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Clairitec, since its creation in 1998, distinguishes itself by providing innovative graphic display solutions. Clairitec meets manufacturers’ demands for efficient graphic display solutions using the latest technologies.

Clairitec is an electronics design office. Clairitec offers HMI solution allowing the design of custom-made Human Machine Interfaces in less than 4 weeks.
To do so, Clairitec has developed a range of HMI boards. These cards make it possible to design graphical, tactile and 100% personalized Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) from an existing business application!

The HMI solution Clairitec developed is also a GraphConverter software developed by us and allowing to create your HMI, a training tool, a Starter Kit and an unlimited technical support

Because HMIs reflect the experience of industrial equipment, Clairitec makes a unique solution combining graphics, performance and quality!

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