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4D Systems

4D Systems
4D Systems is an Australian based company that is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of intelligent graphic display modules. They design and manufacture compact and cost effective intelligent modules using the latest state of the art OLED and LCD technology with an embedded custom graphics processor that delivers stand alone functionality to various applications. 4D Systems products have been successfully implemented into the medical, aeronautical, military and automotive sectors.
4D Systems specializes in graphic solutions for universal usage, as well as in special customized solutions. A common feature of 4D Systems graphic solutions is their versatility, easy programming and in a respectable rate also a mutual compatibility.


  • Display Modules

    Designed for ease-of-use and rapid development cycles, with careful consideration for space requirements and functionality.
    4D Systems Display Modules

  • Display Development Tools

    Ideal for prototyping and developing with our displays easily and efficiently.
    4D Systems Display Development Tools

  • Processors

    4D Systems Processors

  • OLED Displays &nbsp & Accessories

    Compact and cost-effective display module using the latest state of the art Passive Matrix OLED (PMOLED) technology.
    4D Systems OLED Displays & Accessories

  • Video Modules

    Small form-factor video capture, encoding, and streaming
    4D Systems Video Modules

  • Audio IC Development Tools

    4D Systems Audio IC Development Tools

  • GPS  Development Tools

    Development tool that will help you understand GPS technologies.
    4D Systems GPS Development Tools

  • Sockets & Adapters

    Data converter modules (SDCM) for LCD modules, interface cables, filters and connectors.
    4D Systems Sockets & Adapters

  • Accessories

    Bezel/filter display mounting systems for LED, LCD and VFD displays.

    4D Systems Accessories