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Dialog Semiconductor

Dialog Semiconductor
Dialog Semiconductor PLC manufactures electronic products. The Company provides mixed-signal circuits optimised for smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, and other portable devices.
Dialog Semiconductor Plc develops integrated and mixed signal integrated circuits (ICs), optimized for hand-held devices, Internet of things (IoT), smart home, light emitting diode (LED) solid-state lighting (SSL) and automotive applications. The Company operates through four segments: Mobile Systems, which includes its power management and audio chips designed to meet the needs of the wireless systems markets and a range of driver technologies for low power display applications; Automotive & Industrial, which markets its products to address the management and control of electronic systems in cars and for industrial applications; Connectivity, which includes short-range wireless, digital cordless and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology, and Power Conversion, which includes alternating current/direct current (AC/DC) converter solutions for charging power adaptors for portable devices, as well as its LED drivers for SSL products.


Power Management
With its unique focus and expertise in system power management Dialog brings great power supply domain flexibility to personal portable applications.

Reliable, powerful, and easy-to-use, our wireless connectivity product family delivers outstanding performance, flexibility and improved battery life to wearables and smart home applications.

Our high definition audio amplifiers, CODECs and audio integrated PMICs feature crystal clear audio amplification and true-ground capless headphone drivers suitable for a wide range of digital, low power, portable audio products.

Innovative LED drivers to solve our customers’ design challenges in solid state lighting and display backlighting.

Sensor and technology development, including our Multi-Touch capability, to broaden our offering to smart home and wearables applications.

Power Conversion
Our AC/DC primary-side converters, secondary-side ICs and synchronous rectifiers solve power consumption, size and cost issues in power adapters and power supplies for smartphones, tablets, laptops, portable electronics, networking and home appliances.