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Eupec / Infineon Technologies

EupecEupec, Inc. provides a wide array of innovative semiconductor products, including IGBT high power and standard modules, thyristors and diodes. Quality products and service coupled with their unsurpassed technical expertise, furnish customers with a complete and superior source for all of their semiconductor requirements.

As a recognized technology leader in IGBT, Eupec offers a comprehensive portfolio in different voltage- and current classes. IGBT products are offered as bare dies, discretes components, power modules and even complete stack solutions.

Eupec was acquired by Infineon Technologies. On April 1st, 1999, Siemens Semiconductors became Infineon Technologies. EUPEC (European Power Semiconductor and Electronics Company), is a subsidiary of Infineon Technologies AG, Munich. EUPEC develops, produces, and distributes Power Semiconductors worldwide.

Featured Products

Eupec semiconductors EvalDRIVER family
Apart from the entire power section this inverter system encompasses measurement for current, voltage and temperature via NTC as well as a fault output. Included with the board is an FP10R12YT3 EasyPIM   1200V IGBT module. For the first time it employs the EiceDRIVER   coreless transformer technology. The product is supplied with extensive documentation.
Further Features:
   Short circuit monitoring for rapid shut-down during a fault.
   Over-current and over-temperature monitoring.
EiceDRIVER   2ED020I12-F driver based on the latest coreless transformer technology. These drivers offer all the advantages of signal transmission with functional isolation up to 891VDC. This includes robust immunity against EMI, no ageing, very short propagation times and an attractive price.
   Latest compact EasyPIM   2 IGBT module, featuring a B6 mains rectifier bridge, an IGBT brake-chopper, an IGBT six-pack converter and an NTC sensor.
Modern IGBT driver solutions
Eupec defines in its business philosophy the range in custom built and hence economic and efficient solutions for IGBT market requirements. Many years of experience in design of power modules and IGBT technology is now combined with comprehensive application know-how and new signal transmission technology.
A new family of the latest IGBT driver system solutions is introduced with the EiceDRIVER  .
Apart from enabling the customer to increase added value, eupec also presents advantages for future requirements such as
   increased cost pressure
   short time to market
   less engineering resources
Eupec Medium Power Modules with 600V IGBT   Technology
Significant reduction in on-state losses have been achieved with the Trench- Fieldstop technology of the 600V IGBT   as well as the technology of the EmCon3 diode. In addition these IGBT   module series allow a maximum junction temperature of 175  C. A further feature of the IGBT   are high turn-off and short circuit robustness.
Resulting from these features    low losses and high junction temperature    the output power can be increased significantly compared to conventional IGBT  s. Due to identical pin-out as the 600V modules with 2nd generation IGBT  s, a simple and rapid re-design of existing equipment is possible.

IGBT module play a major role in inverters for electric drives, UPS systems, welding applications and inductive heating.

The Eupec medium power module series EconoPIMTM, EconoPACKTM, EconoPACKTM+ and 62mm is optimised in design for requirements in these applications. Electrical features tailored to the application, high reliability and compactness in combination with a wide product spectrum are the core features of the eupec medium power modules, setting industrial standards and allowing for low system cost.