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American Megatrends Incorporated (AMI)

American MegatrendsAmerican Megatrends Incorporated (AMI), an American hardware and software company, specializes in PC hardware and firmware. The company started as a manufacturer of complete motherboards.As hardware activity moved progressively to overseas, AMI continued to develop BIOS firmware for major motherboard manufacturers.

American Megatrends provides BIOS/UEFI firmware for server, embedded, tablet, client, and ARM products; BIOS/UEFI tools and utilities, such as debug and diagnostic tools, pre-boot utilities, and development systems; MegaRAC remote management firmware/software solutions for in/out-of-band management; MegaRAC Composer, a pod management software solution that allows users to browse physical resources at the rack, chassis, and system level through a Web-based user interface; Android products and solutions for Intel hardware platforms; and enclosure management controller ASICs that provides LED and sensor control for SAS/SATA drives.

American Megatrends also provides engineering services, including custom design services for hardware, software, and firmware solutions; mobile application development and support services for clients in the mobile technology; and platform validation and testing services for guaranteed fault-proof testing of clients’ hardware, software, and firmware products.