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Diodes Incorporated Semiconductor – Active Components

Diodes Semiconductor
Diodes Incorporated is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete, logic, analog and mixed-signal semiconductor markets. Diodes Incorporated is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete, logic, analog and mixed-signal semiconductor markets. Diodes serves the consumer electronics, computing, communications, industrial, and automotive markets. In November 2015, Pericom Semiconductor became a part of Diodes Incorporated strengthening its portfolio with serial high-speed switching, signal integrity, connectivity and timing solutions.

Diodes’ corporate headquarters and Americas’ sales office are located in Plano, Texas and Milpitas, California. Design, marketing, and engineering centers are located in Plano; Milpitas; Taipei, Taiwan; Taoyuan City, Taiwan; Zhubei City, Taiwan; Manchester, England; and Neuhaus, Germany. Diodes’ wafer fabrication facilities are located in Kansas City, Missouri and Manchester, with an additional facility located in Shanghai, China. Diodes has assembly and test facilities located in Shanghai, Jinan, Chengdu, and Yangzhou, China, as well as in Hong Kong, Neuhaus and Taipei. Additional engineering, sales, warehouse, and logistics offices are located in Taipei; Hong Kong; Manchester; Shanghai; Shenzhen, China; Seongnam-si, South Korea; and Munich, Germany, with support offices throughout the world.

Diodes’ products include diodes, rectifiers, transistors, MOSFETs, protection devices, function-specific arrays, single gate logic, amplifiers and comparators, Hall-effect and temperature sensors, power management devices, including LED drivers, AC-DC converters and controllers, DC-DC switching and linear voltage regulators, and voltage references along with special function devices, such as USB power switches, load switches, voltage supervisors, and motor controllers.

Diodes Inc. was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification and Diodes main manufacturing facilities, the QS 9000, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certifications. These reflect the superior quality-control techniques established at Diodes, Inc. and further enhance thier credibility as a vendor-of-choice to OEMs increasingly concerned with quality and consistency.



Diodes Inc. products are marketed under the Diodes Incorporated brand and include:

  • Schottky diodes and rectifiers
  • Switching diodes
  • Zener diodes
  • Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVSs)
  • Standard, Fast
  • Ultra-fast and Super-fast recovery rectifiers
  • Bridge rectifiers
  • Small signal transistors and MOSFETs
  • High-density diode
  • Transistor arrays in ultra-miniature surface mount packages


  • DiodesTransistorsMOSFETsProtection DevicesFunctional Arrays Analog
  • Power Management ICsLinear/AmpsLighting ICAudioDBSSensors
  • Schottky / SBR Diodes
  • Zener Diodes
  • Switching Diodes
  • Schottky / SBR Rectifiers
  • Standard Rectifiers
  • Fast / Super-Fast / Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers
  • Bridge Rectifiers
  • Power Diodes (Stack)
  • Rectifier Diodes
  • Power Zener DiodesTransistors up to 25V* Transistors
  • Transistors 30V to 50V*
  • Transistors 55V to 100V*
  • Transistors 120V to 200V*
  • Transistors 300V to 500V*
  • Gate Drivers
  • Avalanche Transistors
  • Pre-Bias Transistors
  • Darlington Transistors
  • Transistor and Schottky Combination
  • H-Bridge
  • Matched PairsN Channel <30V 31V - 99V 100V+
  • P Channel <30V 31V - 99V 100V+
  • Complementary Pair (N+P)
  • MOSFET & Schottky Combination
  • MOSFET & BJT Transistor Combination
  • IntelliFET
  • H BridgeZener TVSs
  • Thyristor Surge Protection Devices (TSPDs)
  • Data Line ProtectionRelay Drivers
  • Discrete - Load Switches
  • Discrete - Voltage RegulatorsSwitching regulators
  • DC-DC Converters (Internal switch)
  • Buck
  • Boost
  • Buck/Boost/Inverter
  • DC-DC Controllers (External switch)
  • Buck
  • Boost
  • Buck/Boost/Inverter
  • Linear Regulators
  • Standard linear regulators
  • Single LDOs
  • Dual LDOs
  • Power Switches
  • Load switches
  • USB switches
  • Single channel
  • Dual channel
  • Power Supply Control
  • Synchronous MOSFET Controller
  • Active OR'ing ControllerOp Amps
  • General purpose
  • High speed
  • Comparators
  • Current Monitors
  • Current output
  • Voltage output
  • Voltage References
  • Shunt regulators
  • Shunt references
  • Special functions
  • Timer IC
  • Reset Generators
  • Siren Driver
  • Low Power Motor Control IC
  • Current MirrorLighting IC for displays
  • Backlight Driver IC
  • LCD and OLED Bias Generators
  • High Brightness LED Drivers
  • LED Driver with Internal Switch
  • LED Driver with External SwitchDirect Digital Feedback Amplifiers (DDFATM)
  • Analog input amplifiersGaAs FET bias generators
  • Fixed bias generators
  • Switched bias generators
  • DBS Controllers
  • Multiplexer controllers
  • Interfaces
  • Power Management
  • Integrated IF switch matrix with gain and controlTemperature sensors
  • AMR sensors
  • Current
  • Angular
  • Hall Effect
  • Switches
  • Unipolar
  • Omnipolar
  • Bipolar latches
  • Single output
  • Complementary output
  • Smart Fan driverApplications


  • Direct Broadcast by SatelliteMotor controlLightingWorking closely with DBS system developers, Diodes applies its design and process expertise in analog and RF engineering to produce highly integrated solutions that help achieve the sector's cost reduction, performance and power efficiency goals. The Diodes' Zetex range of more than 50 versatile, high reliability DBS ICs provides highly integrated solutions for the complete spectrum of DBS applications, from LNBs and satellite switch boxes to VSAT and DiSEqCT systems.

  • An intelligent approach to electronic system cooling is required. Air movement needs to be optimised, power consumption needs to be closely controlled and the audible noise that's generated needs to be kept to an absolute minimum. At the heart of the most complete variable speed control solutions for single and two phase brushless DC fans, blowers and pumps are the Zetex ZXBM1000 and ZXBM2000 series of motor pre-driver ICs. Providing flexible thermal control based on thermistor, voltage and PWM inputs, they suit a wide range of applications from mainframes to desktops.

  • Diodes range of LED drivers are developed to tackle a range of applications including white LEDs for display backlighting, safety and security lighting, camera flash, architectural lighting and automotive lighting.

  • Maintaining consistent illumination whilst limiting battery power consumption demands robust and efficient high-brightness LED (HB LED) drivers. Zetex boost LED drivers and buck LED drivers are not only recognized for their high efficiency and cost effectiveness, they're also renowned for their incredible versatility.

  • AudioPower managementClass D architecture has been around for many years, but historically efficiency gains have been at the expense of audio quality. Now the advantages of Class D with sonic performance that truly rivals that of prestige linear amplifiers.
  • By understanding how to tackle the often-competing design constraints of efficiency, functionality and package size, Diodes is able to offer world beating power management chips that meet the requirements of a broad range of portable electronic equipment. An expert in power management, Zetex works closely with customers to define the precise needs of a particular application and to identify the most appropriate discrete and integrated solutions for getting the most out of limited power resources.

Diodes Semiconductor Characteristics:


Diodes Semiconductor Specifications:


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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
PN2907A Diodes Inc PN2907A Bipolar Transistor 60V TO-92 36,800 0.1000
1N4002 Diodes Inc. 1N4002 General Purpose Rectifier Diode 100V 1A DO-41 Axial 0 0.1500
SM05-7 Diodes Inc. SM05-7 TVS Diodes - Transient Voltage Suppressors Dual SMD 300w TVs SOT-23 0 0.4800
1N962B Diodes Inc. 1N962B Zener Diode 11V 5% 0.028A 0.5W DO-35 Axial 0 0.2500
1N5404 Diodes Inc 1N5404 Diode Rectifier GP 1.2V 3A 2Pin 46 0.4600
ZMM5250B-7F DIODES INC ZMM5250B-7F Zener Diode 20V 500mW DO-213AC 0 0.2000
S3AB-13 DIODES-INC S3AB-13 Rectifier - Standard 50V 3A 0 0.1700
BZX84C4V3 Diodes Inc. BZX84C4V3 Zener Diode 4.3V 5% 0.35W SMD SOT-23 0 0.1900
1N5817M-13 DIODE INC 1N5817M-13 Diode Schottky 20V 1A 2-Pin 0 0.0500
ZMM5231B-7 Diodes Inc. ZMM5231B-7 Zener Diode 5.1V 500mW 5% SMD DO-213AA 2,390 0.1100
BZX84C10-7 DIODES INC. BZX84C10-7 Zener Diode 10V 6% 0.35W SMD SOT-23 0 0.1500
DMN2004K-7-F Diodes Incorporated DMN2004K-7-F N-Channel MOSFET Transistor 20V 540mA 350mW SOT-23 RoHS 15,000 0.4800
SMAJ10CA SMAJ10CA ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes Bi-Directional 400W 10V 5% SMA 0 0.1100
1N4749 Diodes Inc. 1N4749 Zener Diode 24V 1W 5% DO-41 Axial 0 0.3800
B0530W-7-F Diodes Inc. B0530W-7-F Schottky Diode 30V 0.5A 0.41W SOD-123 0 0.3000
BAT43WS-7-F Diodes Incorporated BAT43WS-7-F Schottky Rectifier Diode 30V 100mA 200mW SMD SOD-323 3,000 0.4000
BAT54S-7-F Diodes Inc BAT54S-7-F Diode Schottky 30V 0.2A 3-Pin SOT-23 T/R 0 0.1900
BAT54SQ-7-F DIODES Incorporated BAT54SQ-7-F Schottky Diode 30V 600mA SMD SOT-23 0 0.1600
BAV21WS-7-F Diodes Inc. BAV21WS-7-F Switching Diode 250V 0.2A SMD SOD-323 0 0.2000
BC847CW-7-F Diodes Inc. BC847CW-7-F BJT NPN Transistor 100mA 45V 200mW SMD SC70-3 0 0.1600
BC857CW-7-F Diodes Inc. BC857CW-7-F BJT PNP Transistor 45V 0.2W SMD SOT-323 0 0.1800
BCP5116TA Diodes Inc. BCP5116TA BJT Transistor PNP 45V 1A 4-Pin(3+Tab) SOT-223 T/R 0 0.4000
BSS84DW-7-F BSS84DW-7-F Diodes MOSFET 50V 0.13A SOT-363 0 0.0000
BZT52C15-7-F Diodes Inc. BZT52C15-7-F Zener Diode 15V 6% 0.5W SOD-123 0 0.1800
BZT52C43-7-F Diodes Inc. BZT52C43-7-F Zener Diode 43V 0.5W SMD SOD-123 0 0.1800
DDC114TU-7 Diodes Inc. DDC114TU-7 Dual NPN Bipolar Transistors 200mW 100mA 50V SOT-363-6 3,000 0.4000
DDTC114TUA-7 Diodes Inc. DDTC114TU-7 NPN Transistor BJT 50V 100mA 200mW SMD SOT-323 3,000 0.2200
FZTA42TA Diodes Inc. FZTA42TA BJT NPN Transistor 300V 0.5A SMD SOT-223 0 0.4600
GBPC2506W DIODES INC GBPC2506W Diode Rectifier Bridge Single 600V 25A 4-Pin Case GBPC-W Tray 1,900 1.2000
MMBT2222A-7-F Diodes Inc MMBT2222A-7-F Transistor BJT 40V 300mW SOT23-3 200 0.1000
MMBT3904T-7-F Diodes Incorporated MMBT3904T-7-F Bipolar Transistors - BJT 40V 150mW 0 0.2400
MMBTA06-7-F Diodes Inc. MMBTA06-7-F NPN Transistor 80V 0.5A 0.3W SMD SOT-23 0 0.2000
MMBTA28-7-F Diodes Inc. MMBTA28-7-F Darlington NPN Transistor 80V 0.5A SMD SOT-23 0 0.4000
MMDT2907A-7-F Diodes Incorporated MMDT2907A-7-F Transistor 2PNP 60V 0.6A SOT363 3,000 0.4800
PDS760-13 PDS760-13 Diodes Inc. Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diode 60V 7A SMD POWERDI-5 0 1.4800
S1A-13 S1A-13 Diodes Inc. Diode 50V 1A SMA 0 0.2500
S1M-13-F S1M-13-F Diodes Incorporated Diode Rectifier 1000V 1A SMA 0 0.3000
S3MB-13-F S3MB-13-F Diodes Incorporated Standard Diode 1000V 3A SMB 0 0.4500
SMAT70A-13-F Diodes Inc. SMAT70A-13-F TVS Diode 70V 400W SMA 500 0.6500
1N4150 Diodes 1N4150 Ultra Fast Signal Diode 200mA 50V DO-35 Axial 1,306 0.1500
PN2222A Diodes Inc. PN2222A BJT Transistor NPN 600mA TO-92 -960 1.2500
B220-13 Diodes B220-13 Rectifier, Schottky Diode 20V 2A 0 0.2100
PI3B3257Q PI3B3257Q 3.3V, Quad 2:1 Mux/Demux Bus Switch 3.3V QUAD 2-1 16-QSOP 0 5.0000
ZMM12 ZMM12 Zener Diode 12V .05W, MiniMELF 0 0.1000
S3BB-13-F S3BB-13-F Diodes Inc Rectifier Diode 100V 3A DO-214AA 0 0.7500
JANTX1N4484 Diodes Inc JANTX1N4484 Diode Zener Single 62V 5% 1.5W 2pin 0 11.0000
LL4148-13 LL4148-13 Diodes Inc. Switching Diode 75V 1/2W 150mA MiniMELF 0 0.2000
BAT54CW-7-F BAT54CW-7-F Diodes Schottky Diodes 30V 200mW SOT323 0 0.0000
IRF820 IRF820 Diodes Inc. N-Channel MOSFET Transistor 500V 2.5 Amps 50W TO-220 0 0.8400
SMAZ30-13-F SMAZ30-13-F Diodes Inc Zener Diodes 30V 1W 2-SMA 0 0.0000
DDTC113ZUA-7-F DDTC113ZUA-7-F DIODES-INC Transistor Digital BJT NPN 50V 100mA 3-Pin SOT-323 T/R 0 0.0000
PI2EQX6804-ANJE PI2EQX6804-ANJE Pericom 6.5GBPS 4-LANE SAS2/SATA/XAUI 6.5Gbps 4-Lane SAS2/SATA/XAUI ReDriver 100-LFBGA 0 0.0000
ZXMHC6A07N8TC ZXMHC6A07N8TC Diodes/Zetex Transistor MOSFET N/P-CHANEL 60V 1.8A/1.42A 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
AZ431AN-ATRE1 AZ431AN-ATRE1 Diodes Shunt Voltage Reference IC 36V 0.4% SOT-23-3 3,000 0.0000
1N4148W-7-F 1N4148W-7-F Diodes Inc DIODE SWITCH 100V 400MW SOD123 1,000 0.1200
ZVN3320FTA ZVN3320FTA Diodes Power MOSFET N-Ch 200V 60mA SOT23-3 0 0.0000
MBRM3100-13-F MBRM3100-13-F Diodes Schottky Diode 100V 3A Powermite-3 0 0.0000
AH1806-W-7 AH1806-W-7 Diodes Hall Effect Sensors Hall Effect Switch 2.5V to 5.5V 24uW SC-59-3 0 0.0000
BZT52C9V1T-7 BZT52C9V1T-7 Diodes Incorporated Zener Diodes 150MW 9.1V SOD523 RoHS 0 0.0000
PI3C3306LE PI3C3306LE Pericom IC Bus Switch 2-Element 1-IN 8-Pin TSSOP RoHS 70 0.9500
BAV99-DIODE BAV99 Diodes Incorporated Diode 75V 300mW SOT-23 12,000 1.8000
ZXMD63C02XTA Diodes Inc ZXMD63C02XTA Dual N+P Channel MOSFET 20V 1.7A MSOP-8 250 1.5000
SK36 Diodes Inc. SK36 Schottky Diode 60V 3A SMC RoHS 3,000 0.4600
APX803-29SAG-7 APX803-29SAG-7 Diodes Supervisory Circuits 2.93V SOT23-3 RoHS 0 0.2600
FR104 DIODES INC FR104 Fast Recovery Rectifier Diode 400V 1A DO-40 0 1.2500
FR107. Diodes Incorporated FR107 Rectifier Diode 1.0A 1000V 0 0.1000
SMAZ33-13 DIODES INC SMAZ33-13 DIODE ZENER 1W 33V T/R 0 0.1400
AN431BN-ATRG1 AN431BN-ATRG1 Diodes Incorporated IC V-Ref Adjustable 2.5V to 36V 100mA 0 0.3005
1N4744A-T 1N4744A-T Diodes Incorporated Diode Zener 15V 17mA 1W 0 0.0600
ZMM5250B-7 Diodes Inc ZMM5250B-7 Zener Diodes 500MW 20V 2-Pin 0 0.2000
RB154 DIODES RB154 Diode Rectifier Bridge Single 400V 1.5A 0 0.7500
SMBJ170 Diodes Inc SMBJ170CA Diode TVS Single Bi-Dir 170V 600W 2-Pin 0 0.0500
MMBZ5233B-7-F MMBZ5233B-7-F Diodes Incorporated Zener Diodes 350MW 6.0V SOT-23 0 0.1224
AP7363-33D-13 AP7363-33D-13 Diodes Incorporated LDO Voltage Regulator 3.3V 1.5A DPAK 0 0.5400
74LVC08AT14-13 74LVC08AT14-13 Diodes Inc Logic Gates Quad 2-Input GATE 1.65V to 5.5V 24mA 0 0.4500
LM4040C25FTA LM4040C25FTA Diodes Inc Voltage References 0.5% 2.5V Reference 0 0.6300
SBRT15U50SP5-13 SBRT15U50SP5-13 DIODES, Schottky Diode 15A 15A 3 Pins 0 0.3850
SD103AW-7-F SD103AW-7-F Diodes Incorporated Diode Schottky 40V 0.35A Automotive 2-Pin SOD-123 0 0.4300
B220A-13-F DIODES B220A-13-F DIODE SCHOTTKY 2A 20V SMA ROHS 0 0.0000
FCX1053ATA FCX1053ATA Zetex / Diodes Transistor GP BJT NPN 75V 3A SOT-89 0 0.0000
6A10-T 6A10-T Diodes Diode Switching 1KV 6A 2-Pin 0 0.4300
AH9246-W-7 AH9246-W-7 Diodes Hall Effect Sensor 2mA Omnipolar 2.5V to 5.5V 3-Pin SC59 0 0.6000
B340-13-F B340-13-F Zetex / Diodes Diode Schottky 40V 3A Automotive 2-Pin SMC 0 0.3400
B130LAW-7-F B130LAW-7-F Diodes Incorporated Schottky Diode 30V 1A SOD123 0 0.0000
SMAZ5V6-13-F SMAZ5V6-13-F Zetex / Diodes Inc Diode Zener Single 5.6V 5% 1W 2SMA 0 0.0000
B360A-13-F B360A-13-F Diodes Inc Diode Schottky 60V 3A 2SMA 0 0.4300
B1100-13-F B1100-13-F Diodes Incorporated Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 100V 1A SMA 0 0.0000
DMP21D5UFD-7 DMP21D5UFD-7 Diodes Inc MOSFET P-Ch 1.0Ohm -20V -600mA X1-DFN 0 0.0000
1N4743A-T 1N4743A-T Diodes ZENER DIODE 1W 13V 200MA DO-41 0 0.0000
PI2DDR3212ZLE PI2DDR3212ZLE Zetex / Diodes Multiplexer Switch ICs 14 bit 2:1 DDR3 Switch 52-TQFN 0 2.5000
DDZ9685-7 DDZ9685-7 Diodes Zener Diodes 500MW 3.6V SOD-123 0 0.0000
S1A-13-F S1A-13-F Zetex / Diodes Diode Switching 50V 1A 2-Pin SMA 0 0.0000
10A07-T Diodes 10A07-T Diode Switching 1KV 10A 2Pin Axial 0 0.0000
AZ1117EH-3.3TRG1 AZ1117EH-3.3TRG1 Diodes IC Regulator 3.3V 1.3A 4-Pin(3+Tab) 0 0.4000
PI2EQX4401DZFE PI2EQX4401DZFE Pericom PCI Interface IC 2.5Gbps TQFN-36 0 4.1000
FMMT459TA ZETEX FMMT459TA Transistor Bipolar BJT NPN Hi-V Sw 500V SOT23 0 0.0000
FMMT491ATA FMMT491ATA Diodes Bipolar Transistor BJT NPN 1A 40V SOT23 0 0.0000
ZR431F01TA ZR431F01TA Diodes V-Ref Adjustable 2.5V to 20V 100mA 3-Pin SOT-23 6,000 0.7000
ZXMN2B01FTA ZXMN2B01FTA Diodes Transistor MOSFET N-CH 20V 2.4A SOT-23 0 0.5000
RS1M-13-F RS1M-13-F Diodes Diode Switching 1KV 1A 2-SMA 0 0.3500
DDZ6V2B-7 DDZ6V2B-7 Diodes Diode Zener Single 6.115V 500mW SOD-123 0 0.2400
BZX84C3V0-7-F BZX84C3V0-7-F Diodes Inc Diode Zener Single 3V 7% 350mW SOT-23 0 0.3000
MMBT3906-7-F MMBT3906-7-F Diodes Bipolar BJT Transistor 40V 300mW SMD SOT23-3 0 0.0000
BAT54-7-F BAT54-7-F DIODE INC Schottky Diode 30V 200MW SOT-23 0 0.0000
BAV99W-7-F BAV99W-7-F, DIODES, Diode Switching 75V 0.3A Automotive 3-Pin SOT-323 T/R 0 0.0350
MMBTA42-7-F MMBTA42-7-F Diodes NPN Transistor GP BJT 300V 0.5A SOT-23 0 0.0000
BAS16-13-F BAS16-13-F Diodes Switching Diode 100V 0.3A 3-Pin SOT-23 0 0.0000
BZX84C22-7-F BZX84C22-7-F Diodes Inc Single Zener Diode 20V 0.35W SOT-23 0 0.0000
DDZ9686-7 DDZ9686-7 Diodes Diode Zener Single 3.9V 5% SOD-123 0 0.3000
MMSZ5241B-7-F MMSZ5241B-7-F Diodes Zener Diode 11V 5% 500mW SOD-123 0 0.2000
TL431BSA-7 TL431BSA-7 Diodes Inc IC V-Ref Adjustable 2.495V-36V 100mA SOT-23 0 0.4000
B0520WS-7-F B0520WS-7-F Diodes Diode Schottky 20V 0.5A SOD-323 0 0.0000
BAV199-7-F BAV199-7-F Zetex Diode Switching 85V 0.16A SOT-23 0 0.0000
AS431ANTR-G1 AS431ANTR-G1 Diodes Shunt Voltage Reference IC 36V 0.5% 100mA SOT-23-3 2,269 0.0000
BZT52C4V7S-7-F BZT52C4V7S-7-F Zetex Diode Zener Single 4.7V 6% 200mW SOD-323 0 0.0000
DMN10H220L-7 DMN10H220L-7 Zetex MOSFET N-CH 100V 1.6A SOT-23 0 0.0000
PI5V330QE PI5V330QE Zetex Video Switch IC 4 Channel 16-QSOP 0 0.0000
PDS4200H-13 PDS4200H-13 Diodes Schottky Diode, Rectifier 4.0A 200V PowerDI 5 0 1.2000
BAS21DW-7 BAS21DW-7 Diodes Inc Diode Switching 250V 0.4A SOT-363-6 0 0.0000
PI3C3306UEX PI3C3306UEX Diodes IC Bus Switch 3V MSOP-8 0 0.0000
ES2D-13-F ES2D-13-F Diode Switching 200V 2A 2-SMA 0 0.0000
BSS84-7-F BSS84-7-F Diodes Transistor MOSFET P-CH 50V 0.13A SOT-23 0 0.0000
74LVC2G08RA3-7 74LVC2G08RA3-7 Diodes IC AND Gate IC 2 Channel X2-DFN1210-8 0 0.0000
SMBJ7.0CA-13-F SMBJ7.0CA-13-F Zetex Diode TVS Single Bi-Dir 7V 600W 2-SMB 0 0.0000
DDTA113ZCA-7-F DDTA113ZCA-7-F Zetex Transistor Digital BJT PNP 50V 100mA 200mW SOT-23 0 0.0000
MMBD2004S-7-F MMBD2004S-7-F Zetex Diode Switching 300V 0.225A SOT-23 0 0.0000
MMSZ5233BS-7-F MMSZ5233BS-7-F Zetex / Diodes Zener Diode 6V 200mW 5% SOD-323 0 0.0000
ZLLS2000TA ZLLS2000TA Diodes Schottky Diode 2.2A 40V SOT23-6 0 0.3270
1N4007-B 1N4007-B Zetex Diode Switching 1KV 1A 2-Pin DO-41 Bulk 0 0.0000
1N4007-T 1N4007-T Zetex Diode Switching 1KV 1A 2-Pin DO-41 0 0.0000
DMG1016V-7 DMG1016V-7 Diodes MOSFET N/P-CH 20V 0.87A/0.64A SOT-563 0 0.0000
74AUP2G126RA3-7 74AUP2G126RA3-7 Diodes Buffer IC Gate 3.6V 8DFN 0 0.0000
FL5000058Z FL5000058Z Diodes Crystal 50MHz 7ppm 10pF 4-SMD 0 0.0000
AS431IANTR-G1 AS431IANTR-G1 Zetex Voltage Reference IC 100mA SOT-23 0 0.0000
BSS127S-7 BSS127S-7 Zetex Transistor MOSFET N-CH 600V 0.07A SOT-23 0 0.0000
S2M-13-F S2M-13-F Zetex Diode Switching 1KV 1.5A 2-SMB 0 0.2400
GBU806 GBU806 Diodes Bridge Rectifiers 8.0A 600V 0 0.0000
BAS521-7 BAS521-7 Diodes Switching Diode 300V 0.25A SOD-523 0 0.0000
DMG1016UDW-7 DMG1016UDW-7 Diodes MOSFET N/P-Ch 20V 1.066A/0.845A SOT363 0 0.0000
T5V0S5-7 T5V0S5-7 Diodes ESD Suppressor TVS 8KV 2Pin SOD523 0 0.0000
MMBT3904-7-F MMBT3904-7-F Diodes Transistor NPN 40V 0.2A SOT-23 0 0.0000
DMN5L06TK-7 DMN5L06TK-7 Zetex MOSFET N-Channel 50V 280mA SOT-523 0 0.0000
T6V0S5-7 T6V0S5-7 Zetex ESD Suppressor TVS 6V SOD-523 0 0.0000
MMSZ5263B-7-F MMSZ5263B-7-F Diodes Diode Zener 56V 500mW SOD-123 0 0.0000
PI3G612ZHEX PI3G612ZHEX Diodes Memory Switch IC 6 Channel 28-TQFN 0 0.0000
SBR10U45SP5-13 SBR10U45SP5-13 Zetex Diode Schottky 45V 10A POWERDI5 0 0.0000
DMC2038LVT-7 DMC2038LVT-7 Zetex MOSFET N/P-CH 20V 4.5A/3.1A 6-TSOT-26 0 0.0000
PAM2401YPADJ PAM2401YPADJ Zetex Converter DC-DC 0.9-4.75V 12-UDFN 0 0.0000
SMBJ20CA-13-F SMBJ20CA-13-F Diodes TVS Diode 600W 20V SMB 3 0.0000
DMN63D1LDW-7 DMN63D1LDW-7 Diodes Mosfet N-Channel 60V 250mA SOT-23 0 0.0000
BAV21W-7-F BAV21W-7-F Diodes Diode 200V 1A SOD-123 0 0.0000
ZXMP6A17E6TA ZXMP6A17E6TA Diodes MOSFET P-Ch 60V 3.0A SOT-26 0 0.0000
MBR0580S1-7 MBR0580S1-7 Zetex Diode Schottky 80V 0.5A SOD-123 0 0.0000
AL8807QMP-13 AL8807QMP-13 Diodes LED Driver 1.3A 8-MSOP 0 0.0000
ZSR500GTA ZSR500GTA Zetex Voltage Regulator 5.0V 200mA SOT-223 0 0.0000
MMBD914-7-F MMBD914-7-F Diode Standard 75V 200mA SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
ZXM61P02FTA ZXM61P02FTA Zetex MOSFET P-CH 20V 900MA SOT23-3 0 0.0000
PI3EQX1002B1ZLEX PI3EQX1002B1ZLEX Diodes IC USB Interface 30-TQFN 0 0.0000
PI3EQX12908A2ZFEX PI3EQX12908A2ZFEX Diodes IC ReDriver 8 Channel 12Gbps 54-TQFN 0 0.0000
DMT10H015LSS-13 DMT10H015LSS-13 Diodes MOSFET N-Channel 100V 8.3A 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
AP2111MPG-13 AP2111MPG-13 Diodes Power Switch / Distribution 5.5V 2A 8-MSOP-EP 0 0.0000
BAS16-7-F BAS16-7-F Diodes Diode 75V 200mA SOT-23 0 0.0000
BCP5616TA BCP5616TA Diodes Bipolar Transistor NPN 80V 1A SOT-223 0 0.0000
PI3DBS12212AXUAEX PI3DBS12212AXUAEX Diodes Analog Multiplexer Dual 18-X2QFN 0 0.0000
ZXCT1081E5TA ZXCT1081E5TA Diodes Monitor 4.5V SOT-23-5 0 0.0000
ZXCT1082E5TA ZXCT1082E5TA Diodes Monitor 2.7V SOT-23-5 0 0.0000
SMAJ48CA-13-F SMAJ48CA-13-F Diodes TVS Diode Single 400W 48V 5.2A SMA 0 0.0000
PAM8403DR PAM8403DR Diodes Audio Amp Speaker 16-SOP 0 0.1100
PAM8403DR-H PAM8403DR-H Diodes Audio Amp Speaker 16-SOP 0 0.1100
PAM8403DR-L PAM8403DR-L Diodes Audio Amp Speaker 16-SOP 0 0.1100
BAV20W-7-F BAV20W-7-F Diodes Switching Diode 150V 250mW SOD-123 3,000 0.0000
BCR421UFDQ-7 BCR421UFDQ-7 Diodes LED Lighting Driver 350mA DFN2020-6 0 0.0000
DDZ12C-7 DDZ12C-7 Diodes Zener Diodes 500mW 9.7V SOD-123 0 0.0000
DDZ12CS-7 DDZ12CS-7 Diodes Zener Diodes 200mW 12V SOD-123 0 0.0000
DDZ12CSF-7 DDZ12CSF-7 Diodes Zener Diodes 500mW SOD-123 0 0.0000
MMSZ5251B-7-F MMSZ5251B-7-F Diodes Zener Diode 22V 500mW SOD-123 0 0.0000
D5V0L1B2LPS-7B D5V0L1B2LPS-7B Diodes TVS Diode 5V 2-DFN 0 0.0000
AP2553FDC-7 AP2553FDC-7 Diodes Power Drive 5.5V 1.251A 6-U-DFN-C 0 0.0000
MMBZ33VAL-7-F MMBZ33VAL-7-F Zetex TVS Diode 26V SOT23 0 0.0000
DMN6140L-7 DMN6140L-7 Diodes Transistor MOSFET N-CH 60V 2.3A SOT23 0 0.0000
DMN6140L-13 DMN6140L-13 Diodes Transistor MOSFET N-CH 60V 2.3A SOT23 0 0.0000
SMAJ28A-13-F SMAJ28A-13-F Diodes TVS Diode Single Uni-Dir 28V SMA 0 0.0000
DMG2305UX-13 DMG2305UX-13 Diodes Inc MOSFET P-Channel 20V 4.2A SOT-23 0 0.0000
DMP2104LP-7 DMP2104LP-7 Diodes MOSFET P-CH 20V 1.5A 3-DFN1411 0 0.0000
AZ1117CH-3.3TRG1 AZ1117CH-3.3TRG1 Diodes Linear Voltage Regulator 3.3V 0.8A SOT-223-4 0 0.0000
BAV99W-F BAV99W-7-F Diodes Diode Switching 75V 200mW SC-70 0 0.0000
DXT651-13 DXT651-13 Diodes Transistor GP BJT NPN 60V 3A 1000mW SOT-89 5,000 0.0000
DXT751-13 DXT751-13 Diodes Transistor BJT PNP 60V 3A 1000mW SOT-89 5,000 0.0000
B240A-13-F B240A-13-F Diodes Schottky Diode 40V 2A 2-SMA 0 0.0000
MMBT5551-7-F MMBT5551-7-F Diodes Transistor BJT NPN 160V 600mA 300mW SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
DMP4047SSD-13 DMP4047SSD-13 Diodes Mosfet P-Channel 40V 5.1A SO-8 0 0.0000
DMHT6016LFJ-13 DMHT6016LFJ-13 Zetex MOSFET N-CH 60V 10.6A 12-VDFN 0 0.0000
DMN3200U-7 DMN3200U-7 Diodes MOSFET N-Channel 30V 2.2A SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
DFLS130L-7 DFLS130L-7 Diodes Schottky Diode 1A 30V PowerDI-123 0 0.0000
AP7380-50WR-7 AP7380-50WR-7 Diodes LDO Regulator 5V 0.15A SOT-25-5 0 0.0000
AH175-WG-7-B AH175-WG-7-B Zetex Hall Effect Sensor 25mA 3.5V-20V SC-59-3 0 0.0000
FW2500025Z FW2500025Z Zetex Crystal 25MHz 4-Pin Mini-CSMD 0 0.0000
B0540WS-7 B0540WS-7 Diodes Schottky Diode 0.5A 40V SOD323 0 0.0000
DMP3099L-7 DMP3099L-7 Zetex MOSFET P-CH 30V 3.8A SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
ZHCS750TA ZHCS750TA Diodes Schottky Diode 40V 750mA SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
2N7002-7 2N7002-7 Diodes MOSFET N-Channel 60V 115mA SOT-23-3 3,000 0.0000
2N7002-7-F 2N7002-7-F Diodes Incorporated MOSFET 60V 200mW SOT-23 0 0.0000
DMC3016LSD-13 DMC3016LSD-13 Diodes Mosfet Array 30V 8.2A, 6.2A 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
AP2204K-3.3TRG1 AP2204K-3.3TRG1 Diodes LDO Regulator 3.3V 0.2A SOT-23-5 0 0.0000
PI3USB32XAEX PI3USB32XAEX Diodes USB Switch IC 1 Channel 8-TLLGA 0 0.0000
PI3L301DAE PI3L301DAE Diodes Switch IC 3V 48-TSSOP 0 0.0000
BAV23A-7-F BAV23A-7-F Diodes Diode Switching 250V 0.4A SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
1N4148WS-7-F 1N4148WS-7-F Diodes Diode 75 V 150mA SOD-323 0 0.0000
1N4148WT-7 1N4148WT-7 Diodes Switching Diode 100V 0.25A SOD-523 0 0.0000
ZRB500F01TA ZRB500F01TA Diodes V-Ref Precision 5V 15mA SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
PI3DBS16413ZHEX PI3DBS16413ZHEX Diodes Multiplexer Switch 3.3V 42-TQFN 0 0.0000
AP2204R-3.3TRG1 AP2204R-3.3TRG1 Diodes LDO Regulator 3.3V 150mA SOT-89-3 0 0.0000
AP7333-33SAG-7 AP7333-33SAG-7 Diodes LDO Regulator Pos 3.3V 0.3A SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
B130L-13-F B130L-13-F Diodes Schottky Diode 30V 1A 2-SMA 0 0.0000
74LVC1G17SE-7 74LVC1G17SE-7 Diodes Schmitt Trigger Buffer 1.65-5.5V 24mA SOT-353-5 0 0.0000
PI5C3257QEX PI5C3257QEX Diodes Quad 2:1 Multiplexer / Demultiplexer 5V 16-QSOP 2,501 0.0000
B3L30LP-7 B3L30LP-7 Diodes Rectifier Schottky Diode 30V 3A 8-DFN 5,280 0.0000
BAV170-7-F BAV170-7-F Rectifier Diode Switching 85V 0.215A 3000ns 3-Pin SOT-23 0 0.0000
BAV170-7 BAV170-7 Rectifier Diode Switching 85V 0.215A 3000ns 3-Pin SOT-23 T/R 0 0.0000
DMN65D8LQ-7 DMN65D8LQ-7 Diodes MOSFET N-Ch 60V 310mA 370mW SOT-23 0 0.0000
DDTD142JU-7-F DDTD142JU-7-F Diodes Bipolar Transistors Pre-Biased 40V 500mA SOT-323 0 0.0000
MMBT5401-7-F MMBT5401-7-F Diodes BJT Transistor PNP 15V 600mA SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
US1K-13-F US1K-13-F Diodes Diode Rectifier 800V 1A SMA 0 0.0000
FK2500025 FK2500025 Diodes Oscillator XO 25MHz 3.3V 4-CSMD 0 0.0000
SBR10U200P5-13 SBR10U200P5-13 Diodes Schottky Diode 200V 10A PowerDI5-3 0 0.0000
MMBZ20VAL-7-F MMBZ20VAL-7-F Zetex Semiconductor TVS Diodes 20V SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
PI6CB332001ZXBIEX PI6CB332001ZXBIEX Diodes IC Clock Buffer 400MHz 80-VFQFN 335 0.0000
SMAZ5V1-13-F SMAZ5V1-13-F Diodes Zener Diode 5.1V 200mA SMA 25,000 0.0000
DMP6110SSD-13 DMP6110SSD-13 Diodes Trans MOSFET P-CH 60V 3.3A 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
AP7331-30WG-7 AP7331-30WG-7 Diodes LDO Voltage Regulator 3.0V 300mA SOT-25 0 0.0000
PDS560-13 PDS560-13 Diodes Schottky Diode 60V 5A PowerDI 0 0.0000
ZVP2110A ZVP2110A Diodes MOSFET P-Ch 100V 230mA TO-92 0 0.0000
B140-13-F B140-13-F Diodes Schottky Diode 40V 1A SMA 0 0.0000
DMN2041LSD-13 DMN2041L-7 Diodes MOSFET N-Channel 20V 6.4A SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
SMAZ22-13-F SMAZ22-13-F Diodes Zener Diodes 1W 22V 5% SMA 0 0.0000
BCR421UFD-7 BCR421UFD-7 Diodes LED Driver 350mA 40Vout U-DFN2020-6 0 0.0000
DMN3032LFDBQ-7 DMN3032LFDBQ-7 Diodes Mosfet Array Dual N-Channel 30V 6.2A U-DFN2020-6 0 0.0000
LM4040C30FTA LM4040C30FTA Diodes V-Ref Precision 3V 15mA 3-Pin SOT-23 0 0.0000
DMG1024UV-7 DMG1024UV-7 Diodes MOSFET N-Ch 20V 1.38A SOT-563-6 0 0.0000
FZT1151ATA FZT1151ATA Diodes Bipolar (BJT) Transistor 40V 3A 2.5W SOT-223 0 0.0000
AP62300WU-7 AP62300WU-7 Diodes Converter DC-DC Buck 0.8-7V 3A SOT-563-6 3,000 0.0000
AP7173-FNG-7 AP7173-FNG-7 Diodes LDO Regulator Pos 0.8-3.3V 1.5A 10-DFN 0 0.0000
MMSZ5243B-7-F MMSZ5243B-7-F Diodes Zener Diode 13V 500mW 5% SOD-123 0 0.0000
ZLDO1117G18TA ZLDO1117G18TA Diodes LDO Regulator Pos 1.8V 1A SOT-223 0 0.0000
ZTX690BSTZ ZTX690BSTZ Diodes Bipolar BJT Transistor NPN 45V 2A TO-92 0 0.0000
BZT52C12S-7-F BZT52C12S-7-F Diodes Zener Diode 12 V 200mW SOD-323 0 0.0000
PDS5100H-13 PDS5100H-13 Diodes Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 5.0A 100V PowerDI5-3 267 0.0000
ZLDO1117QG18TA ZLDO1117QG18TA Diodes LDO Regulator Pos 1.8V 1A SOT-223 0 0.0000
DMN26D0UDJ-7 DMN26D0UDJ-7 Diodes MOSFET N-CH 20V 0.24A SOT-963-6 0 0.0000
DFLS1100-7 DFLS1100-7 Diodes Diode Schottky 100V 1A PowerDI-123 0 0.0000
AH3582-SA-7 AH3582-SA-7 Diodes Digital Hall Effect Sensor SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
DSS4160U-7 DSS4160U-7 Diodes BJT Transistor NPN 60V 1A SOT-323-3 0 0.0000
SMAJ64CA-13-F SMAJ64CA-13-F Diodes TVS Diode 400W 64V SMA 0 0.0000
BSS138-7-F BSS138-7-F Diodes MOSFET N-CH 50V 200MA SOT23-3 1,000 0.0000
AP62200TWU-7 AP62200TWU-7 Diodes Switching Voltage Regulator Buck 0.8V 2A SOT-23-6 0 0.0000
BSN20-7 BSN20-7 Diodes MOSFET N-Ch 50V 0.5A SOT-23-3 3,000 0.0000
PI3HDX1204B1ZHEX PI3HDX1204B1ZHEX Diodes HDMI Redriver, Level Shifter 3.3V 42-TQFN 0 0.0000
AP2114HA-3.3TRG1 AP2114HA-3.3TRG1 Diodes LDO Regulator 0.45V 50mA SOT-223-3 0 0.0000
1N5819-T 1N5819-T Diodes Schottky Diode 40V 1A DO-41 0 0.0000
SMAJ24A-13-F SMAJ24A-13-F Diodes Uni-Directional TVS Diode 400W 24V SMA 10,000 0.0000
ZHCS350TA ZHCS350TA Diodes Schottky Diode 40V 0.35A SOD-523 0 0.0000
BAV99-7-F BAV99-7-F Diodes Diode Switching 75V 0.3A SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
DMN3404L-7 DMN3404L-7 Diodes MOSFET N-Ch 30V 5.8A SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
BSS84W-7-F BSS84W-7-F Diodes MOSFET P-Ch 50V 130MA SOT323 0 0.0000
AP1117E33G-13 AP1117E33G-13 Diodes Voltage Regulator 1.0A 3.3V SOT-223 0 0.0000
PI7C9X20505GPBNDE PI7C9X20505GPBNDE Zetex PCIe Packet Switch 256-Pin PBGA 0 0.0000
SMCJ30AQ-13-F SMCJ30AQ-13-F Diodes TVS Diodes 48.4V 31A SMC 0 0.0000
ZXM61N03FTA ZXM61N03FTA Diodes MOSFET N-Ch 30V 1.4A SOT23-3 0 0.0000
FZT1053ATA FZT1053ATA Diodes Bipolar BJT Transistor NPN 75V 4.5A SOT-223-3 0 0.0000
AP7354-18FS4-7 AP7354-18FS4-7 Diodes LDO Voltage Regulator 1.8V 150mA X2-DFN1010-4 0 0.0000
ZXTN4240F-7 ZXTN4240F-7 Zetex BJT Transistor NPN 40V 2A SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
DFLS160-7 DFLS160-7 Diodes Schottky Diode 60V 1A 2-PowerDI 123 3,445 0.0000
DMN53D0LQ-7 DMN53D0LQ-7 Diodes MOSFET N-Ch 50V 500mA SOT-23-3 2,000 0.0000
PI3USB221AZWEX PI3USB221AZWEX Diodes USB Switch 3V UDFN3030-10 0 0.0000
PI3USB102GZLEX PI3USB102G Diodes USB Power Switch Single 3V to 5.5V 10-TQFN 0 0.0000
PI3USB221AZWEX-13R PI3USB221AZWEX-13R Diodes USB Switch 3V UDFN3030-10 0 0.0000
AP2176MPG-13 AP2176MPG-13 Diodes IC Power Switch Driver 1A 2.7-5.5V 8-MSOP 0 0.0000
MMBD3004BRM-7-F MMBD3004BRM-7-F Diodes Diode Array 300 V 225mA SOT-23-6 0 0.0000
AP7361C-18Y5-13 AP7361C-18Y5-13 Diodes LDO Voltage Regulator Positive 1.8V 1A SOT-89-5 0 0.0000
PI3USB102JXUCEX PI3USB102JXUCEX Pericom Analog Multiplexer Single 2:1 10-X2QFN 0 0.0000
ZVP2106GTA ZVP2106GTA Diodes MOSFET P-CH 60V 0.45A SOT-223 0 0.0000
MURS120-13-F MURS120-13-F Diodes Standard Diode 200V 1A SMB 0 0.0000
AP2151DWG-7 AP2151DWG-7 Diodes Power Switch Driver 500mA SOT-25 0 0.0000
B360B-13-F B360B-13-F Diodes Schottky Diode 60V 3A SMB 0 0.0000
DMP3021SFVWQ-7 DMP3021SFVWQ-7 Diodes MOSFET P-Channel 30V 42A 8-PowerDI3333 0 0.0000
SBR40U300CTB-13 SBR40U300CTB-13 Diodes Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 300V 40A D2PAK 0 0.0000
2N7002DW-7-F 2N7002DW-7-F Diodes MOSFET 60V 200mW SOT-363-6 2,008 0.0000
ZXRE160ET5TA ZXRE160ET5TA Diodes V-Ref Adjustable 0.2-18V 15mA TSOT-25-5 0 0.0000
B560C-13-F B560C-13-F Diodes Schottky Diode 60V 5A SMC 0 0.0000
ZXCT1023DFGTA ZXCT1023DFGTA Diodes Current Monitor 2.5-20V 3.5uA 4-TDFN 0 0.0000
US1D-13-F US1D-13-F Diodes Diode 200V 1A SMA 0 0.0000
BAV99L-AQ BAV99L-AQ Diotec Switching Diode 100V 0.215A SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
DMG6601LVT-7 DMG6601LVT-7 Zetex MOSFET N/P-CH 30V 3.8A/2.5A TSOT-26-6 0 0.0000
S8NC-13 S8NC-13 Diodes Standard Diode 1200 V 8A SMC 0 0.0000
BC857CT-7-F BC857CT-7-F Diodes Bipolar BJT Transistor PNP 45V 100mA SOT-523 0 0.0000
AP2114H-3.3TRG1 AP2114HA-3.3TRG1 Diodes LDO Voltage Regulator 3.3V 1A SOT223 0 0.0000
ZUMT720TA ZUMT720TA Diodes Bipolar BJT Transistor PNP 40V 0.75A SOT-323-3 0 0.0000
DMN53D0L-7 DMN53D0L-7 Diodes MOSFET N-Ch 50V 500mA SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
BSS123-7-F BSS123-7-F Zetex MOSFET N-Ch 100V 0.17A 360mW SOT23-3 0 0.0000
ZXTN25100BFHTA ZXTN25100BFHTA Diodes Bipolar Transistor Power 100V 3A SOT23-3 3,000 0.0000
AP2151AW-7 AP2151AW-7 Diodes Power Switch/Driver 1:1 P-Channel 500mA SOT-25 1,000 0.0000
BAS40-04-7-F BAS40-04-7-F Diodes Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 40V 350mW TO-236-3 0 0.0000
MMBT2907A-7-F MMBT2907A-7-F Diodes Bipolar (BJT) Transistor PNP 60V 600mA SOT-23-3 51,000 0.0000
DMN6040SSD-13 DMN6040SSD-13 Diodes MOSFET BVDSS: 41V-60 1V-60V 5A SO-8 0 0.0000
DMP2200UDW-7 DMP2200UDW-7 Diodes Mosfet Array Dual P-Channel 20V 900mA 450mW SOT-363 32,998 0.0000
DMN2040U-13 DMN2040U-13 Diodes MOSFET N-CH 20V 6A SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
AP2127K-ADJTRG1 AP2127K-ADJTRG1 Diodes LDO Regulator Pos 0.8V to 5.5V 0.4A SOT-23-5 2,999 0.0000
BAT46W-7-F BAT46W-7-F Diodes Diode Schottky 100V 150mA SOD-123 3,000 0.0000
MBRD20150CT-13 MBRD20150CT-13 Diodes Schottky Diode & Rectifiers 20A 150Vrrm DPak 0 0.0000
DMN3300U-7 DMN3300U-7 Diodes MOSFET N-Ch 30V 2A SOT23-3 0 0.0000
AP7176BFN-7 AP7176BFN-7 Diodes LDO Regulator Pos 0.8V 3A 10-UDFN 0 0.0000
DMPH6050SFGQ-7 DMPH6050SFGQ-7 Diodes MOSFET P-Ch 60V 6.1A 8-PowerDI 0 0.0000
MBRD10150CT. MBRD10150CT SMC Rectifier Diode Schottky 150V 10A DPAK 0 0.0000
BZT52C6V8-7-F BZT52C6V8-7-F Zetex Zener Diode 6.8V 5.88% 500mW SOD-123 0 0.0000
SDM40E20LC-7 SDM40E20LC-7 Diodes Schottky Diode 20 V 400mA TO-236-3 0 0.0000
BAV199Q-7-F BAV199Q-7-F Diodes Switching Diode Dual 85V 140mA SOT23-3 0 0.0000
AP2281-3WG-7 AP2281-3WG-7 Diodes Power Switch/Driver 1:1 P-Channel 2A SOT-26 0 0.0000
74AHC1G14SE-7 74AHC1G14SE-7 Diodes Schmitt Trigger Inverter 2-5.5V 8mA SOT-353 0 0.0000
PI90LV179WEX PI90LV179WEX Pericom Bus Transceiver 3.3V 660Mbps 8-SOIC 200 0.0000
ZXMP6A13FTA ZXMP6A13FTA Diodes MOSFET P-Ch 60V 900mA 625mW SOT-23-3 0 0.0000
ZXTP2029FTA ZXTP2029FTA Diodes Bipolar BJT Transistor PNP 100V 3A SOT-23-3 0 0.0000