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AMP / TYCO Connectors – RF Products

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Tyco was founded in 1960 when Arthur J. Rosenburg, Ph.D., opened a research laboratory to do experimental work for the government.

Tyco Electronics is the world’s largest supplier of passive electronic components and a major producer of active components. 

The AMP brand encompasses the broadest range of connectors in the world, including high-density, high-speed designs for leading-edge communications equipment, and innovative micro miniature circular plastic connectors that are more cost effective than traditional metal-shell designs.


  • Amplifiers
  • Antennas
  • Attenuators
  • RF Coax Connector Products
  • Diodes
  • Drivers
  • GPS Receivers
  • Limiters
  • Microwave/Wave MMICs
  • Mixers & Modulators
  • Multi-function Products
  • Passive Components
  • Signal Generation Products
  • Switches
  • Transistors


RF Coax Connector Products

  • The RF Coax Connector Products is useful in:
    • 7-16 Series- Handle high power levels with low loss, low IMD
    • 7mm Precision- Used for test and laboratory instrumentation
    • Between Series Adapters (BSA's)- Mating of two different RF interfaces while maintaining good electrical performancePower Supplies
    • Blind Mate - space saving designs for multiple mate applications
    • BNC- Bayonet style coupling mechanism



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