JR-52-680KCFR-50JR-52-470R Yageo Film Resistor 470ohm 1/2W 5% Axial00.0250
RC0603JR-0712KLRC0603JR-0712KL YAGEO Resistor 12K OHM 5% 1/10W SMD 060300.1000
RC0603JR-0710KLRC0603JR-0710KL YAGEO Resistor 10KOHM 1/10W 5% 060300.0000
RC0603JR-07220RLRC0603JR-07220RL YAGEO Resistor 220 OHM 5% 1/10W SMD 060300.1000
RC0603JR-074K7LRC0603JR-074K7L YAGEO Resistor 4.7K OHM 1/10W 5% 0603 SMD00.0000
RC0805JR-0710RLRC0805JR-0710RL YAGEO Resistors 10 OHM 5% 1/8W SMD 080500.1000
RC0805JR-07120RLRC0805JR-07120RL YAGEO Resistor 120 OHM 5% 1/8W SMD 080500.1000
RC1218JK-071KLRC1218JK-071KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 1K OHM 5%00.4100
RC0603FR-07160KLRC0603FR-07160KL YAGEO Resistor 160 kOhms 1% SMD 060300.1000
FMP200JR-52-680RFMP200JR-52-680R YAGEO Metal Film Resistor 680 ohm 2W 5% Leaded00.0856
SQP500JB-0R51SQP500JB-0R51 Yageo Resistor 0.51 Ohm 5% 5W Axial00.5600
SQP500JB-1R0SQP500JB-1R0 Yageo Resistor 1 Ohm 5% 5W Axial00.5600
SQP500JB-2R0SQP500JB-2R0 Yageo Resistor 2 Ohm 5% 5W Axial00.5600
SQP500JB-2R7SQP500JB-2R7 Yageo Resistor 2.7 Ohm 5% 5W Axial00.5600
SQP500JB-3R0SQP500JB-3R0 Yageo Resistor 3 Ohm 5% 5W Axial00.5600
SQP500JB-3R3SQP500JB-3R3 Yageo Resistor 3.3 Ohm 5% 5W Axial00.5600
FMP200JR-52-12KFMP200JR-52-12K Yageo Metal Film Resistor 12K ohm 2W 5% Axial00.1000
SQP500JB-1R5SQP500JB-1R5 Yageo Wirewound Resistor 1.5 Ohm 5% Axial00.1683
RC0402JR-070RLRC0402JR-070RL Yageo Film Resistor 0.0 OHM 1/16W 0402 SMD00.0000
ANT1204F002R0433AANT1204F002R0433A YAGEO Antenna Chip 0.83dBi Gain 2-Pin 12044,7280.0000
RC0603FR-0751RLRC0603FR-0751RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 51 OHM 1% SMD 060300.1000
MFR-25FRF52-5K6MFR-25FRF52-5K6 YAGEO Metal Film Resistor 5.6K OHM 1/4W 1% Axial00.1200
RC0603FR-07510RLRC0603FR-07510RL YAGEO Film Resistor 510 OHM 1/10W 1% SMD 060300.0000
RC0603FR-075K6LRC0603FR-075K6L YAGEO Film Chip Resistor 5.6 kOhms 1% 0.1W SMD 060300.0000
RC0603FR-0712K4LRC0603FR-0712K4L YAGEO Resistor 12.4K Ohm 1% 1/10W SMD 060300.1000
RC0603FR-0715KLRC0603FR-0715KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistors 15K OHM 1% SMD 060300.1000
RC0603FR-076K8LRC0603FR-076K8L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 6.8K OHM 1% SMD 060300.0000
RC0805FR-0718K2LRC0805FR-0718K2L Yageo Film Resistor 18.2K OHM 1/8W 1% 0805 SMD00.0000
RC0603FR-074K53LRC0603FR-074K53L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 4.53K OHM 1% SMD 060300.0000
CC0805KKX5R8BB106CC0805KKX5R8BB106 YAGEO Capacitor Ceramic 10uF 25V 10% SMD 080500.2900
AC0603FR-07750KLAC0603FR-07750KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 750Kohm 1% SMD 060300.1400
AC0805FR-0710MLAC0805FR-0710ML YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 10Mohm 1% 1/8W smd 080500.1000
AC0805FR-076K2LAC0805FR-076K2L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 6.2Kohm 1% 1/8W SMD 080500.1000
RC2512JK-075R6LRC2512JK-075R6L YAGEO Thick Film Chip Resistor 5.6 Ohms 1W 5% 251200.0000
RC2512JK-078R2LRC2512JK-078R2L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 8.2 Ohm 5% 1W SMD 251200.0000
RC2512JK-270RLRC2512JK-270RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 2 OHM 5% SMD 251200.0000
RC2512JK-07270RLRC2512JK-07270RL YAGEO Thick Film Chip Resistor 270 Ohms 5% SMD 251200.0000
CC0805KKX5R8BB475CC0805KKX5R8BB475 YAGEO MLCC Ceramic Capacitor 4.7uF 25V SMD 080500.0000
RC0603JR-0791KLRC0603JR-0791KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 91K Ohm 5% SMD 060300.1000
RC2512FK-0747RLRC2512FK-0747RL YAGEO Resistor, Thick Film 47 ohm 1% 200V SMD 251200.0000
RC2512JK-071R2LRC2512JK-071R2L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 1.2 Ohm 5% SMD 251200.0000
RC0603FR-0720KLRC0603FR-0720KL Yageo Resistor 20.0K OHM 1/10W 1% SMD 060300.0000
RC0603JR-071MLRC0603JR-071ML YAGEO Resistor 1.0M OHM 1/10W 5% SMD 060300.0000
RC0402FR-073K16LRC0402FR-073K16L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 3.16K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.1000
AC0805KRX7R0BB102AC0805KRX7R0BB102 YAGEO MLCC Capacitor 1000pF 100V 10% SMD 080500.0400
CC0805FRNPO9BN152CC0805FRNPO9BN152 Yageo MLCC Capacitor 1.5nF 50V NPO 1% SMD 080500.1200
CC0201KRX5R5BB105CC0201KRX5R5BB105 YAGEO Capacitor 1uF 6.3V 10 % SMD 020100.0180
CC0402KRX7R9BB272CC0402KRX7R9BB272 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 2.7nF 50V 10 % SMD 040210,0000.1000
CC0402MRX5R5BB475CC0402MRX5R5BB475 YAGEO Capacitor Ceramic 4.7uF 6.3V 20% SMD 040210,0000.1000
RL1206FR-7W0R56LRL1206FR-7W0R56L, YAGEO Resistor 0.56 Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0700
CC0402KRX5R6BB475CC0402KRX5R6BB475 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 4.7uF 10V 10% SMD 040200.3000
CC0805KRX7R9BB103CC0805KRX7R9BB103 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 10000pF 10% 50V X7R 0805 (2012 Metric)00.0000
CC0201KRX7R8BB101CC0201KRX7R8BB101 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 25V 10% SMD 020100.1000
CC0201KRX5R5BB104CC0201KRX5R5BB104 YAGEO Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF 6.3V 10% SMD 020100.0000
RC2512FK-0718R7LRC2512FK-0718R7L YAGEO Resistor 18.7 Ohms 1% 1W SMD 251200.1000
RC0805FR-072M43LRC0805FR-072M43L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 2.43 MOhms 1% SMD 080500.1000
RC0402JR-130RLRC0402JR-130RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 0 Ohm Jumper SMD 040200.1000
RC0603JR-0762RLRC0603JR-0762RL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 62 Ohm 5% SMD 060300.0000
CC0603KRX5R7BB105CC0603KRX5R7BB105 YAGEO MLCC Capacitor 1.0uF 16V 10% SMD 060300.0000
CC0603CRNPO9BN2R2CC0603CRNPO9BN2R2 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 2.2pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
CC0603KRX5R6BB105CC0603KRX5R6BB105 YAGEO MLCC Capacitor 1.0uF 10V X5R 10% 060300.0000
RC2512FK-072RLRC2512FK-072RL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 2 Ohm 1% SMD 251200.0000
RC0603FR-07121RLRC0603FR-07121RL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 121 Ohms 1% SMD 060300.0000
CC0603KRX7R9BB221CC0603KRX7R9BB221 YAGEO Capacitor Ceramic 220pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
RC0402JR-0730KLRC0402JR-0730KL Yageo Resistor Thick Film 30K Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
CC0805GRNPO9BN100CC0805GRNPO9BN100 YAGEO Capacitor Ceramic 10pF 50V 2% SMD 080500.0000
CC0603FRNPO9BN180CC0603FRNPO9BN180 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 18pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
CC0603FRNPO9BN330CC0603FRNPO9BN330 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 33pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
CC0603KRX5R6BB475CC0603KRX5R6BB475 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 4.7uF 10V X5R SMD 060300.0000
RC0402FR-0710KLRC0402FR-0710KL YAGEO Resistor 10 kOhms 1% SMD 040200.0000
RT0805BRD073K32LRT0805BRD073K32L YAGEO Thin Film Resistor 3.32K Ohms 0.1% SMD 080500.0900
RC0603FR-07200KLRC0603FR-07200KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 200K Ohm 1% SMD 060350,0000.0000
RC0603JR-072M2LRC0603JR-072M2L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 2.2Mohm 5% SMD 060300.0000
RC0603FR-0716K9LRC0603FR-0716K9L YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 16.9K Ohm 1% SMD 060300.0000
RC0603FR-0728KLRC0603FR-0728KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 28K Ohm 1% SMD 060300.0000
RT0603DRE0724K3LRT0603DRE0724K3L YAGEO Resistor 24.3K Ohm 0.5% 1/10W SMD 060300.0000
CC0805JRNPO9BN221CC0805JRNPO9BN221 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 50V 5% SMD 080500.0000
CC0805KRNPO9BN221CC0805KRNPO9BN221 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 50V 10% SMD 080500.0000
RC0603FR-0721KLRC0603FR-0721KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 21K Ohm 1% SMD 060335,0000.0000
RC1206FR-07330RLRC1206FR-07330RL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 330 Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-0733KLRC1206FR-0733KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 33K Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-071K5LRC1206FR-071K5L YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 1.5K Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-071MLRC1206FR-071ML YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 1M Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-0722KLRC1206FR-0722KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 22K Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-072KLRC1206FR-072KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 2K Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-074K02LRC1206FR-074K02L YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 4.02K Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RSF200JB-73-15KRSF200JB-73-15K YAGEO Resistor Metal Oxide Resistor 15Kohm 5% 2W Axial00.0000
RC1206FR-07274KLRC1206FR-07274KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 274K Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-0727KLRC1206FR-0727KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 27K Ohms 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-078K06LRC1206FR-078K06L YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 8.06K Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-0791KLRC1206FR-0791KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 91K Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC0603FR-07442KLRC0603FR-07442KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 442K Ohm 1% SMD 060300.0000
CC0402KRX5R6BB224CC0402KRX5R6BB224 YAGEO Capacitor Ceramic 0.22uF 10V SMD 040200.0000
RC0603FR-0729K4LRC0603FR-0729K4L YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 29.4K Ohm 1% SMD 060300.0000
RC2512FK-0733RLRC2512FK-0733RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 33 Ohm 1% SMD 251200.0000
RC1206FR-07130KLRC1206FR-07130KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 130K OHM 1% SMD 120600.0000
CC1206KKX7R0BB225CC1206KKX7R0BB225 Yageo Capacitor MLCC 2.2uF 100V 10% SMD 120600.0000
CC0402KRX5R6BB105CC0402KRX5R6BB105 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 10V 10% SMD 040200.0000
RC1206FR-0710KLRC1206FR-0710KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 10K OHM 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-071KLRC1206FR-071KL Yageo Resistor 1.00K OHM 1/4W 1% SMD 120600.0000
CC1210KKX7R9BB334CC1210KKX7R9BB334 YAGEO Capacitor MLCC 0.33uF 50V SMD 121000.0700
RC0402FR-0747KLRC0402FR-0747KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 47K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0603JR-07390RLRC0603JR-07390RL YAGEO Resistor 390 Ohm 5% 1/10W SMD 060300.0000
CC0402BRNPO9BN3R3CC0402BRNPO9BN3R3 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 3.3pF 50V SMD 040200.0000
CC1812KKX7RDBB472CC1812KKX7RDBB472 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 4.7nF 2000V SMD 181200.0000
RC0402FR-0756KLRC0402FR-0756KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 56K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0603FR-0712K1LRC0603FR-0712K1L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 12.1K Ohm 1% SMD 060300.0000
RC0603JR-0739RLRC0603JR-0739RL Yageo Resistor Thick Film 39 Ohm 5% SMD 06035,0000.0000
RC0402FR-07100RLRC0402FR-07100RL Yageo Resistor Thick Film 100 Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-071KLRC0402FR-071KL Yageo Resistor, Thick Film, 1K Ohm, 50V SMD 040200.0000
RC0805JR-07100RLRC0805JR-07100RL Yageo Resistor Thick Film 100 Ohm 5% SMD 080500.0000
RC1206JR-076M8LRC1206JR-076M8L Yageo Resistor Thick Film 6.8M Ohm 5% SMD 120600.0000
RC1210JR-070RLRC1210JR-070RL Yageo Resistor Jumper 0 Ohm SMD 121000.0000
YC124-JR-0733RLYC124-JR-0733RL Yageo Resistor Network 33 Ohm SMD 080400.0000
RC0402FR-0724K9LRC0402FR-0724K9L YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 24.9K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-0733KLRC0402FR-0733KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 33K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-07430RLRC0402FR-07430RL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 430 Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-07470RLRC0402FR-07470RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 470 Ohm 1% 63mW SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-0749R9LRC0402FR-0749R9L YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 49.9 Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-0710RLRC0402JR-0710RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 10 ohm 50V SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-0712KLRC0402JR-0712KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 12K Ohm 5% SMD 0402190,0000.0000
RC0402JR-071K5LRC0402JR-071K5L YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 1.5K Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-071K8LRC0402JR-071K8L YAGEO Thick Film Chip Resistor 1.8K Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-07270RLRC0402JR-07270RL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 270 Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-072R2LRC0402JR-072R2L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 2.2 Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-0756RLRC0402JR-0756RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 56 Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-071K24LRC0402FR-071K24L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 1.24K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-071MLRC0402FR-071ML Yageo Thick Film Resistor 1 Mohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-07220KLRC0402FR-07220KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 220K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-0724KLRC0402FR-0724KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 24K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-07100KLRC0402FR-07100KL Yageo Resistor Thick Film 100K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-0715KLRC0402FR-0715KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 15K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-073KLRC0402FR-073KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 3K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-0756KLRC0402JR-0756KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 56K Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-075K6LRC0402JR-075K6L YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 5.6K Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-076K8LRC0402JR-076K8L YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 6.8K Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-07150KLRC0402JR-07150KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 150K Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-07150RLRC0402JR-07150RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 150 Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-0715KLRC0402JR-0715KL YAGEO Metal Film Resistor 15K Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-07180KLRC0402JR-07180KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 180k Ohms 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-071K2LRC0402JR-071K2L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 1.2K Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-071M5LRC0402JR-071M5L YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 1.5M Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-0722RLRC0402JR-0722RL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 22 Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-072K7LRC0402JR-072K7L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 2.7kOhms 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-074K64LRC0402FR-074K64L YAGEO Resistor 4.64K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RV1206FR-07392KLRV1206FR-07392KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 392K Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC0402FR-07330RLRC0402FR-07330RL Yageo Resistor Thick Film 330 Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-07180KLRC0402FR-07180KL Yageo Resistor Thick Film 180K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0603FR-07560KLRC0603FR-07560KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 560K Ohm 1% SMD 060300.0000
RC1206FR-0710RLRC1206FR-0710RL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 10 Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
CC1206JRNPO9BN330CC1206JRNPO9BN330 YAGEO Capacitor Ceramic 33pF 50V SMD 120600.0000
RC0402FR-073K3LRC0402FR-073K3L Yageo Resistor Thick Film 3.3K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402JR-0747KLRC0402JR-0747KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 47K Ohm 5% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-0722KLRC0402FR-0722KL Yageo Resistor Thick Film 22K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0805FR-073K74LRC0805FR-073K74L YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 3.74K Ohm 1% SMD 080500.0000
RC0402FR-07750RLRC0402FR-07750RL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 750 Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
YC124-JR-0715RLYC124-JR-0715RL Yageo Resistor Network 15 Ohm 5% SMD 080400.0000
RC0402FR-07324RLRC0402FR-07324RL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 324 Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-07330KLRC0402FR-07330KL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 330K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC1206FR-074R64LRC1206FR-074R64L YAGEO Film Thick Resistor 4.64 Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC0603FR-0710RLRC0603FR-0710RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 10 Ohm 1% SMD 060300.0000
RC0603JR-0747KLRC0603JR-0747KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 47K Ohm 5% SMD 06034,9900.0000
RC0805JR-071K2LRC0805JR-071K2L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 1.2K Ohm 5% SMD 080500.0000
RC1206FR-076K2LRC1206FR-076K2L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 6.2K Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC0805FR-07162KLRC0805FR-07162KL Yageo Resistor00.1000
RC0201FR-0710RLRC0201FR-0710RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 10 Ohms 1% SMD 020100.0000
CC0805KKX7R9BB224CC0805KKX7R9BB224 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 50V SMD 080500.0000
RT0603BRE075K6LRT0603BRE075K6L YAGEO Thin Film Resistor 5.6Kohm .1% SMD 060300.0000
RC0402FR-07820RLRC0402FR-07820RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 820 Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-0751RLRC0402FR-0751RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 51 Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC1210JR-07220KLRC1210JR-07220KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 220K Ohm 5% SMD 121000.0000
RC0603JR-07110KLRC0603JR-07110KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 110K Ohm 5% SMD 060300.0000
RC0603JR-07160KLRC0603JR-07160KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 160K Ohm 5% SMD 060300.0000
RC0603JR-071M5LRC0603JR-071M5L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 1.5M Ohm 5% SMD 060300.0000
RC0603JR-072K2LRC0603JR-072K2L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 2.2K Ohm 5% SMD 060300.0000
RC0603JR-0736KLRC0603JR-0736KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 36K Ohm 5% SMD 060300.0000
RC0603JR-073KLRC0603JR-073KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 3K Ohm 5% SMD 060300.0000
RC0603JR-07430KLRC0603JR-07430KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 430K Ohm 5% SMD 060300.0000
RC1206JR-071KLRC1206JR-071KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 1K Ohm 5% SMD 120600.0000
RV1206FR-073MLRV1206FR-073ML YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 3M Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC0603FR-07107KLRC0603FR-07107KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 107K Ohm 1% SMD 060300.0000
RC0603FR-07360KLRC0603FR-07360KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 360K Ohm 1% SMD 060300.0000
RC0603FR-074M7LRC0603FR-074M7L YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 4.7M Ohm SMD 060300.0000
RC0603JR-0715KLRC0603JR-0715KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 15K Ohm SMD 060300.0000
RC0603JR-071K2LRC0603JR-071K2L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 1.2K Ohm 5% SMD 060300.0000
RC0805JR-071KLRC0805JR-071KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 1K Ohm 5% SMD 080500.0000
RC1206FR-0720KLRC1206FR-0720KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 20K Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-0762KLRC1206FR-0762KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 62K Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
CC0805ZKY5V9BB105CC0805ZKY5V9BB105 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 50V SMD 080500.3100
RC0603FR-07220KLRC0603FR-07220KL Yageo Resistor Thick Film 220K Ohm 1% SMD 060300.0000
RC0603JR-0739KLRC0603JR-0739KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 39K Ohm 5% SMD 060300.0000
RC1206FR-0743KLRC1206FR-0743KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 43K Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-0775KLRC1206FR-0775KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 75K Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206JR-075K1LRC1206JR-075K1L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 5.1K Ohm 5% SMD 120600.0000
CC0603KRX7R9BB332CC0603KRX7R9BB332 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 0.0033uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
RC0603JR-071K1LRC0603JR-071K1L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 1.1K Ohm 5% SMD 060300.0000
CC1206JRNPOBBN680CC1206JRNPOBBN680 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 68pF 500V SMD 120600.0000
CC0805JRNPO0BN221CC0805JRNPO0BN221 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 100V SMD 080500.0000
RC0603FR-0782KLRC0603FR-0782KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 82K OHM 1% SMD 060300.0000
RC1206JR-072M2LRC1206JR-072M2L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 2.2M Ohm 5% 120600.0000
CC0805JRNPO0BN220CC0805JRNPO0BN220 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 22pF 100V SMD 080500.0000
RC0603FR-0749R9LRC0603FR-0749R9L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 49.9 OHM 1% SMD 060300.0000
CC1206KKX7R0BB224CC1206KKX7R0BB224 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 100V SMD 120600.0000
RC0402FR-0756RLRC0402FR-0756RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 56 Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
AC0805KRX7R0BB103AC0805KRX7R0BB103 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 10nF 100V 10% SMD 080500.0000
CC0402KRX7R9BB103CC0402KRX7R9BB103 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 50V SMD 040200.0000
RC1206FR-0712KLRC1206FR-0712KL YAGEO Thick Film Chip Resistor 12KOhms 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206JR-07100KLRC1206JR-07100KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 100K Ohm 5% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206JR-07200RLRC1206JR-07200RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 200 Ohm 5% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206JR-0722RLRC1206JR-0722RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 22 Ohm 5% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206JR-072KLRC1206JR-072KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 2.0K OHM SMD 120600.0000
RC0603JR-074K3LRC0603JR-074K3L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 4.3 kOhms 5% SMD 060300.0000
RC0805FR-071K8LRC0805FR-071K8L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 1.8K Ohm 1% SMD 080500.0000
CC0402KRX7R9BB221CC0402KRX7R9BB221 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 50V SMD 040200.0000
CC1206JKNPOCBN101CC1206JKNPOCBN101 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 1000V SMD 120600.0000
CC0603KRX7R9BB472CC0603KRX7R9BB472 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 4.7nF 50V SMD 060300.0000
RL1206FR-7W0R2LRL1206FR-7W0R2L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 0.2 Ohm 1% SMD 120600.0000
CC0603KRX7R7BB104CC0603KRX7R7BB104 Yageo Capacitors 100nF 16V SMD 060300.0000
CC0402KRX7R9BB104CC0402KRX7R9BB104 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V SMD 040200.4300
CC0603KRX5R6BB106CC0603KRX5R6BB106 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 10V SMD 060300.0600
RC0402FR-071K54LRC0402FR-071K54L YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 1.54KOhm SMD 040200.0000
RV1206FR-072MLRV1206FR-072ML YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 2MOhm 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC0603FR-0780K6LRC0603FR-0780K6L YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 80.6KOhm 1% SMD 060300.0000
CC0402KRX7R9BB101CC0402KRX7R9BB101 Yageo Capacitor MLCC 100pF 50V SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-074K99LRC0402FR-074K99L YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 4.99K Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC2512FK-072KLRC2512FK-072KL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 2K Ohm 1% SMD 25122,0000.0000
CC0603JPNPO9BN471CC0603JPNPO9BN471 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor MLCC 470pF 50V SMD 06034,0000.0000
CC0201JRNPO9BN120CC0201JRNPO9BN120 YAGEO Capacitor00.0140
CC0402JRX7R9BB682CC0402JRX7R9BB682 YAGEO Capacitor 6800pF 50V Ceramic00.0400
RC0402FR-07475RLRC0402FR-07475RL Yageo Film Resistor 475 OHM 1% SMD 040200.0000
CC0603JRX7R9BB103CC0603JRX7R9BB103 Yageo Capacitor Ceramic 0.01uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
CC0603KRX7R7BB474CC0603KRX7R7BB474 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 0.47uF 16V SMD 060300.0000
CC0603CRNPO9BN1R5CC0603CRNPO9BN1R5 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 1.5pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
RC0201JR-070RPRC0201JR-070RP YAGEO Chip Resistor 0 Ohm Jumper SMD 020100.0000
RC0402FR-0731K6LRC0402FR-0731K6L YAGEO Resistor 31.6K Ohm 1% SMD 04023000.0000
CC0402KRX7R9BB471CC0402KRX7R9BB471 YAGEO Capacitor Ceramic 470pF 50V SMD 040200.0000
RC0603FR-07560RLRC0603FR-07560RL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 560 Ohm SMD 060300.0000
RC1206FR-07220KLRC1206FR-07220KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 220K OHM 1% SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-074K7LRC1206FR-074K7L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 4.7K Ohms 1% SMD 120600.0000
CC0805KRX7R9BB183CC0805KRX7R9BB183 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 0.018uF 50V SMD 080500.0000
RC2512JK-079R1LRC2512JK-079R1L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 9.1 Ohm SMD 251200.0000
CC1210MKX5R7BB107CC1210MKX5R7BB107 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 100uF 20% 16V SMD 121000.0000
CC1812KKX7R9BB334CC1812KKX7R9BB334 YAGEO MLCC Capacitor 0.33uF 50V SMD 181200.0000
CC0402MRX5R5BB106CC0402MRX5R5BB106 YAGEO Capacitor Ceramic 10uF 6.3V SMD 04025,0000.0000
CFR-25JT-52-150KCFR-25JT-52-150K Yageo Resistor 150 kOhms Axial00.0000
CFR-25JT-52-2K2CFR-25JT-52-2K2 Yageo Resistor 2.2 kOhms Axial00.0000
AC2010FK-07300RLAC2010FK-07300RL YAGEO Resistor Thick Film 300 Ohm SMD 201000.0000
AC2010FK-07309RLAC2010FK-07309RL YAGEO Resistor 309 Ohm SMD 201000.0000
CC1206KRX7R9BB103CC1206KRX7R9BB103 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor MLCC 0.01uF 50V SMD 120600.0000
AC2010FK-07100RLAC2010FK-07100RL YAGEO Thick Film Resistor00.0000
AC2010FK-073R3LAC2010FK-073R3L YAGEO Moisture Resistant Resistor00.0000
CC1210KKX7RCBB103CC1210KKX7RCBB103 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 1KV SMD 121000.0000
CC0603KRX7R0BB101CC0603KRX7R0BB101 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 100V SMD 060300.0000
RT0603FRE0743R2LRT0603FRE0743R2L YAGEO Thin Film Resistor 43.2 ohm SMD 06035,0000.0000
CC0603MRX5R5BB226CC0603MRX5R5BB226 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 6.3V SMD 060300.0000
RC0201JR-0747KLRC0201JR-0747KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 47kOhms SMD 020100.0000
RC0201JR-074K7LRC0201JR-074K7L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 4.7KOhms SMD 020100.0000
RC0201JR-0751RLRC0201JR-0751RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 51 Ohms SMD 020100.0000
RC0402FR-0710R2LRC0402FR-0710R2L Yageo Resistor 10.2 Ohms SMD 040200.0000
CC1206KRX7R9BB104CC1206KRX7R9BB104 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 100nF 50V SMD 120600.0000
CC0805FRNPO9BN220CC0805FRNPO9BN220 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 22pF 50V SMD 080500.0000
CC0201KRX5R6BB104CC0201KRX5R6BB104 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 10V SMD 020100.0000
RC0402FR-0718K7LRC0402FR-0718K7L Yageo Resistor 18.7 kOhms SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-071K1LRC0402FR-071K1L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 1.1K OHM 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-071RLRC0402FR-071RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 1 Ohm 1% SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-073K01LRC0402FR-073K01L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 3.01K Ohm SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-0752K3LRC0402FR-0752K3L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 52.3K Ohm SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-0754K9LRC0402FR-0754K9L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 54.9kOhms SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-0782K5LRC0402FR-0782K5L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 82.5K OHM SMD 040200.0000
AC1206FR-07680RLAC1206FR-07680RL Yageo Resistor Thick Film 680 Ohm SMD 120600.0000
CC0603KRX7R8BB474CC0603KRX7R8BB474 YAGEO Capacitor Ceramic 0.47uF 25V SMD 060300.0000
RC2010FK-07470RLRC2010FK-07470RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 470 ohm SMD 201000.0000
RC0201FR-07274KLRC0201FR-07274KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 274K Ohms SMD 020100.0000
CC0603JRNPOYBN101CC0603JRNPOYBN101 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 250V SMD 060300.0000
YC358LJK-0722KLYC358LJK-0722KL Yageo Resistor Array 22K Ohm SMD 2512 10-Pin00.0000
RC2512FK-0782KLRC2512FK-0782KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 82 kOhms SMD 251200.0000
PF0603DRM070R01ZPF0603DRM070R01Z Phycomp Resistor 0.01Ohm SMD 06031,0000.0000
RC2512FK-074K75LRC2512FK-074K75L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 4.75kOhms SMD 251200.0000
RC1206JR-07100RLRC1206JR-07100RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 100 Ohms SMD 120600.0000
RC1206JR-073KLRC1206JR-073KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 3kOhms SMD 120600.0000
RC1206JR-0710KLRC1206JR-0710KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 10 kOhms SMD 120600.0000
CC0402KRX7R0BB102CC0402KRX7R0BB102 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 100V SMD 040200.0000
HHV100FT-73-2MHHV100FT-73-2M Yageo Metal Film Resistor 2M Ohm Axial00.0000
RT0805BRD0714KLRT0805BRD0714KL Yageo Thin Film Resistor 14K Ohms SMD 080500.0000
CC1812KKX7R0BB103CC1812KKX7R0BB103 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 10nF 100V SMD 181200.0000
ANTX100P001B24553ANTX100P001B24553 Yageo Antenna 2.4-5.1GHz PCB Mount00.0000
RC0603FR-079R1LRC0603FR-079R1L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 9.1 Ohm SMD 060300.0000
RT1206BRD076R8LRT1206BRD076R8L Yageo Thin Film Resistor 6.8 Ohms SMD 120600.0000
RC0402FR-0711K8PRC0402FR-0711K8P Yageo Thick Film Resistor00.0000
RC2010FK-07422RLRC2010FK-07422RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 422 Ohms SMD 20104,0000.0000
RC0402FR-07150RPRC0402FR-07150RP Yageo Thick Film Resistor 150 Ohm SMD 040200.0000
CC1206JKNPOCBN220CC1206JKNPOCBN220 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 22pF 1KV SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-07499KLRC1206FR-07499KL Yageo Resistor 499KOhms SMD 120600.0000
AC0402JR-0710KLAC0402JR-0710KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 10K Ohms SMD 040200.0000
RC1210FR-0739KLRC1210FR-0739KL Yageo Resistor 39KOhm SMD 121000.0000
RT0805BRD0710RLRT0805BRD0710RL Yageo Thin Film Resistor 10 Ohms SMD 080500.0000
CC0603FRNPO9BN120CC0603FRNPO9BN120 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 12pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
AC0402FR-071K8LAC0402FR-071K8L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 1.8K ohm SMD 040200.0000
AC0402FR-0782KLAC0402FR-0782KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 82KOhms SMD 040200.0000
AC0603KRX7R9BB103AC0603KRX7R9BB103 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
RC0603FR-0718KLRC0603FR-0718KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 18K OHM SMD 0603 SMD00.0000
RC0603FR-0722KLRC0603FR-0722KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 22K OHM SMD 060300.0000
RC0603FR-0727KLRC0603FR-0727KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 27K OHM SMD 060300.0000
RC1206FR-07221KLRC1206FR-07221KL Yageo Resistor Thick Film 120600.0000
RC2010JK-07100KLRC2010JK-07100KL Yageo Resistor Thick Film00.0000
CC0603JRNPO9BN220CC0603JRNPO9BN220 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 22pF 50V SMD 060300.0000
CC0603KRX7R9BB103CC0603KRX7R9BB103 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 10nF 50V SMD 060300.0000
RC0603FR-0751KLRC0603FR-0751KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 51.0K OHM SMD 060300.0000
RC1206FR-07150RLRC1206FR-07150RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 150 OHM SMD 120600.0000
RT0603BRE07255RLRT0603BRE07255RL Yageo Thin Film Resistor 255 Ohm SMD 060300.0000
RT1206BRE0749R9LRT1206BRE0749R9L Yageo Thin Film Resistor 49.9 Ohm SMD 120600.0000
CC0805JRNPO9BN103CC0805JRNPO9BN103 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 10nF NP0 080500.0000
RC2512JK-0718KLRC2512JK-0718KL Yageo Resistor00.0000
CC0603KRX7R9BB682CC0603KRX7R9BB682 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 6.8nF 50V SMD 060300.0000
RC0603DR-0730KLRC0603DR-0730KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 30K Ohms SMD 060300.0000
RC0603DR-07680RLRC0603DR-07680RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 680 Ohms SMD 060300.0000
RC1210FR-071R5LRC1210FR-071R5L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 1.5 Ohms SMD 121000.0000
RC1210JR-0756RLRC1210JR-0756RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 56 Ohms SMD 121000.0000
RC2010JK-0733RLRC2010JK-0733RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 33 Ohms SMD 201000.0000
RC2512JK-07680RLRC2512JK-07680RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 680 Ohms SMD 251200.0000
CC0402KRX5R9BB104CC0402KRX5R9BB104 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V SMD 040200.0000
CC1206KKX7R9BB105CC1206KKX7R9BB105 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 50V SMD 120600.0000
CFR-25JR-52-390KCFR-25JR-52-390K Yageo Carbon Film Resistor 390Kohm Axial00.0000
RC0603JR-076M8LRC0603JR-076M8L Yageo Resistor Thick Film00.0000
CC0402KRX7R9BB102CC0402KRX7R9BB102 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 50V SMD 040200.0000
FMP200JR-52-330RFMP200JR-52-330R Yageo Metal Film Resistor 330 ohm Axial00.0000
RC1206FR-07360KLRC1206FR-07360KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 360K SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-07390RLRC1206FR-07390RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 390Ohm SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-07301RLRC1206FR-07301RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 310 Ohm SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-073R92LRC1206FR-073R92L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 3.92 Ohm SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-073R65LRC1206FR-073R65L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 3.65 Ohm SMD 120600.0000
RC1206FR-07316RLRC1206FR-07316RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 316 Ohm SMD 120600.0000
RC0603FR-0756RLRC0603FR-0756RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 56 Ohms SMD 060300.0000
RC0402FR-0727R4LRC0402FR-0727R4L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 27.4 Ohms SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-072RLRC0402FR-072RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 2 Ohms SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-073RLRC0402FR-073RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 3 Ohms SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-074R3LRC0402FR-074R3L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 4.3 Ohms SMD 040200.0000
RC2010FK-07470KLRC2010FK-07470KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 470K Ohm SMD 201000.0000
CC0402JRNPO9BN560CC0402JRNPO9BN560 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 56pF 50V SMD 040200.0000
RL1206FR-070R051LRL1206FR-070R051L Yageo Current Sense Resistor 0.051 Ohm SMD 120600.0000
RC0201FR-07680KLRC0201FR-07680KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 680K Ohm SMD 020100.0000
CC0805KKX5R7BB106CC0805KKX5R7BB106 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 16V SMD 080500.0000
RC0603FR-0751K1LRC0603FR-0751K1L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 51.1K Ohms SMD 060300.0000
SMAJ48A/TR7SMAJ48A/TR7 Yageo TVS Diode Single 400W 48V 5.2A SMA00.0000
RC0603JR-075K1LRC0603JR-075K1L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 5.1KOhms SMD 060300.0000
CC0603KRX7R9BB473CC0603KRX7R9BB473 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 0.047uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
RC0603FR-071K2LRC0603FR-071K2L Yageo Film Resistor 1.2KOhms SMD 060300.0000
RC0603FR-07300KLRC0603FR-07300KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 300KOhms SMD 060300.0000
CC0402GRNPO9BN120CC0402GRNPO9BN120 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 12pF 50V SMD 0402500.0000
RC0402FR-07300KLRC0402FR-07300KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 300KOhms SMD 0402500.0000
RC0402FR-07360KLRC0402FR-07360KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 360KOhms SMD 0402500.0000
RC0402FR-07487KLRC0402FR-07487KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 487KOhms SMD 0402500.0000
RC0402FR-075K1LRC0402FR-075K1L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 5.1KOhms SMD 0402500.0000
RC0402FR-07820KLRC0402FR-07820KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 820KOhms SMD 0402500.0000
RC0402FR-0795R3LRC0402FR-0795R3L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 95.3 Ohms SMD 0402500.0000
RC1206FR-07249KLRC1206FR-07249KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 249K Ohms SMD 120600.0000
RC2512FK-07200KLRC2512FK-07200KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 200K Ohm SMD 251200.0000
RC2512FK-074K99LRC2512FK-074K99L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 4.99KOhm SMD 251200.0000
RC0402DR-07680RLRC0402DR-07680RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 680 Ohms SMD 040200.0000
RC0603FR-074R7LRC0603FR-074R7L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 4.7 Ohms SMD 060300.0000
FKN3WSJT-73-240RFKN3WSJT-73-33R Yageo Wirewound Resistor 240 Ohm Axial00.0000
RT0603BRD077K15LRT0603BRD077K15L Yageo Resistor Thin Film 7.15K Ohm SMD 060300.0000
RC0402FR-07499RLRC0402FR-07499RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 499 Ohms SMD 040200.0000
RC0603FR-07130RLRC0603FR-07130RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 130 Ohm SMD 060300.0000
CC0805KRX7R7BB104CC0805KRX7R7BB104 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 16V SMD 080500.0000
RC2512FK-0718KLRC2512FK-0718KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 18KOhms SMD 251200.0000
MFR-25FTE52-10KMFR-25FTE52-10K Yageo Resistor 10K Ohms Axial00.0000
RC0603FR-076K81LRC0603FR-076K81L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 6.81K Ohm SMD 060300.0000
RC0402FR-0712K7LRC0402FR-0712K7L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 12.7K Ohm SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-0723R7LRC0402FR-0723R7L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 23.7 Ohms SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-073K32LRC0402FR-073K32L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 3.32K Ohm SMD 040200.0000
RC0402FR-0742K2LRC0402FR-0742K2L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 42.2K Ohm SMD 040200.0000
CC0603000000SB000CC0603000000SB000 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor Kit 10pF-0.47uF SMD 060300.0000
AC0402FR-07220RLAC0402FR-07220RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 220ohm SMD 040200.0000
RL2010JK-070R91LRL2010JK-070R91L Yageo Current Sense Resistor 0.910Ohm SMD 201000.0000
RT0402BRD0763K4LRT0402BRD0763K4L Yageo Thin Film Resistor 63.4K Ohm SMD 040210,0000.0000
RL1206FR-7W0R47LRL1206FR-7W0R47L Yageo Current Sense Resistor 0.47 Ohm SMD 120600.0000
CC0402KRX7R6BB104CC0402KRX7R6BB104 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 10V SMD 04021,230,0000.0000
RT0402BRD072K05LRT0402BRD072K05L Yageo Thin Film Resistor 2.05KOhms SMD 040200.0000
CC0805JRNPO9BN330CC0805JRNPO9BN330 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 33pF 50V SMD 080500.0000
RT0603BRD0722K6LRT0603BRD0722K6L Yageo Thin Film Resistor 22.6KOhms SMD 060300.0000
RC2010FK-073R9LRC2010FK-073R9L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 3.9 Ohms SMD 201000.0000
CC1206KKX7R7BB105CC1206KKX7R7BB105 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 16V SMD 120600.0000
RL1206FR-7W0R033LRL1206FR-7W0R033L Yageo Current Sense Resistor 0.033 Ohm SMD 120600.0000
RC0805JR-0710KLRC0805JR-0710KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 10K OHM 1/8W 5% SMD 080500.0000
RC1206JR-072K2LRC1206JR-072K2L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 2.2K Ohm SMD 120600.0000
CC0603ZRY5V9BB104CC0603ZRY5V9BB104 Yageo Ceramic Capacitors MLCC 0.1uF 50V SMD 060300.0000
RC0805FR-074K75LRC0805FR-074K75L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 4.75K Ohm 1% SMD 080500.0000
PT2512FK-070R2LPT2512FK-070R2L Yageo Current Sense Resistor 0.2 Ohm SMD 251200.0000
RC0402JR-07470KLRC0402JR-07470KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 470Kohm SMD 040200.0000
RC0603FR-07499RLC0603FR-07499RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 499 Ohms SMD 060300.0000
RC0603FR-0768KLRC0603FR-0768KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 68.0K Ohms SMD 060300.0000
RT0402BRD076K34LRT0402BRD076K34L Yageo Thin Film Resistor 6.34K Ohm SMD 040200.0000
RT0402FRE07680RLRT0402FRE07680RL Yageo Thin Film Resistor 680 Ohm SMD 040200.0000
YC124-JR-0768RLYC124-JR-0768RL Yageo Resistor Network 68 Ohm SMD 080460,0000.0000
PT0805FR-070R056LPT0805FR-070R056L Yageo Current Sense Resistor 0.056 Ohms SMD 080500.1500
RL2010FK-070R01LRL2010FK-070R01L Yageo Current Sense Resistor 0.01 Ohm SMD 201000.0000
RC0402FR-0756K2LRC0402FR-0756K2L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 56.2KOhms SMD 040200.0000
RC0603FR-075K11LRC0603FR-075K11L Yageo Thick Film Resistor00.0000
MF0207FTE52-3R92MF0207FTE52-3R92 Yageo Metal Film Resistor 3.92 Ohms Axial00.0000
MF0207FTE52-6K81MF0207FTE52-6K81 Yageo Metal Film Resistor 6.81K Ohms Axial00.0000
RT0402BRD0771K5LRT0402BRD0771K5L Yageo Thin Film Resistor 71.5Kohms SMD 040200.0000
RT0603BRE0756KLRT0603BRE0756KL Yageo Thin Film Resistor 56K ohm SMD 060300.0000
SQP500JB-5R1SQP500JB-5R1 Yageo Wirewound Resistor 5.1 Ohm 5% Axial00.0000
RC1206FR-072R21LRC1206FR-072R21L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 2.21 Ohms SMD 120600.0000
RT0603BRD071K21LRT0603BRD071K21L Yageo Thin Film Resistor 1.21K ohm SMD 060300.0000
RT0402BRD074K32LRT0402BRD074K32L Yageo Thin Film Resistor 4.32K Ohms SMD 040200.0000
RT0402BRD077K68LRT0402BRD077K68L Yageo Thin Film Resistor 7.68K Ohms SMD 040200.0000
RC0201FR-07300KLRC0201FR-07300KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 300K Ohms SMD 020100.0000
RC0603FR-0756R2LRC0603FR-0756R2L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 56.2 Ohms SMD 060300.0000
RC0603FR-0766K5LRC0603FR-0766K5L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 66.5K Ohms SMD 060300.0000
RC0805FR-07124KLRC0805FR-07124KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 124K Ohms SMD 080500.0000
RC0805FR-07261KLRC0805FR-07261KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 261KOhms SMD 080500.0000
RC0805FR-07348KLRC0805FR-07348KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 348K Ohms SMD 080500.0000
RC1206FR-071R6LRC1206FR-071R6L Yageo Thick Film Resistor Chip 1.6 Ohms SMD 120600.0000
RC0603FR-0711K8LRC0603FR-0711K8L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 11.8KOhms SMD 060315,0000.0000
RC0603JR-071K3LRC0603JR-071K3L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 1.3KOhms SMD 060300.0000
RC0603JR-076K2LRC0603JR-076K2L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 6.2KOhms SMD 060300.0000
RC1206FR-0743K2LRC1206FR-0743K2L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 43.2KOhms SMD 120600.0000
RC0603FR-0713K7LRC0603FR-0713K7L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 13.7K OHM 1/10W 1% SMD 060300.0000
RT0603BRD074K75LRT0603BRD074K75L Yageo Thin Film Resistor 4.75KOhms SMD 060300.0000
RC0603JR-0730KLRC0603JR-0730KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 30KOhms SMD 060300.0000
RC0805FR-0769K8LRC0805FR-0769K8L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 69.8K Ohms SMD 080500.0000
AC1206FR-0711KLAC1206FR-0711KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 11K Ohms SMD 120600.0000
RC0805FR-073K6LRC0805FR-073K6L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 3.6KOhms SMD 080500.0000
RC0603FR-071K07LRC0603FR-071K07L Yageo Thick Film Resistor 1.07K Ohms SMD 060300.0000
RC0603FR-07511RLRC0603FR-07511RL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 511 Ohms SMD 060300.0000
RC0805FR-07820KLRC0805FR-07820KL Yageo Thick Film Resistor 820K Ohms SMD 080500.0000