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Murata Electronics Components – Passive Components

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Murata is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced electronic materials, leading edge electronic components, and multi-functional, high-density modules. Established in 1944, Murata has focused on the R& D of functional ceramics and the development of their potential applications. Murata is committed to providing components for a wide variety of electronic devices in the market, such as ceramic capacitors, polymer capacitors, resistors/thermistors, EMI suppression filters, inductors, resonators, piezo alarms, IF/RF filters, and RF connectors. Murata can provide a flexible product mix to assist in the design of wireless devices from discrete solutions to modular designs.

Ceramics technology is growing increasingly important as a key driving force in the creation of a new electronics revolution for the 21st century. Murata’s commitment to this endeavor has resulted in their introducing a wide, diverse range of innovative ceramic electronic components.

Murata Electronics components utilizes the unique electrical properties of ceramic materials in three major product categories. These include core products, application specific components and functional modules. Murata manufactures a diverse spectrum of products from Capacitors, Thermistors, Resistors and Resonators to Microwave Components and Power Supplies.

Technological innovations in multimedia equipment, including faster data processing and networking, continues to rapidly accelerate for next generation applications which are quickly approaching. Murata has been developing new products to immediately satisfy the needs of new applications, as we pursue improvements in various units of fundamental technology, such as materials and processing technologies.


  • Capacitors
  • Resistors / Thermistors
  • Coils (Inductors) / Delay Lines
  • Resonators
  • Noise Suppression Products / EMI Suppression Filters
  • Spherical Speaker Products / Sound Components
  • Filters / Components / Modules for Audio Visual Equipment
  • Filters / Components / Modules for Communication Equipment
  • Sensors
  • Power Supplies
  • Optical Products

Featured Products


 Murata GRT AEC-Q200 Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor for Infotainment

0.6x0.3mm to 3.2x2.5mm footprint, 4Vdc - 100Vdc, capacitance range of 0.50pF - 100µF

Murata GRT AEC-Q200 Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor for Infotainment

 Murata SVK3 Rotary Position Sensors

Dust-proof 12mm sensors with high durability of 300k cycles and -40ºC to +125ºC operating temp.

 Murata SVK3 Rotary Position Sensors

 Murata Design Kits

Passive solutions for the design engineer, prototyping, university lab research, and the hobbyist.

 Murata Design Kits

 Murata UMAC Series Small Energy Device

A secondary battery solution with high power capacity, low leakage current, quick charging in a small compact packaging for IoE and…

 Murata UMAC Series Small Energy Device

 Murata PLT5BPH Wire Wound Common Mode Choke Coils

AEC-Q200-compliant choke coils able to handle high temperatures up to 150ºC and currents up to 5.6A.

 Murata PLT5BPH Wire Wound Common Mode Choke Coils

 Murata ZPA Series MEMS Barometric Pressure Sensor

Capacitive type MEMS pressure sensor with low current consumption and stable temperature drift

 Murata ZPA Series MEMS Barometric Pressure Sensor

 Murata Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Modules and Development Kits

Complete Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity environment for world class Internet-connected products

 Murata Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Modules and Development Kits for Freescale i.MX

 Murata / TOKO Wire Wound Metal Alloy Type Inductors for Power Lines

Multi-series for power line applications

 Murata / TOKO Wire Wound Metal Alloy Type Inductors for Power Lines

 Murata / TOKO Wire Wound Metal Alloy Chip Inductors for Power Lines

Available in high-power/high-performance, low RDC, and standard series.

 Murata / TOKO Wire Wound Metal Alloy Chip Inductors for Power Lines

 Murata MVAD160 AC-DC Power Supplies

Low profile, universal input, 160W, high-efficiency switching power supply.

 Murata MVAD160 AC-DC Power Supplies
  • Murata PKGS Series Vibration Sensors

    Murata PKGS Series Vibration Sensors

    Use bimorph piezo elements to detect acceleration & shock as an electrical signal.

  • Murata LT-1PA01 Proximity and Illuminance Sensor

    Murata LT-1PA01 Proximity and Illuminance Sensor

    Measures just 3.05 x 2.1 x 1.1mm and integrates both optical proximity and illuminance sensors.

  • Murata IRA Series Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors

    Murata IRA Series Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors

    Exhibit high sensitivity and reliable performance with ceramic technology and Hybrid IC techniques.

  • Murata Power Solutions MGJ2 Series 5.2kVDC Isolated 2W DC/DC Converters

    Murata Power Solutions MGJ2 Series 5.2kVDC Isolated 2W DC/DC C…

    Ideal for powering 'high side' and 'low side' gate drive circuits for IGBTs and Mosfets in bridge circuits. A choice of asymmetric output voltages a…

  • Murata SN8000 Wi-Fi Module

    Murata SN8000 Wi-Fi Module

    Certified 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi module based on the Broadcom BCM43362 chipset.



    Ideal for use in designs in which an onboard RFID transponder is needed.

  • Murata Power Solutions MVAD040 40W Power Supply Converters

    Murata Power Solutions MVAD040 40W Power Supply Converters

    High efficiency, medium power AC/DC power supply converters.

  • Murata OKLP-X/25-W12-C 25A Power Block

    Murata OKLP-X/25-W12-C 25A Power Block

    Features a non-isolated switching power converter, providing a load current up to 25A at 1V output voltage.

  • Murata XRCHA Crystal Resonators

    Murata XRCHA Crystal Resonators

    AEC-Q200 qualified for automotive use and approximately 40% smaller than the industry standard.

  • Murata LXDC55x Micro DC-DC Converter

    Murata LXDC55x Micro DC-DC Converter

    Features user adjustable output voltage.


  • Smart Home
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Mobile Communication
  • Network
  • Data Center
  • Lighting
  • Personal Computers
  • White Goods
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Business Machine
  • Security & Safety

Murata's capacitors, manufactured from our own superior ceramic materials, meet the demands of a wide variety of applications in voltage ratings from under 3V to several thousand volts. Based on our unique design and processing technologies we offer a variety of chip MLCC products from the ultra small 0402 size devices, through high capacitance products designed to replace tantalum and electrolytic dielectrics, low ESL, high frequency and array products. In short Murata has a ceramic capacitor to meet virtually every possible application. We also offer a wide range of trimmer capacitors including ultra small and thin types.



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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Price (US$)  
NCP21XQ102J03RA Murata NCP21XQ102J03RA NTC Thermistor 1KOHM 5% 0.0600
11R102C Murata 11R102C Inductor 1uH 3A Radial 0.2900
11R472C Murata 11R472C Inductor 4.7uH 1.3A Radial 0.2900
11R473C Murata 11R473C Inductor Ind 47uH 0.5A 0.2900
22R154C 22R154C Murata Inductor 150uH 0.52A 0.5900
Murata-Inductor Murata Inductors 0.5900
13R104C Murata 13R104C Inductor 100uH 1A Radial 0.5900
13R106C Murata 13R106C Inductor 10mH 0.085A Radial 0.5900
13R152C Murata Power Solutions 13R152C Inductor 1.5uH 6.3A 0.5900
13R153C Murata 13R153C Fixed Inductors 15uH 2.5A Radial 0.5900
13R154C Murata 13R154C Fixed Inductors 150uH 0.82A Radial 0.5900
13R222C Murata 13R222C Fixed Inductors 2.2uH 5.3A Radial 0.5900
13R223C Murata 13R223C Fixed Inductors 22uH 2A Radial 0.5900
13R224C Murata 13R224C Fixed Inductors 220uH 0.7A Radial 0.5900
13R332C Murata 13R332C Inductor 3.3uH 4.8A Radial 0.5900
13R333C Murata 13R333C Fixed Inductor 33uH 1.8A Radial 0.5900
13R335C Murata 13R335C Fixed Inductor 3.3mH 0.19A Radial 0.5900
13R473C Murata 13R473C Inductor 47uH 1.5A Radial 0.5900
13R472C 13R472C Murata Fixed Inductor 4.7uH 4.3A Radial 0.5900
712A1BB473PK2515K MURATA 712A1BB473PK2515K Capacitor .047uF 250V RADIAL 10MMLS 0.3100
LQN6C470M04M00 Murata LQN6C470M04M00 Fixed Inductor 47uH 20% 0.8A Shielded SMD 2220 0.9500
LQP15MN4N7B02D LQP15MN4N7B02D Murata Inductor 4.7nH 160mA 0402 0.1500
GRM31A5C2J101JW01D GRM31A5C2J101JW01D MURATA Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 5% 630V 1206 0.3000
DE7150F472MVA1-KC MURATA DE7150F472MVA1-KC Ceramic Capacitor 0.0047uF (4.7nf) 250V 20% Radial 0.7000
NCP18XW682J03RB Murata NCP18XW682J03RB NTC Thermistor 6.8k Ohms 5% 100mW 0.38mA SMD 0603 0.2000
BLM18EG221SN1D Murata BLM18EG221SN1D Ferrite Bead 220 Ohms 2A 25% SMD 0603 0.2000
892NBS-470M-P3 TOKO 892NBS-470M-P3 Inductors 47uH 20% 1.7A 10.8000
LQP21A82NG14 Murata LQP21A82NG14 Fixed Inductor 0.082uH 2% 0.1A 0.8500
LQH4N330K04M00 Murata LQH4N330K04M00 Ferrite Core Inductor 33uH 10% 0.27A 1.2 Ohms SMD 1812 1.1800
LQH66SN680M01L Murata LQH66SN680M01L Inductor 68uH SMD 2525 0.0000
GCM21BR72A104KA37L MURATA GCM21BR72A104KA37L Capacitor 0.1uF 100VDC X7R 10% SMD 0805 0.2100
GJM1555C1HR40BB01D GJM1555C1HR40BB01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.4pF 50V C0G SMD 0402 0.1600
GRM21BR61A106KE19L Murata GRM21BR61A106KE19L Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 10V 10% X5R SMD 0805 0.1800
GRM21BR61C335KA88L Murata GRM21BR61C335KA88L Ceramic Capacitor 3.3uF 16V 10% X5R SMD 0805 0.3400
GRM31BR73A471KW01L Murata GRM31BR73A471KW01L Ceramic Capacitor 470pF 10% 1000VDC X7R SMD 1206 0.3000
SFE5.5MBF MURATA SFE5.5MBF Filter 600 Ohm, 5.5MHz 1.9000
PLH10AN3711R0P2B PLH10AN3711R0P2B Murata Choke / Filter 370uH 11A Radial 1.6300
DE0910B101K6K MURATA DE0910B101K6K Ceramic Capacitor 0.0001uF (100pF) 6.3kV 6300V 10% 3.0000
DE7100FZ472PVA1 MURATA DE7100FZ472PVA1 CAPACITOR 4700PF 400VAC Disc 0.3600
TZ03P600FR MURATA TZ03P600FR Capacitor Trimmer Ceramic 9.8/60pF 100VDC Radial 1.1900
GRM155R60J475ME47D Murata GRM155R60J475ME47D Capacitor Ceramic 4.7uF 6.3V 20% SMD 0402 0.0000
13R103C 13R103C Murata Fixed Inductor 10uH 3A Radial 0.5900
15501 13R105C Murata Fixed Inductor 1.0mH 0.33A Radial 0.5900
GRM155R72A332KA01D Murata GRM155R72A332KA01D Capacitor Ceramic 0.0033uF 100V X7R 10% SMD 0402 0.0250
LQG15HN8N2J02D Murata LQG15HN8N2J02D Inductor RF Chip Multi-Layer 8.2nH 5% 100MHz 300mA 330mOhm DCR 0402 0.0600
GRM1552C1H8R0DA01D Murata GRM1552C1H8R0DA01D Capacitor Ceramic 8pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0300
GQM2195C2A6R2CB01D Murata GQM2195C2A6R2CB01D Capacitors MLCC 6.2pF 100V C0G +/-0.25pF SMD 0805 1.2500
LQH32CN1R0M23L Murata LQH32CN1R0M23L Unshielded SMD Wirewound Inductor 1 uH 20 % 800 mA SMD 1210 0.3300
GCM32ER71H475KA55L Murata GCM32ER71H475KA55L Capacitors MLCC 4.7uF 50volts X7R 10% SMD 1210 0.3300
GRM44-1Z5U105M050 MURATA GMR441Z5U105M050BL CAPACITOR 1uF 50V 20% SMD 2220 0.2300
DSS6NZ82A103Q55B Murata DSS6NZ82A103Q55B EMI Filter Capacitors 0.01uF 100VDC Radial 0.2700
GRM40-X7R473K050 MURATA GRM40X7R473K050 CAPACITOR 0.047MFD 50V 10% 0805 0.0900
GRM42-6Y5V224Z050 Murata GRM42-6Y5V224Z050 Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 50V Y5V SMD 1206 0.1500
GRM40X7R332K50 Murata GRM40-X7R332K50 Ceramic Capacitor 3300pF 50V 10% SMD 0805 0.1100
GRM40COG271J050 MURATA GRM40-COG271J050 CAPACITOR 270PF 50V 5% SMD 0805 0.1500
DE0910E102MKX DE0910E102M-KX Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF (0.001uF) 250V 20% Radial Disc 0.3000
GRM36-X7R392K050 GRM36X7R392K050 Murata Ceramic Capacitor 3900pF 50V 10% X7R SMD 0402 0.0850
GRM39Y5V224Z016 Murata GRM39Y5V224Z016 Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 16V Y5V SMD 0603 0.1500
GRM40-COG2R2C050 MURATA GRM40-COG2R2C050 Capacitor 2.2pF 50V SMD 0805 0.1200
GRM40X7R152K50 MURATA GRM40-X7R152K50PT CAPACITOR 1500pF/50V X7R 10% SMD 0805 0.1200
GRM40X7R224K16 MURATA GRM40X7R224K16PT Capacitors 0.22uF 16V X7R SMD 0805 0.1500
GRM40X7R102K100 MURATA GRM40-X7R102K100 Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF 100V 10% X7R SMD 0805 0.1200
DE0910B101K DE0910B101K-KX Murata Capacitor 100pF 250VAC 10% Radial Disc 0.2000
GRM40COG221J50 Murata GRM40-C0G221J050 Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 50V 5% SMD 0805 0.1300
GRM40X7R473K025 MURATA GRM40-X7R473K025 Capacitor 47000PF 25V SMD 0603 0.0800
GRM39Y5V104Z025 Murata GRM39-Y5V104Z025 Capacitor 0.1uF 25V SMD 0603 0.1200
GRM40X7R105K16 MURATA GRM40-X7R105K16 Capacitor 1MFD 16V SMD 0805 0.1000
DE0603B471K2K MURATA DE0605B471K2KMSS1C100 Dipped Ceramic Capacitor 470pF 1kV 10% Radial Through Hole 0.1500
BL01RN1A1D2B MURATA BL01RN1A1D2B Ferrite Bead 7A 20mOhm Axial 0.1500
BLM18BB470SN1D Murata BLM18BB470SN1D Ferrite Bead 47 Ohms 550mA SMD 0603 0.0900
BLM21BD601SN1D Murata BLM21BD601SN1D Ferrite Bead 0.35OHM, 200MA, 0805 0.1500
BLM31PG330SN1L Murata BLM31PG330SN1L Ferrite Bead 33 Ohms 6A 25% SMD 1206 0.2800
BLM31PG391SN1L Murata BLM31PG391SN1L Ferrite Bead 390 Ohm 2000 mA 0.05 DCR SMD 1206 0.6800
BLM31PG601SN1L Murata BLM31PG601SN1L Ferrite Chip Bead 600Ohm 1.5A 25% SMD 1206 0.2800
C3334 Murata RPE230Z5U106Z50 Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 50V Z5U Radial 2.0000
CSTCC4M00G53-R0 CSTCC4M00G53-R0 Murata Electronics Resonators 4.00 MHZ 0.5% 0.4800
DE2B3KH102KA3B DE2B3KH102KA3B Murata Ceramic Capacitor 50VAC 1000pF 10% 0.1600
DE2E3KH222MA3B DE2E3KH222MA3B Murata Capacitor 2200pF 250VAC 20% X1Y2 0.4000
DEA1X3A470JC1B Murata DEA1X3A470JC1B Ceramic Capacitor 47pF 1kV 5% Radial 0.2000
DLP11SN900HL2L MURATA DLP11SN900HL2L Common Mode Choke 90 OHM, 0.15A 20 % SMD 0504 0.3800
DLW5BTN142SQ2L Murata DLW5BTN142SQ2L Common Mode Chokes Dual 1.4kOhm 100MHz 1.5A 40mOhm DCR SMD 2020 0.9000
GCM1885C1H220JA16D MuRata GCM1885C1H220JA16D Ceramic Capacitor 22pF 50V 5% NP0 SMD 0603 0.0850
GCM188R71H224KA64D MURATA GCM188R71H224KA64D CAPACITOR CERAMIC 0.22UF 50V 10% X7R 0603 ROHS 0.2200
GCM31CR71E475KA55L Murata GCM31CR71E475KA55L Ceramic Capacitor 4.7uF 25V 10% X7R SMD 1206 0.4000
GJM1555C1H100JB01D GJM1555C1H100JB01D Murata Capacitors 10pF 50V C0G 5% SMD 0402 0.3700
GRM033R60J103KA01D Murata GRM033R60J103KA01D Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 6.3V 10% X5R SMD 0201 0.0900
GRM033R71A103KA01D Murata GRM033R71A103KA01D Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF (10 nF) 10V X7R 10% SMD 0603 0.0700
GRM1555C1H221JA01D GRM1555C1H221JA01D MURATA Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 50V NPO 5% SMD 0402 0.0900
GRM1555C1H271JA01D GRM1555C1H271JA01D MURATA CAPACITOR CER 270PF 50V 5% C0G 0402, ROHS 0.1000
GRM1555C1H820JA01D GRM1555C1H820JA01D MURATA CAPACITOR CERAMIC 82PF 50V 5% NP0 0402 RoHS 0.1000
GRM1884C1HR50CD01D Murata GRM1884C1HR50CD01D Capacitor Ceramic 0.5pF (500fF) 50V CK SMD 0603 0.0850
GRM1885C1H221JA01D Murata GRM1885C1H221JA01D Ceramic Capacitor 220PF 50V 5% C0G SMD 0603 RoHS 0.0850
GRM188D71A106MA73D GRM188D71A106MA73D MURATA CAPACITOR CERAMIC 10UF 10V 20% X7T 0603 0.0000
GRM2165C1H121FA01D Murata GRM2165C1H121FA01D Ceramic Capacitor 120pF 50V 1% SMD 0805 0.2500
GRM2165C1H151JA01D Murata GRM2165C1H151JA01D Ceramic Capacitor 150pF 50V 5% SMD 0805 0.0850
GRM21BF51C225ZA01L Murata GRM21BF51C225ZA01L Ceramic Capacitor 2.2uF 16V Y5V SMD 0805 0.2500
GRM21BR61C475KA88L GRM21BR61C475KA88L MURATA CAPACITOR, 0805, X5R, 16V, 4.7UF ROHS 0.3200
GRM31CR60J226KE19L GRM31CR60J226KE19L MURATA CAPACITOR CERAMIC 22UF 6.3V 10% X5R 1206 RoHS 0.0000
GRM40-COG182J50 GRM40COG182J50 Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1800pF 50V 5% C0G SMD 0805 0.0850
grm40X7R102K200 Murata GRM40X7R102K200 Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF 200V 10% X7R SMD 0.1500
GRM42-6X7R102K500PT MURATA GRM42-6X7R102K500PT Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 500V 10% X7R SMD 1808 0.5500
GRM42-6X7R152K200 MURATA GRM426X7R152K200 Ceramic Capacitor 0.0015uF 100V SMD 1808 0.2900
GRM42-6X7R225K16PT MURATA GRM42-6X7R225K16PT Capacitor 2.2uf 16V 10% X7R SMD 1206 0.9500
LQG15HS2N0S02D LQG15HS2N0S02D MURATA Inductor 2.0nH 300mA 0402 0.0900
LQP18MN10NG02D MuRata LQP18MN10NG02D Thin Film RF Inductor 10nH 2% 500 MHz 150mA SMD 0603 0.2800
LQP18MN12NG02D MuRata LQP18MN12NG02D Thin Film RF Inductor 12nH 2% 500 MHz 17 Q-Factor 150mA 0603 RoHS 0.2800
NFM3DCC222R1H3L Murata NFM3DCC222R1H3L Capacitor EMI 2200pF 50VDC 300mA SMD 1205 RoHS 0.6000
PKM24SPH3805 Murata PKM24SPH3805 Piezo Buzzer 20VDC 3.8 kHz PC MOUNT RoHS 2.0000
RPE122X7R103K50V Murata RPE122X7R103K50V Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 100V X7R 10% Radial 0.0850
DE7090B471KAV1-KC MURATA DE7090B471KVA1-KC Ceramic Capacitor 470pF 250V 10% Radial 0.5600
DEBB33D101KC1B MURATA DEBB33D101KC1B Ceramic Disc Capacitor 100pF 2KV Radial 0.3800
RSH10Y4716 Murata RSH10Y471G Resistor Network 5 x 470 Ohms 1/4W 2% 10 Pins SIP 0.2700
DD104-63CH330J50 MURATA DD104-63CH330J50 Ceramic Capacitor 33pF 5% 50V Radial 0.2100
GRM033R71E101KA01D Murata GRM033R71E101KA01D Capacitor 100pF 25V X7R 10% SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM21BC81C106KA73L Murata GRM21BC81C106KA73L Capacitor 10UF 16V SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM0335C1H270JA01D MURATA GRM0335C1H270JA01D Capacitors Ceramic 27PF 50V C0G 5% SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM1555C1H2R0BA01D MURATA GRM1555C1H2R0BA01D Capacitor Ceramic 2pF 50V C0G 0.1pF SMD 0402 125C Paper T/R 0.1000
LQG15HN2N2S02D MURATA LQG15HN2N2S02D Inductor RF Multi-Layer 2.2nH 100MHz SMD 0402 0.0000
LQG15HS47NJ02D MURATA LQG15HS47NJ02D Inductors 47NH 200MA SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM426COG331J050 GRM42-6COG331J050 Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitor 330PF 50V SMD 1206 0.0500
GRM40X7R223K50PT GRM40X7R223K50PT Capacitor 0.022uF 50V SMD 0805 0.1300
GRM426COG151J100 MuRata GRM42-6COG151J100AD Ceramic Capacitor 150pF 100V 5% SMD 1206 0.1600
GRM426X7R334K016 GRM426X7R334K016 Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.33uF 16V 10% X7R 1206 0.4500
GRM1555C1H330JA01D GRM1555C1H330JA01D Murata Capacitors MLCC 33pF 50V C0G 5% SMD 0402 RoHS 0.1000
GRM1555C1H220JA01D Murata GRM1555C1H220JA01D CAPACITOR CERAMIC 22PF 50V C0G 5% SMD 0402 125C PAPER T/R RoHS 0.1000
GRM39COG101K050 Murata GRM39-COG101K050 Ceramic Capacitor C0G 100pF 50V SMD 0603 0.1500
GRM39-COG3R3C050 MURATA GRM39COG3R3C050 Capacitor 3.3pf, Ceramic 0603 COG 3.3 50V SMD 0.1000
GRM40X7R102K050 MURATA GRM40-X7R102K050 Capacitor 1000PF 50V 10% SMD 0805 0.1000
GJM1555C1H4R3CB01D GJM1555C1H4R3CB01D MURATA CERAMIC CAPACITOR 4.3PF 50V 0.25pF C0G 0402 0.0000
GRM188R71H103KA01D MURATA GRM188R71H103KA01D Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors 10000pF 10% 50V X7R 0603 0.0000
GRM31MF51A106ZA01L GRM31MF51A106ZA01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 10V Y5V SMD 1206 0.0850
GRM155R71H821KA01J GRM155R71H821KA01J MURATA Capacitor MLCC 820PF 50V X7R 10% SMD 0402 0.1600
GRM155R71H821KA01D GRM155R71H821KA01D MURATA CAPACITOR CERAMIC 820PF 50V X7R 10% SMD 0402 125C PAPER T/R RoHS 0.0000
PLA10AS5521R0R2B Murata PLA10AS5521R0R2B Common Mode Filter / Choke 5.5 mH 1A Radial 1.7500
GRM155R71A104KA01D GRM155R71A104KA01D MuRata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 10VDC X7R 10% SMD 0402 0.1000
GRM219R61A226MEA0D GRM219R61A226MEA0D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 10V 20% SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM21BR60G107ME15L GRM21BR60G107ME15L Murata Capacitor 100UF 4VDC X5R 20% SMD 0805 0.0000
NFE61HT332Z2A9L NFE61HT332Z2A9L Murata EMI Filter 3300pF 100V 2A SMD 2706 0.0000
GRM188F50J475ZE20D GRM188F50J475ZE20D MURATA CAPACITOR CERAMIC 4.7UF 6.3V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM188F51A105ZA01D MURATA GRM188F51A105ZA01D Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 10 V -20-80% Y5V 0603 0.0000
GRM21BR61A476ME15L GRM21BR61A476ME15L MURATA CAPACITOR CERAMIC 47UF 10V 20% X5R 0805 RoHS 0.0000
GCM32DR71C106KA37L GCM32DR71C106KA37L, MURATA Capacitor MLCC 10uF 16Volts 10% SMD 1210 0.0000
NFM18PC104R1C3D NFM18PC104R1C3D Murata Capacitor 0.1uF 16V 2A SMD 0603 0.0000
BLM21PG221SN1D BLM21PG221SN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 220ohm 25% SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM21BF51A106ZE15L GRM21BF51A106ZE15L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 10V Y5V +80-20% SMD 0805 0.0000
GCM155R71H472KA37D GCM155R71H472KA37D MURATA CAPACITOR CERAMIC 4700PF 50V 10% X7R 0402 RoHS 0.0000
GRM1555C1H680FA01D GRM1555C1H680FA01D Murata Capacitor MLCC 68pF 50V C0G 1% SMD 0402 0.1000
BLM18BD151SN1D Murata BLM18BD151SN1D Ferrite Bead, 150 OHM, 200MA, SMD 0603 0.0850
GRM033R71E471KA01D GRM033R71E471KA01D MURATA CAPACITOR CERAMIC 470PF 25V X7R 10% SMD 0201 125C PAPER T/R RoHS 0.0000
GRM319R61E475KA12D GRM319R61E475KA12D MURATA CAPACITOR CER 4.7UF 25V 10% X5R 1206 RoHS 2.0800
GRM155R71C104KA88D Murata GRM155R71C104KA88D Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 16V 10% X7R SMD 0402 0.0850
GRM32EC81C476ME15L GRM32EC81C476ME15L MURATA Ceramic Capacitor 47uF 16V 20% X6S 1210 RoHS 0.3100
GRM155R71H332KA01J GRM155R71H332KA01J MURATA Ceramic Capacitor 3300PF 50V 10% SMD 0402 1.0500
GRM1885C1H100JA01J GRM1885C1H100JA01J MURATA CAPACITOR CAP CER 10PF 50V 5% NP0 0603 RoHS 2.7500
A916CY-180M #A916CY-180M TOKO/MURATA Shielded Inductor 18uH 20% 100KHZ 1.52A SMD RoHS 0.0000
GA355XR7GB333KY06L GA355XR7GB333KY06L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.033UF 250VAC X7R 10% SMD 2220 0.0000
MM8430-2600RA1 MM8430-2600RA1 Murata RF Coaxial Connector 0Hz to 6GHz 50Ohm Solder ST SMD Gold 0.0000
GRM426X7R224K016 GRM42-6X7R224K016 Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 16V 10% SMD 1206 0.3500
GRM40X7R104K25 GRM40X7R104K25PT Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF (100nF) 16V 10% X7R SMD 0805 0.0700
NFM55PC155F1H4L NFM55PC155F1H4L Murata Feed Through Capacitor 1.5uF +30/-84% 50V SMD 2220 0.0000
GRM40Y5V474Z025 GRM40Y5V474Z025 Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.47uF 25V Y5V SMD 0805 0.0900
GRM39-X7R223K025 Murata GRM39-X7R223K025 Ceramic Capacitor 0.022uF 25V 10% SMD 0603 0.2000
GRM39-COG270J050 Murata GRM39C0G270J050 Ceramic Capacitor 27pF 50V 5% SMD 0603 0.1500
GRM39-COG0R5C050 GRM39-COG0R5C50 Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.5pF 50V C0G SMD 0603 0.0850
GRM40Y5V224Z025 Murata GRM40Y5V224Z025 Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 25V Y5V SMD 0805 0.1000
GRM42-6X7R104K50BL GRM426X7R104K50BL Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V 10% X7R SMD 1206 0.1200
GRM40-COG681J50 GRM40COG681J50 Murata Ceramic Capacitor 680pF 5% 50V 0805 0.1700
GRM426X7R223K50 Murata GRM42-6X7R223K50 Ceramic Capacitor 0.022uF 50V 10% SMD 1206 0.3500
GRM39COG100C50 GRM39-COG100C50PT Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10 pF 50V 5% SMD 0603 0.0850
GRM40-X7R562K50PT Murata GRM40X7R562K50PT Ceramic Capacitor 5600pF 50V SMD 0805 0.3500
GRM39-COG100D050 Murata GRM39-COG100D050 Ceramic Capacitor 1pF 50V C0G SMD 0603 0.3700
GJ821BR71H105KA12L GJ821BR71H105KA12L MURATA Ceramic Capacitor 1.0uF 50V SMD 0805 0.1200
GRM39X7R122K050 GRM39X7R122K050 Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1200pF (1.2nf) 50V 10% SMD 0603 0.0500
GRM155R71H104KE14D GRM155R71H104KE14D MURATA Ceramic Capacitor 0.1UF 50V SMD 0402 0.1000
GRM40-COG331K100 GRM40-COG331K100 Murata Ceramic Capacitor 330pF 100V 10% C0G SMD 0805 0.1700
GRM40COG331J050 GRM40COG331J050 Murata Ceramic Capacitor 330pF 50V 5% C0G SMD 0805 0.2100
DLP31DN131ML4 Murata DLP31DN131ML4 Inductor 0.120A SMD 1206 1.4500
GRM42-6X7R474K025 MURATA GRM42-6X7R474K025 Ceramic Capacitor 470nF 10% 25V X7R SMD 1206 0.0990
GRM39COG5R6D50 GRM39-COG5R6D050 Murata Ceramic Capacitor 5.6pF 50V C0G SMD 0603 0.2500
GRM39-COG221J050 GRM39-COG221J050 MURATA CERAMIC Capacitor 220PF 5% SMD 0402 0.0400
GRM40COG100D050 MURATA GRM40-COG100D050 Capacitor 10PF +/0.5PF 50V SMD 0.1500
GRM40-COG1R5C050 MURATA GRM40-COG1R5C050 Capacitor 1.5pF 50V SMD 0805 0.1000
GRM40-COG010C050 MURATA GRM40-COG010C050 Capacitor 50V 1PF SMD 0805 0.1500
GRM426COG221J050 MURATA GRM426COG221J050 Capacitor 220pF SMD 1206 0.0900
GRM42-6COG180J050 MURATA GRM42-6COG180J050 CAPACITOR 18PF 50V SMD 1206 0.0500
GRM426X7R332K050 MURATA GRM42-6X7R332K050 Capacitor 3300PF 50V SMD 1206 0.0200
GRM40COG271K050 MURATA GRM40COG271K050 Ceramic Capacitor 270pF 50V C0G SMD 0805 0.1100
GRM40-X7R221K100BL MURATA GRM40X7R221K100BL Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 100V 10% SMD 0805 0.1800
GRM40X7R682K050 Murata GRM40X7R682K050 Ceramic Capacitor 6800pF (6.8nF) 50V 10% X7R SMD 0805 0.1600
GRM39X7R473K016 MURATA GRM39-X7R473K016 Ceramic Capacitor 0.047uF 16V 10% X7R SMD 0603 0.2000
GRM42-6X7R332K200 MURATA GRM42-6X7R332K200 Ceramic Capacitor 3300pF 200V 10% X7R SMD 1808 0.1200
GRM39-COG151J050 MURATA GRM39-COG151J050 Ceramic Capacitor 150pF 50V 5% C0G SMD 0603 0.1600
LQP18MN5N6C02D Murata LQP18MN5N6C02D Thin Film RF Inductor 5.6nH 500 MHz 17 Q-Factor 200mA SMD 0603 0.2800
EA1026A160M080028S EA1026A160M080028S Murata emc absorber pad 0.0320
EA1026A160M080060S EA1026A160M080060S Murata EMC Microwave Absorber Pad 0.0000
EA1026A160M070060S EA1026A160M070060S Murata EMC Absorber Pad 0.2000
EA1026A160M080035S EA1026A160M080035S Murata EMC Absorber Pad 0.0000
EA1026A160M060040S EA1026A160M060040S16 Murata emc absorber pad 0.0300
GRM155R71C104KA88J GRM155R71C104KA88J MURATA CAPACITOR CER 0.1UF 16V X7R SMD 0402 RoHS 0.1000
GRM426Z5U224M050 Murata GRM42-6Z5U224M050 Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 20% 50V Z5U SMD 1206 0.2000
GRM188R71H103JA01D Murata GRM188R71H103JA01D Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 50volts X7R 5% SMD 0603 0.0800
GRM155B31A224KE18D GRM155B31A224KE18D MURATA CAPACITOR CERAMIC 0.22UF 10V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM40-X7R331K050 MURATA GRM40X7R331K050 Ceramic Capacitor 330PF 5% SMD 0.1500
GRM155R11C104KA88D Murata GRM155R11C104KA88D Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 16V 10% R SMD 0402 0.0850
GRM1552C1H102JA01D GRM1552C1H102JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 50V 5% SMD 0402 0.0850
GRM155B11A104KA01D Murata GRM155B11A104KA01D Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 10V 10% SMD 0402 0.1000
GRM188B31C474KA87D GRM188B31C474KA87D MURATA CAPACITOR CERAMIC 0.47UF 16V B 10% SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM188R11E104KA01D GRM188R11E104KA01D MURATA CAPACITOR CERAMIC 0.1UF 25V 10% SMD 1.6 X 0.8 MM 125C PAPER T/R RoHS 0.0000
GRM188R11E473KA01D GRM188R11E473KA01D MURATA CAPACITOR CERAMIC 0.047UF 25V R 10% SMD 0603 RoHS 0.0000
GRM188R11H102KA01D Murata GRM188R11H102KA01D Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF 50V 10% SMD 0603 0.0850
EA1026A100M070060S EA1026A100M070060S Murata emc absorber pad 0.0000
GJM1555C1H5R1BB01D GJM1555C1H5R1BB01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 5.1pF 50V SMD 0402 RoHS 0.1900
GJM1555C1H6R2BB01D GJM1555C1H6R2BB01D MURATA Ceramic Capacitor 6.2PF 50V SMD 0402 0.2000
GRM31BR73A472KW01L GRM31BR73A472KW01L MURATA CAPACITOR CER 4700PF 1KV X7R 1206 RoHS 0.1260
GRM155R61A684KE15D GRM155R61A684KE15D MURATA CAPACITOR CER 0.68UF 10V X5R 0402 RoHS 0.1700
DE7100F222MVA1-KC Murata DE7100F222MVA1-KC Ceramic Capacitor 0.0022uF 250V 20% Disc 0.3500
GRM155R61E104KA87D MURATA GRM155R61E104KA87D CAPACITOR 0.1UF 25V 10% X5R 0402 RoHS 0.0000
GRM219R61A475KE34D MURATA GRM219R61A475KE34D CAPACITOR 4.7UF 10V 10% X5R 0805 RoHS 0.0000
GRM188C80J106MA73D GRM188C80J106MA73D MURATA CAPACITOR 10UF 6.3VDC X6S 20% SMD 0603 0.0800
DEHR33D471KA3B DEHR33D471KA3B Murata Ceramic Capacitor 470pF 2000V 10% Disc 0.4500
DEHR33D681KA3B DEHR33D681KA3B Murata Ceramic Capacitor 680pF 2kV 10% Radial Disc 0.4000
DLW5AHN402SQ2L MURATA DLW5AHN402SQ2L, Common Mode Filters / Chokes 2014 4000ohm@100MHz 2.2500
EA1026A160M080045S EA1026A160M080045S MURATA EMC PAD ABSORBER 8.0X4.5X1.6MM 0.0400
GRM188R61E225KA12D GRM188R61E225KA12D MURATA Ceramic Capacitor 2.2UF 25V SMD 0603 0.1400
GRM155C71A105KE11D GRM155C71A105KE11D MURATA CAPACITOR 1.0UF 10VDC X7S 10% SMD 0402 RoHS 0.3600
GRM155C71C105KE11D Murata GRM155C71C105KE11D Ceramic Capacitor 1.00uF 10%16V X7S SMD 0402 0.1700
GRM36X7R471K50 MURATA GRM36-X7R471K50 CAPACITOR 470PF 50V 10% SMD 0402 0.1000
GRM155R71H102KA01D MURATA GRM155R71H102KA01D Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 50V SMD 0402 0.1000
GRM21BR60J476ME15L GRM21BR60J476ME15L MURATA CAPACITOR CER 47UF 6.3V X5R 0805 RoHS 0.3200
GRM155R60G106ME44D Murata GRM155R60G106ME44D Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 4V 20% X5R SMD 0402 0.1500
GRM21BB31C106KE15L GRM21BB31C106KE15L MURATA CAPACITOR 10UF 16V B 10% SMD 0805 0.0000
NFM41PC155B1H3L NFM41PC155B1H3L Murata Capacitor 1.5uF 50V SMD 1806 3.9000
GCM21BC71A475KA73L GCM21BC71A475KA73L Murata Capacitor 4.7uF 10VDC X7S 10% SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM21BR60J226ME39L GRM21BR60J226ME39L MURATA CAPACITOR CER 22UF 6.3V X5R 0805 RoHS 0.2700
GRM188R61E106MA73D Murata GRM188R61E106MA73D Capacitor 10UF 25V SMD 0603 0.0000
NCP18XH103J03RB Murata NCP18XH103J03RB NTC Thermistor 10k Ohms 5% SMD 0603 0.1500
GRM1555C1H1R2WA01D GRM1555C1H1R2WA01D MURATA CAPACITOR CER 1.2PF 50V NP0 0402 RoHS 0.1100
GRM155R71H102KA01J Murata GRM155R71H102KA01J Capacitors 0402 1000pF 50volts X7R 10% 0.1000
GRM188R71H103KA01J GRM188R71H103KA01J Murata Capacitors 0.01uF 50V 0.1000
GRM155R61A224KE19D GRM155R61A224KE19D MURATA CAPACITOR 0.22UF 10V 10% RoHS 0.1000
GRM31CR61E106MA12L GRM31CR61E106MA12L MURATA CAPACITOR CER 10UF 25V X5R 1206 RoHS 0.5300
GRM40COG151J050 Murata GRM40-C0G151J050 Ceramic Capacitor 150pF 50V 5% NP0 SMD 0805 0.1300
GRM188R60J106ME47D Murata GRM188R60J106ME47D Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 6.3V 20% X5R SMD 0603 0.3300
GRM39COG2R2C50 Murata GRM39-C0G2R2C050 Capacitor 2.2pF 50V C0G SMD 0603 0.1700
GRM40X7R471K50 GRM40X7R471K50 Murata Ceramic Capacitor 470pF 50V 10% X7R SMD 0805 0.0850
GRM36-C0G220J50PT GRM36-COG220J50PT Murata Ceramic Capacitor 22pF 50V 5% SMD 0402 0.0850
GRM40X7R153K050 MURATA GRM40X7R153K050AD Ceramic Capacitor 0.015uF 50V SMD 0805 0.1000
GRM31CC81C226KE15L Murata GRM31CC81C226KE15L Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 16V 10% 1206 0.4000
GRM188R11E333KA01D Murata GRM188R11E333KA01D Capacitor 0.033uF 25V 0.2000
GRM033R60J105MEA2D Murata GRM033R60J105MEA2D Capacitors 1.0uF 6.3volts 0.1200
GRM155B11E103KA01D GRM155B11E103KA01D MURATA Capacitor 0.01uF 25VDC B 10% SMD 0402 0.1500
GRM155B11H102KA01D GRM155B11H102KA01D MURATA CAPACITOR 0.001UF 50VDC B 10% SMD 0402 0.1500
GRM155B31C104KA87D GRM155B31C104KA87D MURATA Capacitor 0.1UF 16VDC B(JIS) 10% SMD 0402 0.2000
GRM42-6COG220J050 MURATA GRM426COG220J050 Capacitor 22PF 50V 5% SMD 0.1500
GRM39X7R561K050 GRM39-X7R561K050 Murata Ceramic Capacitor 560pF 50V 10% X7R SMD 0603 0.0850
GRM39X7R332K050 GRM39-X7R332K050 Murata Ceramic Capacitor 3300pF 50V 10% SMD 0603 0.0850
GRM36X7R103K016AQ GRM36-X7R103K016AQ Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 16V 10% SMD 0402 0.0850
GRM31CR61C226ME15L GRM31CR61C226ME15L MURATA CAPACITOR X5R 22UF 16V 1206 0.0000
DLW5BSM102SQ2L DLW5BSM102SQ2L Murata Chokes 1Kohms 2020 Shielded 2.1600
GRM1885C1H101JA01D MURATA GRM1885C1H101JA01D Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 50V 5% 0603 0.0000
GRM1885C1H220JA01D MURATA GRM1885C1H220JA01D Ceramic Capacitor 22 pF, 5%, 50V 0603 0.0000
GRM188F51C105ZA01D MURATA GRM188F51C105ZA01D Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 16V Y5V 0603 0.1000
GRM188F51H104ZA01D Murata GRM188F51H104ZA01D Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM188R71C104KA01D Murata GRM188R71C104KA01D Capacitor 0.1uF 16V X7R 10% 0603 0.0000
GRM188R71C105KE15D GRM188R71C105KE15D MURATA CAPACITOR CER 1UF 16V X7R 0603 RoHS 0.2600
GRM188R71H102KA01D MURATA GRM188R71H102KA01D Capacitor 1000 pF 10% 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM1885C1H3R9CA01D GRM1885C1H3R9CA01D Murata Capacitor 0603 3.9pF 50V C0G +/-0.25pF 0.1000
GRM1885C1H4R3CA01D GRM1885C1H4R3CA01D Murata Capacitor 4.3PF 50V .25PF 0603 0.2600
GRM1885C1H5R6CA01D GRM1885C1H5R6CA01D Murata Capacitor 5.6PF 50V .25PF 0603 0.1200
GRM1882C1H101JA01D GRM1882C1H101JA01D Murata Capacitor 100pF 50V 5% 0603 0.0150
GRM188B11E103KA01D GRM188B11E103KA01D Murata Capacitor 10000pF 25V 10% 0603 0.0150
GRM188F11H104ZA01D GRM188F11H104ZA01D Murata Capacitor 0.10uF 50V 80/20% 0.0150
GRM188F51H103ZA01D GRM188F51H103ZA01D Murata Capacitor 0.01uF 50V 80-20% 0603 0.1000
GRM188R11H222KA01D GRM188R11H222KA01D Murata Capacitor 2200pF 50V 10% 0.1500
GRM31A7U2J102JW31D GRM31A7U2J102JW31D Murata Capacitor 1000 pF 5% 630 V 1206 0.3200
GRM21BB31E106KA73L GRM21BB31E106KA73L MURATA Capacitor 25V, 10uF, 10% 0.0000
GRM188R11H223KA01D GRM188R11H223KA01D Murata Capacitor 0.022uF 50V R 10% SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM40X7R472K050AD Murata GRM40X7R472K050 Capacitor, Ceramic, 4.7nf 50V 10%, X7R SMD 0805 0.1300
GRM40Y5V104Z25 MURATA GRM40-Y5V104Z25 CAPACITOR 0.1MF 25V SMD 0805 0.1200
GRM426X7R332K200 MURATA GRM426X7R332K Capacitor 3.3nF 50V SMD 1206 0.1800
GRM42-6X7R102K050 MURATA GRM42-6X7R102K050 CAPACITOR 1000PF 50V SMD 1206 0.1500
GRM40-COG680J050 MURATA GRM40-COG680J050 Capacitor 68PF 0805 0.1000
GRM40X7R103K050BD GRM40X7R103K050 Capacitor 0.01uF 50V X7R SMD 0805 0.1200
GQM1885C1H680JB01D GQM1885C1H680JB01D Murata Capacitors MLCC SMD 0603 68pF 50V C0G 5% 0.7800
GRM1555C1H4R0BA01D GRM1555C1H4R0BA01D Murata Capacitors MLCC 4.0pF 50V C0G SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1885C1H471JA01D Murata GRM1885C1H471JA01D Ceramic Capacitor 470pF 50V 5% 0603 0.0000
DE2E3KY222MB3BM02F DE2E3KY222MB3BM02F Murata Ceramic Capacitor 2200pF 250Vrms 20% Disc 0.3200
GRM319R71H104KA01D GRM319R71H104KA01D Murata Capacitor MLCC 0.1uF 50V X7R 10% SMD 1206 0.1000
BLM15HD601SN1D BLM15HD601SN1D Murata FERRITE BEAD, 0.85OHM, 300MA, 0402 0.1240
GRM188F11C105ZA01D GRM188F11C105ZA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 1uF 16V SMD 0603 0.0200
GRM188R11H103KA01D GRM188R11H103KA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.01uF 50V 10% SMD 0603 0.0200
GRM188R11H104KA93D GRM188R11H104KA93D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF 50V R 10% SMD 0603 0.0200
GRM155B11C223KA01D GRM155B11C223KA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.022uF 16V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM188B11E104KA01D GRM188B11E104KA01D Murata Capacitor MLCC 0.10uF 25V 10% SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM21BR11A105KA01L GRM21BR11A105KA01L Murata Capacitor MLCC 1uF 10V 10% SMD 0805 0.1700
GRM188B31H104KA92D GRM188B31H104KA92D Murata Capacitor MLCC 0.1uF 50V 10% SMD 0603 0.0000
22R155C 22R155C Murata Fixed Inductors Radial 1.5mH 0.13A Radial 0.5900
GRM155R61A474KE15D GRM155R61A474KE15D Murata Capacitors MLCC 0.47uF 10volts X5R 10% SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM31MR72A333KA01L GRM31MR72A333KA01L Murata Capacitors MLCC 0.033uF 100volts X7R 10% SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM188B11C683KA01D GRM188B11C683KA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.068uF 16V 10% SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM188R71H471KA01D GRM188R71H471KA01D Murata Capacitors MLCC 470pF 50V X7R 10% SMD 0603 0.0450
GRM033R61A224ME90D GRM033R61A224ME90D MURATA Capacitor 0.22uF 10V X5R SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM1552C1H101JA01D GRM1552C1H101JA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 100pF 50V CH 5% SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1552C1H121JA01D GRM1552C1H121JA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 120pF 50V 5% SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1552C1H470JA01D GRM1552C1H470JA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 47pF 50V 5% SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM155F51C104ZA01D GRM155F51C104ZA01D Murata Capacitor MLCC 0.1uF 16volts Y5V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM155R11H103KA88D GRM155R11H103KA88D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.01uF 50V 10% SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM155R71E104KE14D GRM155R71E104KE14D Murata Capacitors MLCC 0.1uF 25V X7R 10% SMD 0402 0.0900
GRM188D71A106KA73D GRM188D71A106KA73D Murata Capacitors MLCC 10uF 10V X7T 10% SMD 0603 0.3400
LBWA1ZV1CD-716 LBWA1ZV1CD-716 Murata RF TXRX WIFI Module 0.0000
GCJ31CL81C475KA01L GCJ31CL81C475KA01L MURATA Capacitor Ceramic 4.7uF 16V X8L 10% SMD 1206 0.4100
GRM155R72A152KA01D Murata GRM155R72A152KA01D Capacitor Ceramic 0.0015uF 100V X7R 10% SMD 0402 0.1000
GRM1882C1H8R0DA01D GRM1882C1H8R0DA01D Murata Capacitor 8pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM188C71E225KE11D GRM188C71E225KE11D Murata Capacitor MLCC 2.2uF 25V X7S 10% SMD 0603 0.1480
GRM21BC7YA475KE11L GRM21BC7YA475KE11L Murata Capacitor MLCC 4.7uF 35V X7S 10% SMD 0805 0.4500
GRM155B31A105KE15D GRM155B31A105KE15D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 1uF 10V B 10% SMD 0402 0.1500
GCM188R71E103KA37D GCM188R71E103KA37D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10000PF 25V SMD 0603 RoHS 0.1000
GCM21BC72A105KE36L GCM21BC72A105KE36L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1UF 100V SMD 0805 0.5200
GCM155R71H103KA55D GCM155R71H103KA55D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 50V X7R 10% SMD 0402 0.0500
GCM155R71H223KA55D GCM155R71H223KA55D Murata Capacitor 0.022uF 50V X7R 10% SMD 0402 0.1000
GCM155R72A152KA37D GCM155R72A152KA37D MURATA CAP CER 1500PF 100V X7R 0402 RoHS 0.1000
GRM1885C1H470JA01D MURATA GRM1885C1H470JA01D CAP CER 47PF 50V 5% C0G SMD 0603 0.1000
GRM188R71H683KA93D GRM188R71H683KA93D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.068uF 50V X7R 0603 0.1200
GRM155R71H103KA88D GRM155R71H103KA88D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.01uF 50V X7R 10% SMD 0402 0.0900
GRM1552C1H221JA01D GRM1552C1H221JA01D Murata CAP CER 220PF 50V 5% 0402 0.0000
GQM1885C1H220JB01D GQM1885C1H220JB01D Murata Capacitor 22 pF 50V 5 % SMD 0603 0.4300
GRM2165C1H242JA01D GRM2165C1H242JA01D Murata Capacitor 2.4 nF 50V 5% SMD 0805 0.1700
GCM155R71C104KA55D GCM155R71C104KA55D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 16V SMD 0402 ROHS 0.0000
GRM21BC80G107ME15L GRM21BC80G107ME15L MURATA Capacitor CER 100UF 4V X6S SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM155R71E333KA88D GRM155R71E333KA88D MURATA Capacitor 0.033UF 25V 10% X7R SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1885C1H102JA01D GRM1885C1H102JA01D Murata Capacitor 1000PF 50V 5% C0G 0603 0.0000
GRM155R71H223KA12D GRM155R71H223KA12D Murata Capacitor CER 0.022uF 50V X7R SMD 0402 0.0000
GCM188R71C105KA64D GCM188R71C105KA64D Murata Ceramic Capacitor MLCC 1uF 16V 0603 0.0320
GA355DR7GC102KY02L GA355DR7GC102KY02L Murata Capacitor 1000pF 250Vac X7R 10% SMD 2220 0.0000
GRM188C81E475KE11D GRM188C81E475KE11D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 4.7uF 25V X6S 10% SMD 0603 105C T/R 0.4200
DEBF33D103ZA3B DEBF33D103ZA3B Murata Capacitor 0.01uF 2 kV Disc 0.5460
GRM1555C1H471JA01D GRM1555C1H471JA01D Murata Capacitor MLCC 470pF 50V C0G 5% 0402 0.1000
GRM155R61E474KE01D GRM155R61E474KE01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.47uF 25V X5R 10% SMD 0402 0.1000
GRM185R61A475ME11D GRM185R61A475ME11D MURATA Capacitor MLCC 4.7UF 10VDC X5R 20% SMD 0603 0.3400
GRM033R71C222KA88D GRM033R71C222KA88D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.0022uF 16V 10% SMD 0201 0.1000
GRM1555C1H1R0BA01D GRM1555C1H1R0BA01D Murata Capacitor MLCC 1.0pF 50V SMD 0402 0.1000
LQG15HSR10J02D LQG15HSR10J02D Murata Inductor RF Chip Unshielded Multi-Layer 100nH 5% 100MHz SMD 0402 0.0000
LQG15HS18NJ02D LQG15HS18NJ02D Murata Inductor 18NH 300MA SMD 0402 0.0000
LQG15HS5N6S02D LQG15HS5N6S02D MURATA INDUCTOR 5.6NH 300MA 0402 RoHS 0.0000
GRM188R60J476ME15D GRM188R60J476ME15D Murata Capacitor MLCC - 47uF 6.3Vs X5R 20% SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM155B31E473KA87D GRM155B31E473KA87D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.047uF 25V SMD 0402 0.1500
DEBB33A102KN2A DEBB33A102KN2A, MURATA Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 1000V 10% Disc 0.2000
NCP15WF104F03RC NCP15WF104F03RC Murata NTC Thermistor 100Kohms 1% SMD 0402 0.0000
DEBF33A103ZA2B DEBF33A103ZA2B MURATA Capacitor Ceramic 0.01uF 1000V Radial 5mm 0.2500
CNTL9XW103M MURATA CNTL9XW103M Capacitor Network 8x0.01uF 0.0000
GCM32ER71C226KE19L GCM32ER71C226KE19L Murata Capacitor MLCC 22uF 16V X7R 10% SMD 1210 1.5000
GA355QR7GF222KW01L GA355QR7GF222KW01L Murata Capacitor: Ceramic 2.2nF 250V X7R 10% SMD 2220 1.2600
LLQ1608-F22NJ LLQ1608-F22NJ TOKO Inductor 22nH 5% 250MHz 38Q-Factor Ceramic 700mA DCR 0603 0.0000
TZY2R200AC01R00 TZY2R200AC01R00 Murata Trimmer / Variable Capacitors 2mm 20pF 0.2500
GRM32ER61C476ME15L GRM32ER61C476ME15L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 47uF 16V 20% 1210 0.0000
GRM1555C1H150GA01D GRM1555C1H150GA01D Murata Capacitor MLCC 15pF 50V 2% SMD 0402 0.1000
GRM21BR61C106KE15L GRM21BR61C106KE15L Murata Capacitor MLCC 10uF 16V X5R SMD 0805 0.0000
GCJ31CC71H475KA01L GCJ31CC71H475KA01L Murata Capacitor 4.7uF 50V X7S 10% SMD 1206 0.7000
LXES15AAA1-100 LXES15AAA1-100 Murata TVS Diode ESD .05PF 15KV SMD 0402 0.1000
LQH31CN100K03 LQH31CN100K03 Murata Inductor 10uH 10% SMD 1206 0.0000
LQH55PN3R3NR0L LQH55PN3R3NR0L Murata Fixed Inductor 3.3uH 2A SMD 2220 0.0000
GCM32DR72A225KA64L GCM32DR72A225KA64L Murata Ceramic Capacitor MLCC 2.2uF 100V SMD 1210 0.9000
GRM188R11H471KA01D GRM188R11H471KA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 470pF 50V 10% SMD 0603 0.1000
GRM31A7U3A101JW31D GRM31A7U3A101JW31D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 100pF 1000V U2J 5% SMD 1206 0.3900
GRM188R61A106KE69D GRM188R61A106KE69D Murata MLCC Capacitor 10uF 10V 10% SMD 0603 0.1700
GRJ188C70J475KE11D GRJ188C70J475KE11D Murata Ceramic Capacitor MLCC 4.7uF 6.3V X7S 10% - SMD 0603 0.3500
EA1026A100M060050S EA1026A100M060050S MURATA Microwave Absorber 0.0000
EA1026A100M100040S EA1026A100M100040S MURATA Microwave Absorber 0.0000
GRM155R60J225ME15D GRM155R60J225ME15D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 2.2uF 6.3V X5R 20% SMD 0402 0.1700
GRM188B31A335KE15D GRM188B31A335KE15D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 3.3uF 10V 10% SMD 0603 0.0524
GRM188B31E105KA75D GRM188B31E105KA75D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.47uF 25V 10% SMD 0603 0.0000
GCJ188R72A223KA01D GCJ188R72A223KA01D Murata Capacitors MLCC Ceramic 0.022uF 100V X7R 10% SMD 0603 0.2500
EA1026A100M110090S EA1026A100M110090S MURATA EMC ABSORBER 11.0X9.0X1.0MM 0.0000
GRM219F11H104ZA01D GRM219F11H104ZA01D MURATA Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF 50V SMD 0805 0.0110
GRM188B11A474KA61D GRM188B11A474KA61D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.47uF 10V 10% SMD 0603 0.0000
LQW15AN12NJ00D LQW15AN12NJ00D Murata Inductor Wirewound 12nH 5% 500mA SMD 0402 0.1600
LQW15AN18NJ00D LQW15AN18NJ00D Murata Inductor Wirewound 18nH 5% 370mA SMD 0402 0.1600
EA1026A100M190065S EA1026A100M190065S MURATA EMC Absorber 6.5X19.0X1.0MM 0.0000
GRM1555C1H101JA01D GRM1555C1H101JA01D Murata Capacitor 100pF 50V 5 % SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM155B11H152KA01D GRM155B11H152KA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic MLCC 0.0015uF 50V B 10% SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM188R61E105KA12D GRM188R61E105KA12D Murata CAP CER 1UF 25V X5R 0603 RoHS 0.0000
GCM1885C1H331JA16D GCM1885C1H331JA16D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 330pF 50V C0G 5% SMD 0603 0.1000
LQP03TN10NJ02D LQP03TN10NJ02D Murata Inductor 10nH 250mA 5% SMD 0201 0.1000
LQP03TN1N3B02D LQP03TN1N3B02D Murata Inductor 1.3nH 0.1nH 500MHz SMD 0201 0.1000
LQP03TN3N0B02D LQP03TN3N0B02D Murata Inductor 3nH 500MHz SMD 0201 0.1000
LQW15AN18NG00D LQW15AN18NG00D Murata Inductor 18nH 2 % 370 mA 0.27 Ohm SMD 0402 0.1000
GRM1555C1H120FA01D GRM1555C1H120FA01D Murata Capacitor MLCC 12pF 50volts C0G 1% SMD 0402 0.1000
LQH3NPN1R0NJ0L LQH3NPN1R0NJ0L Murata Inductor Wirewound 1uH 30% 1MHz 1.62A DCR 1212 0.0000
LQW15AN3N3B80D LQW15AN3N3B80D Murata Inductor RF 3.3nH 2A SMD 0402 0.2500
LQP15MN3N9B02D LQP15MN3N9B02D Murata Inductor 3.9NH 170MA 500 MOHM SMD 0402 0.1800
LQP15MN5N6B02D LQP15MN5N6B02D Murata Inductor 5.6nH 140mA SMD 0402 0.1800
LQP03TN1N0B02D LQP03TN1N0B02D Murata RF Inductor 1nH 500MHz 750mA SMD 0201 0.1000
LQP03TN2N0B02D LQP03TN2N0B02D Murata RF Inductor 2nH 500MHz 600mA SMD 0201 0.1000
LQP03TN3N6B02D LQP03TN3N6B02D Murata Inductor RF 3.6nH 500MHz 400mA SMD 0201 0.1000
GRM0335C1E390JA01D GRM0335C1E390JA01D Murata MLCC Capacitor 39pF 25V 5% SMD 0201 0.1000
LQG15HS22NJ02D LQG15HS22NJ02D Murata Fixed Inductor 22nH 5% Hi-Freq 0402 0.0000
LQM21PN2R2MC0D LQM21PN2R2MC0D Murata Inductor Shielded 2.2uH 20% 1MHz 600mA SMD 0805 0.2500
LQG15HS6N2S02D LQG15HS6N2S02D Murata Fixed Inductor 6.2nH +/-0.3 Hi-Freq 0402 0.0000
GRM0335C1E470JA01D GRM0335C1E470JA01D Murata MLCC Capacitor 47pF 25V 5% SMD 0201 0.0000
BLM18PG471SN1D BLM18PG471SN1D MURATA Ferrite Beads Multi-Layer 470Ohm 25% 100MHz 1A 200mOhm DCR 0603 0.0000
LQP15MN8N2B02D LQP15MN8N2B02D Murata Inductor 8.2nH 110mA SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM0335C1E330JA01D GRM0335C1E330JA01D Murata Capacitor MLCC 33pF 25V SMD 0201 0.1000
GRM033R60J104KE19D GRM033R60J104KE19D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 100nF 6.3V SMD 0201 0.1000
GRM0335C1H3R0BA01D GRM0335C1H3R0BA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 3pF 50V C0G, NP0 SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM0335C1E7R5CA01D GRM0335C1E7R5CA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 7.5pF 25V SMD 0201 0.1000
22R333C 22R333C Murata Fixed Inductor 33uH 0.9A 11.4MHz Radial 0.0000
GA343QR7GD222KW01L GA343QR7GD222KW01L MURATA MLCC Capacitor 2200pF 250V 10% SMD 1812 0.2750
OKL-T/3-W12N-C OKL-T/3-W12N-C Murata DC/DC Converter Module 0.591V-5.5V 3A 11-ILGA 6.2500
GRM155R60J474KE19D Murata GRM155R60J474KE19D Ceramic Capacitor 0.47uF 6.3V X5R 10% SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM32EB31C226KE16L GRM32EB31C226KE16L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 16V 10% SMD 1210 0.0000
GRM155B10J334KE01D GRM155B10J334KE01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 330nF 6.3V10% SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM32ER7YA106KA12L GRM32ER7YA106KA12L Murata Capacitor 10uF 35VDC X7R 10% SMD 1210 0.0000
DEBB33F151KP3A DEBB33F151KP3A Murata Capacitor Ceramic 150pF 3150V 10% Radial 0.0000
GRM219R61E106KA12D GRM219R61E106KA12D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 25V 10% SMD 0805 0.2000
GRM155R71H122KA01D GRM155R71H122KA01D Murata Capacitor 1200pF 50V X7R 10% SMD 0402 0.1000
LQH3NPN2R2MJRL LQH3NPN2R2MJRL Murata Wirewound Inductor 2.2uH 2.2A 20% SMD 1212 0.4200
GRM035R60J475ME15D GRM035R60J475ME15D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 4.7uF 6.3V 20% SMD 0201 0.4000
GRM1555C1H3R0BA01D GRM1555C1H3R0BA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 3pF 50V SMD 0402 0.1000
ZRB15XR61A475KE01D ZRB15XR61A475KE01D Murata MLCC Capacitor 4.7uF 10V SMD 0402 0.2900
GRM188R60J475ME19D GRM188R60J475ME19D Murata MLCC Capacitor 4.7uF 6.3V 20% SMD 0603 0.1500
LXES1UTAA1-157 LXES1UTAA1-157 Murata ESD TVS Diode 6V 2-DFN 0.5000
GRM1882C1H681JA01D GRM1882C1H681JA01D Murata Capacitors MLCC 680pF 50volts CH 5% SMD 0603 0.0200
LQP15MN1N9W02 LQP15MN1N9W02 Murata Inductor 1.9nH 500MHz 220mA SMD 0402 0.0000
GCM1555C1H3R0BA16D GCM1555C1H3R0BA16D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 3pF 50V C0G SMD 0402 0.1000
GRM21BR61E226ME44L GRM21BR61E226ME44L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 25V SMD 0805 0.0000
PLA10AS1522R0R2 PLA10AS1522R0R2 MURATA Choke 1.5mH 2A Radial 0.0000
GRM155R60J334KE01D GRM155R60J334KE01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.33uF 6.3V X5R 10% SMD 0402 0.1000
GCM188R71E105KA64D GCM188R71E105KA64D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 25V SMD 0603 0.0250
GCM31CR71C106KA64L GCM31CR71C106KA64L Murata Capacitor 10uF 16V X7R 10% SMD 1206 0.2800
GRM188R61C105KA93D GRM188R61C105KA93D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 16V 10% SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM188R71E105KA12D GRM188R71E105KA12D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 25V 10% SMD 0603 0.3000
BLM15BA220SN1D BLM15BA220SN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 22Ohm 100MHz SMD 0402 0.1000
DLW5ATN112MQ2L DLW5ATN112MQ2L Murata Common Mode Chokes Dual 2A 100MHz SMD 0.0000
GRM31CR60J227ME11L GRM31CR60J227ME11L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 220uF 6.3V SMD 1206 0.0000
BLM21AG601SN1D BLM21AG601SN1D Murata Ferrite Beads 100MHz 700mA SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM155R60J225KE95D GRM155R60J225KE95D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 2.2uF 6.3V 10% SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM155R71H271KA01D GRM155R71H271KA01D MURATA Ceramic Capacitor 270pF 10% 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM0335C1H100JA01D GRM0335C1H100JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10pF 50V SMD 0201 0.1000
GRM1555C1H1R3BA01D GRM1555C1H1R3BA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1.3pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM31CR71E106KA12L GRM31CR71E106KA12L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 10uF 25V 10% SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM31CR71H475KA12L GRM31CR71H475KA12L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 4.7uF 50V 10% SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM188B31A106KE69D GRM188B31A106KE69D Murata MLCC Capacitor 10uF 10V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM1885C1H102FA01D GRM1885C1H102FA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF 50V 1% SMD 0603 0.0000
LQP15MN3N3B02D LQP15MN3N3B02D Murata Fixed Inductors 3.3nH SMD 0402, RoHS 0.1000
BLM18KG601SN1D BLM18KG601SN1D Murata Ferrite Beads 600Ohm 25% 100MHz 1.3A SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM188R60J106KE47D GRM188R60J106KE47D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 10uF 6.3V X5R 10% SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM2165C1H102JA01D GRM2165C1H102JA01D Murata Capacitor 1000pF 50V SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM1555C1H1R2BA01D GRM1555C1H1R2BA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 1.2pF 50V SMD 0402 0.1000
GRM033C80J104KE15D GRM033C80J104KE15D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF 6.3V SMD 0201 0.1000
GRM155R71H104KE14J GRM155R71H104KE14J Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF 50V X7R 10% SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM155R71H102JA01J GRM155R71H102JA01J Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.001uF 50V X7R 5% SMD 0402 0.1000
GRM188B31H105KAALD GRM188B31H105KAALD Murata MLCC Capacitor 1uF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM21BB10J475KA11L GRM21BB10J475KA11L Murata Capacitor MLCC 4.7uF 6.3V SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM31MB31H105KA87L GRM31MB31H105KA87L Murata Multilayer ceramic Capacitor 1uF 50V 10% SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM188R61C105KA12J GRM188R61C105KA12J Murata Capacitor Ceramic 1uF 16V 10% SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM32ER71E226KE15L GRM32ER71E226KE15L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 22uF 25V X7R 10% SMD 1210 0.0000
GRM188R61C225KE15D GRM188R61C225KE15D Murata Capacitor 2.2UF 16V X5R 0603 0.0000
GRM188B31C105KA92D GRM188B31C105KA92D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 16V 10% SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM1885C1H330JA01D GRM1885C1H330JA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 33pF 50V 5% SMD 0603 0.0000
PLA10AN1522R0R2B PLA10AN1522R0R2B Murata Common Mode Choke / Filter 2A 4Pin 0.0000
GRM033R71E102KA01D GRM033R71E102KA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 10% 25V X7R SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM155R61C104KA88D GRM155R61C104KA88D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF 16V X5R 10% SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1557U1A182JA01D GRM1557U1A182JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1800pF 5% 10V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM42-6X7R103K50BL MURATA GRM426X7R103K50 Capacitors 0.01UF 50V 10% SMD 1206 0.1100
GRM155R60J224KE01D GRM155R60J224KE01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.22uF 6.3V SMD 0402 0.1000
GRM155R71H472KA01D GRM155R71H472KA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 4700pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1555C1HR50BA01D GRM1555C1HR50BA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.5pF 50VDC SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM155R60J105KE19D GRM155R60J105KE19D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 6.3V 10 % SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM31CR60J107ME39L GRM31CR60J107ME39L Murata Capacitor 100uF 6.3V SMD 1206 0.0000
LQH3NPN470MM0L LQH3NPN470MM0L Murata Wirewound Inductor 47uH 1MHz 410mA SMD 1212 0.0000
DSS6NF31C223Q55B DSS6NF31C223Q55B Murata Signal Filter 22nF; 6A; -25-85C 3Pin 0.0000
GCM32ER71A226KE12L GCM32ER71A226KE12L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 22uF 10V SMD 1210 0.8500
GRM1555C1H2R4BA01D GRM1555C1H2R4BA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 2.4pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM31CR72A105KA01L GRM31CR72A105KA01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 100V 1206 0.0000
GRM155R70J104KA01D GRM155R70J104KA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 6.3V 10% SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM31CR71C475KA01L GRM31CR71C475KA01L Murata Capacitor 4.7uF 16V 10% SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM31CB31A476ME15L GRM31CB31A476ME15L Murata Capacitor MLCC 47uF 10V 20% SMD 1206 0.0000
GA355DR7GF472KW01L GA355DR7GF472KW01L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 4700pF 250V SMD 2220 0.0000
GRM033R71E102JA01D GRM033R71E102JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF 25V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM1555C1H270GA01D GRM1555C1H270GA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 27pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1555C1H220JA01J GRM1555C1H220JA01J Murata Capacitor Ceramic 22pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
LQP15MN2N7B02D LQP15MN2N7B02D Murata Fixed Inductors 2.7nH SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1555C1H270JA01D GRM1555C1H270JA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 27pF 50V 5% SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM188R61A105KA61D GRM188R61A105KA61D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 1uF 10V X5R 10% SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM188R71E104KA01D GRM188R71E104KA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF 25V SMD 0603 0.0000
FCUL0630-H-R12M=P3 FCUL0630-H-R12M=P3 Murata Inductor 120nH 20% 32A SMD 0.0000
BLM21BB201SN1D BLM21BB201SN1D Murata Ferrite Chip Bead 200Ohm 100MHz 200mA 0805 0.0000
GRM21BC81A226ME44L GRM21BC81A226ME44L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 22uF 10V SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM1885C1H5R1CA01D GRM1885C1H5R1CA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 5.1pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM32DR60J226KA01L GRM32DR60J226KA01L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 22uF 6.3V SMD 1210 0.0000
GRM1555C1H180JA01D GRM1555C1H180JA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 18pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM32DC72A475ME01L GRM32DC72A475ME01L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 4.7uF 100V SMD 1210 0.0000
GRM155R71C103KA01D GRM155R71C103KA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.01uF 16V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1555C1H102JA01J GRM1555C1H102JA01J Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.001uF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1555C1H2R2CA01D GRM1555C1H2R2CA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 2.2pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1555C1H470JA01D GRM1555C1H470JA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 47pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1555C1H120JA01J GRM1555C1H120JA01J Murata Capacitor Ceramic 12pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
DE2E3KY102MA2BM01F DE2E3KY102MA2BM01F Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.001uF 250VAC Radial 0.0000
GRM32ER71A476KE15L GRM32ER71A476KE15L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 47uF 10V SMD 1210 0.0000
GRM21BR71H474KA88L GRM21BR71H474KA88L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.47uF 50V SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM31CR61C226KE15L GRM31CR61C226KE15L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 22uF 16V SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM31CR60J157ME11L GRM31CR60J157ME11L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 150uF 6.3V SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM155R71E103KA01D GRM155R71E103KA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.01uF 25V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM188R61C106MA73D GRM188R61C106MA73D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 10uF 16V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM21BR71E104KA01L GRM21BR71E104KA01L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF 25V SMD 0805 0.0000
DE1E3KX102MA4BN01F DE1E3KX102MA4BN01F Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF 250V Radial 0.0000
BLA2AAG102SN4D BLA2AAG102SN4D Murata Ferrite Beads Chip Array 100MHz 50mA SMD 0804 0.0000
GRM31CR71A106KA01L GRM31CR71A106KA01L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 10uF 10V SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM188R60J225KE19D GRM188R60J225KE19D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 2.2uF 6.3V SMD 0603 0.0950
GRM1555C1H180GA01D GRM1555C1H180GA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 18pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
RM21BR71H224KA01L RM21BR71H224KA01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 50V SMD 0805 0.0000
PTGL05AR121M9N51B0 PTGL05AR121M9N51B0 Murata PTC Thermistor 120 Ohm 0.3A Radial 0.0000
GRM21BR71H224KA01L GRM21BR71H224KA01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 50V SMD 0805 0.0000
GA355QR7GF332KW01L GA355QR7GF332KW01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.0033uF 250VAC SMD 2220 0.0000
GRM188B11A105KA61D GRM188B11A105KA61D Murata Capacitor 1uF 10V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM188R61H105KAALD GRM188R61H105KAALD Murata MLCC Capacitor 1.0uF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM32ER71H106KA12L GRM32ER71H106KA12L Muarata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 50V SMD 1210 0.0000
GRM188R71E224KA88D GRM188R71E224KA88D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 25V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM31CR61A106KA01L GRM31CR61A106KA01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 10V SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM31CR71H225KA88L GRM31CR71H225KA88L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 2.2uF 50V SMD 1206 0.0000
DE2E3KH222MN3A DE2E3KH222MN3A Murata Ceramic Disc Capacitor 2200pF 250V Radial 0.0000
GRM1885C1H181JA01D GRM1885C1H181JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 180pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM31CR61E226KE15L GRM31CR61E226KE15L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 25V SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM1555C1H101GA01D GRM1555C1H101GA01D Ceramic Murata Capacitor 100pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1885C1H100JA01D GRM1885C1H100JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GCM188R71H472KA37J GCM188R71H472KA37J Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.0047uF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM31A5C2J221JW01D GRM31A5C2J221JW01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 630V SMD 1206 0.0000
GCD188R71H103KA01D GCD188R71H103KA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 50V SMD 0603 0.1100
GCJ188R71C474KA12D GCJ188R71C474KA12D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.47uF 16V SMD 0603 0.3000
GCM188R71C334KA37D GCM188R71C334KA37D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.33uF 16V SMD 0603 0.1500
GCM188R71H102KA37D GCM188R71H102KA37D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF 50V SMD 0603 0.0900
GQM1885C1H101GB01D GQM1885C1H101GB01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 50V SMD 0603 0.9000
GRM188R71A224KA01J GRM188R71A224KA01J Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 10V SMD 0603 0.1500
GRM31BR72J332KW01L GRM31BR72J332KW01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.0033uF 630V SMD 1206 0.3000
LQG15HS1N8S02D LQG15HS1N8S02D Murata Inductor 1.8nH 300mA SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM188R60J105KA01D GRM188R60J105KA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 6.3V SMD 0603 0.0000
LFB212G45BA1A220 LFB212G45BA1A220 Murata Signal Conditioning 2.45GHZ SMD 8Pin 0805 0.0000
DE1B3KX681KA4BN01F DE1B3KX681KA4BN01F Murata Ceramic Capacitor 680pF 250V Radial 0.0000
GRM155R60J105ME19D GRM155R60J105ME19D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 6.3V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM32ER71C226KE18L GRM32ER71C226KE18L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 16V SMD 1210 0.0000
GCM188R71H103KA37J GCM188R71H103KA37J Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GCM188R71H104KA57D GCM188R71H104KA57D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GCM188R71H333KA55D GCM188R71H333KA55D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.033uF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM21BR71A225KA01L GRM21BR71A225KA01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 2.2UF 10V SMD 0805 0.0000
GRT155R60J225KE01D GRT155R60J225KE01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 2.2uF 6.3V SMD 0402 0.0000
DEBB33A222KN2A DEBB33A222KN2A Murata Ceramic Capacitor 2200pF 1KV Radial 0.0000
GCM1885C2A102JA16D GCM1885C2A102JA16D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF 100V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM033R71H331KA12E GRM033R71H331KA12E Murata Ceramic Capacitor 330pF 50V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM033R71H331KA12D GRM033R71H331KA12D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 330pF 50V SMD 0201 0.0000
RDER73A102K2K1H03B RDER73A102K2K1H03B Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF 1000V Radial 0.0000
GRM155F51H103ZA01D GRM155F51H103ZA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM31CD80G107ME39L GRM31CD80G107ME39L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 100uF 4V SMD 1206 0.0000
BLM15HB221SN1D BLM15HB221SN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 220R 250mA SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1885C1H150JA01D GRM1885C1H150JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 15pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM21BB31H105KA12L GRM21BB31H105KA12L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 50V SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM033R61A104KE84E GRM033R61A104KE84E Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 10V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM1555C1H3R9CA01D GRM1555C1H3R9CA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 3.9pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
RDER73A103K3M1H03A RDER73A103K3M1H03A Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 1000V Radial 0.0000
46224C 46224C Murata Inductor 220uH 0.57A SMD 0.0000
DXW21BN7511SL DXW21BN7511SL Murata RF Transformer 1:1 4Term SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM188R71C224KA01D GRM188R71C224KA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 16V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM155R71C224KA12D GRM155R71C224KA12D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 16V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1555C1H470FA01D GRM1555C1H470FA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 47pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM188R71C473KA01J GRM188R71C473KA01J Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.047uF 16V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM188R71H123KA01J GRM188R71H123KA01J Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.012uF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM155R61H104KE14D GRM155R61H104KE14D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GCJ219R71C105KA01D GCJ219R71C105KA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 16V SMD 0805 0.0000
GCM1885C1H821JA16D GCM1885C1H821JA16D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 820pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM188R71H272KA01D GRM188R71H272KA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.0027uF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM1885C1H821JA01D GRM1885C1H821JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 820pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM033R61A272KA01D GRM033R61A272KA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.0027uF 10V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM31A7U3A151JW31D GRM31A7U3A151JW31D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 150pF 1000V SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM188R60J475KE19D GRM188R60J475KE19D Murata Capacitor 4.7UF 6.3V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM155R61C225KE11D GRM155R61C225KE11D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 2.2uF 16V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM31CR71C106KAC7L GRM31CR71C106KAC7L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 10uF 16V SMD 1206 0.0000
BLM15HG102SN1D BLM15HG102SN1D Murata Bead 1KOhm 25% 100MHz SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM188R6YA225KA12D GRM188R6YA225KA12D MURATA Capacitor 2.2uF 35V 0.0500
GRM155R60J106ME44D GRM155R60J106ME44D MURATA Capacitor 0.0750
GRM2195C2A152JA01J GRM2195C2A152JA01J Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.0015uF 100V SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM2195C2A152JA01D GRM2195C2A152JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.0015uF 100V SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM1885C1H820FA01J GRM1885C1H820FA01J Murata Ceramic Capacitor 82pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM1885C2A100JA01D GRM1885C2A100JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10pF 100V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM21BR61E475KA12L GRM21BR61E475KA12L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 4.7uF 25V SMD 0805 0.0000
GCM31CR71H225KA55L GCM31CR71H225KA55L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 2.2uF 50V SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM188C71C225KE11D GRM188C71C225KE11D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 2.2uF 16V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM1555C2A100JA01D GRM1555C2A100JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10pF 100V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM319R71E474KA01D GRM319R71E474KA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.47uF 25V SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM1552C1H100JA01D GRM1552C1H100JA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 10pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
BLM15PX601SN1D BLM15PX601SN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 100MHz 900mA SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM32ER61A107ME20L GRM32ER61A107ME20L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 100uF 10V SMD 1210 0.0000
GRM319R71H224KA01D GRM319R71H224KA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.22uF 50V SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM1885C1H1R8BA01D GRM1885C1H1R8BA01D Murata Capacitor Ceramic 1.8pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM32EE70J107ME15L GRM32EE70J107ME15L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 100uF 6.3V SMD 1210 0.0000
BLM18PG121SN1D BLM18PG121SN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 120R 100MHZ SMD 0603 2A 0.0000
DE2E3KY472MA3BM02F DE2E3KY472MA3BM02F Murata Ceramic Capacitor 4700pF 250V Disc 0.0000
GRM319R71H334KA01D GRM319R71H334KA01D Murata Capacitor 0.33uF 50V SMD 1206 0.0000
DEBB33D102KA2B DEBB33D102KA2B Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 2KV Disc 0.0000
GRM31BR72J472KW01L GRM31BR72J472KW01L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.0047uF 630V SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM1555C1H121JA01D GRM1555C1H121JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 120pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0080
DECB33J221KC4B DECB33J221KC4B Murata Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 6.3kV Disc 0.0000
RDEF51H104Z0K1H03B RDEF51H104Z0K1H03B Murata Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF 50V Y5V Radial 0.0000
GRM32ER71H475KA88L GRM32ER71H475KA88L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 4.7uF 50V SMD 1210 0.0000
BEI15-120-Q12P-C BEI15-120-Q12P-C Murata Isolated Module DC DC Converter 2 Output 12V -12V 625mA, 625mA 9V - 36V Input 0.0000
GRM31CC72A475KE11L GRM31CC72A475KE11L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 4.7uF 100V SMD 1206 0.0000
GCM21BC71C106KE36L GCM21BC71C106KE36L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 16V SMD 080 0.0000
RDER71H104K0K1H03B RDER71H104K0K1H03B Murata Capacitor MLCC 0.1uF 50V Radial 0.0000
GRM32DF51H106ZA01L GRM32DF51H106ZA01L Murata Capacitor Ceramic 10uF 50V Y5V -20% to 80% Pad SMD 1210 0.0000
TZV2Z2R5A110R00 TZV2Z2R5A110R00 Murata Variable Capacitor 2.5pF 25V SMD 0.0000
DLW5BSN152SQ2L DLW5BSN152SQ2L Murata Common Mode Choke 50V 1.0A SMD 0.0000
GRM31CR6YA106KA12L GRM31CR6YA106KA12L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 35V SMD 1206 0.0000
LQW15AN47NG80D LQW15AN47NG80D Murata Inductor 47nH 440mA SMD 0402 0.0000
NFZ32BW9R8HZ11 NFZ32BW9R8HZ11 Murata Ferrite Bead 2.1A 9.8Ohm 2.1A SMD 1210 0.0000
GA355ER7GB333KW01L GA355ER7GB333KW01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.033uF 250V SMD 2220 0.0000
TZY2Z100AC01R00 TZY2Z100AC01R00 Murata Variable Capacitor 3- 10pF 25V Top SMD 0.0000
GRM188R71C105KA12D GRM188R71C105KA12D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 16VDC SMD 0603 0.0000
BLM18SG331TN1D BLM18SG331TN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 330ohms 1.5A SMD 0603 0.0000
NFP0QHB372HS2D NFP0QHB372HS2D Murata Common Mode Choke 0.1A 2.86Ohm SMD 0.0000
GRM1885C1H6R4CA01D GRM1885C1H6R4CA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 6.4pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
LQM21NN4R7K10L LQM21NN4R7K10L Murata Inductor 4.7uH 30mA SMD 0805 0.0000
DFE252012P-1R0M=P2 DFE252012P-1R0M=P2 Murata Inductor 0.0000
GRJ188R71C474KE11D GRJ188R71C474KE11D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.0000
DFE201610E-1R0M=P2 DFE201610E-1R0M=P2 Murata Shielded Inductor 0.0000
LQH2HPN1R0NJRL LQH2HPN1R0NJRL Murata Inductor 1.0uH 2.60A SMD 1008 0.0000
GRM31C5C1E104JA01L GRM31C5C1E104JA01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 25V SMD 1206 0.0000
NFZ5BBW520LZ10L NFZ5BBW520LZ10L Murata Ferrite Bead 52Ohm 1.61A SMD 2020 0.0000
BLM15BB050SN1D BLM15BB050SN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 5Ohm 100MHz SMD 0402 0.0000
GJM1555C1HR50WB01D GJM1555C1HR50WB01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.5pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1885C1H561GA01D GRM1885C1H561GA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 560pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM21B7U1H473JA01L GRM21B7U1H473JA01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.047uF 50V SMD 0805 0.0000
LQW18AN11NG00D LQW18AN11NG00D Murata Inductor 11nH 650mA SMD 0603 0.0000
GJM1555C1H1R8WB01D GJM1555C1H1R8WB01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1.8pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM188R60J226MEA0D GRM188R60J226MEA0D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 6.3V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM155R61A105KE15D Murata GRM155R61A105KE15D Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 10V SMD 0402 0.0000
GCM155R71H221KA37D GCM155R71H221KA37D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM188R61E475KE11D GRM188R61E475KE11D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 4.7uF 25V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM32ER61C226KE20L GRM32ER61C226KE20L Murata Capacitor 22uF 16V 10% SMD 1210 0.0000
GRM1885C1H5R6DZ01D Murata GRM1885C1H5R6DZ01D Ceramic Capacitor 5.6pF 50V SMD 0603 0.1500
PRG18BB330MB1RB PRG18BB330MB1RB Murata Thermistor PTC 33 Ohm 0.0000
GCM21BR71H105KA03L GCM21BR71H105KA03L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 50V SMD 0805 0.0000
NCU18XH103F6SRB NCU18XH103F6SRB Murata NTC Thermistor 10kohm SMD 1608 0.0000
BLM15PD121SN1D BLM15PD121SN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 120 Ohms 100MHz 1.3A SMD 0402 0.0000
LQW15AN22NJ00D LQW15AN22NJ00D Murata Inductor 22nH 310mA SMD 0402 0.0000
DLW21SN371SQ2L DLW21SN371SQ2L Murata Common Mode Choke 100MHz 370 Ohms 4-SMD 0.0000
GRM1552C1H102GA01D GRM1552C1H102GA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM31A7U3D220JW31D GRM31A7U3D220JW31D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 22pF 2000V SMD 1206 0.0000
BLA2ABD750SN4D BLA2ABD750SN4D Murata Ferrite Bead 100MHz 75Ohm SMD 0804 0.0000
LQH3NPN470MMEL LQH3NPN470MMEL Murata Inductor 47uH 380mA SMD 1212 0.0000
CSTNE10M0G55A000R0 CSTNE10M0G55A000R0 Murata Resonator 10.0000MHz 33pF 3-SMD 0.0000
CSTNE16M6V53Z000R0 CSTNE16M6V53Z000R0 Murata Resonator 16.67MHz 3-SMD 0.0000
CSTNE19M8V530000R0 CSTNE19M8V530000R0 Murata Resonator 19.8MHz 3-SMD 0.0000
CSTNE15M0V53C000R0 CSTNE15M0V53C000R0 Murata Resonator 15MHz 3SMD 0.0000
CSTNE16M0VH3C000R0 CSTNE16M0VH3C000R0 Murata Resonator 16MHz 3SMD 0.0000
CSTNE12M2GH5L000R0 CSTNE12M2GH5L000R0 Murata Resonator 12.288MHz 3SMD 0.0000
GRM31CR61E106KA12L GRM31CR61E106KA12L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 25V SMD 1206 0.0000
BLM15AX601SN1D BLM15AX601SN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 600Ohm 100MHz 500mA SMD 0402 0.0000
TZV2Z2R5A110B00 TZV2Z2R5A110B00 Murata Variable Capacitor 2.5pF 25V SMD 0.0000
LQW15AN10NJ00D LQW15AN10NJ00D Murata Wirewound Inductor 10nH 500mA SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM188B31A475KE15D GRM188B31A475KE15D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 4.7uF 10V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM188R61A226ME15D GRM188R61A226ME15D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 10V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM21BC81C226ME44L GRM21BC81C226ME44L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 16V SMD 0805 0.0000
LQH44PN4R7MP0L LQH44PN4R7MP0L Murata Shielded Inductor 4.7uH 1.7A SMD 1515 0.0000
NCP15WB473F03RC NCP15WB473F03RC Murata NTC Thermistor 47KOhm SMD 0402 0.0000
NCP15WB473J03RC NCP15WB473J03RC Murata NTC Thermistor 47KOhm SMD 0402 0.0000
NCP15WB473E03RC NCP15WB473E03RC Murata NTC Thermistor 47KOhm SMD 0402 0.0000
DLP11TB800UL2L DLP11TB800UL2L Murata EMI Filter 80 Ohm 100MHz 100mA SMD 0504 0.0000
NTE0305MC NTE0305MC Murata Isolated DC/DC Converter 1W 3.3-5V 200mA 14-SMD 0.0000
BLM15HD102SN1D BLM15HD102SN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 1KOhm 100MHz 250mA SMD 0402 0.0000
BLM18HG601SN1D BLM18HG601SN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 600 Ohms 100MHz SMD 0603 0.0000
BLM18HG601SH1D BLM18HG601SH1D Murata Ferrite Bead 600 Ohms 100MHz SMD 0603 0.0000
BLM18KG121TN1D BLM18KG121TN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 120ohms 3A SMD 0603 0.0000
BLM18KG121TZ1D BLM18KG121TZ1D Murata Ferrite Bead 120ohms 3A SMD 0603 0.0000
BLM41PG181SN1L BLM41PG181SN1L Murata Ferrite Bead 180Ohm 100MHz 3.5A SMD 1806 0.0000
BLM41PG181SN1L. BLM41PG181SN1L Murata Ferrite Bead 180Ohm 100MHz 3.5A SMD 1806 0.0000
NFA18SL506X1A45L NFA18SL506X1A45L Murata EMI Filter 50MHz 25mA 10V SMD 0603 0.0000
NFA21SL207X1A45L NFA21SL207X1A45L Murata EMI Filter 0.1A 10V SMD 0805 0.0000
NFE31PT471F1E9L NFE31PT471F1E9L Murata Filter Capacitor 470pF 25V 6A SMD 1206 0.0000
DE1B3KX151KA4BN01F DE1B3KX151KA4BN01F Murata Ceramic Capacitor 150pF 250VAC Radial 0.0000
GRM21BC71H475KE11L GRM21BC71H475KE11L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 4.7uF 50V SMD 0805 0.0000
BLM18AG121SN1D BLM18AG121SN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 120 OHM SMD 0603 0.0000
DLW21HN900SQ2L DLW21HN900SQ2L Murata Common Mode Choke 90Ohm 100MHz SMD 0805 0.0000
DE1B3KX471KA4BN01F DE1B3KX471KA4BN01F Murata Ceramic Capacitor 470pF 250V Disc 0.0000
GRM31CR72J153KW03L GRM31CR72J153KW03L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.015uF 630V SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM033R61A103KA01D GRM033R61A103KA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 10V SMD 0201 0.0000
DE2B3KY471KA2BM01F DE2B3KY471KA2BM01F Murata Ceramic Capacitor 470pF 250V Disc 0.0000
GRM033R61A104KE15D GRM033R61A104KE15D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 10V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM1885C1H272JA01D GRM1885C1H272JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 2700pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM31CR61C476ME44L GRM31CR61C476ME44L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 47uF 16V SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM033R61C104KE18D GRM033R61C104KE18D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 16V SMD 0201 0.0000
NFE31PT222Z1E9L NFE31PT222Z1E9L Murata EMI Filter 6A 25VDC SMD 3216 0.0000
3020-01099-0 3020-01099-0 Murata DC Shunts 50mV 100A Base Mounted 0.0000
DCA5-20PC-2-DC4-RL-C DCA5-20PC-2-DC4-RL-C Murata LED Digital Ammeter 3.5-Digits Panel Mount 0.0000
GRM188R71C334KA01D GRM188R71C334KA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.33uF 16V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM32DR71E106KA12L GRM32DR71E106KA12L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 25V SMD 1210 0.0000
NFA21SL506X1A48L NFA21SL506X1A48L Murata EMI Filter 50MHz SMD 0805 0.0000
3020-01098-0 3020-01098-0 Murata DC Shunts 50-100mV Base Mounted 0.0000
3020-01096-0 3020-01096-0 Murata DC Shunts 50-100mV Base Mounted 0.0000
GRM1555C1H561JA01D GRM1555C1H561JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 560pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
LQH3NPZ470MMEL LQH3NPZ470MMEL Murata Wirewound Inductor 47uH 610mA SMD 1212 0.0000
DLP11SN201HL2L DLP11SN201HL2L Murata Common Mode Choke 100MHz 110mA 200Ohm SMD 0504 0.0000
GRM033R60J474ME90D GRM033R60J474ME90D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.47uF 6.3V SMD 0201 0.0000
DCA5-20PC-1-DC1-RL-C DCA5-20PC-1-DC1-RL-C Murata LED Digital Ammeter 3.5-Digits Panel Mount 0.0000
DCA5-20PC-1-DC4-RL-C DCA5-20PC-1-DC4-RL-C Murata LED Digital Ammeter 3.5-Digits Panel Mount 0.0000
GRM1555C1H100JA01D GRM1555C1H100JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GJM1555C1HR60WB01D GJM1555C1HR60WB01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.6pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GJM1555C1HR80WB01D GJM1555C1HR80WB01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.8pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1885C1H750JA01D GRM1885C1H750JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 75pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM21BC71H475KE11K GRM21BC71H475KE11K Murata Ceramic Capacitor 4.7uF 50V SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM21BR61E106KA73K GRM21BR61E106KA73K Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 25V SMD 0805 0.0000
GRT188R61H105KE13D GRT188R61H105KE13D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1.0uF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRT21BR61E226ME13L GRT21BR61E226ME13L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 25V SMD 0805 0.0000
LQG18HH27NJ00D LQG18HH27NJ00D Murata Inductor 27nH 300mA SMD 0603 0.0000
LQP03TN3N9C02D LQP03TN3N9C02D Murata RF Inductor 3.9nH 500MHz SMD 0201 0.0000
UEI15-033-Q48N-C UEI15-033-Q48N-C Murata Isolated DC/DC Converter 3.3V 5A 6-DIP Module 0.0000
LQP15MN1N2W02D LQP15MN1N2W02D Murata Thick Film Inductor 1.2nH 390mA SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1885C1H272JA01J GRM1885C1H272JA01J Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.0027uF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM155R60J106ME11D GRM155R60J106ME11D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 6.3VSMD 0402 0.0000
GRM155R71A473KA01D GRM155R71A473KA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 47000PF 10V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM1885C1H270JA01D GRM1885C1H270JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 27pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM219R71H334KA88D GRM219R71H334KA88D Murata Ceramic Capacitors 0.33uF 50V SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM31BR72E683KW01L GRM31BR72E683KW01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.068uF 250V SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM32ER72A225KA35L GRM32ER72A225KA35L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 2.2uF 100V SMD 1210 0.0000
GRM55DR73A104KW01L GRM55DR73A104KW01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 1000V SMD 2220 0.0000
GCD188R71H102KA01D GCD188R71H102KA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GCM1885C1H220FA16J GCM1885C1H220FA16J Murata Ceramic Capacitor 22pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GCM188R91H103KA37D GCM188R91H103KA37D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10000pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM033R61A104ME15D GRM033R61A104ME15D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 10V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM188R61A106KE69J GRM188R61A106KE69J Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 10V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM188R61H474KA12D GRM188R61H474KA12D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.47uF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
DXW21BN2511NL DXW21BN2511NL Murata Balun Transformer 20V 250mA 4-SMD 0.0000
GRM188B31E225KA12D GRM188B31E225KA12D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 2.2uF 25V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM1885C1H561JA01D GRM1885C1H561JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 560pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
LQH32PN4R7NN0L LQH32PN4R7NN0L Murata Shielded Inductor 4.7uH 1A SMD 1210 0.0000
GRM40-COG102J50 MURATA GRM40COG102J050 Capacitor 1000PF 50V SMD 0805 0.1100
FDA1254-H-4R7M=P3 FDA1254-H-4R7M=P3 Murata Wirewound Inductor 4.7uH 10.2A SMD 5049 0.0000
GCM21BR71H104KA37K GCM21BR71H104KA37K Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V SMD 0805 0.0000
DLP11SA900HL2 DLP11SA900HL2 Murata Common Mode Chokes / Filter 90Ohm 20% 100MHz SMD 0.0000
GRM40COG331K100 MURATA GRM40-COG331K100 Capacitor 330PF 100V 10% SMD 0.3200
GRM40-034X7R104K050P GRM40034X7R104K050 Murata Capacitors 0.1uF 50V 10% X7R SMD 0805 0.1600
GRM40COG101J50 MURATA GRM40-COG101J50 Capacitors 100PF 50V 5% COG SMD 0805 0.1200
GRM40X7R222K50 GRM40X7R222K50 MURATA Capacitor X7R 2200PF 50V SMD 0805 0.1000
BLM15HG601SN1D BLM15HG601SN1D Murata Signal Line Ferrite Bead 100MHz 0.3A SMD 0402 0.0000
GRJ31CR71H475KE11L GRJ31CR71H475KE11L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 4.7uF 50V SMD 1206 0.0000
GCM21BR71H224KA37L GCM21BR71H224KA37L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 50V SMD 0805 0.0000
GCM21BR71H224KA37K GCM21BR71H224KA37K Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.22uF 50V SMD 0805 0.0000
BLM18SG121TN1D BLM18SG121TN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 120Ohm 100MHz 3A SMD 0603 0.0000
GCM1555C1H470FA16D GCM1555C1H470FA16D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 47pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GCM21BR71E225KA73L GCM21BR71E225KA73L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 2.2uF 25V SMD 0805 0.0000
GCJ188R71H104KA12D GCJ188R71H104KA12D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
GCM155R71C563KA55D GCM155R71C563KA55D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.056uF 16V SMD 0402 0.0000
GCM31M5C1H473JA16L GCM31M5C1H473JA16L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.047uF 50V SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM033R61E104KE14D GRM033R61E104KE14D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 25V SMD 0201 0.0000
BLM18PG181SN1D Murata BLM18PG181SN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 180 Ohms 100MHz SMD 0603 0.0000
1264EY-6R8M=P3 1264EY-6R8M=P3 Murata Wirewound Inductor 6.8uH 20% 3.4A SMD 2424 0.0000
1269AS-H-100N=P2 1269AS-H-100N=P2 Murata Shielded Inductor 10uH 30% 0.68A SMD 1008 0.0000
1269AS-H-R47M=P2 1269AS-H-R47M=P2 Murata Shielded Inductor 0.47uH 3.1A SMD 1008 0.0000
BLM15BD601SN1 BLM15BD601SN1 Murata Ferrite Bead 600Ohm 100MHz 0.2A SMD 0402 0.0000
BLM15EG221SN1D BLM15EG221SN1D Murata Ferrite Beads 220Ohm 100MHz 0.7A SMD 0402 0.0000
GCM155R71H102MA37D GCM155R71H102MA37D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM0332C1H151JA01D GRM0332C1H151JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 150pF 50V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM0332C1H220JA01D GRM0332C1H220JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 22pF 50V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM0332C1H8R0CA01D GRM0332C1H8R0CA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 8pF 50V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM0335C1H120JA01D GRM0335C1H120JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 12pF 50V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM033R61A682KA01D GRM033R61A682KA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 6800pF 10V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM033R71E222KA12D GRM033R71E222KA12D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 2200pF 25V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM033R71H102KA12D GRM033R71H102KA12D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1000pF 50V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM155B31H103KA88D GRM155B31H103KA88D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM21BR6YA106KE43L GRM21BR6YA106KE43L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 35V SMD 0805 0.0000
MAKK2520T3R3M MAKK2520T3R3M Murata Wirewound Inductor 3.3uH 20% 1.3A SMD 1008 0.0000
GRM033R71E332KA12D GRM033R71E332KA12D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.0033uF 25V SMD 0201 0.0000
GJM1555C1H270GB01D GJM1555C1H270GB01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 27pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
BLM15BD601SN1D BLM15BD601SN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 600 Ohms 100MHz 200mA SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM155R61A475KEAAD GRM155R61A475KEAAD Murata Ceramic Capacitor 4.7uF 10V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM0335C1H101JA01D GRM0335C1H101JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 50V SMD 0201 0.0000
DE1E3KX332MN4AN01F DE1E3KX332MN4AN01F Murata Ceramic Capacitor 3300pF 250VAC Disc 0.0000
GQM1885C2A1R6BB01D GQM1885C2A1R6BB01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1.6pF 100V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM0335C1E6R8DA01D GRM0335C1E6R8DA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 6.8pF 25V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM2165C1H471JA01D GRM2165C1H471JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 470pF 50V SMD 0805 0.0000
BLM18BD331SN1D BLM18BD331SN1D Murata Ferrite Beads 330 Ohms 100MHz SMD 0603 0.0000
BLM18HG102SN1J BLM18HG102SN1J Murata Ferrite Bead 1KOhm 100mA SMD 0603 0.0000
GCM21BR70J106KE22L GCM21BR70J106KE22L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 6.3V SMD 0805 0.0000
BLM18HG102SN1D BLM18HG102SN1D Murata Ferrite Beads 1KOhm 100MHz 0.1A SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM188R72E331KW07D GRM188R72E331KW07D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 330pF 250V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM21BR71H104KA01L GRM21BR71H104KA01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 50V SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM158C80G226ME01D GRM158C80G226ME01D Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 4V SMD 0402 0.0000
45224C 45224C Murata Wirewound Inductor 220uH 0.50A SMD 0.0000
GRM188R61A335KE15D GRM188R61A335KE15D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 3.3uF 10V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM21BR72A223KA01L GRM21BR72A223KA01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.022uF 100V SMD 0805 0.0000
GRM033B31C222MA87D GRM033B31C222MA87D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.0022uF 16V SMD 0201 0.0000
BNX022-01B BNX022-01B Murata EMI Filter 10A 50V 4-SMD 0.0000
GRM188R61E106KA73 GRM188R61E106KA73 Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 25V SMD 0603 0.0000
GCM1885C2A101JA16D GCM1885C2A101JA16D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 100pF 100V SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM0335C1E1R0BA01D GRM0335C1E1R0BA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1pF 25V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM1885C1H331JA01D GRM1885C1H331JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 330pF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
LBWB1ZZYDZ-683 LBWB1ZZYDZ-683 Murata Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n Module 0.0000
GRM188C81C106MA73D GRM188C81C106MA73D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 16V SMD 0603 0.0000
LLL219R70J105MA01L LLL219R70J105MA01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 6.3V SMD 0508 0.0000
GRM155R71H123KA12D GRM155R71H123KA12D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.012uF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM188R61E106KA73D GRM188R61E106KA73D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10uF 25V SMD 0603 0.0000
NCP03XH103E05RL NCP03XH103E05RL Murata NTC Thermistor 10Kohm SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM155R61E105KA12D GRM155R61E105KA12D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 25V SMD 0402 0.0000
LQW18CN33NJ00D LQW18CN33NJ00D Murata Wirewound Inductor 33nH 5% 1700mA SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM0335C1H100FA01D GRM0335C1H100FA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 10pF 50V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM033R71E221JA01D GRM033R71E221JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 220pF 25V SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM21BR61E226ME44K GRM21BR61E226ME44K Murata Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 25V SMD 0805 0.0000
BLM18PG330SN1 BLM18PG330SN1 Murata Ferrite Bead 33 Ohms 3A SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM033B31H102KA12D GRM033B31H102KA12D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.001uF 50V SMD 0201 0.0000
EA1026A100C200200 EA1026A100C200200 Murata EMC Absorber 0.0000
GRM0332C1H330JA01D GRM0332C1H330JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 33pF 50V SMD 0201 0.0000
DE2E3KY472MN3AM02F DE2E3KY472MN3AM02F Murata Ceramic Capacitor 4700pF 250V Radial 0.0000
GRM1885C1H222JA01D GRM1885C1H222JA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.0022uF 50V SMD 0603 0.0000
CSTNE16M0V530000R0 CSTNE16M0V530000R0 Murata Ceramic Resonator 16MHz 15pF 3-CSMD 0.0000
NCP18XH103F03RB NCP18XH103F03RB Murata NTC Thermistor 10K Ohms SMD 0603 0.0000
BLM18KG221SN1D BLM18KG221SN1D Murata Ferrite Beads 220Ohms 100MHz 2.2A SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM155B31H682KA88D GRM155B31H682KA88D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.0068uF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
PKM22EPPH4002-B0 PKM22EPPH4002-B0 Murata Transducer Piezo Buzzer 1.5V 4kHz PC Pins 0.0000
NFM21PC474R1C3D NFM21PC474R1C3D Murata EMI Filter Capacitor 0.47uF 16V SMD 0805 0.0000
LQP15MN10NG02D LQP15MN10NG02D Murata Inductor 10nH 100MA SMD 0402 0.0000
BLM18PG331SN1D BLM18PG331SN1D Murata Ferrite Bead 330 Ohms 100MHz 1.2A SMD 0603 0.0000
BLE18PS080SN1D BLE18PS080SN1D Murata Ferrite Beads 8.5Ohm 25% 100MHz 8A SMD 0603 0.0000
GRM033R61C104KE14D GRM033R61C104KE14D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 16V SMD 0201 0.0000
DE2B3SA471KN3AX02F DE2B3SA471KN3AX02F Murata Ceramic Capacitor 470pF 300V Radial 0.0000
GRM21BR60J107ME15L GRM21BR60J107ME15L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 100uF 6.3V SMD 0805 0.0000
BLM18BB750SN1D BLM18BB750SN1D Murata Ferrite Beads 75Ohm 100MHz 0.6A SMD 0603 0.0000
PKM22EPTH2001-B0 PKM22EPTH2001-B0 Murata Audio Sounder Piezo 25Vp-p 3Vp-p 70dB Pin Bulk 0.0000
GRM155R60J103KA01D GRM155R60J103KA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 0.01uF 6.3V SMD 0402 0.0000
BL02RN2R1P1A BL02RN2R1P1A Murata Ferrite Beads 6A 0.02Ohm Axial 0.0000
GRM55DR72E105KW01L GRM55DR72E105KW01L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 250V SMD 2220 0.0000
GRM1555C1H181GA01D GRM1555C1H181GA01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 180pF 50V SMD 0402 0.0000
GRM31CC81E226KE11L GRM31CC81E226KE11L Murata Ceramic Capacitor 22uF 25V SMD 1206 0.0000
GRM188C71E225KE11J GRM188C71E225KE11J Murata Ceramic Capacitor 2.2uF 25V SMD 0603 0.0000
GJM0335C1E9R0DB01D GJM0335C1E9R0DB01D Murata Ceramic Capacitor 9pF 25V SMD 0201 0.0000
LQP03HQ1N2C02D LQP03HQ1N2C02D Murata Thin Film Inductor 1.2nH 1.1A SMD 0201 0.0000
GRM31C5C1H683JA01L GRM31C5C1H683JA01L Murata CER Capacitor 68000pF 50V SMD 1206 0.0000
DE1E3KX222MA4BN01F DE1E3KX222MA4BN01F Murata Ceramic Capacitor 2200pF 250V Disc 0.0000
CSTLS8M00G56-A0 CSTLS8M00G56-A0 Murata Ceramic Resonator 8MHz 5% 47pF 3-SIP 0.0000