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Azoteq (Pty) Ltd

azoteq logoAzoteq offers sensing solutions for consumer electronics, remote controls, wearables, PC peripherals, IoT, and security applications. Multiple patents and trademarks cover Azoteq’s intellectual property. Azoteq is a leader in intelligent switch, capacitive proximity and touch solutions for next generation user interfaces.

Azoteq is a pioneer in sensor fusion, capacitive proximity and touch solutions, and intelligent LED lighting controls. The company offers solutions for LED lighting, capacitive proximity and touch switches, non-ITO LCD touch screen displays, 3D touch screens and ultra-robust capacitive touch through metal applications. The Azoteq’s ProxSense® capacitive sensors are the most sensitive and robust proximity and touch controllers available for use in touch keys, touch keypads, metal touch panels, non-ITO LCD screens, single layer ITO touch screens and 3D touch screens. The combination of proximity and touch enables new applications such as proximity wake up, backlight illumination and air gestures. Azoteq’s ProxSense® provides the next evolution in user interfaces for consumer, medical, industrial and automotive applications.


Capacitive, Inductive, Hall-effect, PIR, IR and Ambient light sensors combined into a single package.
azoteq ProxFusion


Sensitive and robust capacitive proximity and touch technology.
azoteq proxense


State of the art LED lighting products and Smart lighting systems.


Intelligent LED switches. A sophisticated and cost-effective alternative to electro-mechanical switches.
azoteq LightSense