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Cherry Switches – Mechanical Components

Cherry-SwitchesCHERRY Electrical Products, founded in 1953, was the subject of an acquisition by The ZF Group in 2008. The well known CHERRY brand continues to thrive under the umbrella of ZF Friedrichshafen AG and in 2013 produced more than 250 million microswitches alone. The product range has been systematically expanding beyond microswitches and now includes sensors, electronic controls, and touch controls based on infra-red technology.

Cherry Electronics suppliers include some of the world’s leading connector manufacturers, and we also source an extensive range of competitively priced industry-standard components direct from suppliers in the Far East.

CHERRY switches, sensors and controls are synonymous with quality, precision and reliability, and can be found in a broad range of applications and markets such as white goods and appliances, automotive, gaming, vending, drives, switchgear, control engineering and powertools.

  • Computers, Office - Components, Accessories

    • Accessories
    • Computer Mouse, Trackballs
    • Keyboards
  • Sensors, Transducers

    • Accessories
    • Magnetic Sensors - Hall Effect, Digital Switch, Linear, Compass (ICs)
    • Magnetic Sensors - Position, Proximity, Speed (Modules)
    • Position Sensors - Angle, Linear Position Measuring
  • Switches

    • Accessories
    • Pushbutton Switches
    • Rocker Switches
    • Snap Action, Limit Switches
    • Thumbwheel Switches




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Product List

Part Number Product Name MFG Qty  
KWKE-RACA Cherry KWKE-RACA Push Button Switch 10A 125 / 250VAC RoHS Cherry Switch 670.00
CS3842AN CHERRY CS3842AN IC Off-Line Current Mode PWM 30V 10mA Cherry Switch 7,090.00
CS3843AN8 CHERRY CS3843AN8 Current Mode PWM Control Circuit 8Pin Cherry Switch 3,000.00
DC1C-K7LC DC1C-A1LB Cherry Basic / Snap Action Switches SPDT 5A SEALED Cherry Switch 0.00
DC1G-K7WB DC1G-K7WB Cherry Switch 5A 125-2 50V VDE PC MNT Cherry Switch 0.00
DH2C-B1PA CHERRY DH2CB1PA Ultra Miniature Snap-Action Switch Cherry Switch 0.00
CS3844D14 CS3844D14 Cherry Single-Output Current-Mode SMPS Circuit Cherry Switch 19.00
CS3524N CHERRY CS3524N Dual-Output Voltage-Mode SMPS Circuit 200mA 60V Cherry Switch 21.00
DB1C-A1AA CHERRY DB1C-A1AA Microswitch 5A 125/250VAC SPDT Cherry Switch -2.00
DC3C-A1RC CHERRY DC3C-A1RC Switch SPDT Chassis Mount Cherry Switch 0.00
DC3C-K8RC DC3C-K8RC Cherry Switch 0.1A, 30VDC, 6.5mm SPDT Cherry Switch 0.00
DB1C-A1LB DB1C-A1LB Cherry Snap Action Switch 5A 250V SPDT Cherry Switch 0.00